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  1. I saw the blue one near Chichester last week! If you’re on here, I was in the black one! 😎
  2. Wonder if the revised gearbox mapping is available for other cars...
  3. Oi! Gerrof! Start yer own thread! 😉 Welcome back!
  4. ‘Luxury’ doesn’t shift many cars though. If it’s not going to drive off at <£400/month on a PCP, it’s generally not worth a large manufacturer bothering to bring to market.
  5. It does look quite plasticky. I’d like to have a few hours in a new ES, to experience for myself, but from the pictures it doesn’t look a patch on the GS. It’s a big shame, but the interior on my GSF was one of the things that stood out to me as being a little special. *Disclaimer - I am aware of the price difference between the two - I’m merely a little disappointed Lexus didn’t try a little harder with the ES.
  6. Have you therefore been using a pouch without knowing why?
  7. Just personal opinion, but I’d imagine a small, local place could fit a towbar and you wouldn’t need a transmission cooler (I’d heard this too when looking for a towbar for our old RX450) if: You're towing a small, lightish trailer on short journeys to the tip or using the bar to mount a bike rack etc. I’d think hard about doing things properly if I was using the car to tow something more substantial, like a caravan across Europe for example.
  8. I think you bought the wrong car if you want to tune it...
  9. Be interesting to see if it disappears when the weather warms up a bit. My old GS450 used to rattle a bit from the lower windscreen when the temperature was less than 7C. That was, until I used a spatula to wedge some black felt into the gap between the dash and the windscreen! The hybrids are so quiet, you probably wouldn’t notice the noise in anything else!
  10. You say that, I sold my original ‘08 suspension to a guy from Puerto Rico!
  11. Err... It’s a while ago, but I installed 2013 suspension on my ISF - they were a straight swap. I have no idea if the 2014 suspension is the same. The part numbers are in post #4 of this thread. You buy the parts and fit them (I was very lucky and sourced an almost unused set of everything secondhand - dealer prices are extremely high). It’s not really any more complicated than that! The ride wasn’t as good as my GSF is, but I thought it was vastly improved over 2008 spec.
  12. @malcolmw , maybe that was it - perhaps there would be a clawback against the dealer from the finance company.
  13. You’ll need to make 5 of your monthly payments before settling if you want to benefit from the £2000 dealer contribution.
  14. mrfunex

    New review

    Quite a good, honest review, that. I’ve yet to drive one (I’m really looking forward to doing so), but it seems that the ES is just about the most boringly anonymous car out there - which is a good thing! Hugely reliable, fast enough, driving dynamics that aren’t going to surprise anyone; just a good all-round.... saloon car. I had a courtesy Camry on holiday a short while back, so I’d expect this to be fairly similar. Excusing the brand-oriented UK market, It’s no wonder they’re bought in such large numbers around the rest of the world.