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  1. Yeah I’m ringing them again today to let them know that the car is back on for sale, as well as alerting eBay. question, should he still be trading if he is on a suspended sentence? Especially as the conviction was for knowingly selling a faulty car
  2. Lol yeah he gave a refund, albeit under slight protest and giving me all sorts of mouthy remarks whilst I counted the money! Yeah I saw those pigs flying by down my way too Acre 😂 the car is back up on eBay now with the issues I described buried in the description but no mention of the P0660 code in there!
  3. Ok, no one in the south seemed to want to touch my keys, especially with the lack of a master. This, along with all the other options has resulted in me getting the car returned for a refund. WARNING: if anyone sees a silver Lexus LS430 Reg EJ53NDD, DO NOT BUY!!!! It has no keyless and will cost in excess of £2k to sort. It has a host of issues, especially front end steering/assembly related. Scratches and dents that make it look like it was vandalised beyond belief. Better put your money into a more decent example.
  4. Lol Acre, I think I’ll be using the mirror for more....physical purposes if I see him again! Was called by Dudley trading standards this afternoon oddly enough, they seemed very interested in what has occurred so further action seems to be in the works. As for the original topic, no luck with the locksmith. They had misinformation and thought my car was an IS350....very odd! Still, they didn’t charge me so that’s a bonus. Seems like it’s not possible to program without the master.
  5. got the guy coming tomorrow so will keep this thread updated and add contact details for the company if they do manage to fix it. Says he should be able to do it. Makes me nervous when they say “should” though haha. Getting an ECU out of a scrapper was my first thought though, assuming it had the keys with it but for the sake of £100 for the locksmith, it’s worth a shot. things still aren’t going well on the trader front, more issues coming up now including a “check VSC” message and now a P0660 DTC. Down the rabbit hole we go it seems!
  6. Yep that’s the guy Acre. lol Steve you’re right on! Like you can read minds/see the future haha. Having a very interesting text conversation with him currently. this is very odd topic though. Back to the original post, getting the car looked at by a couple of locksmith who are very confident that a new master can be programmed. I’ll keep this page updated with progress
  7. Thanks for that John, greatly appreciated. unfortunately I can’t return the car as this is now the only car I have and it would be detrimental for me to be without one. I agree though, thinking back about how he spoke and how he showed me around the car, a lot of what he said doesn’t add up.
  8. Yeah sold as seen on his listing too. I’ve taken screenshots of everything. Can’t believe this haha, just goes to show though! His words were “you got a bargain and you know it” lol. Never doing this again, will be stupidly careful in future!
  9. Oh he is a trader then?! Fab! Thank you for the heads up! I’ll call up Dudley and see what they say. I appreciate the information mate!
  10. The more I read on US forums, the more I think that flashing the ECU is possible but not through Lexus. Anyone used a locksmith for this kind of thing on a Lexi before?
  11. Ummm....yeah....have you been watching me again 😜 jk I took his description rather literally and he explained the 2 faults that weren’t listed and it seemed fine when driving at 30mph on side streets. More fool me
  12. Yeah sorry, haven’t updated my profile yet haha. Bought from some guy in B’ham. 2003 (53 plate) Full history up to last year, passed its last MOT with no advisories and the bodywork is....decent-ish. I paid £1,500 though and I didn’t think to check the keys. The fact that smart wasn’t working didn’t bother me as I knew I could get it programmed....what I didn’t realise is that I had, effectively, only one key which wasn’t the master. I was stupid not to check the other key and now I’m crying in a corner for not being more thorough with my checks as there are a multitude of issues
  13. Hey, just picked up a facelift 430 and I’m already regretting it. The car came with 2 keys....one valet key and one that doesn’t even belong with the car, blade is different and not recognised by the immobiliser. Along with a whole host of other problems that the seller is turning a blind eye to, what are my options for getting a new master Key? My primary Lexus Dealer stated a new ECU and keys which I understand is a last resort and hopefully not a first and only option. Is it possible to have the ECU flashed to accept a new master? Would it be better to get an ECU and keys off a junker? I feel so lost without smart access and without the ability to program another key to the car (as well as not being able to get it the boot with my only working key!) cheers and happy new year all!
  14. Lol no offence taken mate haha. I honestly thought I might had done that but the bulb definitely only goes in one way into the housing. I’m going to take a punt at the OEM lights and see how I get on. Hopefully it solves my issue. I’ll post comparison pictures when they’re done.