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  1. Get an OBD code reader and see what the fault is?
  2. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    Tsk! All these clean cars! I love looking at the aero flow on the bodywork after a few motorway journeys...
  3. Silverstone never actually tested me, but it was far too loud for Goodwood (98dB) - I think it came in at 103dB at a constant 2/3 or 3/4 of maximum revs. It was far louder on the blips on downchanges. Something to bear in mind!
  4. I tracked mine. It was very capable on ‘big power’ tracks like Silverstone. Huge grunt and the brakes never showed any hint of fading, even when standing on them from almost 140mph at the end of Hangar Straight into Stowe. I was on standard tyres but as mine had a H&S exhaust, I was a bit restricted which circuits would let me play - it was rather loud! Fuel economy dropped to 4-6mpg and as long as I restricted myself to about 15 mins at a time, the tyres held up! I have no doubt that on twisty, technical circuits however, my S2000 would run rings around it - I found the ISF to be fairly nose-heavy, but easily neutralised with a bit of gas. Mine was an early ‘08 without the mechanical LSD - I can’t say I noticed. I was having far too much fun. It all came to an end about an hour before the end of the day last time though, when I picked up a screw in the rear left! D’oh! Looking forward to reading about your experiences!
  5. mrfunex


    A ~30psi tyre exploded and killed someone? 😏 Edit: wow.. apparently it’s true! Didn’t think tyres would explode until well north of 100psi, or that 30psi would have enough power to actually kill someone!
  6. mrfunex

    Which Fuel For Isf

    @noby76, whilst I enjoyed reading your post, there must be more to the garage’s story than that, together with a healthy dose of scaremongering. The Tesco unleaded that has lived in a jerry can in our shed for the last four years that I’m slowly getting through in our lawnmower looks exactly the same as it did the day it was bought. I know a Briggs and Stratton 140cc single is hardly the finest engine in the world, but this old fuel has never caused it any issues. It certainly doesn’t look like mud! Back on topic, I used to run V-power in my ISF and GSF. I switched to the normal 95 octane stuff about 3 months ago and I can’t tell any difference, apart from it costs me slightly less.
  7. You buy a 400+ bhp saloon mostly with your heart. If you’re bought with your head, you’d already be driving a hybrid Yaris... That said, my ISF and GSF have been the cheapest cars to run (ALL factors considered - depreciation too!) that I’ve owned in a long time - barring the fuel, but you can see 35+mpg on a motorway run. Even the road tax (£555 now) is just over £1.50 a day... life’s too short to drive boring cars.
  8. mrfunex

    Auto Express luke warm about the ES

    I agree with most of what you are saying, but a 1970s Rolls Royce most definitely did not have nearly 400bhp. Not anywhere near it! For example, the 6.75l V8 was producing a rather heady 189bhp in the Silver Shadow from 1970 until approx 1980! Its clear that the ES will not be a ‘driver’s’ car, but a comfortable, anonymous, reliable wafter. Not that there’s anything bad about that, of course - it’s nice for Lexus to head off in a bit of a different direction to the Germans!
  9. mrfunex

    Auto Express luke warm about the ES

    I know it’s not what the new ES is all about, but almost 9 seconds to 60? The traffic light GP has never really interested me, but that’s diesel Fiesta territory...
  10. Re: retrofitting bits I wonder if Lexus will keep tight control of the special components, like BMW did when they launched the E46 M3 CSL. I don’t think they were too keen on owners of normal M3s “making” a CSL with the parts catalog...
  11. I cannot imagine how much Lexus would charge for replacement brakes, given the current pricing of the steel ones!
  12. Love that F detailing in the carbon on the side of the wing! Anyone got a list of the actual differences from a standard RCF?
  13. Hi… I'm 76 years old and only do a small number of miles and my car insurance is due for Lexus is300h,I found this web that’s Pay as you drive  cover with AXA Insurance UK plc a crazy price for my car and 2,000 miles it’s Annual estimate £175.43a annual cost, then 38p/mile monthly total £251.43

  14. mrfunex

    Lexus insurance a joke!

    I had insurance years ago on a Mercedes SL500 with Flux. The first year, the premium was roughly £700, which was fairly competitive. Come renewal time, the premium had jumped to several times that (over £3000 rings a bell), and couldn’t be noticeably lowered. The only difference was the car being a year older and me having another years NCD - I hadn’t moved, had an accident, etc. I have no idea what method these companies (not just Flux!) use to calculate risk/premiums...