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  1. Well, as above really. Alas, I can’t make it - I’d need to take a week’s worth of leave from work and that wouldn’t please MrsFunex. Not at all. I’ll just have to watch a live stream and get the timing data from the WEC website instead.. it won’t be quite the same! Plenty of great memories - the ones of the racers arriving at Indianapolis out of the forest at 2am with brakes aglow, and the Corvette C7.Rs splitting the air apart along the Mulsanne straight in the early-morning mist will stay with me always!
  2. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    Great pictures Paul - looks like a good outing!
  3. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    It was nice to have an assortment of roads to play with the TVD - the slalom mode made the car fairly agile (for a 1.8 ton saloon) around the Gorge - using the torque display on the dash it was possible to see how it was working to distribute power to make the car more nimble. Track mode seemed to make the car a bit more stable on fast, sweeping bends (although I found the effect less than slalom mode), all within the limits of what’s acceptable on the public road network....’d be great to have a play on a track day to test this performance under far more extreme circumstances! Credit where it’s due - I drove around 370miles that morning and was fairly fresh at the end. Despite, shall we say, enjoying the merits of the GSF, I averaged an astonishing 30.1mpg. It seemed to me that the car switches to the Atkinson cycle at under 2000rpm under light throttle - in top, this meant almost 40mpg at motorway speeds according to the instantaneous readout! Anyway, this is supposed to be a photo thread!
  4. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    Taken in the midst of a rather sizeable hoon; from the South Coast, Cheddar Gorge, Severn Bridge, Merthyr Tydfil, Brecon, Abergavenny, Newport, back across the Salisbury Plains, then home. Epic, deserted roads if you get up early enough!
  5. mrfunex

    Mylexus Online Portal

    I was colossally unimpressed by the MyLexus portal. Apart from viewing service history (interesting to note it took a few visits back to the garage to get the HUD working), what’s it actually for? I’ve tried plotting a route and then sending it to the car - that didn’t work... are the newest cars a bit more ‘feature rich’? I’ve a 2016 GSF, so not exactly from the Stone Age...
  6. @Womble72 more photos of the mini, please. That. Is. Stunning!!
  7. Such rare cars. It’s *almost* a shame they’re a relative unknown in the car world - even with Top Gear’s (or was it the Grand Tour?) segment on the GSF. The masses appear to value a BMW badge and image over everything; still, makes an F more of a sleeper!
  8. mrfunex

    Tried an NX Today

    We travelled thousands of miles across France last year in my wife’s 2009 RX450 and it was superb. Pretty comfy across bumpy French country roads, superb at 85 on the toll roads (didn’t seem to naturally want to go much faster, although it could certainly do it...) and fairly economical (30-32mpg) for a 2+ton brick! As mentioned before by @steveledzep, it really is like driving an armchair - the bigger Lexuses have a certain refinement that the smaller models can’t hope to match.
  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the V8 in the original C63s were detuned to stop it (power wise) stepping on the toes of other, more expensive ‘63s. I think Mercedes essentially limited the throttle opening to about 90%, which was undone if you bought the Black series version. I suppose this might be the reason why a simple ECU flash would liberate another 55-60bhp? Googling reveals many, similar theories, but I have no idea if they’re true...
  10. What’s wrong with a tin of boiled sweets?? (in fact, why have Lexus stopped putting one in the car after a service? Must remember to ask them!!)
  11. mrfunex

    Insurance for the F

    I’m 34, safe postcode etc. I pay £230 for my GSF with Churchill. Had to have a tracker installed though...
  12. I think I read on Facebook that the only model being offered in the UK is the ES300h. I don’t know car markets as well as Lexus/Toyota, but that seems a bit boring. Mind you, that might be the only model that’ll sell well enough to make it worthwhile... We can long for a performance variant, an ESF perhaps, but Lexus only sold around 55 GSFs, so maybe that line even lost them money?
  13. Sorry to put a spanner in the works, Toothy! Mine had the black buttons, was a 2008 model without the LSD (and blue trimmed wheel obviously!), but didn’t have HDD nav or Bluetooth audio! It did have 2013 suspension, but that was my doing! It seems the ISF upgrade/facelift transition isn’t so clear cut! :-)