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  1. Actual items on last night were Citroen Cactus test, Jag v Merc, Tiffs first racing car v a modern Lotus. Typing of racing cars....way off topic .... is anyone old enough to remember 'Lawrence Tune' & this? (& I do mean the first time around). http://m.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C592913
  2. What's needed is an Lexus LS Simulator to fake that glorious refined vvt V-8 wail, and thrust in the back; the latter being the tricky bit. Stamping on the pedal in the driveway just isn't the same :( Though with a simulator the road roar (my pet hate) could be tuned out.
  3. Thxs Brian. I must be losing it. I didn't bother searching because I was sure that only a few months ago a member from IRL had wanted coilovers for his 460 & none were found .... I thought. Oh dear :( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BC-RACING-BR-SERIES-COILOVERS-TYPE-RS-LEXUS-LS460-USF40-07-/141443439159?hash=item20eeaf9a37:g:iAoAAOSw1x1URAMc
  4. I note that WIM also do yacht charter. What more could you ask for? :)
  5. Darned good report Brian. Thank you. Only one big Q from me: Has anyone seen any coilovers for the 460 yet? I don't trust air suspended anything.
  6. The Legend is more of a GS competitor; but I'd rather have one than risk an air-suspended LS. The marketing puzzle is why didn't Honda use their Acura name in the UK to overcome badge snobbery. It worked for Toyota, who after the LS reverse marketed other Toyotas as Lexus by adding trim packages. Having played with both in the past I have a slight preference for Honda; but both are way ahead of the rest imho. Best of all for me is the Daihatsu Rocky (Fourtrak in the UK). Old school Toyota engineering that lasts. Fill the sills with oil; service, & drive the things. My oldest one was 21 in April. It had the nerve to go wrong & lose it's PAS last month. One inch chopped off the feed hose, a quick re-route & all is well again. What a pity there wasn't a limo version, although it is quite relaxing to drive.
  7. This might bring about my LOC departure ;) https://www.gumtree.com/p/honda/2001-honda-legend-3.5-i-vtec-v6-automatic-luxury-saloon-mercedes-s-class-s320-s280-lexus-ls400-gs300/1140921966 And you want to give "old baz" £2500 for a starship mileage LS??!
  8. Three of mine were in the same state. ML speakers are not cheap but they were certainly cheaply made. Pressed frames; small magnets, there is nothing hi-fi about them. Sizes deliberately chosen so that better and far cheaper replacements are awkward to fit. North American cynicism at work once more. I bet the pre-ML speakers in LS 400s don't fall apart?
  9. You're not kidding. Found out last week that one of our 'fleet' of Daihatsu 4WDs had 100,000 wound off it two yrs before we bought it!
  10. What a visually depressing car! - I wonder if it's nothing but grey under the bonnet too :(
  11. A sensible price for a change. That looks better than the 147,000 mile 02 I sold last month for £1650 with a short MOT; but mine had had an expensive coilover conversion. (I have doubts about buying any air suspended Lexus). Check that the A/C works, at least at the front. As ever, people make such a fuss about mileage when how it is used matters far more. I'd far rather have a used car that has done 100 fast miles on the M'way each day than 2x5 miles on the school run.
  12. whoops meant studded ! For a moment I thought 'Nail Tyres' was a Chinese maker who had got their English language marketing all wrong.
  13. Thxs guys, much appreciated; esp. for that narrow point between the arches. 'Motostu', yet another Stuart! There are plenty of us on the LS forum. Such discerning folk we are :)
  14. For my next fun machine I have the more practical of the Lexi shortlisted. What I need to know is the shortest dimensions of the floor with the back seat folded; or even removed. Solar panels will be the load. Thxs.