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  1. He is still about, don’t think he’s on here as a rule, he sold his RCF, I know he had a few email issues (compromised) so not sure he would be able to access any messages.
  2. I’d be amazed if they replace both if a warranty claim, @Arqum was told they’d only pay for cracked/faulty part, all parts have to be sent back to Lexus for inspection.......maybe worth u asking and if need be paying for the part whilst it’s all apart, hope all works out well for u
  3. I paid £66 delivered, Varta Blue E23 80ah battery, eBay (Plymouth battery’s) from memory......same manufacturer as Bosch and from the same factory in Germany.
  4. Have just replaced my battery, 2008 and still the original, was struggling to start and HAD to be used weekly, wouldn’t “fully” charge so I replaced rather than having the issue I had of really needing it one day and it wouldn’t start......battery didn’t trigger the alarm, had to open with the key BUT alarm did trigger when charger applied (keys in pocket) 🙄......I opted for a 4 year Varta battery, could only find Bosch n Varta that offered 4yr warranties.......manufactured in the same building by the same company.
  5. Try Pipe Craft in Basildon, Dean did my SS cat back with resonator removal for £720 were H&S wanted over £1100, speak to Dean I’m sure he’ll be able to help
  6. This’ll be it’s second time round, it went for £3750 last time although I imagine it’s being pushed up by people, considering how many F’s are in the U.K. I’d imagine this isn’t going to be easy to shift......plus I’d be wary of anything out of barking
  7. Just seen this on the Community F Facebook page, not bad for 177,000 miles......these cars are 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  8. I remember that well too, I just fitted a new battery into mine and kept saying “check the terminals, check the terminals”.....must of checked about half a dozen times, I also marked the battery with a marker pen to make sure 😂
  9. I’ve had my ISF for 5 years and never spent a penny on it other than servicing, I’ve a friend who owns both ISF and GSF, his preference is his GSF (from new) BUT he said the ISF felt more lively as smaller, he said the GSF is a better ride quality but ISF is more fun (his words) I’ve not driven a GSF but I’ve been in his on numerous occasions and the ride is far better, the level of refinement is way above the ISF which is to be expected, me personally I didn’t like the dashboard of both newer cars. I don’t particularly like any new car dash, don’t like the “shelf look”......RCF will get u noticed, again on a personal note I like the “not noticed” effect, I like the fact that my car will be there in the morning 😉......whatever u choose I’m sure u will be over the moon with, I’d come back here with potential purchases as there are a couple of unsavoury cars about......everyone on here will be more than happy to share any information about the potential car if it’s known. Good luck. Paul
  10. You need to look up Roman Schapp on Facebook or Ryo Aiba, they have an arrangement with toms and lems and have a joint venture on mods called chronos racing
  11. Some advice needed please.....🤞🏻..... I’ve just bought a new battery for the F and there was a sticker stating remove the bungs.... I didn’t know what this was and assumed as it said “transit bung” I thought it to be the red cap in case of some kind of short during transit, I’ve fully charged the battery and apparently these bungs are tiny little port bungs, the battery has been on charge for 24hrs and it’s noticeable that’s it’s swollen, I’ve not removed these bungs as I’m now not sure what the outcome will be or wether I’ve completely knackered the battery with what I have done, any advice would be gratefully received. thanks
  12. I used to pay in one, DD will have a 5% additional cost, twice a year will see a 10% increase, still cheaper one off BUT cheaper on monthly than 6 monthly options, I think mine is £22.55 a month from memory.......my C70 convertible is dearer 😉
  13. I’m in isolation for 12 weeks 😔....fostair steroid asthmatic and no spleen puts me in the vulnerable category, fortunately I’m one of the lucky ones and receive full pay, is actually London Underground that has suspended me from duties, I feel for my colleagues as we’re short staffed anyway like most companies, I’m lucky in the fact that I own my cars n bike, two of the kids have had it, one is still bad with temperatures well in the 39’s, both are isolating elsewhere due to possibly affecting me, the wife a nurse (in private sector now) is on the reserve list if needed, a hotel for her if she gets the call as she won’t be allowed home......these times are bleak times and hopefully all will good in time, look forward to a collective meet in time and hopefully with the sun still shining 🤞🏻......keep safe fellow F’ers
  14. Last H&S offered a discount it was £50 per system.......they will all have a drone about them until they coke up a little inside, I paid £720 for mine from memory from Dean at PipeCraftExhaust.....I went for cat back with resonator removal.....I’ve also got larger bore GSF manifolds fitted and a lems intake.......slight drone at 75ish on a slight incline when motorway driving......definitely quietening down as time goes by
  15. Not that I remember (before my time) but I remember my mum saying how my grandad bought a brand new hillman hunter or minx 🤷🏼‍♂️.....colour being light metallic green and my great uncle bill ploughing into the back end of it whilst they were all on holiday in Devon......my nan always said green was unlucky, although I had a 84 green Orion 1.6i ghia which was light metallic and a girlfriend’s neighbour smashed into it outside her parents house back in the day 🙄