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  1. Dav, isn’t it more the fact that the faster u drive the AMG the quicker it’ll break down? 😂🤣.....couldn’t resist, hope u had a great Christmas and new year
  2. Gents, even after 2030 and the supposed stop of the combustible engine petrol will still be saleable, that won’t stop in our lifetime, as for VED that will probably stop at some point too, electric car are non taxable so the government will look to raise lost revenues on a millage system of some sort, something that we all will pay for on an individual way round that one......electric cars are not beneficial or a plus on an environmental front until 50k millage, most new cars are rented and not owned making it extremely non environmental purchase in the offset......I’ll be keepin
  3. I’ve owned my ISF for coming up six years in May, the only car I thought about was the Quatroportte (probably spelt wrong) the look BUT not the reliably (what I’m told)......I’ve no intentions of changing as nothing else tiggles my fancy tbh, there were only 70 GSF’s sold in the U.K. so sourcing one would be harder, I’ve a daily C70 convertible, (which I absolutely love) the wife an Auris and the kids have Honda Civic type-r and daughter jazz, love the reliability of jap cars and would only buy the kids jap as their first cars.......honestly don’t know where to go from here as there
  4. Problem here is there’s a lot less of us, I’d be interested BUT not sure what discount you’d get, I know H&S only offered 5% on a 5+ group buy...... Keep us posted though 🤞🏻
  5. 600h is still a Toyota. I find Indys want repeat business so go that extra mile with what they’ve done and their honesty with what they find.....they’re not paid if there’s no cars to work on unlike main agent’s
  6. Yes, I don’t trust main-dealers I’m afraid.....BUT I do make sure the Indy specialise in the field they advertise as, I’ve used Westfield for around 18 years now with all my Lexus and family jap wagons 👍🏻
  7. It’s a tough call, the actual design is excellent (in its intended function) which is to warming the gearbox oil and giving full use of all gears and protects damage from hard driving from cold.....this is obviously the down side.....think the biggest issue is not knowing the maintenance of the car 100%......possibly only takes someone to top up with tap water and that’ll be the start of longitivtiy of the part put in seems to be a design they still use today across the auto line up. Hopefully all will be ok 👍🏻
  8. I’m sure it’ll be fine, hopefully the photos will put your mind at rest a bit, the added bonus for me is that the guy that worked on mine in Westfield has one too, he was literally dribbling with joy, I trust (Ian and Chris implicitly) the owners of Westfield BUT to have a mechanic there that owns an F has made me even more confident. good luck Barry, keep chasing them and thanks Scott, hopefully a meet next year when I go up to Penrith visiting family 🤞🏻
  9. There’s very light corrosion at the base BUT probably caused by rain water sitting on it, I was told they tend to fail from within, could of taken rad home and cut in half to see condition......cost was £526 all in......then service and auto box fluid change on top.......£806 total BUT cheaper than £5k for a failure.........they did say there wasn’t any rhyme or reason for some failing and others not 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. Today was the day for the rad replacement, service, auto box fluid change and wiper blades 🙄.....was told it’s hard to judge the corrosion level as it normally fails from the inside, I took a couple of photos, she is a 2008 with 69200 miles on her......service carried out was 70k.
  11. This was July this year the day we set off for Spain, 2600 miles round trip, car didn’t miss a beat
  12. I informed them prior to changing, unless they know the car they will assume they’re all the same wheel, as they’re corner specific u could end with two different sizes on both ends of the car, I wouldn’t leave it to luck personally Ray
  13. Yep, they’re 275/30/19 on rear, 245/35/19 on front, I feel it makes a difference and prices were the same from memory
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