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  1. Womble72

    Kemble 'F' Meet

    3/3-1/2 hrs for me, enjoyed it last time, will have to check dates prior to commitment and obviously “the insignificant other” 🙄......May possibly coincide with the 2018 Yarmouth motorbike ride out that I’ve already said yes too......sods law 🙄
  2. The owner of the LFA came back as we were passing, he reversed out and revved it for our enjoyment, it being under ground it sounded more like trackside, was fantastic
  3. 🤞🏻.....hopefully next year there could be a “German blatt” 👍🏻
  4. For u @Big Rat anything 👍
  5. Divorce 🙄.....mine paid off, I actually have some money for me! Yay.......😂, .......have fun at Spa, love the classics too, don’t forget the pictures too 👍👍
  6. I do plan to 👍🤞🏻Hopefully
  7. Strong possibility from me, the brother in law lives in Bournemouth so it may swing it for the wife, she can be collected and spend it with them 👍🤣
  8. @Big Rat There’s probably a very strong chance they will be there, I’m crashing with Polish F clan, looks to be some from various parts of Europe going, should be a good weekend with Lexus Novel, think were gonna be in the F race enclosure 🤞🏻
  9. The wife has nooooo interest at all 🙄.....oh well if I can shed 3 stone n tone up in two days there’s always the pit girls 🤣😂
  10. Lol, think I’ll be updating the Garmin for this one 👍.......
  11. Thanks for that, the probability is I would have 🙄
  12. This is the only other one I have on my phone at the moment