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  1. Thanks you two (3), perhaps I should get a Skoda Yeti instead?
  2. This is getting confusing lol. Must be my age.
  3. Cheers. Now looking at this one: http://www.snowsgroup.co.uk/lexus/used-cars/4359083-lexus-is-250-se/# The £500 tax is a bit hefty but it has a sunroof. What do I miss out on on an SE rather SEL?
  4. Hah, was beginning to think Dexy was alone, but now I've realised - you're all in Yorkshire hehe. I've driven two so far and one, at Hedge End down my way, as just been reduced by over a grand. I fancy the SE-L with sunroof. I'd buy a Lexus warranty as I'm concerned about expensive repairs - and big fuel costs. Do you guys get around 30mpg??
  5. Well good luck with that mo'or!! [is there anyone else on this forum lol?]
  6. Hah, just read it, so veeeery familiar!! I had a Porsche Cayman S that turned out had scored bores so ...... back to dealer (non-Porsche) ................ major protracted saga worse than yours ............ I ended up having to foot half the repair bill or face a long court case (Sale of Goods blah, blah). So, learning from all that, IF I do go Lexus it will be from Lexus themselves. Have got my eye on this: http://www.snowsgroup.co.uk/lexus/used-cars/4578588-lexus-is-250-se-l/ Glad yours is now sorted. No problems with it I take it?
  7. Crikey, what happened to your diesel? Thanks
  8. No bud lol, it'd be a 'used' purchase.
  9. Hi folks, Wazzer here, a new member. I'm considering replacing my Motability Insignia with a Lexus when the time comes (cpl o' months). I quite fancy the ls250 auto petrol. I will peruse this site of course but I wondered if any of ya would start me off with quickie hints - known issues, likely costs, which to avoid etc.. Anything appreciated Thanks!!!!!!!!!!