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  1. I concur,......you’ve really put yourself out there, much respect to you and what you’ve arranged, can’t wait to get to Toddington where it all starts 👍🏻👍🏻......roll on the 29th
  2. Not to worry sir, I’ve a couple of “L”’s I’ll bring with me 😂
  3. Badge snobbery, that’s all, as a kid we mainly had Audi 80 sports, BMWs tenfold, these were the days when BMW Fairfield normally had about 8-10 used cars and a showroom of about 3 cars, they were exclusive BACK THEN but the snobbery aspect of this is very much still apparent. People don’t like change, BMW, Merc and Audi all reduced their build quality to be more affordable to the everyday person, Lexus came along to attempt to steel some of that market, Toyota knew that they couldn’t get in under the Toyota badge, people still don’t like change and continue to buy German “was” good vehicles. i like the rarity of the brand it reminds me of my childhood when the being “not the norm” felt special. Lol being on my 4th Lexus and knowing what little I know I wouldn’t buy anything BUT Japanese, we’ve 1 Lexus, 2 Toyota and the boy has a Civic type R. His second Honda......there is also the point that whilst we, America and other countries spent money on weaponry the two class leaders were also the ones that were banned from developing their arsenal. Hence their progress in the vehicle industry.
  4. I lay a pound to a penny we will be the noisiest ones, think we should all line up and start on the count of 3 at Derby, see if they can/will record it, all pipes aiming the same way 😂🤣
  5. See u all at 7, Ryo will be there too. should be good fun and noisy 😂🤣🤣
  6. 1. Yes 2. 1 car mine, not mastered driving two at once. Lol 3. 1 person (me).......plus 4......off forum, Saturday only (me for both days) 4. No dietary requirements (just fussy).......meat, biscuits, tea n beer 👍 5. Bubble wrap 👍 6. Paracetamol 😂
  7. Sorry mate, don’t do fish, probably go as far to say Cannaballism is more my thing.
  8. Lol, no dietary requirements? Coffee n Cake? mine will be beer and bubble wrap please 👍
  9. Yes Dan, as far as I’m aware they will all be present on the Saturday, like u I’m an over nighter. Looking forward to it 👍👍
  10. Morning mate, yes that’s the one I like, it’s subtle enough for the red to take it, other than that I’ll go with your opinion, don’t want anything to much, the red doesn’t jell well unlike most of the other colours, cheers, Paul
  11. Hi Dan, found the link, still no help to me, I’ve only an iPhone, don’t have a computer and images are not good when trying to blow them up, will try and look tomorrow when I’m in the office, although we’ve filters on the system and some things are bared from loading, will see what I can “see” lol......I mean find out.
  12. Evening Dan, I honestly haven’t a clue, would only want something subtle, this is probably the only other mod I’d be doing to it......did contemplate the rear diffuser but don’t think it suits the red, sorry I can’t be much help, will have to look them up, do you have a link? paul
  13. Ive had 3 shoguns in the past, the best by far the 3.5v6, was better on fuel than the 3.0v6, quicker and a more refined drive, many a farmers field was crossed if an accident had occurred on my homeward journey, although back then (pre cameras) at 90ish the return was around 16mpg 😳 and the fuel gauge moved too 😂
  14. Don’t think 100k is anything to particularly worry about, this one s still going strong 👍🏻
  15. Looks to be a replacement BUT I’m no expert, I know Wald, Toms and Lems are big names in aftermarket items, think Pete would be your best bet for mods on here