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  1. Re: John I did test drive it for 30 mins but it was in a remote area in Manchester and Cardiff so couldn't really test it in city centre, tight spaces, and there were no roadworks and closed lanes either. I thought LS430 was big but this is way bigger for me, however I'll get used to it like I did get used to LS430 (the biggest car I've owned, not driven, but owned, as the biggest car I've driven for a week was Land Cruiser 160, and I still feel RX is somewhat wider than L Cruiser but it's been so long that I'm probably wrong). It wasn't imported from Poland, turns out that if there's a map for a certain country in the 7 gen Nav then there's a corresponding language for the whole Menu and voice guidance as well. I've found French, Spanish, Slovakian, Russian, Czech, Romanian and so on, and more so that's a really nice thing. I thought it would be the main 5 languages like English, German, Spanish, Italian and French, turns out there's more. Thank You for clarifying with the warranty, as always your knowledge is unprecedented and really helpful. I remember 2 years was the case with GS450h 4 years ago but I thought something has changed. Re:Spottedlaurel Definitely because of US market as I think that because GX and LX exists they didn't want to design RX this way. In the "Lexus The Relentless Pursuit Book" author explained that when designing the very first RX300 they didn't want to bite in to LX450 sales, but wanted something a bit more upmarket than RAV4. While this doesn't explain why the boot of RX450h is smaller than BMW X3 not to mention X5, for our family of 4 it does the job better than Lexus GS did 🙂 I do wonder how families with NX and UX cope though, as when I asked in Cardiff (it's a YUGE dealership) it turns out that the most popular choice for families is NX300h rather than RX450h. Re: Flookyk. How are you finding comfort and gadgets vs RR? We've fitted all out camping gear in to GS, but it wasn't a nice ride and suspension needed replacing as the back was nearly scraping the road so really pleased with boot size, however I think we will need roof box for when we go around Europe (in 2030 considering current climate, that is)
  2. I was probably one of 3 people in the world that did that to their GS450h and now I'm thinking about doing that to ReX. There aren't many videos on YouTube (0 actually), of anyone doing that to RX450h, but there are some of RX350 which has a similar petrol V6, 2GR-FE vs 2GR-FSE in 450h. On GS the petrol V6 did cut in more often than on ReX tho
  3. I just bought my 2013 Rx450h and it came with the same rubbish tires, glad I've spotted this thread.
  4. A bit of an update, as some people might find it useful, if they're thinking about jumping from GS/ES/LS to RX. 1. This thing is YUGE. I thought the 3008 we drove down to Cardiff was big, but for tight (?) British roads it's indeed YUGE. Really struggled in Manchester City centre, as there's lots of road works, wasn't really sure where to go, and the turning circle is rubbish. A lory would probably turn around in less turns than RX, but it is what it is and I love it for being so YUGE as I can now pack my car to the brim. I understand in US it's like mid sized SUV, as LX and GX exists, but here over the pond it's YUGE. 2. You need some sort of boot net, as otherwise all the groceries will be nicely running around all over the place 3. It's kinda loud-ish at the back (suspension) when going through holes, but I think anything that is an estate/SUV is louder than saloon, which most of the times separates road noise from the boot to the cabin. 4. MPG, it's been 2 weeks so can't really comment on that, it does 30 currently but it's cold outside, I have too much fun with the accelerator and it's still better than LS430/GS300 in town. 5. Left HID went, soon followed by flickering right BULB, called up Cardiff, they said they'll reimburse me whatever Lexus Stockport will charge me for replacwment, sorted both bulbs in Lexus Stockport for £175 (labour was free) 6. Left rear passenger parking sensor was constantly beeping when reversing even though there was nothing behind the car, booked in Stockport for Tuesday, will be sorted under warranty (part excl labour is £80). 7. Car appeal. Not sure what's going on, if it's women's car or something, but I get a lot smiles and looks from ladies when driving RX450h. With the GS450h/300 I had a lot of guys looking at it, LS430 mainly elderly gents giving thumbs up and commenting on the looks, but driving ReX, I feel like I've done something special as there's a lot of looks. Like I don't know how to describe it, like I would be driving naked or something? Weird, but nice. Mrs doesn't approve that, but she loves the car as well. She wouldn't drive a GS or LS but she was like "ReX? I want to drive it now!". Win win for me as I can now go out and drink. The remote trunk opener is still my favourite feature and Godsend on weekly shopping trips. 8.Acceleration is dangerous. It's nowhere near GS450h, but from 50MPH ona motorway this thing picks up and goes without taking any prisoners. And it's kinda scary when you're driving something that looks like a house on wheels. 9. Parking is easy,as easy as GSes. Not sure if it's the same length or something but it's dead easy to park. I don't even use the camera as mirrors are big enough. Parking sensors even though I've adjusted them in settings do beep quite late (both front and rear), but they're alright. 10. I know it might not be revelant to people in UK that much, but it has Polish language in menu and polish voice guidance. I've ordered Map updates from that Toyota website as currently running on 2012 ones. 11. Quick question, I was told that Extended warranty is currently 2 for 1, as in you pay £995 for one year and you get it for 2 years, but I thought that was always the case? Has anything changed? The great thing about these is that they cover you for literally anything including MOT failures. Yes it's nearly 2 grand, but I've learned the hard way on GS450h what it means to not have a warranty (£3500 in engine repairs and £2400 for hybrid battery at the time, but let's not go there) 12. Driving is a bit numb especially for a car that has been tuned on Nurburgring (have you guys seen the Edmunds video about it?), it's too artifical for my liking, and there's 0 poise, so not sure why it was advertised as a car that feels like a saloon on the road (just reading through a brochure I bought in ebay about 3RX450h), but it's not bad per se, just not involving that much. Acceleration fixes most of the numbness though 🙂
  5. I think what A-Rod wanted to say is that Lexus is a luxurious brand and he's surprised that RX doesn't have parking sensors. To be honest it all depends on spec and time, and sadly they were only a dealer option as Herbie mentioned. When I was looking for RX400/450h there were at least 5x 350, but I prefer hybrid drive anyway regardless of MPG/Performance. Just to put it in perspective some S Class Mercedes Benz cars from 2005 were so basic they didn't include not only front and rear parking sensors but even a reversing camera. And MB S Class is supposed to be the pinnacle of luxury.
  6. I'm confused now. I've got quote for service plan from Lexus Cardiff which is £985, which includes two services interim at 90k next year and 100k in two years (however I probably will hit second service in 4 years rather than 2, I do 5000 a year). Website states there are two plans minor for £245, major for £445 or premium for £33 which includes 2 one minor and one major + 2 MOTs or £29 a month for 2 one minor and one major. It's says on the sheet it's a National Service Plan and includes all parts and labour, so to my understanding anything that comes up on that servicec but I'm probably reading this wrong.
  7. Just not sure what's covered in Warranty, what's covered in Service Plan, and what's covered in Minor and Major Service, but I'm currently browsing website and it does make sense to have both warranty and service plan 👍🏻 Good shout
  8. And thank You to Barry14UK as well! Looks like I can’t edit my post once someone replies. Has anyone opted for servicing plan for their RX?
  9. Good question, as if it is covered under extended warranty, then again it makes sense to have it, or to have service plan, as that would definitely cover that.
  10. Still no joy, but I’ll work it out somehow. I’d like to thank YOU guys for all the help and support in this thread, especially (but not limited to) Royoftherovers (John), Spacewagon52 (David), Herbie, Colin Barber, PCM for all the help and support with the purchase of RX450h In the end I got the Cardiff model (sorry David :(). There were some hiccups during the whole purchase experience (plus that was the very first time I’ve paid for a car before I even saw it in person, but it was totally worth it), and the staff redeemed themselves when we came down, so in the end I would recommend Lexus Cardiff. Guys were really supportive and helpful bunch, it didn’t feel that “salesy” and all was explained in easy to understand manner. Got the GAP with the car as well, just for the piece of mind. I am thinking about getting the service plan as well, not sure yet if I want to or not, I definitely will go with Lexus Warranty when this runs out, and will keep purchasing as long as possible. Car feels and looks new to me, it’s a totally different experience to driving a GS. In fact, we came down to Cardiff in 2018 Peugeot 2018, and even that Pugani felt small and more agile/nimble than the RX yacht, but it’s growing on me on a daily basis. One of the rear bulbs went while I was driving, but I learned to live and breathe with the manual because of RoyoftheRovers (John), so a quick look on page 521 and it got done and dusted. It’s an amazing car to drive, but feels like driving an LS, I’m still learning to “feel it”. The turning angle is abysmal, but other than that love the audio system (12 speakers). In fact, when I tested ML in pre-facelift RX450h, and now in post-lift Luxury, I can’t really tell the difference. ML did add like another dimension to the tunes, but I’m listening from Spotify so it ain’t top range quality audio source. Turns out I’m a second owner as well, first owner did everything in Lexus Cardiff, and that ranges from wheels to suspension ball joints, to even simple things like wipers. It has this amazing IKEA/Furniture store smell inside, and I love it. It has covered 80.000 miles, which equals approx 10000 a year, so standard in my opinion. Interior isn’t immaculate, but I would rate it’s condition 8.5/10 (0.5 for one mark on steering wheel and right-centre vent, and 1 point for the seats). It doesn’t have the acceleration-experience of GS450h (I believe it’s the same detuned 2GR-FSE?) but the MPG is lovely (so far), I will try and squeeze as many miles as possible out of it. Love the interior lights, the power tailgate, the audio quality, the position behind the wheel, and THE SEATS OMG. The steering does require some muscle vs GS, but I guess 2.2 tonnes and 19’’ wheels, vs 17 on GS are the reason behind this. Overall really happy with the purchase, need to work out that DVD, make a decision about service plan, come up with some idea to what I’m going to do to prevent groceries from riding from left to right in there boot (I never owned anything other than a saloon), order floor rubber mats from LExus on eBay, as currently only have colour matching carpets which will look horribly in a week, and just enjoy the drive, 🙂 P.S. I did have a face mask, but took it off for pics
  11. Does anyone know why DVDs show blue screen? Audio plays just fine, but there's no video. Tried two different DVDs, both purchased in UK. Looked up page 202 in the Navigation system manual, but all it explains is how to operate the DVD player, what each button does etc. Car is in Parking mode.
  12. Not sure what to expect from the RX450h then, as I couldn’t tell the difference in breaking between my 3GS450h, LS430 and 2GS300. No, wait. I’m lying. Brakes on LS430 were so good, couple of times I’ve bitten the steering wheel. Really enjoying this thread David, haven’t driven a hybrid in 4 years, cannot wait. Saturday can’t come soon enough!
  13. I’m calm like moneycalm bull (I hate this ad...), was just curious if anyone knew, still awaiting for reply. Paperwork for Cardiff RX450h came through yesterday, so it might be that model after all.
  14. High Peak Autos YouTube channel is decent, but he always disses Lexus/Japanese cars. He is a dealer that owned Q7 and now has Range Rover, so can see where he is coming from. But I like his videos, as long as he is not talking about Japanese cars. Glad You’re happy, basically reading your experiences with 400h reflect mine when I got 3GS450h, but the acceleration was even harder. Passengers would say that they felt their rib was moving closer towards seats and like a plane taking off. In fact, when I had Driveme experience day in Aston Martin V8 Vantage, I wasn’t thrilled with acceleration, as I believe it was like 4.8/4.9s to 60 vs 5.2/5.3 on GS450h, and obviously there was no “instant torque” from Electric motor. Miss that car, sometimes I think about buying GS, and then just going with the roof box for our camping trips... I’m probably one in a million but I prefer CVT over standard auto, purely because of linear acceleration