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  1. Sport mode = No problems whatsoever.
  2. I have a question - what was it about the stop start technology you did not like? The lexus petrol engine while quiet and discreet can and will stop and start as the car sees fit. If its the case that you didn't like the engine cutting out at traffic lights and the lack of engine noise per se then you will find the Lexus will do the same at traffic lights (unless there is a charging demand and the engine will run - sometimes start up on its own at the lights which might be strange for you.). If it is the inevitable short lag on the stop start between putting the gas pedal down and the engine starting before you get power to go, then don't worry - the electric motor engages instantly and you set off. If you give it any real acceleration the engine will start to provide power and take over seamlessly from the electric motor - you won't really notice it you will just "go". Hope this helps you - I recommend a test drive as it is different to a normal auto box and some people do not like it. If you work it hard for acceleration the revs immediately shoot up to the most efficient rev level and STAY THERE - (this is often complained about by motoring journalists) there is no feel of an auto gearbox shifting through the gears - you just go faster! Personally after getting used to it in my IS I test drove a BMW with an auto box and I HATED the feel of the gear change and hunting for the correct gear at certain speeds! There is literally none of that with the CVT Hybrid drive - so smooth! Another thing I'd like to advise people new to the Lexus Hybrid drive (well Toyota let's be honest) is that IN MY OPINION the sport mode is great but sport + and the paddles on the steering wheel are more or less for decoration - the car will not let you do anything inappropriate and will change gear for you either up or down if you get to either end of the rev limits and the "gear change" is all simulated anyway to give the feel of a standard automatic. NOTE- I am no expert and its only my opinion - if anyone has other viewpoints I am quite willing to be corrected.
  3. I've just been to Ireland.. waiting at Dublin docks right now for a delayed ferry so time on my hands. The normal Speedo i use is shown below. Digital display so figures in the centre of the dial. I like it as it's clearer to me. You can also see the charge eco and power parts. Something useful I discovered.. the Speedo is of course by default in MPH but of course in Ireland limits and signs are in KMh. Speedo doesn't show that in ANY way! I found you can change the units to kmh on the steering wheel quite easy. Settings / scroll down / units ok to change value. Settings / meter settings / units also seems to toggle kmh and mph. Settings/ speed meter toggles digital or analog Speedo display. Analog pic attached cos why not?
  4. The Speedo question. If you put it in sport mode with the speed meter option set to analog then you get the attached pic with a Speedo and a rev counter. No you cannot get them side by side. Normal and eco mode there is no rev counter only a charge eco or power dial that shows in general terms What You are doing. Your other questions.. Start stop mode doesn't apply really. Its different to normal cars. The battery and motors work when they need to and the motor kicks in when it needs to. You just go! There is an ev mode button to force electric mode but this is of limited use. Handbrake is automatic yes. Completely and works well.
  5. Indeed, I will not die for the lack of rain sensing wipers! 🙂 but it's an unnecessary niggle really - if you think about it they must have had to design make and stock a separate design of wiper arm and switches and wiper control units just for the purpose of - shall we say "punishing" people who buy the base model without the Premium pack. Surely it would be cheaper for them overall to just include it as you say " just like you get on a Ford or Fiat." And that's really the part that annoys me - the lack doesn't really bother me its just that it seems a decision to omit them was made as part of an ideology rather than practicality. Still love the car though!
  6. I'm not overly bothered in some ways but in others its really annoying that this car has Adaptive high beam, Lane assist, Road sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, power heated front seats and electrically adjustable steering wheel for height and reach but NO rain sensing wipers? Seems like a strange thing to skimp on really. Kind of assumed it would be there by default.
  7. Hi - please look at my pictures below. No Auto position marked on the wiper stalk. Rest position is off - 1 up is swipe 1 down is intermittent according to the selector on the right 2 down is constant wipe 3 down is double speed. I tried the intermittent actually in an underground car park so totally dry and it wiped exactly as the selector on the right in dry conditions.
  8. No - I checked pushed and pulled for my life - nothing there.
  9. Hi I have an ES300h and was asked about the rear USB ports - I tried USB sticks and my Android phone - they are charging only no response from the infotainment.
  10. Hi SH20 I tried the rear USB ports today with my USB sticks with mp3s on and my android phone. They are charging only, no data.
  11. Can any owners explain to me how the Auto seat heating works? I've looked in the manual but it only says it has it not what it does!
  12. Got a Lexus ES30h on Tuesday as my new company car fleet lease. My previous was an IS300h so I was familiar with Lexus and the Hybrid drive. I've driven it for a few days and have to say I love it and its a huge leap forward. Much bigger especially length wise. Got it in Sonic titanium with Sandstone tahara. My work budget couldn't run to the extra pack to the base model sadly. (so relatively Poverty spec lol). Drives fantastic very solid and smooth - reassuring. Made to glide along in comfort I would say. Infotainment much improved. Radio especially DAB loads better than in the IS. Navigation seems better also but the mouse pad is taking some getting used to and seems fiddly with the nav especially - very difficult to zoom in and out without the rotary dial. Most reviews seem to concentrate on the Takumi so I will concentrate on the base model and the negative info I struggled to find out beforehand. No auto wipers - (at least I can't find them so far) - not too bothered but seems to be standard on other models so a bit surprising. Speakers in the back are barely there hardly any sound can be got out of them even when putting the fader fully at the back. I mean its OK but again relatively poor given the cost of the car. Petrol tank capacity has been reduced to 50 litres I believe from my previous IS 300h 66 I think it was. I do drive long distances so will probably be at the fuel station more. You get power adjust seats in the front including lumbar adjustment but no memory on the base model of course. Steering wheel is power adjust for reach and height and automatically moves away on entry and exit! Very nice! Cornering lights included which I did not know about beforehand. Footwell illumination front and rear and handle illumination inside and out. Pop up headlamp washers which are nicer than the IS. Heated seats are more powerful than the IS - they were a bit feeble in the IS. Theres loads more interior and boot room than the IS which is what I wanted. Overall I absolutely love it and keep looking at it and wanting to drive it all the time! Very very impressed and happy.
  13. Hi all. Regarding maintenance settings. I don't have that option on the main menu. Mine is in settings on the dash display. Then "maintenance system" then it says do you want to initialise? Yes no. Slightly worrying as it seems to imply that something is not set up... I have changed the lock system to unlock when in park and auto lock. I think that will be better. Some other minor niggles.. Brakes... Seem a bit grabby or vague. Try to brake steadily to a stop and end up braking harshly at the end as I realise I'm not stopping as quickly as I thought! Suspension creaking away when reversing and applying brakes.. Wife always passes comment. 12v power socket.. Preferred the setup in the Passat.. One on the dash for windscreen gadgets and one in the rear centre console for kid s gadgets. Now I have a 3 way adapter and wires strung everywhere.. Paint I will have a think about... It's a company car after all not mine! Thanks again for your advice. I know I am being picky but these minor niggles are the kind of thing I didn't know about before I got the car. Really its a compliment that there are only these trivial things!
  14. Hi Everyone At the end of May I got a new Lexus IS300h Executive in Mesa Red as a company car. So far I have done nearly 7000 miles in it and I have a couple of questions and comments. What happens regarding the servicing? I assume it tells you when a service is approaching in some way, and also what kind of mileage will it start prodding me for a service ? Managed to figure out (thanks to this site!) the sat nav and also the DAB radio controls, thanks everyone. Got used to the way it handles now, and I have to say overall I love it! Sport mode is so much fun - definitely quick off the mark. I also like the fact its a real eye catcher! I went past a line of traffic and saw nearly every bloke turn and look at the car with envious eyes! Remarked to the wife that I finally know what it must be like for a stunning girl walking past a group of blokes ! lol. Economy wise its a bit of a disappointment compared to the published figures (but they all are as far as I can gather). It's got a bit better but in ECO mode on a long motorway drive doing about 80 as standard I can get 49 - 52 MPG Considering I used to get the same MPG in my previous VW passat 2.0 diesel this is really good. Couple of niggles - the main one is the software - sat nav and media - Very very poor considering the brand reputation - the interface in my old passat was far superior. 5/10 I have discovered recently how to change the view on the sat nav to 3D / isometric which has helped a bit - but overall the interface is fiddly and awkward. I have experienced once the sat nav display freezing completely. Had to press the menu button and go back into the Map to refresh it. Voice dialling. Every now and again it totally screws up - I say a name which has worked before totally fine several times and it will select something totally different. When this happens I go into the voice dial screen and you can see all the assignments are wrong - I have to delete them all and start again. Annoying. I have two USB sticks with music on - all works, but again the interface is poor. Its hard to navigate and also does not display all the song info. I tend to browse the folders and use the steering wheel control to move up / down the track. Paintwork - the paint seems awfully "soft". I had a big stonechip already - had a confusing time getting a touchup stick from Lexus dealer. As I said it is Mesa Red but the parts department told me it was NOT Mesa red but MICA red. Massive confusion followed - Dealer said it was MESA red and MICA did not exist. But - if you google Lexus Mica Red you get lots of results. I spoke online with a LEXUS agent and they also said my car was MESA. When I picked up the touch up stick after cross referencing the colour code, it had MICA RED written on it! Work that one out! I also appear to have rubbed too vigorously at a dead fly on the bonnet and now I have a swirly pattern whch you can see from certain angles...Like I say Paint seems soft... Whats the deal with the rear door locks? Seem to have a mind of their own... Rear seat passengers seem to sometimes get out fine and other times struggle and either I have to open it for them or they have to unlock the "red" button on the inside. Is this some kind of setting? As others have said, the indicators for lane changing are a bit tricky - sometimes they stay on and don't turn off.. Today the wife pointed out a stain on the drive - it must be from my car as I make the wife park hers on the road lol! Slightly concerning - quite a large patch more or less from the middle / underneath of the car more or less where the gearbox would be. It was not wet or particularly dark, nor did it smell. I am thinking / hoping its from the Aircon. Checked the oil and its ok... This has turned into a litany of criticism - sorry about that - overall it is GREAT and I am so glad I got it. It has power, speed, style, fuel economy, comfort, reliability, low emissions and tax (saves me money as a company car driver I can tell you). It is really fun and a pleasure to drive, very quiet and relaxing.Just what I wanted ! Hope this helps as an honest opinion and please feel free to give some opinions and answer some of those queries if you would.