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  1. Thanks for the reply, Dan, but I wish you'd answered the question, rather than just beat around the bush......
  2. Hi Dan, Quick question, what was wrong with the Chrysler Crossfire? I've never even sat in one, let alone driven or owned one, but I have always liked the looks of the soft top version, and, as shown by my list, particularly the JZR, I tend to go for 'not quite mainstream' cars. thanks Malcolm Edit. The Lexus was a company car, (my choice) now I'm retired I have a Volvo C70 folding hardtop
  3. Front Parking Sensors?

    Can't really help here, but have to say my 2015 IS300h Advance had both front and rear sensors fitted as standard, so changing the grille design seems a case of style over substance, and a backwards step.
  4. I like Lexus thinking. On my car, even though there was no spare wheel, nor for that matter really room for one, they still provided the heavy duty polythene bag, fully labelled, to put the dirty road wheel in while you drove on the spare..........
  5. Next Purchase?

    Why just for summer weekends? A few cars ago, I had a Saab 9-3 vert as a daily driver for business use, which was kept outside, through three winters. No problems, or inconvenience that any two door car wouldn't have. If it wasn't raining, top would be down, heater and hat on, lovely! i chose a folding hardtop rather than soft top this time because I'm now into detailing, and I can get more satisfying results on paintwork than I could on a soft top
  6. Had this in my IS300h. Check the 'transmit volume' in the phone menu in the car settings. (I forget the actual process as I no longer have the car). Mine was set at the maximum, and it caused the distortion. Reducing it to around half solved the problem. Hope it's as easy as that........
  7. Dash cam.

    As a matter of interest, where did they take the power from?
  8. OK, if TFR is a no-no, and I don't have a snowfoam lance, what should I use for, and how do I apply it, as a pre wash? Usually I give the car a good hose down with a spray attachment, I don't like the thought of a power washer. The car has Poorboys Black Hole, AG SRP, followed by AG UGP. I used to use BH Autobalm, but found it harder to work with, so reverted to AG. I use Megs Last Touch as a drying aid, (and watermark remover if necessary as I live in a very hard water area) after each wash.
  9. The Satnav on mine froze/crashed on mine once, just at a critical time unfortunately. And I agree, it was not the most user-friendly system, the Amundsen + in Mrs Baxlin's Skoda Fabia is much better.
  10. Life after the IS300H

    I wouldn't go for the NX, sorry Jason, I had an NX300h as a courtesy car for a few days, and couldn't wait to get the IS back. The NX, with the same power unit, seemed so underpowered, presumably being much heavier. It just didn't give the same driving experience as the IS, although I did like the HUD!
  11. Life after the IS300H

    Deleted and will try again
  12. DAB radio

    Getting approximately back on topic, I had rubbish DAB reception on my IS, the dealer couldn't sort it. Occasionally it would work, then cut to 'no signal'. Thanks to the advice of a member on here, I unplugged my dashcam from the ciggy socket in the armrest. Result: virtually perfect DAB reception! Pity it was only a week before the lease ran out and the car went back.......
  13. Dash cam.

    The easy way is to wire a 'trailing' female ciggy socket to the piggy back fuse, and plug the supplied ciggy plug into this. Then hide this connection either above the fuse box if there's room, or behind fascia/dash trim.
  14. Dash cam.

    I also went for the very neat installation Edwardo (capese21) showed above. No problem with routing the cable to be completely hidden, except for where it went into the centre armrest. But this was between the seat back and the armrest, it was black against a black interior, and therefore invisible and out of the way. Also, as it was on a lease car I wasn't about to start drilling....... Now the Lexus has gone (given grade one rating for its condition by BCA) the camera's installed in my Volvo convertible, but I've hardwired it using a piggyback fuse to a female trailing ciggy socket, so the camera's plug is used. I had to buy new double sided sticky pads to mount the camera on the screen, otherwise a dead straightforward installation.
  15. Next Purchase?

    OK, I'll await the flack. My (lease) IS300h has gone back, and is replaced by a diesel Volvo C70, manual. Top of my list was a full 4seater folding hardtop convertible. Eos, Megane, 308 etc too small. I chose diesel as the VED is £185, the petrol version has VED of £500, and better fuel economy is a given.