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  1. Hi all, I have read posts here which are now pretty dated. I need front pads, looking at previous posts the options are Hawks ceramics or EBC yellow stuff which are reasonably priced. So basically I ma looking for feedback on those that have went with either option and which are the preferred. Also v interested if there are now other options on the market. Look forward to the update. Ross
  2. Interesting. Wud love to hit the 30s some day. My tank avg at the momnet is 22mpg live figures below after a so called spirited drive!
  3. Hi Folks, ive seen bit and pieces on here about LED mods, I just thought it would be great if we could get all the relevant info in one post it would be helpful. The ISF standard has some cool bright LED/HID combinations, but I fell the yellow old fashioned lights in fogs, interior, parks, door mirrors etc make the car look a bit dated so I plan to replace them all to the new bright white spec. Ideally im looking to match similar colour brightness with existing LEDs/HIDs. To me its like only half the car was modernised im unsure why it has any nasty yellows tbh. From searching on here I believe here the start of the list: Fogs it H11 the mirror lights are W5W Interior roof lights? parks? W5W? Please feel free to add any others im missing plus experiences of brands you have bought etc. Im currently looking at 30w Cree H11 LED's on ebay but unsure if they are going to be of any quality so look forward to your input.
  4. I find MPG's can be alot of talk, so I was thinking today after a long spin I should take a photo of my MPGs and post um with the idea of other doing the same. Remembered the figures but forgot the pic! I have been known to have a heavy shoe, but my current figures were 17.4mpg avg and tank avg of 22. I will get the pic up tomorrow, I read originally they can do between 24-30mpg ive never seen anything avg above 19. Look forward to yer inputs
  5. looks like a good move please put up more pics!
  6. Classic topic! Boxy hatch first car - for security reasons! Starlet mk3 with loads of home modifying inlc added rev clock and laguna splitter lol! TSW stelths wed the holy grail them days. Civic 1.5 lsi 90bhp Civic 1.6 SI 110bhp ricer boy Momo arrows oooh a wheel I will always loves. CRX del Sol 120bhp think- Coolest car ever roof come off go's in the boot, id love another one. Vtech screams when the roof is off! things start getting bit serious now, EK9 Civc type R OEM, 185 bhp cracking go cart would love another. MR2 TBar turbo, 260 bhp cleanest car I ever owned, lethal car to drive though! R34 GTT 280Bhp R32 GTR OEM. R32 GTR 400bhp setup by trackday company - animal quickest car ever driven, been in or owned! Supra TT6, OEM 360-370 bhp, great car but no room for kids! Pics on this site! ISF OEM, All out love after near 3 months ownership! - Ive had my fun messing around in the past! Dont think ive left anything out!
  7. hi all apologies, busy week on so havent been online. Terry bought the car in Cork Ireland. Peter, Modifying, Ive done quiet bit in my day. I think im going to focus on keeping this in OEM tip top shape as to me it has the right power/handling so not gona mess with it. Maybe some cosmetics we must talk LEDS soon as im looking to replace every yellow looking bulb in the car with an LED.
  8. Tax in ireland is a joke. If you onw a 08 isf reg before june it costs 1800 a year! When the tax system tranfered to emmisions in june any isf after that is 2200, so i consider myself lucky as mines 400 cheaper than most even though i think theres on 3 in the country. On the other hand our insurance is much more reasonable than uk prices. With every possible add on including full aa membership mines only 623, and i still consider myself young at 33! All figues are in euros.
  9. Very interesting topic! I too am one of the v few ISF owners in Ireland, black 08 originally bought and reg by lexus main dealer in Galway. Being a car fanatic I have had alot of cars and move up on power each and every time. I have reached the point where I too worry about where to go next. But tbh I didnt think I had anywhere to go after my 32 GTR and supra TT6 but hey I couldnt be happier now. On the tax side of things, there are ways of bending the rules if you want to PM me. Where theres a will theres a way! I thought the number was 3 ISFs in the county, never knew there was another in Munster! Cant believe u went from R35 to ISF. GTR35's are meant to to costly to look after. Sorry to beat around the bush, ?I cant think of a solid option! Keep it!
  10. Hi All, Finally got some time to clean the car. Near 8 weeks of ownership to date and having come from a long string of what i would class and powerful cars (GTR's and supra's) i'm one very very happy owner. The car truely depicts comfort for the daily drive and is a raw power house when required, something my previous cars lacked. The majority of my previous cars were bit OTT for the daily commute. It needs a bit of tidying, wheels will be refurbed, few scratches need to be polished out etc. All good otherwise Thanks for looking
  11. Cheers, not entirely sure, im told its one of three, but it would be hard to prove. I'm in love, and I have had alot of cars!
  12. Well folks, what can I say im the proud owner! A bit earlier than expected aswell- couldnt resist! I drove it today finalised the deal pick it up on Wednesday, will get some proper pick up soon. Thanks for all the help so far, Ross
  13. The lexus in belfast is still on so i expect still for sale. Huge money considering. Hi stu yes a top color for me. Wil keep you guys posted hopefully will be a proud owner this week!