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  1. Lexus in motorsport 2018

    With this balmy weather in the UK, it's not hard to imagine how nice it will be at Monza in glorious spring sunshine this weekend. But what better way to disturb the birdsong and gentle rustle of leaves than with the roar of fifty-four GT3 spec cars? Two of them of course are the Emil Frey run RC-Fs. Monza is the first of the 'proper' Blancpain GT races this year, being part of the Endurance series which run at the bigger, higher speed circuits (as opposed to the Sprint series that run at tighter, twistier tracks). The long straights and high speed corners should suit better the front engined Lexus, Bentley, Aston, Jaguar, Nissan and Mercedes chassis than did Zolder. The three hour race is on Sunday at 1400BST, with streaming on the Blancpain website or via NismoTv on YouTube. Good luck Lexus!
  2. Finally! Apart from the curious 24h Dubai, its seems ages since any sort of motorsport action. And Lexus are in the first big race of the year, the Rolex 24 at Daytona this weekend. Qualifying is taking place as I write this post with 3GT Racing running - as they did in 2017 - two RC-Fs in GT3 spec in what IMSA categorize as 'GTD'. Cars 14 and 15 have strong driver line-ups (with some familiar faces from Blancpain and GT Open) in Kyle Marcelli, Bruno Junqueira, Dominik Baumann and Philipp Frommenwiler in #14, and David Heinemeier Hansson, Jack Hawksworth, Dominik Farnbacher and Scott Pruett in #15. Live streaming will be available at but as multiple category racing - with GTD the slowest - you'll need to be patient to catch sight of the electric blue Lexus. Hopefully though, they both be running for the full 24 hours each so plenty of opportunity... You can see catch some of the atmosphere from 'The Roar Before The 24' here on YouTube and an article on the Lexus Blog here. Elsewhere, Emil Frey Racing will be competing (probably ) in the GT Open series they did so well in last year, although they may be planning an assault in the Blancpain series. It's too early to be certain just who will be running the GT3 Lexus in Europe as both series won't be starting until April; more on those in due course. Also starting in April will be SuperGT in Japan with Lexus represented (as reigning champions) by the GT500 spec LC500s, and hopefully by GT3 spec RC-Fs in the GT300 category. Those of you looking forward to the rumoured LC500-F might like this article detailing the lightly modified LC500 that will compete in the ADAC 24H of Nurburgring. Will the road going version get that big rear wing, I wonder? Finallly, next weekend is the hugely enjoyable Bathurst 12 hours, unfortunately without any Lexus involvement but always worth a look. Live streaming should be on their website.
  3. Wierd, all I'm getting is: A new LS went past me on the motorway this morning, which is the first one I've seen. Quite striking and the ES is of the same mould. Will be very interesting to see technical details.
  4. Wheel bearing noise

    Some modern tyres do seem to get notably noisier as they wear. Often more noticeable of course when the temperatures are low. I had a pair of Falkens on the rear of a Primera that developed a dreadful drumming sound; I was preparing to get a wheel bearing replaced but as it was late autumn I thought I'd switch to my winter tyres before I did. And hey presto, the noise was gone!
  5. New Owner

    Infiniti Q50 sport tech? Wow, that's a rare beast in the UK. How did you find it? I sat in Q50 at Goodwood the year it as launched and thought it was really nice. Just a shame the press in the UK don't give 'wannabes' like Lexus and Infiniti an even break...
  6. New Owner

    Hi Vic, welcome to the LOC. Lots of helpful advice here. What's your motoring background? Is the NX300h your first hybrid?.
  7. Wind noise in car

    Hi Tim, my IS had negligible wind noise so you right to think something is wrong. Apart from what Steve says, have you checked all the various bits of undertray and the rubber plugs in the box sections? I wrenched a the end of the main engine undertray off after going through some deep water a few winters back, and that made a horrible thumping sound. I also lost a rubber plug - again driving through water - and that produced a sort of hollow rushing sound that was difficult to locate from the drivers seats.
  8. Wow, is it a unique platform? Got to be FWD though, surely?
  9. I guess this is based on the latest Camry floorplan and drivetrains; it'll be interesting to see if they bring the 3.5 V6 but the 2.5 hybrid might be the only realistic option for the UK market. And I fear the stupid UK motoring press will crucify it for being a "posh Camry" with FWD and CVT. Audi get away with FWD because of the unaccountable cache (and advertising revenue) the name has for them, but Lexus never will. It'll be a great car I'm sure for those who buy one, but those playing Top Trumps in the company car park will avoid it like the plague and go home in their BMWs and Mercedes.
  10. Over heating please help

    Hi Melissa, welcome to the LOC. I've no experience on the IS200 I'm afraid, but have you checked the thermostat and the fans? I guess as you have drained the system to fit a new radiator there should be no airlocks or blockages in the system.
  11. Newbie and first Lexus ever.. amazin..

    Hi Luke, welcome to the LOC. Best you found one now before they all disappear! I've been looking through my stuff as I thought I had a list of codes, but no luck. However they (or some of them) are listed here: I think most of them are generic across manufacturers. Not getting a P0430 are you?
  12. 235/45/17 on the rear

    My IS300 wore the rears more than the front as you'd expect, although not by a massive margin. I can the point of doing it on a McLaren or an RC-F but on an IS250? Does seem like overkill for marginal (at best) or questionable gains. Speed rating is another area where I bet insurers would try to wheedle out of paying, no matter my car can only achieve the 'Y' rating of the OEM tyres if it fell out of an RAF Hercules! Yet I'm reticent to knock the rating back even one to 'W', just in case. They don't mind with winters tyres though, apparently. We do have an Adrian Flux presence on the forum, perhaps they can advise us without one of us asking our own insurer and risk putting up our premiums!
  13. 235/45/17 on the rear

    Interesting. Always struck me as an odd decision by Lexus. When I was close to buying an IS250, I tried pricing tyres and found it frustrating how difficult it was to get the tyres I wanted for both front and back. It doesn't seem to me an unreasonable step, but I wonder how do insurers feel about it?
  14. Lexus in motorsport 2018

    As you may have seen on the official Lexus Blog, this weekend sees the RC-Fs and LC500s kick-off their European and Japanese campaigns. Lots to read on line so I'll curb my enthusiasm and limit myself to giving two links here: From the Emil Frey website, the team's preview of the 2018 Blancpain season and the chances for their two GT3 spec RC-Fs. Coverage on-line will be available courtesy of GTWorld. From the official SuperGT website, their preview of the season's first race at Okayama. Coverage on-line will be available courtesy of NismoTV and JensonButtonTV. In Blancpain, Lexus will be the new boys (their only crack at GT3's top drawer racing was one taster round in 2017) with all that implies. On the face of it, the first round at short and twisty Zolder will favour the Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren teams, but with the BOP, who knows? Mixed reports about how Lexus may shape-up in SuperGT. The new Nissan GT-R looks a big improvement and Honda has invested heavily, not least by having Jenson Button as a full time driver in 2018. All right, I know; that end-up as five links!
  15. Nice work Steve. My browser was timing-out earlier but no problems now. It's no coincidence that the middle two letters of 'Sh**e' are 'I' and 'T'; I hate it with a passion!
  16. IS250 Auto - Not Starting Today

    I'm no IS250 expert, but I have read with some cars the failure of the brake light switch (or even misadjustment) or a failed brake bulb can stop the engine starting. It's linked to cancelling the cruise control or starting the car in gear. Sounds unlikely in this case as I doubt it would permit the engine to crank, but just a thought.
  17. Appreciate your efforts Steve. Not an ideal way to spend a Bank Holiday...
  18. That's interesting Les, how are you getting on? I had similar traction issues with Dunlops on my IS and was similarly pleased when I switched it to Avons. On my new-to-me-non-Lexus are noisy Prestivo (I hadn't heard of them either, apparently a mid-range brand from Yokohama) and Michelin Pilot 3; as soon as they get down to 3mm I will be swapping all four for something quieter. My first thought was CrossClimate but the Primacy 4 might be a better option. Down here, snow is only a problem two or three days a year and I'd rather stay off the road away from the idiots in that case! If the Primacy can handle a bit of cold like my Avons did they might be ideal.
  19. I found it was happening mostly at higher speeds and in cross winds after a big change in temperature. There is a sort of clip at the end but I couldn't ever get it to engage, I suspect because something had actually broken off. I tried some double-sided body fixing tape which was useless. I was going to try Gorilla glue because it looks like you couldn't be trying to stick together two worse materials, shiny painted metal and flexible rubber with a big gap in between! In the end I found I could push on it hard enough just to get 50mm or so firmly wedged in the channel about 200mm from the end. That would hold it until the next freeze. In summer the rubber/plastic is more flexible and shouldn't be a problem then.
  20. Welcome P! Do you mean the strip that runs the length of the roof where you'd put the feet for roof bars, or is it the seal over the top of the doors? I had problems with the former which would flap around at the tailend on the motorway.
  21. Newbie

    Hi Nick, welcome to the LOC. Thats two smart new-to-this-forum IS200 in the last few days. 29k is remarkable!
  22. Newby Lexus Owner

    Paint work on old Lexus is pretty good, the red on my 300 used to come up lovely. I haven't fitted a K&N since my youth (quite some time ago!) and never bought one for the IS. Minimal gains I should think on a n/a engine, but you might have improved throttle response over the paper element. Might be worth taking out your MAF and giving it a spray with contact cleaner just in case the K&N has ever been over-oiled. I'd have thought you'd have to seriously lay on the oil to get enough into the butterfly to get it sticky. I bought some throttle body cleaner last year but when I took the intake off it was a clean as a whistle.
  23. Newby Lexus Owner

    Hi Damon, welcome to the LOC! Looks like you have a got a great find there; few and far between no. Is it a good as it sounds, or are there any nigg;es? I always think with the body-kit the IS benefits from bigger wheels, but that is an expensive option. Definitely like the idea of Shadow Chrome for those wheels though.
  24. New member

    Hi Neil, welcome to the LOC. The NX must be very different to what you've had before. I guess it's best to buy a car that has at least one dealer on the island! And that's a lovely colour by the way.
  25. Top gear lc500

    Agreed, Chris Harris is possibly one of the best car journalists. Him, Harry Metcalf and Henry Catchpole I could watch all day. They just "get" cars and driving. Although it was a terrific opportunity for him to be on Top Gear, I did get a feeling at the time of: "oh well, it was fun while it lasted". From what you are saying Linas - and I haven't watched any episode of Top Gear for years - it sounds like what you describe (idiot TV producers included) is exactly what I feared. By no means is an LC500 a track car, not without the rumoured F version, and may be not even then. Chris H has had good words to say about Lexus in the past even when the idiots at Autocar et al have not, busy as they were cashing the cheques from their big advertisers. Witness his review of the RC-F review and more recently GS-F. May be it is just an aberration...