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  1. My 57 reg RX 400h due the 100K service shortly and need to decide where. Anybody with experience of Lexus Chester who would like to share a comment ? Or indeed any recommendations for such a service within a reasonable distance ?
  2. Sam, I looked into this recently anticipating a disc/pad change all round, which proved to be unnecessary on inspection. One piece of advice I came across during that research was only to compress the brake caliper pistons the minimum amount necessary or risk tripping the sensors and generating faults. The only solution offered was to depress the brake pedal several times to re-settle the pistons/pads before switching on the ignition. I do not know whether this will work at this stage but is worth a try.Ian.
  3. I believe many of the modern "intelligent" chargers will not work on a completely discharged battery as they have to detect the polarity. Thus your solution of connecting a second, live battery, was a good work around. I bought a Bosch S4 (45AH) battery for my 400H when the previous Toyota battery was 10 years old. Paid about £50 from euro Car Parts. This was the largest capacity battery which would fit in the battery housing, as reflected in many previous posts on this subject. Hope this helps.
  4. Unfortunately I cannot find any exploded view of the scuttle area and cannot therefore confirm drain tubes. (Oh where is Mr Haynes when you need him!) It may well be that they simply dump within the front end as you suspect. Certainly you appear to have tested them in a thorough way and can now dismiss them as a cause. My original comment was generated by the location and knowing how thoroughly blocked they can become. Hope you have now sorted it.
  5. I certainly would not dismiss the roof rack mount points, leaks are notoriously difficult to trace. Given the location I would also have a good look at the front scuttle drains which must be directly above the visible ingress. A blockage or damaged pipe here may be the culprit. Just a thought.
  6. Update. New rear calliper slide pins & rubbers are £19 per side from Lex Birmingham. Bit pricey. As they are not handed, bought one set in case of need and will get another if necessary, (2 day delivery). Thanks for the tip Peter.
  7. You are looking at cars almost 10 years old and need to bear this in mind when carrying out all the usual checks & inspections. Plenty of advice already recorded on this forum for potential owners which you should research, including rear brake calliper corrosion/sticking, water ingress at the rear & inverter recall if applicable. The cars are not faultless and repairs, even outside the dealer network, are expensive. ( As they are on any premium car. You will be paying sub £10K for a car which originally cost £40K !) All of that said, they are probably the most reliable vehicle in this class and a joy to drive. Having now owned mine for 12 months I have absolutely no regrets or wish to try anything else. Hope this helps to inform.
  8. Peter, Thank you for your reply. These cars do seem prone to significant corrosion to the rear calliper slide mechanism, so your suggestion of having the necessary parts in hand prior to commencing the work has much merit. My thanks.
  9. I would agree. The sunroof must be your first stop. Blocked drains here, I believe there are 4, will cause major problems. But gently, gently, very easy to cause significant damage which will be expensive to rectify.
  10. Having noticed a slight vibration on low speed braking a couple of months back and suspecting warped front discs, I had a good look all round. The front discs are certainly worn and the rears corroded/worn unevenly. With the RX due its 100K service this year and wishing to avoid any other inflated Lexus bills, I have decided to replace discs & pads all round myself. I have done this job on other marques in the past and am quite confident regarding the work required. I have researched the unique characteristics of the RX on this forum & others. Purchased the required genuine parts from Lexus Birmingham via e-bay, (£300 with free delivery,) ready for fitting when weather improves. Whilst carrying out the job I intend to clean/inspect adjacent/associated parts including the parking brake & shields. To date I have been unable to find an exploded diagram of the rear hubs, parking brake & mountings which I understand are on the shields. I would much prefer to have such a diagram available before starting the job, (cos I`m paranoid,) and am hoping that any one of the very knowledgeable individuals on the forum can point me to such a PDF. Any other advice from members regarding the work would of course be welcome.
  11. It does rather sound like a sticking handbrake shoe, often caused by corrosion on the inner face of the rear discs. Needs to be addressed sooner rather than later as it could jam the wheel with expensive/dangerous consequences. Either yourself or your chosen garage need to strip both down and find out what is going on. Note: Also an MOT fail if the handbrake is not working correctly. Hope this helps.
  12. Sounds as though the cable itself has jammed the hoist, possibly due to corrosion. As far as I am aware there is no complicated, (spring loaded) mechanism involved with the RX so it is unlikely to be anything too technical. I would try a liberal spray of WD40 or similar from below & above and then try working the mechanism back & forth. Hope this helps.
  13. No relevant experience to quote, however previous posts on this issue often point owners to blocked scuttles below the windscreen, under the bonnet, and the consequent waterlogging of the pollen filter. Probably worth a look at both if only to dismiss the possibility early on. Hope this helps.