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  1. I had issues with mine when I first got it, the issue was a cheap 12v usb socket, dab is prone to interference, so if you have any phones or dash cams connected try disconnecting them, they may be causing the problem. Now I have changed the usb socket mine works perfectly very rarely dropping out. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. My premier on the same tyres averages about 46mpg, to me 18 inch wheels on these ruins the car, the noise levels and ride are ruined by them.
  3. I think the issue is that the battery is not much more than a motorcycle sized one, which is all that is required normally, so gets used quite heavily with seat heaters, lights being left on etc. Didn't realise it would be £250 though, will need to make sure my next one has a long guarantee on it.
  4. I had a similar issue with mine a year or so ago, 12v battery, they are obviously a weak point, unfortunately it took about a week for lexus to source a battery.
  5. My warranty ran out 3 months ago, I wonder if this was a faulty batch or is 3 years just the"normal"lifespan?
  6. I have noticed the same issue this evening getting flashed several times, my nearside is not fully dipping. Unfortunately the warranty ran out a few weeks ago.... should have stuck with Hyundai or bought a Toyota would have got a decent warranty then.
  7. Malcolm, when I said hardwired , it was a piggy back fuse with trailing socket, which has the benefit of reducing wires trailing through the car, and frees the cubby socket (the only socket) for phone charging.
  8. Sounds like your plugs are causing interference , I have a twin usb adaptor plugged in, but had to change it as the first one caused interference , I too have a dashcam, but have hardwired another socket to the fuse box direct for it, and everything works as it should.
  9. Do you have anything plugged into your 12v sockets, if so try unplugging them , it was a poor adaptor on mine that caused problems, I think dab is very sensitive to interference. I use dab all the time, I find the quality much better, I have a premier, which I think handles dab better than"lower" models though .
  10. Mine was the same on Monday, all were on about 34psi so slightly low, but must have just been the cold exaggerating the low pressure.
  11. I also have a premier, and can confirm the ride is "tolerable" it could certainly not be described as "plush" unfortunately the stylists won, and fitted ridiculously large wheels and Bridgestone tyres which last forever, but have practically solid sidewalls, but I do admit the alloys do look good!
  12. After a week of going back and fore with Lexus h/o by email, after they kept asking for details of VIN numbers etc, as they couldn't trace my car despite the car having had a full service history with them, they have now confirmed that rattles are only covered for 6 months!! My car has an annoying rattle from the dashboard. I find this disgusting as a so called "premium" car shouldn't rattle and buzz, and if it does it should be covered for at least the full warranty period. On another note, I have just had the 40,000 mile service done (at only 30,000 miles!) and MOT done at an independent for £179, Lexus were quoting nearly £500! I certainly would not pay these ridiculously inflated prices if they will not even sort out a rattle. The car is an incredible piece of engineering, but sadly the arrogant/overpriced dealers and head office let the car down, I have often thought the IS300h should be a great company car, but surely the massively inflated servicing prices compared to other brands knock it out of contention?
  13. Sounds about right, but also please please please turn them off in town, or slow traffic, if I am sitting behind a car in traffic, and can read the number plate, there is absolutely no need for the rear fogs to be switched on, all it is doing is dazzling the following driver.
  14. Part of the reason for only having one light can also be safety, as clueless muppets have a habit of using in light fog/rain which dazzles drivers behind, at least having just one the brake lights are still obvious, otherwise they are hidden by the glare of the fogs.
  15. I believe under EU law, whilst a car s temporarily importedto a country, then the law of the home country applies , so provided the single fog is legal in your country, whilst you are on holiday here it will be fine. Realistically the number of days fog lights rea required are minimal, I drive 20k+ miles a year, often late at night, and don't think I have used rear fogs this year,