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  1. Looks awesome! How did you find out about this? I wanted to take my old ISF round Goodwood on a track day, but with a H&S system, it blew in at 103dB. Noise limit on that day was substantially lower! Boo!
  2. I got the F-sport gear knob from Bell’s Lexus in Scottsdale, Arizona via their ebay store. Part, shipping and import fees totalled about £60 iirc... Have you tried phoning your local dealer for the other bit?
  3. I’d long been looking for a replacement for my S2000 before deciding to keep it. The GT86/BRZ seemed to tick almost all the boxes, but I think the lack of open top motoring was the deal breaker for me, as well as the dire engine noise. Great looking and handling cars though. It was fantastic to follow Toyota/Subaru developing a car for people who enjoy driving, and a real shame they never proved as popular as anyone hoped.
  4. mrfunex

    Just saying hi

    Ha! I quite like it! First car I’ve had a sunroof in - means you can hear even more noise through tunnels! 😈
  5. mrfunex

    Just saying hi

    Here are the user manuals. One for the car, one for the infotainment. Mine didn’t come with hard copies either! Lovely car. Same as mine, but I’ve got black seats. Absolutely besotted with it! Edit: A trick of the light, or do you not have a sunroof? OM30F12U.pdf OM30E86U.pdf
  6. mrfunex

    Just saying hi

    You can download the user manuals from the Lexus website if you want a read. I have them. Would I be allowed to post them on here?
  7. I have the same issue as you. I can’t offer any help, but I tried for a few days to figure out what the internet connectivity could be used for (not just sat nav routes), got it working once - it wasn’t a smooth ride! - then gave up. I thought the live read out of local fuel prices and weather page showed promise, liked the Google POI search (far, far more useful than the car’s database), but the whole thing was extremely clunky and basic. The rest of the infotainment system seems fine though - but then I’m easily impressed by the album art of my CDs appearing on the screen.... Proof....!
  8. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    Looks awesome! 🤗
  9. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    @NothernDan Glad you like it - that’s shinier than a shiny thing! Have you got a photo showing the whole back of the car? I’d like to see what might have been!
  10. My wife’s RX450 had a slight leak on a rear damper a few years back. This was only known to us when, upon collecting the car from a normal service, we were told that both rear dampers had been replaced free of charge. It’s that level of service that means she’ll buy another RX from the same dealer when she fancies a different colour one! She’s not interested in even sampling any other manufacturers. On an RCF as new as yours, I shouldn’t imagine you’ll have any trouble getting it sorted.
  11. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    A heavily filtered version of a photo from last year; wishing I was there! Good luck Toyota!!
  12. There’s a bloke (hooligan) I see near me with an SVR Range Rover. He can’t drive it for toffee! Huge noise and devastating performance in a straight line but around any sort of corner it seems to understeer, with a lot of tyre squealing. I’d imagine you have to keep at least some throttle down, otherwise all the 4WD/stability/ESP gubbins doesn’t have anything to work with.
  13. Absolutely. A full geo is essential. Look for a garage which does Hunter laser alignments. They’re very good and set everything up relative to the thrust angle of the car. Expect it to take an hour maybe slightly longer, and cost around £80-100. It’s worth it. The garage may even ask you if you want the car setting up for motorway driving, fast road, track etc. When I had my ISF sorted, they weighed down the driver’s seat so the car was set up perfectly for me driving it! Don’t get a Kwik-Fit £30 ‘alignment’, they’re pointless.
  14. mrfunex

    Rcf bargain

    Oh no! Someone stuck a Halfords V8 badge on the side... 😧
  15. When I switched from my ISF to my GSF, my insurance company (named after a high-ranking Navy officer, providing cover for multiple cars) wanted to charge £250 extra for the remaining 3 months. My current insurer (named after a famous war politician) wanted £230 for an entire year’s cover. It’s always fun and games around insurance renewal time. I’m sure you guys do the same as me - get the renewal quote, then go online to see what the going rate is, then phone your existing company to see if they can match/better it. A few years back I did just this, but the cheapest quote I obtained online was considerably cheaper than my renewal - from the *same* company. They couldn’t match it...?! Back to the actual OP, £85 does seem a little steep. I think I’d pay £15 a time for any policy changes (which is still a rip off imo).