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  1. That happened to me on my 1998 LS400 when my battery was old and weak and was running low. Went away for good when I changed battery. Probably reset stuff at same time but seemed to me like it was the new battery that did it.
  2. Just a tip on a handy tool I made to help get the crank bolt off and on easy on the LS400. Bought a very large 46 mm open end wrench ( bought for 10£ ) and drilled two 8 mm holes to fit the 8 mm holes in the damper . Fitted two M8 screws + 2 nuts. Screw thread sticking out ca 25 mm . bild 2.jfif
  3. I have heard that the screws can become loose over time causing a leak. Perhaps seal settling over time. May help to just retighten them in that case.
  4. I hope this helps as alternative. I bought from AMAYAMA.COM last time. One year ago. They still stock them. Before that ca 2016 I bought from a US Lexus dealer . They may be out now... Bought stuff from AMAYAMA several times. Seems only OEM stuff. Arrives promptly perfectly packed. CUSHION, STRUT BAR Genuine Toyota (4867440051) . Right now below 20 Euro each. Buy the bolt also . I needed new ones. The washers and the nut I also bought . Nice with new shiny things.
  5. You can get the original OEM bushings from LEXUS suppliers in the US or Japan. I have replaced them on two LS400 . Paid ca 35$ each + taxes and shipping.
  6. Yes exchange just the bearing should be fine. But remember that the central bolt is lefthand thread. Hence it comes out turned the not normal way. Clockwise....... I did not know and took it as a challenge to get the seemingly "seized" bolt out. It came out with the aluminium thread stripped away . Really embarassing. Bought a new one. But beware there too. The one I got for my 1995 needed some filing to fit. Had an extra "lip" compared to the old and did not fit I did not investigate that further when I got it working well with a file.
  7. To get advice on this forum is a good idea. Dealer prices are often very high and you can get good parts for much less. It is also very easy to buy bad parts that will not last. Cheap parts are sold wholesale at very low prices. I am wondering where those parts end up and who pockets the profit. I buy brand stuff from German sites, Like BREMBO brake parts and the like. OEM real Toyota/LEXUS stuff can often be sourced from AMAYAMA (japan) at better prices. From some US LEXUS you can get some LEXUS OEM stuff at more reasoanble price. ROCKAUTO also supply brand name parts like DENSO, BOSCH, AISIN . Have a few times from them.
  8. The LS400 does not suffer so much from mileage. If it is parked warm and dry out of the sun. Not worth this it in my opinion. For several reasons. You may be able to insure it for less then half is my guess with some persuation and a premium. A larger fenderbender and it would be scrapped. Descent price parts are getting difficult. However a really nice 100.000 mile one is getting hard to find.
  9. I quite like the Good years I have been running for several years. Half thread left on them now. 225/55/17 Silent , round and well balanced, Acceptable cost, premium brand ,wears slow and even and good grip wet and dry. I have experimented with tire pressure and found that they run sligthly rougher at 2.6 Bar then at 2.0 Bar but gas mileage get noticeably better with the higher pressure.
  10. Get a funnel and pour very slowly. when I change transoil on my LS400 I change what is in the pan every motor oil service. Ca 1.5 kg each time. I have started using a weight scale to refill with exactly the same amount of oil that came out. Makes the level checking much less of a hassle.
  11. I have two cars with 9 years and 8 years on the batteries and no weakness at all yet on those. Maybe luck... I have not experienced less quality on batteries. These days I buy AGM types if available.
  12. Hi there . Assuming you do not have a current leak... The actual capacity in amp hours is not the big deal normally . The big difference between batteries spec wise is three things 1. How fast they loose capacity when idle for weeks through internal losses. They age fast when not almost full 2. How fast they recharge when driving. Can differ a factor of 3 or 4 when cold especially. 3. The CCA value (Cold crank amperage). Will degrade when battery grows old . A good AGM ( absorbent glass Mat ) battery will do the job well. It costs almost twice compared to cheap batteries but they are much better. I use a 70 Ah AGM (with four year warranty) with 760A CCA in my LS400 and it works well even here in really cold sweden.
  13. Hi guys. The ethanol contains less energy per volume hence the car will via the lambda measuring the correct mix increase the fuel delivered if it is possible. It normally is for small added amounts. It seems to be ballpark 40 % more volume needed for pure 100% enthanol for same energy content as 100% petrol. (An E85 running car seem to use about 35% more fuel which add up) Hence an increase blend from 5 % to 10 % in petrol will increase the volume used by approximately, (1.4-1) x 0.05 = 0.02 hence 2% . this will ballpark reduce the gasmileage by about the same fraction . Hence if you get 25 mpg it will go to 24.5 Mikael
  14. YES I have also good experience with AMAYAMA parts. seem to be genuine OEM LEXUS/ TOYOTA Stuff if they claim it is. Bought several times from them.