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  1. Update.. the damn car seems to delight in making me look foolish! I just went out for a few minutes and the Sat nav is fine all of a sudden! This is despite it being wrong for at least 2 days and during an 85 mile journey and being left overnight and started earlier today... I'll keep my head down for a bit lol. Oh by the way did anyone find out how to make the sat nav actually default to the 3d setting? I've changed it in the menu but seems to have to change it every time manually.
  2. I would agree Roy. I don't rely on it and don't expect to. The Doctor might have a different opinion though.
  3. The doctor.. generally speaking I agree it does seem to miss some signs every now and again.
  4. Just an update.. it's never happened again. Sensor 3 does seem a tad more sensitive than the others but not had a problem since that time reported here and it's for sure rained a lot since then.
  5. My ES had its 10 k service the other day.. all fine no problems and great service from Lexus Stockport (I did have a whinge about them on here but credit where credit is due they were excellent). On driving home I noticed the road sign symbols on the dash had changed. Where previous on 60 mph A roads it said 60 it now showed the national sped limit sign.. and on motorways instead of 70 it showed the blue and white motorway symbol. Strange I thought.. then I noticed the sat nav was completely out! As in I was on the M56 near Manchester but the sat nav was showing I was driving at 70 straight through some houses in Cradley Heath Birmingham! I got home and restarted the car.. still the same. Left it overnight and tried it again.. still the same. I didn't get chance to call today I will call tomorrow but I guess they have done an update and it buggered up the sat nav. Anyone else experienced this?
  6. Hi all. Its not really rained heavily since so not been too much of a problem. However attached is a photo showing the effect I described - when parking and for example a bush or wall is in front I get this effect. Sensor 3 shows red and the others yellow. This is the one that when it was raining randomly turned completely red like I was touching a brick wall with the front bumper while I was driving down the road! and all the other sensors were unaffected. Must be a faulty sensor in my eyes! Brings me to another point - service at the Lexus dealer. I go to Lexus Stockport - part of RRG group. I took my IS300h there for 4 years previous so I can speak from some experience. Despite Lexus winning awards and being proud of their service I feel the service at Stockport is poor and really I had a better experience at Volkswagen dealers previously. With this latest episode I phoned them and they said they were too busy to look at it this week and maybe they could next week! I offered to send them the photo - not interested. I've had previous with them before and they certainly know my name lets put it that way. My IS had a permanent noise like a bearing was going in the front wheel - everyone (and I mean everyone!) who got in it would ask me if a bearing was going - they flat out told me several times they couldn't hear it and it was normal - implied I was hearing things. So -maybe- next week if they can be bothered - I will take it in and they will investigate - fully expecting to be fobbed off to be honest.
  7. Just an update.. got an unexpected call from head office so couldn't make the appointment with the dealer. It wasn't raining anyway and the sensors weren't playing up. However I noticed today I was parking up with the front end against some bushes and sensor three (i.e. sat in the drivers seat and looking at the display you see 4 sensor zones on the front number 3 counting from left to right) was showing red when the others where yellow. This was the one that showed totally red briefly when it was raining heavily. It also briefly flicked on and off whilst driving yesterday. Pretty sure that sensor three is faulty / over sensitive. However I'm off down south again tomorrow, will try to take it in again towards the end of the week
  8. Yes last about a second or so and yes if I had to guess I would say it's something to do with the brakes.. i.e. seems to happen on brake pedal presses. Definitely not creaking it's a mechanical sound. Never heard it on any other car before!
  9. Does anyone else get an annoying noise from behind the dash when low speed manoevering /braking (e.g. when parking)? How to describe? Like a "UURRRrrrr" noise. Quite loud really and everyone comments on it - wondering if its just my car or not now.
  10. At 4500 miles usage so far. Last week when it started raining heavily I was driving back from London to Manchester. 3/4 of the way home the message "Clean parking sensors - parking assist inoperative" came up - with annoying beeps. I stopped and wiped all the sensors - made no difference. Did it all day Thursday and Friday. When turning the engine off it would re-set and then appear again. Visual inspection - all sensors look ok. Took it through the car wash at the weekend and it seemed to cure it - but it came back again yesterday. This morning set off and within 10 feet the same message appeared then disappeared a couple of minutes later. Anyone else had any issues like this? On my IS300h which I had for 4 years this only happened a handful of times in total and it was always a leaf or some such stuck on the sensor. Anyway I have phoned the Local Lexus dealer and they will look at it tomorrow - will let you all know.
  11. Photos attached hope its visible. 20190530_001523.mp4 20190530_001540.mp4
  12. As regards the daft placement of USB ports in relation to the closable lid I got one of these USB sticks shown in the photo attached and you can close the lid easily. Perfect for my purposes as I had 2 USB flash drives sticking up getting in the way. Purchased from my Hope this helps others!
  13. Hi all. Done about 3000 miles in my es now all settled in nicely. A word on fuel economy. I drive regularly from east Manchester to Telford. So urban then M60 M56 to Chester then A41 (yes I know it's not the shortest way but it avoids M6 hell).its about 80 miles or so with a variety of roads. Didn't take care of the fuel economy and didn't hang around on the motorway. I got a fuel consumption figure of 60.4 mpg for the trip which I think is phenomenal! Photos attached by way of proof. Just very impressed with it.
  14. Sport mode = No problems whatsoever.
  15. I have a question - what was it about the stop start technology you did not like? The lexus petrol engine while quiet and discreet can and will stop and start as the car sees fit. If its the case that you didn't like the engine cutting out at traffic lights and the lack of engine noise per se then you will find the Lexus will do the same at traffic lights (unless there is a charging demand and the engine will run - sometimes start up on its own at the lights which might be strange for you.). If it is the inevitable short lag on the stop start between putting the gas pedal down and the engine starting before you get power to go, then don't worry - the electric motor engages instantly and you set off. If you give it any real acceleration the engine will start to provide power and take over seamlessly from the electric motor - you won't really notice it you will just "go". Hope this helps you - I recommend a test drive as it is different to a normal auto box and some people do not like it. If you work it hard for acceleration the revs immediately shoot up to the most efficient rev level and STAY THERE - (this is often complained about by motoring journalists) there is no feel of an auto gearbox shifting through the gears - you just go faster! Personally after getting used to it in my IS I test drove a BMW with an auto box and I HATED the feel of the gear change and hunting for the correct gear at certain speeds! There is literally none of that with the CVT Hybrid drive - so smooth! Another thing I'd like to advise people new to the Lexus Hybrid drive (well Toyota let's be honest) is that IN MY OPINION the sport mode is great but sport + and the paddles on the steering wheel are more or less for decoration - the car will not let you do anything inappropriate and will change gear for you either up or down if you get to either end of the rev limits and the "gear change" is all simulated anyway to give the feel of a standard automatic. NOTE- I am no expert and its only my opinion - if anyone has other viewpoints I am quite willing to be corrected.