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  1. Sill Corrosion

    yep very common design fault. mines has this done on both sides and my mates blue is200 which is 3 years newer than mine has also had a plate welded in exactly same area. luckily mines black and doesn't show up that badly.ive waxoyled all the sub frame and upper shock mounts too as they were looking a bit sad. get it done before our lovely lovely winter approaches, (which is normally about 7 months of ******* weather).
  2. Warped Hubs?

    Very good thread. Ive got the dreaded brake judder too.Discs and pads are about 5 months old and started after about 2000 miles. New set on the horizon me thinks.This time i'll put my d.t.i on the hub face.
  3. New Lexus Owner From Essex

    welcome from another Essex member
  4. Wootts Pics

  5. Is200 Turbo Converted Running Problems

    be careful with manual boost controllers. vacuum at idle should be around -1 to -.8 so your ok with inlet manifold pressure. only .3 bar at full boost is deffo wrong. depending on what ecu map its got??? should be running a safe .7- 1 bar. can't remember what compression ratio these Toyota lumps are but id imagine 1.3 bar is a MAX. without seeing it in the flesh I'm just speculating. Phil.
  6. Is200 Turbo Converted Running Problems

    have you checked all intercooler pipework and connectors,if its spooling with no boost.wastegate actuator not set properly.?? I've had sti scoobs and focus rss and all turbo'd lumps are basically set up the same,start at the throttle body and work back thru the turbo,intercooler and back to airbox etc etc.
  7. Thought id try an is200 so come away from Fords for a while. Found an is200 sport for practically peanuts so am in the process of doing up. This ones fully loaded with everything including dvd screens in rear headrests. Just needs small bodywork improvements. Phil (Wootty).
  8. Hello!

    welcome to the club