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  1. Hi i just bought one of these for the passenger side of my IS250 SE-L in silver at a cost just short of 97pounds. mine is the slighty facelifted version whith the indicator in the mirror housing Instead of the front wing.I tried ebay and found one for slighty more money.I would have had a second hand one but could not find one.I brought mine from lexus swindon and had it sent to Me.Just be sure to ask for 10% discount if you do buy one.Hope this helps
  2. Hi all has anyone ever replaced the gaskets on the v v t controller oil feed pipe and if so how easy was it.The car is an is 250 and its the one on the drivers side of the engine Many Thanks Mark

    Hi all can anyone tell me where to find the v v t controller on an is 250.Many thanks

  4. Hello. On my is 250 if i set the mirror switch to the centre position (no mirror selected) The mirrors do not drop they stay static. I think this would be the same on the GS 450H (great car by the way)
  5. Hello all i am new to loc I have a lexus is 250 sel 2010 and love it to bits.Does anyone know if you can access the custom menus with a fault code reader or something similar or is this lexus main dealer only Many thanks in advance Mark
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums Mark Bird :)

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