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  1. No, it was not me driving. Do my lexus got rear ended. Damage to bumpet, exhaust, break light and fender. I personally hate... hate... botched up jobs and I run away from repaired cars. Wanted to clear this as the follwing question is important for me. Will insurance fix all this to high quality? The fender damage means the whole section has to be repaired... how will they achive this without a mark? Will they fix the exhaust that went in? The tip cover broke off as well and tip bent. Will they replace the bumper or repair? I hate smart repair. This car never seen any accident. What a mess... lesson do not give car to anyone who has been in recent accident. They should not be allowed to drive!!!!!
  2. Thanks paul I have collected the car and they have done nothing to it. I.e. not made anything better or even touched it. I noticed there is a plastic trim that is beside the brakr light and is also split open. Water can go in there. I will post picture tomorrow. I showed the guy and his arguments were this is from before... insurance wont fix it etc etc... I am so tired... so tired. I took the car and just hoped karma hits him and his family. Please do not go to this place for repair. I am going to take some pills to sleep over it.
  3. So question here is, should I take the car away as I am in need of it. They have also scratched the rear passanger window but blamed me that I might have done it with an ice scraper. What a joke. The mouding for windows werent fixed properly but they have fixed that now. Boot linining were not fitting properly due to shape of the boot due to accident. Not sure if they have fixed it. Should I go and see the car, record the issues, and leave the car or take the car and raise the issue later?
  4. The catch is that I had selected the garage as Lexus Edinburgh said they use it. It comes under the same umbrella company as Lexus.
  5. Good to know no one is hurt. It is metal and plastic and will get fixed. Eager to see quality of work.
  6. 3rd party accepted reponsibility. Should I tell my insurance all this? I will need to check what I am covered for.
  7. I had found a picture of my car prior to accident and sent them I am very very very disappointed with UK car repair work and insurance system which is a scam anyway. They said they have fixed it and sent me pictures. I do not see any change. How do you guys handle this? I know he will say 'this is within spec'. My *ick is also within spec. Eastern Western Accident Repair Center Edinburgh. Name and shame.
  8. Is200 I has asked this guy this question about resale. He said in his experience it will not affect the value. Mt reply was, you have more experience than me so I cannot comment but I need a second opinion. I said this as at this point I thought maybe this is UK workmanship quality and I do not know much... But now I am armed by all your responses. Clearly he is a clown. And this is from Lexus approved bodyshop.
  9. Thanks. I couldn't say anything when the guy said he has been working since 17 years in this profession and this is a quality job... I will be without car for longer but I have taken your advise.. I would have not been able to sleep with that botched up job. To me it is evident from pictures that no effort was made to fix the gap.
  10. I have left the car with them and asked them to get me another opinion from body shop manager as they were saying it is to quality standards... I am just laughing at this... seen better jobs done in 3rd world countires. Or someone just call me crazy so I can move on with my day.
  11. The first picture is the one that sustained damage, the offside. They are saying they will not repair it as this area was hit before... what is this. Honestly anytime a body repair shop justifies their high pay with their standards... they should be whipped.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply madashatter. Notice the gaps. Would you reject it? For my standards this is very poor. But then I do not know UK car repair standards.
  13. Car got repaired by insurance. I am not impressed by standards. Question, does it really not matter that there is gap/space difference between left side and right side of the panel? Does no one ever check this? Trying to understand if I am used to high standards or am I crazy
  14. The exhaust is cheap and so is the bumper. How did you guys say 3k for exhaust?
  15. Here is the estimate I got by suppling pictures to body shop lexus uses To Strip Vehicle And Renew Exhaust Cover Rear Bumper (Removed) Remove And Refit/Renew (Check New Parts List) Rear Bumper Includes: R + R Boot Trims Right Taillamp Rear Parking Aid Sensors Add/Work Detach + Refit Exhaust System Rear Exhaust Pipe Check Rear Panel Check Bootlid Check And Clean Car Check And Quality Control Repair R/R Side Panel Prepare And Paint Preparation For Pre-Painting Rear Bumper New Part Paint K1R R/R Side Panel Repair Painting <50% Rebuild Vehicle Fitting New Parts Listed Labour Value £327.60 Paint and Materials £424.31 Specialist/Other Charges £69.05 E.P.A. Charge Specialist 7.00 After Care Kit Specialist 3.50 Tech Instruction 23.55 System Sweep Specialist 35.00 New Parts :- £967.85 Rear Bumper [2583] 209.21 R/R Inn Bumper BRKT [2622] 34.59 R/R Lamp CPL [3282] 141.45 R/R Reflector [3296] 50.94 Rear Silencer [8833] 445.59 R/Outer Exhaust Trim [8848] 67.09 Sundries 18.98 End of New Parts _______ Sub-Total £1788.81 VAT £357.77 _______ Estimate Total £2146.58
  16. I am disappointed in this insurance system so far. I keep on calling them and they do a good job with making excuses and pro longing. Is200 Spot on with how you described the symptoms. I am very surprised how you explained it accurately.
  17. Insurance so far have not shown their cards and kept quiet. The car is making drone sound when idle. I can hear it clearly and gives a headache. Also have noticed strange gear shifts and power loss.
  18. Lexus tells me the part number for the indicator bulb is 90981 13043, but they only have white ones. Which orange bulb would fit insted ? I've also been offered "accident aftercare" when calling the service department and it's Accident Exchange that do it. Hire car and manufacturer approved garage repairs. But should I go for it as hire companies are famous for ranking up ridiculous prices?
  19. Am I right in thinking the car is not road worthy with the indicator missing the cover and thus not showing the amber light ? I have not been driving the car becuase of this . Is there any temporary solution for the indicator until the car gets taken in ?
  20. Will they use original tips and parts? Will the seriously fix the exhaust or just use pliars.. will they cheeck the exaust for any damage or leaks further up? I do not know how insurance work so all these quality related questions. Also, will an independent do a better job than insurance?
  21. Will they move back the fender in place amd take the dent out? Also, will they paint just the dent area or whe whole piece upto front? How will they blend it in? Smart repairs are horrible.
  22. Noticed the dent below brake light. And notice the gap how the body has shifted.
  23. Lady driver here, thought I would clear some things up as it seems I need more help now what happened was : I was heading straight on, roundabout has good visibility so I had checked my right(no cars), front(no cars). To my left, I had seen a white car, about 50m back from the roundabout, approaching, but not at or near the roundabout yet. I went in the roundabout, then the white car came in front of me, from my left, I hit the brakes and swerved right to avoid him, but it didn't work. So I had hit him, with my nearside, on his rear wing ( small hatchback car, jackcramerr confused my witness with my driver, the witness had a van, not the driver ). He did not hit the breaks at all and did not steer at all, no attempts to avoid the 'collision'. First mistake I made, I moved my car out of the way, out of the roundabout, without taking pictures first( second mistake was not voice-recording everyone the whole time we were there). Anyway, a witness stopped to help out, he called the emergency services. Next thing, ambulance comes, both me and the driver say we are fine, don't need medical help, they leave. While we wait for the police, I asked this witness : did you see what happened? he goes : "I was behind him, he didn't stop, he went straight through, but you were coming on too fast". Second thing, police comes, 2 PCs ( one PCs recognises the witness), I get spoken to separately, driver and witness get spoken to separately ( the PC that knows the witness talks to the pair of them). PCs compare stories, tell me that the pair of them are saying the driver was already in the roundabout when I came on, I strongly deny, because it's not true, but this gets brushed off. By this point they'd already decided what's what, and to not get involved or do anything, so the second PC, or the witness or driver didn't even hear me denying. In any case, I was completely shaken and I was acting as if it was my fault, because of no experience, and because you are told that the driver that hits is always held at fault. I'd add that I had just dropped my xmas cards and presents at the post office down the road, you can actually see the roundabout and junction from the post office, so I could have not picked up any considerable speed in such a short distance having just set off. Police record it as an incident, but leave it to the insurance companies. Just before we all left, I hear the driver say 'I saw her coming, but I though she has enough time to stop'. I call the police the next day, and after some insisting he tells me that both the witness and driver said the driver stopped, checked, he didn't see any car, proceeded in the roundabout and I came out of nowhere. ( notice Mr witness changed his statement from what he told us before the police came, I wonder if the other driver asked for his help). It's now with the insurance, whom are still working on the liability, but I got a letter today from a solicitors ( passed to my insurers now), should I assume that they are claiming for an injury? Seems to me that this is now about who shouts the loudest, so I am looking for advice to try and prove that I was not at fault. Really quite sad over the witness clearly changing his statement ( you cannot say he 'reviewed the circumstances' and later realised that he did in fact stop ) and the driver lying about already being in the roundabout, he told my insurers that he was already halfway on the roundabout. Now the interesting thing is that, when I told the person in the liability team dealing with my case that I was already in the roundabout when this other car came, he said that in a mini roundabout you cannot 'be established' because as soon as you are in, you are out. So surely then the other driver can't use this as an argument either. Wondering what arguments do they think they have to hold me fully accountable when they failed to give me right of way? If you made it this far with the lecture, thanks for any advice that you plan on giving