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  1. I see you’ve roped Donald Trump in the help make sense of it 🤪🤪🤪
  2. F recall

    I may well stand corrected but I’m sure Dave’s System stops short like the stock exhaust, sounded great and wasn’t obvious to the key that it had been changed, I like the mesh in place BUT would happily have new tail pipes if it’s possible to keep the mesh or something similar 👍👍
  3. F recall

    @Big Rat A friend of mine had the H&S cat back system on his F.........was just under £900 🤪.........got to be a better deal with a group buy 🤔....I’m thinking the same as @Warrington guy, I like the thought of keeping my tips, I personally prefer the mesh in place 😳.......time n costs will tell 😉
  4. F recall

    Outback back, new 5 ply steel head gaskets fitted, £793 n pennies.........over £1000+ cheaper than Subaru themselves 😳........🤔......no brainer 🤪🤪🤪
  5. F recall

    @Rusty Crobar the performance is pretty much “0”.......practically is very good for us, we need the estate for the dogs and we have a dog kennel on wheels (caravan) was a purchase so the dogs can holiday with us 🙄.......passports too, there really is no place they don’t come with us 🤪.......it’s the wife 🙄......I’d have preferred the IS300 sport cross BUT age n boot space has played a major roll and the lack of an estate with the is250 😔.........was a toss up with this, a newer V70 or an accord, write we’re better on the outback......I just got a “not very well looked after one”..........despite having full Subaru main history AND being the directors wife car..........reinforces my main dealer views tbh..........they’re crap and get paid to work on your car or not!........therefore a “good Indy” is by far the best way forward 👍
  6. F recall

    @Rusty Crobar mines the 2.5 sen, bought to replace my aging V70 as a daily commute, (the wife wanted one) 🙄.......fsh and in having both head gaskets done (typical main dealer).......hence my dislike of main dealers,........Subaru uk say its due to poor workmanship,......just can’t win!.....she’s a keeper now 🤪
  7. Yes I know 😳.......house extension started a month after purchase, my bike has a grand total of 165 miles on it, purchased in 09/16......the build is coming to an end, so a few miles to be put on both this year 😂
  8. F recall

    All I know is my fuel pump feels like it never stops 🤪.......although tbh 24mpg on my daily commutes this week ain’t to sad.......considering 29-30 out the Outback with half the engine 😉
  9. I can only agree with all the above, they are a fantastic car ALL of them, I bought my ISF nearly 3 years ago, she’s a 2008-58 with 49k, now 57k, I got mine from Lexus Coventry. I personally wouldn’t accept anything under 18k if I was to sell, most would possibly see this as an over priced car, but I don’t think I could replace her for that and would rather keep her. Lexus Liverpool will have the Rats car up for sale soon if not already on the forecourt, his was a 2009 car with late 40k mileage I think, whatever u choose like others have said “drive them all”.....the slow sale is still by others that view the M and AMG cars as a better option, this from personal experience ISN’T the case, an M3 with a “typical” vanos issue, an AMG that Mercedes-Benz couldn’t fix (full refund) I’m now on my 4th Lexus and wouldn’t consider another manufacturer, good luck with your quest
  10. F recall

    Lol, I read that age comment as being directed at age of owner 😂....older first 🤪
  11. I actually wanted the Toyota pro-ace BUT we have 1000’s of vans, there VW’s or Transits, the carry weight is massively down with my Transit compared to my 11 plate one, Wanted a swb low roof, got mwb semi hi roof 🙄.......get on average 3 parking tickets in London weekly, now they’re moaning 🙄......got this one for another 4-1/2 years although they’re now talking about getting what I wanted
  12. I’m VERY tempted BUT not sure if I will be able to afford it, Outback is in having head gaskets done n the eldest daughter is 17 next week, but I’d be interested to know price IF I can, when are you looking at doing it?? H&S is only about 5 miles from me too
  13. 😂🤣😂......mines a company one, I’ve got a 67 plate VW transporter at the moment, had one back in 2001........it honestly hasn’t changed 😳.......
  14. Fair play 👍......word of advice, make sure the gearbox oil on that auto transit is changed regularly, I know a couple that have failed.....it’s NOT cheap. My 17 plate Transit is in under warranty already 😔
  15. F recall

    Obviously the fuel pump differs from the ISF.......my question is why??.......I thought they would have shared most components from the ISF 🤪.....