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  1. Casa1862

    Cvt gear box

    Saying that, the sat Nav screen in the IS is terrible, scratch’s very easily, I had one replaced under warranty, really needs to be more robust.
  2. Casa1862

    Extended warranty

    The AA cover also covers two people in a household, I cancelled my wife’s which was close to £100, I don’t need to purchase one so another £100, deduct this and it’s very competitive. Yes, you have to get it serviced at Lexus but I’d do that anyway. The way I viewed it, £200 for the warranty (taking the AA saving into account), maybe another £150 for Lexus service premium, so £350 per year to keep the car on tip top condition and have a piece of mind, I’d need to really want a replacement every 3 years when I could have a reliable vehicle with similar cover and performance for £350 per year. I’d loose £15k now if I want to replace my IS300h with a near identical model, £15k or £350? Easy decision for me!
  3. Toyota quoted me exactly the same price as Lexus and then cancelled the booking and told mento take it to Lexus!! It was the 1st year of onwnership if that makes a difference.
  4. I was not going to bother with warranty but as I would have needed to buy 2 x AA memberships approx £200, the warranty was £400 per year, so £200 for a comprehensive warranty I think it is a good deal for a piece of mind. They seem to have reduced the price plus I notice that the mileage you are allowed to go over is 2k now, I’m sure it was 1k before, it effectively means you can have 12k or 11 month service intervals which is handy if you do more the 10k per year. I’m going to keep my car so they way I look at it for £200 per year I can have the benefits of virtually identical cover as I had in years 2/3 of new ownership. It’s not the big things I’m worried about but if you don’t have the warranty and say something like the heated seats stop working I’d be tempted to leave it, if the locking system started to play up,that could be an expensive fix.
  5. Thanks, i’ll Wait for a few days and see if anything turns up. I purchased the warranty at the dealer and all I got was a print out, I was surprised when he said nothing to do, I don”t think I’d want to be explaining I’m covered by my partners Lexus cover when I’m broken down, i’ll certainly be wanting to know they have a record of me. i wasn’t going to bother with the Lexus warranty but with the price reduced to £795 from £895 for two years it seems a decent deal, with the two AA memberships that takes another £150 odd off so about £325 per year, not too bad I suppose.
  6. I've just taken out the extended warranty ( nice surprise as it's come down to £795 for the IS). Is there anything to do regarding the AA membership, do you get AA cards? also, it says another person living in the same has full AA cover, does that vehicle or person need to register with AA? dealers says nothing to do but not sure if that is right.
  7. I'll phone the dealer a few days before and get a price, ideally I'd like to move away from the OEM and go with Michelin. Any idea what Lexus charge for a IS300h wheel alignment ? Our local place uses a Hunters machine and I think they are £40.00, would that be better or worse than what Lexus use? At the moment the car runs absolutely straight, the steering is perfect, I've always found that after a tyre change and alignment it's never quite the same, another reason I'm stretching it out.
  8. Thanks for the reply, I think you might be right, I'll just get the two rear ones replaced, two fronts are fine. On closer inspection it does seem the off side rear is worn on the inside edge of the tyre, if you run your hand over it you can feel your hand almost drop off. I read before that no point getting the wheel alignment done but this seems worse than expected. Has anyone had success with a wheel alignment or does the problem stay? I thought most main dealers would fit any tyre, not particularly OEM, if I wanted Michelin Primacy I assume they won't do it then as it's not a OEM tyre? the Yokohama that came with car are ok but I'm hoping to get something less noisy.
  9. I've done 28k on mine since new, coming up to it's first MOT end of this month, can't decide if to replace all 4. They don't seem too bad, decent amount above the wear lines, however they are wearing on the inside on the rears, it shouldn't normally be a MOT fail as the centre 75% is good and general condition ok. Not sure if risk putting it through service and MOT or get them replaced first. The wear on the inside has always been there, doesn't seems to have got much worse. I normally try to replace all 4 hence why I'm wanting to wait a bit. What are Lexus like on tyre prices, will they match Kwik fit online (fully fitted) for example? I'm thinking to get them to service the car first, if they say tyres are ok then do MOT, if not I'll replace after service and before MOT, assuming enough time to do that. I'm a fair distance from Lexus otherwise I would ask them to check, I could get a tyre check done at a local place but I've done that before and the main dealer has failed the car when tyre place said they were fine. Kwik fit for Michelin Primacy 4 225/45/17 are £91.00 each, I've used them before and I like the tyre, Current OEM ones are Yokoharm. I'm surprised they have done 28k and still in good shape, do others find the original tyres seem to last ages?
  10. Casa1862

    BMW M8

    Looks nothing like any Lexus I know, that's a very good looking car I'm my opinion.
  11. Not sure why this obsession with 0-60, the IS200/250 is just dated, feels dated, looks dated, even smells dated!! There is a reason why you can get one for less than most DFS sofa’s.😀
  12. Casa1862

    Servicing Costs Not sure how you get to £1300.00, it shows minor and major service at £265 and £445 respectively, those would be the equivalent of the Toyota price you gave. Even if Lexus charge £595 for one of the Major ones then it £1125.00, not £1300.00 as you suggest.
  13. Casa1862

    Servicing Costs

    Those figures don't sound right, I'd check with Toyota that it is like for like. based on the prices you've given I make the difference about £100 Toyota 2 x £240 (£180.00 + £60 to Lexus) + 1 x £390 (£330 + £60.00 to Lexus) = £870.00 Lexus 2 x 265.00 + 1 x £445.00 = £975.00 that's about £30.00 per year, is it worth the hassle? I'm no fan of Lexus servicing as I think the intervals are too short for private customers, but for £30 per year I wouldn't bother taking it two places. Also, with regards to hearing the manager talking to another customer, are you sure he wasn't talking about the Manufacturers warranty, which he is right, you can it to any VAT registered garage and if they use genuine parts then warranty is fine, not the case with extended warranty, they can make their rules as per the agreement you sign. I'd get written confirmation rather than basing it on a overheard conversation.
  14. Casa1862

    Servicing Costs

    And how much would that actually save you after paying the £60 to Lexus..nothing i would imagine, plus the hassle of taking it to two places. I would go all out independent or full fat Lexus. When i had a leased car I tried to take it to Toyota as it was local, they booked it in then called back to say take it to Lexus, the price was exactly the same, it was only saving me travel time.
  15. Casa1862

    Servicing Costs

    My thoughts also, not hearing from anyone with major faults, the IS300h is few years old now and a lot of car must be close to 100k, very few reports of thing going wrong. The cost of the warranty is fairly ok, particularly when you include the AA cover, what did it for me was the 10 k service interval, I do about 15k a year. I've decided to go non warranty but still get Lexus to do service once a year, ok millage will be over but a least it will have LFSH, no warranty to worry about so ok to go over the 10k. Mine was a Business vehicle which is allowed 12.5k, 13.5k if you count the 1k or 1 month over you can go, so I'll only 1500 miles extra, not much considering I do long motorway runs, i'll take the risk. Having a warranty and above average millage is just too expensive for me. If I go for essential service when it is over 4 years old, do they stamp the service book? Is it much cheaper?