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  1. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    That’s exactly the look I’m after! I don’t want the thread hijack too much, but how do you find them? Easy to install, any noticeable difference whilst driving? Is that your Viper? 😮
  2. Sadly, I’ve never even seen one in the flesh!
  3. The tank is a little small, an 80litre tank would have been more appropriate imo. Reminds me of when, a few years ago now, I changed from a 2.0TDCi Mondeo to a 3.0 V6 ST220 Mondeo. The diesel car had a range of about 750-800 miles on a tank, and I used to fill up when there was about 1/4 remaining. The petrol one only ever showed a range of around 200 miles when it had just been filled - range anxiety kicked in when I’d not even left the petrol station forecourt!
  4. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    @Holmsey24, what brand of spacers have you used? Does 5mm really make a difference? I’d love to bring the front wheels on my GSF out a bit - they look a bit ‘sunken’ from some angles...
  5. Guys, just had this email from my local dealer about a special upgrade, so sensitive in nature tha it can “only be discussed with a member of the Senior Management Team present”! Seeing as a GSF is already pretty much top dog round here, I’m thinking either an LC500 or a darned good deal on a used LFA! What do you think? (or has the heat gotten to me?! 🤪)
  6. There are always deals on Groupon, etc for aircon recharges for £35 at ATS. Just had it done on my toy car (Honda S2000), previous air vent temp was 31.2C, now it’s around 6C! What a difference!
  7. mrfunex

    GS-F Brakes

    I’ve never driven a carbon-braked car. My old 996 911 turbo was the last year they still all had steel brakes - my model was the run-out ‘turbo X50’ which the year after became the ‘turbo S’. Maybe I should add a car with carbon brakes to my ‘must drive’ list!
  8. mrfunex

    GS-F Brakes

    Thing is, high performance brakes do tend to occasionally squeak/squeal, it’s down to the pad compound and there’s not very much you can do about it apart from changing that compound, or using ever-increasing amounts of copper grease on the backs of the pads. I know Lexus don’t really go for them, but many other manufacturers with 500bhp, 170+mph cars weighing nearly 2 tons, (possibly more with passengers) are offering carbon brakes, probably with good reason. A good stamp on the brakes tends to stop the noise coming from mine, but it’ll return within a few days. Thing is, the brakes are so big, they never really get properly used!
  9. mrfunex

    GS-F Brakes

    A new car and £15k compensation? Pull the other one, it’s got F badges on it...
  10. Certain hand lotions or sun tan creams can react oddly with bits of interior plastic trim. In one of our other cars, some of the shiny coating seems to have almost dissolved. Luckily the next layer down is almost the same colour, although dull, not shiny.
  11. I’ll have to get practicing my 180’s. Far cooler than a 3-pointer! 😎
  12. Looks awesome! How did you find out about this? I wanted to take my old ISF round Goodwood on a track day, but with a H&S system, it blew in at 103dB. Noise limit on that day was substantially lower! Boo!
  13. I got the F-sport gear knob from Bell’s Lexus in Scottsdale, Arizona via their ebay store. Part, shipping and import fees totalled about £60 iirc... Have you tried phoning your local dealer for the other bit?
  14. I’d long been looking for a replacement for my S2000 before deciding to keep it. The GT86/BRZ seemed to tick almost all the boxes, but I think the lack of open top motoring was the deal breaker for me, as well as the dire engine noise. Great looking and handling cars though. It was fantastic to follow Toyota/Subaru developing a car for people who enjoy driving, and a real shame they never proved as popular as anyone hoped.
  15. mrfunex

    Just saying hi

    Ha! I quite like it! First car I’ve had a sunroof in - means you can hear even more noise through tunnels! 😈