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  1. Yes I have driven cars with them, UX and EX, I'll concede that you do get used to them but having them near the gear level is fine and where you expect to find them, what I can't get over is how they look, absolutely horrific and quite why they carry it through the range I have no idea, seems a backwards step, other manufacturer are making everything more integrated and slicker, the rest of the interior is fine. It's just my opinion.
  2. I’d only consider a new IS if it doesn’t have those stubby horns that are on top of the instrument panel, all new Luxi seem to have them, look rubbish and poor ergonomically.
  3. Had auto glass replace the screen, however auto lights didn’t work. I’ve been told to drive it and will reset itself, not sure if that true, but I’ll find out soon enough when I can take it fir a drive.
  4. Driving on the A1 for a few days away during half term and stone chips soon turns into a full 12 inch crack. It didn’t seem that the stone hit that hard, I’ve had much worse on the works Astra which chipped but was simply repaired. Are these Lexus screens more fragile than others? also, anything to look out for or is it a case of calling auto glass and get it replaced. The car is IS300H 2105 exec. Thanks
  5. Seems more common on hybrids, bbc on it now.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion but I think way better cars available for £33.5k. Its' looking dated and I think poor value, been offered a 2019 540i for similar money with a 3 years warranty. After 3 years use I'm certain a 3 year 540i or 530i will be worth a lot more than a 6 year old Lexus GS.
  7. I agree, when consider how expensive Lexus are with 1 year 10k intervals there service should be first rate. Looking at my service bills, the Lexus has cost almost twice as much as the BMW 3 series we had over a 4 year/40k period. No repairs needed on the 3 series but the Lexus needed tyres replacing due to uneven wear on the inside edge.
  8. I would wait for the new reg, not long now, you might find more stock and people returning 2 year lease cars. I’m in the market for a new car but won’t be a Lexus as have one already and rest of the range is too similar. Just last week I got a we buy any car price for our 2015 IS300h, this week they’ve reduced it by £850, normally they increase their first offer by a few hundred, I think prices are dropping fast, I’d hold out for a while.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions but as others have said the dealer experience varies, I’ve had no problem with BMW and if I’m honest my last experience with Lexus was not great, £600 for a service which is a glorified oil change, no offer of a coffee, loan car (UX- can’t believe that was a £35k car!) really dirty and someone’s luggage in the boot. i also find BMW cheaper to run, the service intervals for me are perfect, almost two years rather than 1 year in the Lexus, cheaper service costs too. im looking at the 5 series now as good value, 19 reg delivery mileage 530’s in my price range, 540i getting there, maybe a 12 month old one.
  10. Thanks for the info, I’m not really after supercar performance, wouldn’t be in a 300h otherwise! I just don’t like the look of thing and the build quality looks poor. the biggest issue which hasn’t been mentioned is range, far more important than 0-60 times. I do some long trips sometimes with 4 passengers, being able to get to my destination without having to recharge is essential. If I was considering EV then I’d look at the new 330e, it has. 15kw battery with a range of 37 miles but more importantly ICE for longer trips. Dealer said there will be lots for pre reg 330e soon for we’ll within my £30k budget, the rrp is the same as the 330i.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, the alfa is nice but I'd not buy one. 340i must be a nice drive, yes I test drove a 330i G20 over the weekend and the amount of kit as standard is very good, the interior quality is a real step up, even the leather quality has improved. It's making a lot of the competition look really date, Lexus should take a look at there infotainment system to see how it done. 19 reg Pre reg no miles 330i Msport can be had for £29k, seems a decent buy. The new plug in G20 hybrid is the same price list so won't be long before they are the same as the 330i. Lexus just don't seem to be keeping up, we'll keep our 300h but won't be a two Lexi family soon. Common yes, that's what keeping prices down, no bad thing.
  12. We have a 300h which we are going to keep, need to get a second car and would like to stay with Lexus but the range is just too similar, I like the look of the RC but same as IS just different body. The ES has the same engine and I just don’t the styling, particularly were they are putting the sport/eco mode button, what made them put them above the speedo, seems the same on the UC. looking at 5 series bmw or new 3 which has lots of kit on it and decent deals on pre ref ones. £30k gets you a delivery millage one with £50k list, eg 530i with some nice options, I like the Merc E class coupes but a little out of my price range yet. I know people will mention reliability but I only intend to run it for 4 years max, BMW will do a deal on an 1 year warranty extension anyway. I’ve had BMW and Merc before and all have been perfectly reliable but I’m sure others have different experience but I can only comment on mine. I like Lexus but at the moment just don’t want two similar cars, I have £30 budget, any ideas ?
  13. You’re not buying a brand new car, all used cars will have a degree of wear, I think insisting they are changed at 33k is a bit demanding.
  14. Mine went in for main service and brake sqeek, they couldn’t find anything wrong, but it has now stopped so they may have done something.At 40k they said they were only 20% worn.
  15. I’ve got the same issue on a 2015 with 37k and extended warranty. Would be interesting to see if Lexus warranty will cover it, Vauxhall did, they took the view that as long as not disc or pads it’s covered. They even replaced springs at 90k which I was very surprised about.