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  1. Hi Pete,

    After a frank discussion with Mike ( Bluesman) we have agreed he did over react to your comments and should not have taken the action he did regarding your account without first consulting the rest of the moderation team.

    As such I have reinstated your posting rights, I hope this one off incident will not put you off posing on the LOC in future and welcome back.

    Kind regards,


  2. What is it exactly that you want to see that's on the V5? Pete
  3. Why not just ask him for the specific details you need from the V5? eMailing a shot of it to someone he's never met might be ringing an alarm bell with him, much in the same way one's ringing for you because he won't mail it! Pete
  4. Not always Mike. We've leased many vehicles in the past, both personally and via my wife's business - each one of them had our names on them, not the lease company's. Pete
  5. I see he's a Special Brew fan...... Pete
  6. Am I Allowed To Sell.....

    We had these on the M1, badged as 'XJ-PS' (as in 'police special'). They had all the wood trim replaced with black plastic, together with cloth seats. Gearbox was a 5-speed manual, which really liberated the engine compared to an auto. I think the Bentley would've looked good striped up too! Pete
  7. Am I Allowed To Sell.....

    Yeah....old-ish Jags are very nice you say, definitely cheaper! Pete
  8. soul, so I can buy this? :winky: I very nearly bought one of these when I first retired around 6 years ago, but was more than a little scared of the running/servicing costs. Of course, the prices are now going skywards, so unless I drop a Lottery win, it'll never happen....but I can dream! Happy New Year everyone! Pete
  9. Re-Tests For Age 70+?

    Disagree. Clearly those backing and promoting this aren't yet 70years of age Those who introduced the drink/drive legislation weren't drunks, but it doesn't mean they weren't right to do so. At least doctors now have an obligation to report older drivers who might be losing some of their abilities. Of course there are other motorists who might do us harm through their incompetence and lack of regard, but should one particular group be protected from standards that are applied to others just because of their age? Should we be pro-active in an attempt to reduce risks? Or should they be allowed to 'soldier on' regardless because, for example, 'its their only way of getting around'? We all know that, with age, both physical and mental ability tend to decline. If a new, younger, driver went for a test and had reactions so slow that he was a risk to others, would he, should he, be given a 'pass'? Like I said, I think we should all be re-tested regularly anyway. At present, re-tests can only be ordered by a court under certain circumstances - its a reactive process, something has to already have happened for it to be applied. Pete
  10. Interesting. Personally, I think we should all be re-tested regularly, but this is a start I suppose. Pete
  11. The clue is in the word 'motorhome'. Parked up, it becomes other than a vehicle, under certain circumstances. Any new motoring legislation introduced is fairly academic anyway - there's hardly anyone out there enforcing it. There are plenty of nothing-to-do HATOs though, together with the odd smattering of not-very-interested PCSOs! :D Pete
  12. Fines/points Increase? Good.....!

    Do lighten up Dave! :winky: Pete
  13. Fines/points Increase? Good.....!

    Picture this......cager sat in his/her car, stationary or crawling along, mobile glued to their ear. Bloody great BMW bike trickles past to the right, size 11 left hand gracefully caressing their driver's door window whilst .....gesticulating, all of 8" from their face. They notice, I'm sure. :D Tbh, I couldn't really care less whether they do or don't, it makes me feel better. :winky: Pete
  14. Fines/points Increase? Good.....!

    I don't recall mentioning turning and looking....just the hand gesture! :D My 'fantastic abilities' were hammered into me during what is probably the most intense on-road riding course available anywhere. I'm not perfect when driving or riding, far from it, but I can, and do, still apply the skills I learnt. 'Instant risk assessments'? Yep, all the time - doing warp factor 10 on public roads necessitated that particular skill, and I apply what I learnt every single time I ride or drive. Anyway, the odd gesture to deserving idiots lets them know what other motorists think. :winky: If I were still in the job and saw a motorist gesticulating (safely!) at another motorist using a mobile, which one do you think would get a pull?! Pete
  15. Fines/points Increase? Good.....!

    After 30-odd years of 'background' I do feel entitled these days to sometimes revert to a somewhat more heartfelt approach! And believe me, most of them do notice. :D And, after rather a long time riding for a living, sometimes at high speeds, mostly on far-from-empty roads, I'm very well practiced in multi-tasking whilst riding - radios didn't answer themselves, VASCAR didn't operate itself, that sort of thing - and my skill set is still there, so the odd, well-deserved hand gesture (after a risk assessment, of course....), is nothing for anyone else to be concerned about! Thanks for the advice though. :winky: Pete