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  1. @Eldavo - did you do it and did it work?
  2. Just to follow up - I phoned my local dealer and asked about it and they said it will be available around May / June. Didn't discuss price. He told me we have to plug in the phone using the front USB ports to use it - that means we are back on the subject of having that damn flap open all the time! Unless I can get that low profile USB cable mentioned on here... Apparently my car which I got in March 2019 is an ES1 and this years are referred to as ES2 and have Carplay and AA built in. On a side note I have had 2 hire cars recently one of which was a low spec Seat Leon which had AA and a touch screen! I was wonderful and worked really well! I am even more mystified why a premium brand Lexus still has no touch screen, or even last year AA and car play.
  3. Lol very good! And your explanation is quite possible too!
  4. Hello all. I seem to remember that when my ES was new and I connected my phone on receipt of an SMS it would offer to read it / read it automatically. Lately and for a while now, and several phones l.ater, it does not. I can go into the menu and get it to do it manually ok. I get the drop down notification and nothing happens. Yes the option in the menu to read out messages is set to yes. All other functions work ok I have just unpaired and reconnected the phone and it's still the same. Is my recollection correct and if so any suggestions?
  5. For completeness, base model here, I can see the tyre pressure as described.
  6. Thanks Habu. Is the jury out on whether it's paid or free? And do we get it automatically or do I have to specifically ask for it.
  7. Theres a lot of info on this thread and a lot is confusing. I have an ES300h from 2019 Seems to be 17ldlmeu I'm would want Andoid Auto. What's the chances?
  8. Good news CHX. My 1 squirt of silicon spray is still working fine.. hope it stays that way!
  9. Gediredi


    Also agree with trigger happy and manhole covers! Michelins on mine generally ok for me. Fronts need replacing at 22k.
  10. Meteoro - as posted above, a bit of silicon spray seems to have cured mine - I only needed to do it on one troublesome sensor. I do believe Lexus are aware of the issues and are certainly discussing amongst themselves at dealer level (I saw a group chat on someones phone whilst at the Lexus dealer actually discussing the problems!) while at the same time telling customers that more or less they are the only people experiencing the issue and they have not heard of it before! Agreed about the Lexus premium brand shouldnt have this kind of problem. I have had VWs for years and never once had this issue.
  11. Mines still working perfectly since I sprayed silicone spray on sensor 3 a while back.
  12. Well its rained somewhat on and off though not necessarily a deluge like previous times, but since I sprayed sensor 3 it's all been perfect. Will inform if it goes off again but to me it leaves 2 questions. 1.) If it's only sensorn3 that's a problem surely this actually proves that its faulty and should be replaced under warranty? Rather than "oh well it's working so never mind" because of.. 2.) How long will this spray last? Hard to imagine it will last for the rest of the cars life... so should I carry the spray around with me for the rest of that time? Brings me back to the point of poor customer service... I will give it a bit longer then speak to Lexus Stockport arguing that sensor 3 should be replaced but I bet I can guess what the answer will be!
  13. Well it's been pretty dry since so no way to tell but I can confirm there have been no adverse affects since, it's all working normally as it should. Im sure it wont be long till the next deluge!
  14. I took the plunge and got some silicon spray and cleaned and dried the sensors and sprayed no 3 that seems to be the troublesome one. It seems to function ok right now but it's been dry since. Will keep you informed.
  15. Yesterday and today it was happening again and again. I took it to the local Lexus dealer and showed them the videos. To be fair they immediately acknowledged there is a known problem and confirmed it is also happening on the NX. Bad news is there is NO FIX! He said Lexus are aware and looking into it but he also said replacing my suspect sensor as I suggested would not work as they already tried it. He also suggested silicon spray might help but ultimately left it as waiting and putting up with it until Lexus technical come up with a solution.