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  1. Interesting to see with the return of regular heavy rain sees this issue being reported more frequently. Personally I reapplied my silicon spray the other week as I had a reoccurrence and its been OK since apart from yesterday it had a one second blip where it came on but went away of its own accord. No problems today! Personally I also doubt its a software issue, I smell BS there! I also had an IS previous to this ES, for four years, and had only one instance, when an actual leaf was stuck on the sensor! I would be interested to know if this issue also happens on the Toyota bra
  2. Took it out today in standard Manchester drizzle for 40 minutes and no problems at all. By the way.. no ceramic coating on my car.
  3. Well hard to tell. Not much driving going on with the new lockdown and i I think zero in heavy rain, small amount in light rain, but it is true that I haven't had a reoccurrence since I reapplied it.
  4. The dreaded sensor issue is back! Took the car out today to collect something, It was raining very very heavily to be fair. On the way back the damn yellow light came on - Parking assist unavailable! first time in months! I parked the car up, switched the car off and on again (I work in IT -can you tell?) and it cleared the fault. I checked the sensors and nothing unusual, no leaves just a bit wet. Guess I will wait for them to dry out a bit and reapply the silicon unless there are better ideas out there?
  5. Damn autocorrect! VIZ of course! Finbarr Saunders Side James and Charles Hawtrey are the corner stones of my humour!
  6. Good old fashioned British double entendre (pun intended there). Brought up on it with Carry On films and latterly Vizio. Can't beat it.
  7. Mine was just one sensor on the front and more or less started from new. Well in the first ten thousand miles when it rained heavily. No special coatings that I know of.
  8. Yes just a little squirt on the dodgy sensor.
  9. Flomasta silicon spray from Screwfix.
  10. Sadly no, there are 2 routes that both merge into one road that leads into my part of the estate. Both routes have plenty of speed bumps. No choice but to go over speed bumps to get to and from my house.
  11. Now thats a good question. The way the roads are theres no way to get to and from my house without going over several speed bumps. Some of which are quite savage! Some are the small pillow type. I have been told speed bumps can play havoc with wheel alignment etc.
  12. Sorry I probably didnt explain well enough. The wear shows as uneven wear across the tread rather than at the edges. if you run your hand across the tread from outside to in you can feel some parts are higher than others as you move from outside to in, almost like the tyres are ridged, its not like the outer edges or inner edges are worn due to under or over inflation really.
  13. Dear fellow Lexus owners. I have had a Lexus IS300h for 4 years and recently (about 16 months ago) an ES300h. Both cars I have had problems with strange uneven tyre wear on the rear tyres! On my IS it developed a strange drumming / droning noise. Several passengers commented that they thought a wheel bearing was going. I took it to my local Lexus dealer who (after denying they could hear anything) diagnosed uneven tyre wear across the tread of one of the rear tyres - nothing wrong with the suspension or wheel alignment. Sure enough when the tyres were changed the noise went awa
  14. So glad I didnt apply this update - I downloaded it from the website but thought I would hang on. I will try to forget about it, only another 15 months before it gets replaced anyway!
  15. Since I put some silicone spray (not WD40!) on mine months ago I have not had a problem at all.
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