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  1. Not that I remember (before my time) but I remember my mum saying how my grandad bought a brand new hillman hunter or minx 🤷🏼‍♂️.....colour being light metallic green and my great uncle bill ploughing into the back end of it whilst they were all on holiday in Devon......my nan always said green was unlucky, although I had a 84 green Orion 1.6i ghia which was light metallic and a girlfriend’s neighbour smashed into it outside her parents house back in the day 🙄
  2. I’m assuming this will now be cancelled? 😔......or being outside does it not count as a large gathering?
  3. Sorry, not for me, colour or suspension, I like the RCF, there are a lot of lovely colours about BUT green just isn’t a colour for me.
  4. Fingers crossed for Saturday 🤞🏻....on the plus side it would of been a lot longer if something broken, all the best Mark
  5. I’m glad your keeping the car tbh, I honestly think you’d have regretted selling, on the LC note, I’ve a friend with a GSF and had an LC whilst his was in having some mods fitted, he said he was glad to see the back of the LC, said it was ridiculously juicy compared to the GSF.....it put his mind at rest that the LC isn’t the way forward.....said he was amazed by how much different it was 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. 130 is an enforcer speed limit on SOME autobahn NOT all, having lived in Germany yes it’s massively disciplined and has MASSIVE on the spot fines for those that exceed it (especially weather enforced limits).......there are still lots of autobahn that the speed limit doesn’t apply. 👍🏻
  7. It doesn’t have to be the autobahn, could also be the A127 an M3 and me grinning as he was revving the nuts out of it (bird rotation of 180 degrees too) 😂.......a grin from me on his left.......and left behind he was 😂🤣😂.
  8. Lol, love to see a clamper try his best! 😂......park anywhere for free 😉......can’t clamp and definitely can’t lift 😂🤣😂👍🏻
  9. Did you leave all the cats in? I've heard that a less restrictive system will result in a relatively sizeable power gain on these. Any good threads or advice about this here? Yeah, I left them in, had a resonator removal and a small box in its place, smaller rear boxes, it made a noticeable difference and again after having bigger bore manifolds fitted, possibly thinking about a Lems air intake.....that’ll probably be it for me, possibly be about 440ish BHP......May even look into rolling it for exact figures later in the year
  10. H&S near me will make a cat back system for mail order, cost is probably around £1200/1300.......plus shipping I’d imagine, I opted for a cat back by another local company to me, mine was the first system he’d done on an ISF and cost me £720 from memory, best £720 I’ve spent, absolutely love to hear it 👍🏻
  11. On my IS250 I had the same function button that I’ve got on my ISF but not as many options, I’m not aware of the option to have it installed via a software update, it’s a shame as the car can get away when cruising and not taking much notice, I loved the 250 as when at 75 the speedometer would illuminate in amber and red at 100. You could turn this function off BUT it definitely gives aid on motorway driving when not using cruise.....be interesting to know if any such update exists
  12. Exclusiveness reliability feel good factor ive had mine 5 years. I had the IS250-sel for 5 years prior, although totally different engines I’ve been driving the same car on the inside, I still look back n smile when I park her up, no body knows about them so a theft aspect is excellent, although old enough now to not warrant that issue, there really isn’t anything that I dislike about the car, daily at 30mph 👍🏻......mad half hour at 🤪🤪🤪mph and It’s still that inner child that grins......only 3 things missing I would of liked from my IS250 is illuminated door cills, amber 75mph and red 100mph dash illumination and air cooled front seats, other than that there still isn’t a car I’d change for.
  13. I had a cat back SS system fitted last year with resonator removal, does make a huge difference, unleashes the engine note 👌🏻
  14. No sorry, electrician, maintenance, fault call and emergency call across the combine