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  1. im talking about putting the ac /heater controls out of a same model jap spec celsior without factory sat nav and then installing a 2din deck ? im sure heater controls should just plug in ?
  2. HI can anyone shine a light on deleting the sat nav in ucf20 ucf21 by swapping out the ac/heater controls ?? ....and if its atall even possible in a ucf31 ..the reason i want to do this is jdm sat nav in imported celsiors and aristos is useless here ...
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    1997 celsior/ls400 (celly 1998 harrier /rx300 (harry 2002 sc430(alexxy carington 1993 supra TT(As yet un named
  4. hi everyone im a new member ,im a geordie from obscure newbiggin by the sea (but now i live in calgary alberta) i have a 2 jdm lexi a 1997 celsior(celly) and a 1998 harrier(harry) and 1 usa spec lexus sc430(lexy carington) and also a jdm supra(unnamed), life is good and id like to just say hi to all my fellow countrymen back in dear old blighty my question is does anyone know about swapping out the sat nav in celsiors ucf 20/21/31 and put in heater/ac controls and a 2 din deck ? i think its possible in an aristo and ucf20/21 but not sure on the ucf31 ...........anyone out there shine any light on it
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums ajfromuk :)

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