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  1. The red pictures definitely don’t do the colour justice, u really need to see it in the sunlight, it’s by far the best colour in the flesh, only other ISF that has the pearlescent fleck is white, Lexus Woodford had never seen a red one and when I collected the car after the recall the manager said how different the car looks in real life, it’s also the fastest colour 😂🤣......
  2. And this is why I don’t like main dealers! 🤔.......I’ll let Karl know 😂.......he will be gutted as he is a main dealer person to a degree 🙄.....although the water pump would of been pre his ownership......good information BUT personally I’d couldn’t do it 😂......I’d be questioning my every move, Westfield for mine IF I go down that avenue.
  3. If it’s a Japanese car the car will be limited to 112mph, I’ve a Japanese friend and he said the ECU will set u back around £3k to be sorted, some sort of self reset with them. My son was interested in a white Hap import and was advised to stay away from it due to the above AND if it’s even possible
  4. Good honest “personal” review, I’ve a 2008-58 plate, had mine over 5 years now, absolutely love the sleeper factor it helps me sleep better knowing it’ll be there in the morning!......the ride is hard, wouldn’t say crashy although I’ve not driven a later car, having recently covered over 2600 miles across Europe what I can say is our roads are an absolute joke and damn right ****!...... I’m also 48 n don’t like having my photo taken so for me it’s a winner 😂.....I drove a friends jag f-type-r with the 5ltr, tbh I found it bloody awful, the whole car felt like it lifted n twisted under hard acceleration and gave me absolutely zero confidence in the lanes, I’d have my F any day over one of these, the M cars are common as most equivalents are, I am rather partial to a Maserati Quartroportie BUT the affordability of one puts me off (the constant repairing of it) 🙄.......honestly don’t know where I’ll go from mine, possibly just a norm as nothing out there particularly does it for me. hope u enjoy your new adventure
  5. Any views on resonator removal?.....I had a system made and fitted which had the resonator removed BUT this definitely has given the car a drone, although done 2 years ago the 2600 mile drive to Spain and back made it to the point of having a resonator re-installed, any one had the same??
  6. I had a telephone conversation with Karl just before he sold it back to them, I’ll be seeing him next month on my way through to the lakes, he now has a family and he had an ep3 track toy BUT as most know when kids come along all the goodies have to go 😂🤣......he’s still not replaced the car as he wants something as an all rounder (track and family) he didn’t want to wreck the F but couldn’t justify both cars......you’ve bought an excellent example and Westfield motors are far superior to Lexus, your history will be excellent 👍🏻
  7. Sorry gents not me, there was one at sidcup Lexus BUT that was returned to the auction house as it had some serious issues that Lexus wouldn’t invest in rectifying, not sure if that is finally back on the road.
  8. Congratulations, I know that car very well and it’s previous owner Karl, you’ve bought a very very good example with H&S system and the fact that it’s NEVER been tracked or driven hard, obviously the odd blast BUT Karl would always wait until there was 3 bars on the oil temp.
  9. I recently returned from Spain, 2600 miles in my 2008 ISF.....the ride comfort wasn’t an issue BUT their roads put ours to shame, as for issues the valley plate seems to effect the US cars, the heat must play a part as the car in Spain wasn’t as nimble as it is here, there’s a lot of US cars tracked and I assume this is probably a contributing factor along with the heat, I know of a German ISF with the rad issue BUT this is also a regular around the Nurburgring, I think the biggest issue is something very hard to know and that’s how the cars been looked after and driven by the previous owners, yes they’re built to withstand hard driving BUT if it’s relentless it’ll take its toll in time, I’ve had mine 5 years and apart from the odd road imperfections I’ve never had an issue with suspension, I have had the manifold issue which is the most common fault, I’d go for aftermarket ones or GSF manifolds (on mine) BUT these would have to be installed by an Indy as Lexus will not fit GSF parts or aftermarket ones to an ISF. 5 years on and she still makes me smile. good luck with your hunt.
  10. Have heard from Ratty and he said it’s well known, front n rear bumpers painted, possibly from a shunt, his advice is to steer clear......hope this helps
  11. Probably the best person to seek advice from on knowledge of ISF would be @Big Rat, ratty did compile a list of cars and their history to occupy his time, not sure if he’ll know anything on this one, I’ll message him directly as he’s not on the forum much these days
  12. 124k AND there’s around 4000 ISF in the states........most have higher millage than U.K. and fetch a heftier premium
  13. That totally transforms the rear cabin, tbh I never notice the rear as only ever getting in the front 🙄.....but definitely sets it off 👍🏻