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  1. Simple mod

    I know I’m resurrecting a slightly dated thread, but I’ve only just seen this, and rushed out to block the vacuum pipe on my GSF! It sounds quite a bit different! The normal increase in noise from the twin-stage intake now comes in noticeably and seamlessly from about 2000rpm, not suddenly at about 3800-4000. I’ve only been for a quick spin around local roads - no motorway stuff yet. It’s a thumbs-up from me...
  2. Top gear lc500

    He was even more complimentary about the LFA - there was no ‘probably’ about it... funnily enough I’ve just bought this very magazine to add to the downstairs khazi library...
  3. We rented a Seat Mii on holiday last year - it might have been a 1.0, maybe even smaller. It was tiny, underpowered, utterly basic and I almost always tried to change gear with the window winder, but by heck it was fun to thrash round the narrow, windy roads of the Algarve! Back on topic, I’d change the battery.
  4. I mostly use normal fuel in my GSF, as I did in my ISF before. I have run the occasional tank of V-power in both and didn’t notice any difference. I use V-Power in my S2000 - inside the filler door there’s a sticker saying to use 98+ octane fuel. I once had to run a tank of normal petrol due to higher octane fuel being unavailable and the car felt very flat between 8-9000rpm. Quite a different engine though!
  5. LC-500....... too fussy?

    I think the front is lip-smackingly gorgeous. Properly lovely, and very close to the original concept car. I was fortunate enough to borrow one for 24hrs and in the flesh it’s so radically sleek and different from practically all other traffic, it stands out wonderfully. I think Lexus should be applauded for not first showing the LC as a concept artist’s render, then ploughing through their parts bin, changing the shape to fit and ultimately releasing something that looks like everything else! The back has yet to have the same effect. I don’t know if it needs a wing or something to bind the whole design together, but it’s a bit meh to me...
  6. Why not that gorgeous amazing blue that only the LC is available in? The one they keep banging on about with 500 billion flakes or something...
  7. I’m going to go out on a limb here - I can see why Lexus have made these, but I don’t like them. I don’t particularly like matte paint on road cars and I don’t particularly like the blue leather, or the accents. Each to their own though!
  8. If you all own ‘F’ Lexuses, you’re all as good-looking as me, right?
  9. It’s a small trek from the South Coast, but it’d be great to put faces to some of the cars and usernames on here!
  10. Ah! Suppose that’s good to hear. Thanks @rayaans :-)
  11. I hope the new gasoline particulate filters are a bit less of a liability than the diesel particulate filters have proven to be over recent years.
  12. My GSF (2016) is listed as Euro6, yet still produces 471bhp? Possible typo?
  13. F recall

    Note to self: don’t turn up with a full tank of petrol to a recall...