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  1. BMW M8

    Looks nothing like any Lexus I know, that's a very good looking car I'm my opinion.
  2. Not sure why this obsession with 0-60, the IS200/250 is just dated, feels dated, looks dated, even smells dated!! There is a reason why you can get one for less than most DFS sofa’s.😀
  3. Servicing Costs Not sure how you get to £1300.00, it shows minor and major service at £265 and £445 respectively, those would be the equivalent of the Toyota price you gave. Even if Lexus charge £595 for one of the Major ones then it £1125.00, not £1300.00 as you suggest.
  4. Servicing Costs

    Those figures don't sound right, I'd check with Toyota that it is like for like. based on the prices you've given I make the difference about £100 Toyota 2 x £240 (£180.00 + £60 to Lexus) + 1 x £390 (£330 + £60.00 to Lexus) = £870.00 Lexus 2 x 265.00 + 1 x £445.00 = £975.00 that's about £30.00 per year, is it worth the hassle? I'm no fan of Lexus servicing as I think the intervals are too short for private customers, but for £30 per year I wouldn't bother taking it two places. Also, with regards to hearing the manager talking to another customer, are you sure he wasn't talking about the Manufacturers warranty, which he is right, you can it to any VAT registered garage and if they use genuine parts then warranty is fine, not the case with extended warranty, they can make their rules as per the agreement you sign. I'd get written confirmation rather than basing it on a overheard conversation.
  5. Servicing Costs

    And how much would that actually save you after paying the £60 to Lexus..nothing i would imagine, plus the hassle of taking it to two places. I would go all out independent or full fat Lexus. When i had a leased car I tried to take it to Toyota as it was local, they booked it in then called back to say take it to Lexus, the price was exactly the same, it was only saving me travel time.
  6. Servicing Costs

    My thoughts also, not hearing from anyone with major faults, the IS300h is few years old now and a lot of car must be close to 100k, very few reports of thing going wrong. The cost of the warranty is fairly ok, particularly when you include the AA cover, what did it for me was the 10 k service interval, I do about 15k a year. I've decided to go non warranty but still get Lexus to do service once a year, ok millage will be over but a least it will have LFSH, no warranty to worry about so ok to go over the 10k. Mine was a Business vehicle which is allowed 12.5k, 13.5k if you count the 1k or 1 month over you can go, so I'll only 1500 miles extra, not much considering I do long motorway runs, i'll take the risk. Having a warranty and above average millage is just too expensive for me. If I go for essential service when it is over 4 years old, do they stamp the service book? Is it much cheaper?
  7. Servicing Costs

    Does anyone feel they have good value from the warranty, i.e. Made a significant claim to offset the warranty costs? I still haven't heard of many faults on the 300h, seems fairly bulletproof, I think I'm going to take my chances without the warranty.
  8. I decided against getting the warranty, the £895.00 for two years is fairly reasonable, it's the servicing within the dealer network that's the issue, its just too expensive for higher millage users. I've yet to hear from fellow owners of expensive warranty claims relating to the IS300h, with it being one of the most reliable cars on the road I'm going to take my chances.
  9. Servicing Costs

    I'm sorry I just don't believe this, you originally said "Lexus don't sell to fleets etc" the etc part i would think refers to business sales in general, you've gone from they don't sell at all to not very many, both incorrect. Most contract hire cars would be fleet sales, are you saying Lexus are not bothered about them? Nearly any business person prefers to sell B2B, private customers are the worst type of customers.
  10. Servicing Costs

    Ok, maybe true for some users, but Lexus have 10k for EVERYONE. I can only go by the BMW I and my colleagues have and they all made 15k, like I said I got 18k. I like Lexus but their servicing is just expensive, I'm not sure why the need to defend them, where they are not good surly you should say so.
  11. Servicing Costs

    BMW serving is actually competitive for almost all millage users, my 3 series needed a service about every 18k or 18 month, its condition based so visits to the dealer are much less frequent. Also, BMW are always doing great deals on all inclusive service packs, Lexus think they are doing you a favour by paying for the services upfront with virtually no discount, 10% if you are lucky.
  12. Servicing Costs

    You sure the don't do fleet sales, they seem to have a whole department for it, can't see any manufacturer not interested in fleet sales, in fact I'd say most private sales are a pain, much easier to sell to business. 15 to 20 k is not massive millage these days, Lexus do allow a little extra - 12.5k service intervals for business vehicles, ALL contract hire for Lexus is business only which must be a big part of their sales and more importantly a growing market.
  13. Servicing Costs

    Not the price so much but the 10k service intervals, way above most manufactures now days. if you do 20k a year that's every 6 months a fairly hefty bill, add in other consumable costs and it makes Lexus very uncompetitive for Mid/high milage users.
  14. I think the service interval are a bit a little unfair anyway, I leased my car from Lexus for two year and they stated that the intervals were 12500 miles, I have that in writing. For private customers it's 10k, as I'm still the owner of the car but now own it privately i assume it drops to 10k, although the dealer may still have it down a 12.5k. You are allowed to go 1k over or 1 month, so thats' 13.5k, I'll only be 1500 miles out so not too far out from what's allowed. I probably wouldn't bother with the hybrid check if I going out of warranty route, all or nothing!! £70 seems a lot for hybrid test/insurance when I been told that's the most reliable part of the car. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had hybrid issues on this model. I'm happy with normal AA cover and thats about £60 per year. Lexus seems to add a additions as well, like trying to sell wheel alignment on every visit, i'd trust our local guy for the MOT and service, he's been good so far and our other cars have been fine. I was going back to thinking warranty might be worth it at £495, but £895 is a little too much
  15. Yep, looks like it was a mistake, but still can't understand why the NX is £100 cheaper. Makes who think who checks these websites Has anyone had any major warranty claims, particularly cars over 3 years? Anyone purchased a warranty for a used car, one without perfect Lexus service history?