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  1. 10,000 or annual, no it doesn’t have to be Lexus, has to be a VAT reputable garage using only genuine Lexus parts. Near me there “Westerfield Motors” which are Lexus specialist and Lexus Woodford now of them very well as our “service conversation” went very quiet when the recall was carried out last year. I personally am NOT a main-dealer fan as I’ve had issues in the past with previous so called “full dealer history cars”.
  2. Yes, I’ve got faraday pouches for mine, they’re about £15 for two on eBay, was dubious to there function but they have proven to be excellent.
  3. I must admit I do get @@@@@@ off with the annoying scooter rider on their wasp!.....I’d much rather hear a burble than a fart in a can!......I’ve had a SS system fitted and it’s a nice burble like a V8 should sound, I’ve a pair of Akrapovic end cans on my bike, again making the bike sound as it should, I love a neighbours Harley when it fires up BUT I’m also in a cul-de-sac and at the very bottom so drive byes aren’t an issue thankfully......at the end of the day it’s another money spinner for our illustrious leaders to screw the motorists AGAIN!......I didn’t realise until recently that the ANPR will only pick up vehicles of police interest that have been entered on to its database. So pretty pointless as there is no tax, mot, insurance shared information 🙄
  4. He still has the quick silver as far as I’m aware, he had this fitted with permission of the Lexus warranty as he didn’t want anything not claimable, the car has been loved n cherished by him and not tracked or abused in anyway shape or form. You have yourself a familiar and fantastic car, enjoy. Paul
  5. My insurance is with Admiral, it’s £330-ish with 12k mileage, excess combined is £500 from memory.......although I’m 47! 😂😂.....it was £260 four years ago so going up to pay for all the scams etc. Like all insurance companies it’s a non loss organisation 😉
  6. I know someone who works at fords and when they say about me being a petrol head they totally understand my choice of a Lexus, I personally wouldn’t buy a ford let alone a Mustang, they look nice and that’s were it ends!.......drive them both and push a little on the corners 😉.....but not to much 😂
  7. Fingers crossed it all works out for you, I’ve had my ISF for over 4yrs, pretty much the same engine barring a few tweaks here n there, in my 4yrs I’ve spent £0 on it barring Service’s, personally I’d be inclined to save the 2yr warranty cost unless u plan to track the car, other than the odd burst here n there these cars can’t be driven to their potential so I’d save the outlay of the warranty, being an RCF and obviously newer I totally understand the “Lexus stamp” service, the ISF are obviously older and for me the cost of Lexus services beckon belief with a few horror stories of late. I’m sure you’ll be over the moon with it, Paul
  8. I’ve had Lexus for many years and after two of them purchased with f/l/s/h both had the same maintenance schedule ignored, I swore other than recalls I’d never pay ANY main-dealer another visit let alone a penny!......I’m not car maintenance orientated but I use Westfield Lexus specialists in Rayleigh which isn’t far from me, they’re half the price of main-dealers and far more informative and knowledgeable being both old school and Toyota/Lexus background.....as for exhaust I had a cat back with resonator removal for £720. The garage I used was “Pipe Craft” in Basildon, Dean was excellent and half the price of others, Paul
  9. One thing for sure is your innocent until proven guilty, they cannot enter anything on a credit reference file without it being proven! Any miss information entered has to be removed immediately......there is the massive inconvenience of getting it sorted though, that unfortunately is priceless......unfortunately it’s you that will have to do the footwork on this one, good luck with it 👍🏻
  10. lol, the “pond scum” wasn’t directed at u personally 😉.......it’s the only industry that never looses money, I’ve had many an argument with insurance companies over my premium rises when I’ve not claimed, no one has claimed against me and I still have my cars n bike!.......we have to have insurance and insurance companies know that and can charge what they like as by law “we have to pay it”........it definitely needs some sort of regulations put in force......btw all my family were underwriters from American companies to Lloyd’s of London and they passed these views down 😉🤪🤪
  11. Dan, ALL and I mean ALL calls are recorded and have to be by law, no court would rule in their favour if they have erased the conversation, all conversation are kept for a minimum of 5 years for reasons of this nature. Sounds more like an insurance scam from a third party and it’s easier for them to just pass it on to you rather than deal with it themselves.....all insurance companies are charlatans and lower than pond scum! Good luck mate 🤞🏻
  12. Dav, is that dust from your garage??....or are u trying to state a “usage claim”? 😂😂😂
  13. To old?.....the 08-09 are faster as they’re Euro 4, the Euro 5 has slightly different figures for emission purposes but not noticeable in real driving, the big difference was 2010/11 I think but again unless you want to track the car and track it hard as a novice the difference probably isn’t that noticeable. You tend to get a feel for the right car so go with your gut feeling not your heart
  14. Vlad, if the plates assigned to a car you don’t need to do anything, if you put it on retention (not assigned to a car) you have to remember to renew the retention document, you used to have to retain it yearly if not assigned but I’m led to believe a retention is now valid for 5 years. If u ever put your plate on retention you need to remember the expiration of the retention as you will loose the entitlement to the number plate and have to re-buy it. As long as it’s on your car with the documents to show then you don’t need to do anything at all. enjoy it 👍🏻