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  1. I’ll try to get a video of at the weekend, there is a slight drone which I think is un-avoidable. Mine seems to be around 1600rpm in 8th gear, drop into 7th and it’s gone.....I also had the resonator removed on my system, valved systems would always concern my with corrosion and/or failure.......mine also has a cracked manifold which doesn’t help, I’ve a set of GSF manifolds to go on but can’t get a definite answer to bore size and fitment. Same at block end, same gaskets etc BUT can’t get any information on base of pipe connections.
  2. I stuck with the originals, I did consider having SS tips but it’s hard to imagine the Red with any changes that don’t suit the colour, probably the only downside to its colour 🤔
  3. I had a cat back system from Pipe Craft, they were nearly half the price of H&S. if your local your more than welcome to see n hear mine
  4. At £400 a side they’re probably dearer too! 😂😂
  5. The ISF has taken a fair few digs about its fake tips and the start of its trend......fast forward 10 years and it’s got worse A LOT WORSE!.....this morning I was following an E45 AMG convertible and couldn’t believe how “tacky” the rear tips look, extremely plasticky and the icing on the cake was the “SINGLE” pipe that was visible inside.....I was led to believe Mercedes had upped their game. 🤔.....obviously not
  6. I’d be surprised if they do tbh they have to give 12month warranty on “parts” and labour. If they don’t supply they possibly won’t fit due to the law and warranty being void BUT very enforceable in a court of law if they did fit them.
  7. Yes it’s possible and yes it’s been done. I’ve a friend with a GSF and his wife has his old ISF, he changed the rear seat with the standard IS back seat, he said all anchors are there for centre rear seatbelt. I don’t think he changed the rear back though, but he definitely installed the base pad and centre belt....if that helps Paul
  8. One of the orange ones was owned by a copper called Andrew, I know he sold it this year but did try the private route and wanted £35k with 15k mileage on it, orange would be my preference on the GSF, there is something about that colour “for me” 👍🏻
  9. There is a company close to me and not a million miles away from you if your after a stainless steel system?......definitely a better option than the standard pipes, obviously homework on costings would need to be done.
  10. Impressive “check list”......just had mine serviced on Tuesday at a Lexus specialist.
  11. Mines on the drivers side which apparently is the hardest side to get to, may as well do both as the labour aspect is massive, sorry to be the barer of bad news
  12. DFE9EC30-A0FB-4CED-9AF8-C1DF75DF52B8.MOV
  13. No, no video, can video later when home from work, inside car or under bonnet? Never recorded it from under bonnet side, imagine it sounds loud mine also has a S/S cat back system so it’ll sound louder anyway. May have one from rear of car after exhaust was fitted, I’ll see if i can find it
  14. That’s not a “like” in a pleased way, but sounds like yours are too, when up to temperature its not noticeable every time, but sometimes it’s sounds very faint, tbh I think I’d be looking at aftermarket manifolds rather than ISF ones, will be having the GSF ones fitted as I got them off a friend for free and it’s £1320 I don’t have to try and find (bloody kids n uni costs).......not sure what the GSF ones cost but I’m led to believe they rectified the issues with these.
  15. Diagnosis was by ear, the manifolds are low down and all work is carried out from the underside, I’m led to believe the gearbox or housing and associated parts need to be removed to gain access, labour time is a published 7-8 hours to complete, best way for us (novices) is to allow the tick to stop then lightly rev it once off choke, if it’s cracked you will hear the ticking at a lower level.