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  1. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    Jason 6 pictures of the 4 tyres (obviously some of the 4 tyres were photod more than once). If you want to contact me directly, Richard Coleman
  2. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    No, as I've alluded to elsewhere in this topic, I can only get a small emergency 17" wheel in the boot; which is part of the reason why I'm trying to replace my 18" wheels with 17" wheels.
  3. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    As fas as I'm concerned, it would be a total swap - my 4 18" wheels & tyres for your 17" wheels & tyres.
  4. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    You interested in them?
  5. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    They may in other 200s but not in mine. I tried to do this, as well as a couple of guys from the tyre repair place and - No, they don't fit in.
  6. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    I'm not that interested in cars, nor in huge wheels where they don't really fit comfortably. 18" wheels will not fit in the spare tyre area in the boot, cost more than 17" & I think are more prone to problems-more inclined to blow.
  7. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    Jason You're showing as being in Shropshire, which is more than the hundred miles I stated as the outside distance I'd go. If you were willing to come down, we could swap them.
  8. I live in central Kent & I am looking for someone within a hundred miles to swoop my 18" wheels for someone 17" wheels. Anyone interested? Richard Coleman
  9. Fuses For An Is200 Sport

    Thanks for that & yes, you are correct. Didn't know there was a button in the driver's door which locked the windows. Pressed that & hey presto, everything works again.
  10. I have lost the ability to open the passenger window, as well as the 2 rear windows on my is200. The driver's window is OK. So it looks like I have a fuse problem - does anyone know if I'm correct & if so, can anyone direct me to the correct fuse in the fuse block? I don't have a Haynes type manual, only a user manual, & it only directs me to the fuse block, doesn't tell me what the the fuses do.
  11. 18" Wheels - Want 17" Wheels

    Brian Sorry I've taken a while to reply. Thanks for the offer, but I think Inverness is too far. Richard
  12. 18" Wheels - Want 17" Wheels

    Apologies - didn't understand the reply. I know that the 18" are OK - but I don't want them. I'm offering to swop my 18" wheels for 17" wheels, if anyone is interested.
  13. I have a lexus is 200 S with 18" wheels. I'm not into cars - I like this motor, but I have no interest in tearing up the tarmac. Had a blowout recently & then discovered I had 18" wheels on the car, which are a problem because the standard size wheels are 17" - the 18" don't fit in the spare tyre hole in te boot. My offer is to do a straight swop of my four 18" wheels for four 17" wheels. Contact me if interested on
  14. Couple Of Things

    I've recently bought an X reg is 200 sports. I'm not really into cars, but was offered this & all the car press said these were good, reliable, long lived motors, so went for it. I like the car so far (although the MPG is on the low side), but have a couple of questions: 1. is there any way of reducing the car security. I find that I usually press the remote twice to lock the car (I like the lights going on to prove the closure),. But I have a dog who I occasionally like to leave in the car. After a couple of minutes the alarms go off. If I pressed the locking remote button once, would that allow me to leave him in there without the alarms going off? Or is there another way? 2. Is it possible to get some sort of roof rack for the car? And if so, where? Thanks Richard