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  1. I’ve got a 2016 GSF, and quite a lot of roads near me have changed in the last few years. I’ve had a look at my map microSD card and seemingly the one the car left the factory with is the most recent version. (according to lexus-map Does anyone know anything more? Have we been abandoned?
  2. Young drivers seem to either be the “Em-free, innit” lot, or aspire to own a diesel Audi A3 on PCP. The German marketing machine has certainly done a number on us. This, coupled to the general state of our roads, traffic levels and the utterly relentless war on the motorist, I think petrolheads might be a slowly dying breed. As I understand it, in other countries, Lexus has a better market share, but they’re quite small in the UK. Here I’d imagine a very healthy percentage of all sales are the CT200h, more for tax/BIK reasons than anything else.
  3. If the guy’s worrying about a few hundred quid road tax every year, perhaps a 12-year old hybrid with the aforementioned potential battery issues might not be the best choice? They go wrong extremely rarely, but as any warranty you’ll get on a car of that age won’t be worth the paper it’s written on, maybe a petrol-only car might reduce this risk? Would an IS suit your needs?
  4. Aha! Thanks guys! Think I’ll wait until the next release in October!
  5. Apparently I already have the latest maps, @NemesisUK, I take it you upgraded to the 86271-48341 version?
  6. Interesting as a toy to play with, but as others have said, a rev counter is pointless - as long as the drivetrain provides the power you demand of it, who cares if the engine is on or not! Does this simply plug straight into the OBD port? What else can it do? What’s the update frequency?
  7. They’re both natty dressers, aren’t they! Hope he enjoys it! Maybe he’ll join the forums, or might already be lurking on here? Must be one of the rarest cars on the road...
  8. Tell them to replace the entire system with a H&S catback. That’s what happened to my ISF. Ridiculous price for the tips. The situation may be different now, but when I asked about a set of tips several years ago, the price was £480 a side, and they only come in pairs.
  9. Totally stock - I can’t yet think how I’d improve my GSF... I’ll be putting MPS4S tyres on once the current MPSS are toast, though...
  10. I don’t like the new linen option for the bonnet.
  11. Nothing can be as difficult to clean as a rear GSF wheel tho? 😩
  12. I don’t think I could keep up/put up with the ferocious maintenance on a M3/M4. A mate at work had an M4 for just over a year and it was CONSTANTLY in the dealers to fix some rattle/leak/warning light or other. Then it got nicked. Even the M5 on long term review in last month’s Top Gear mag couldn’t be.. err.. reviewed as it keeps conking out and the dealer doesn’t appear to have a clue! Then the noise - the sports exhaust made a horrible, raspy farting noise! It actually made me laugh the first time I heard it. I hope it’s better from inside. I have no doubt an M car is probably a little more lithe around a racetrack than the comparible ISF/RCF/GSF, but I can’t look past all the positives from the posh Toyota unfortunately. It’s a ‘meh’ from me.
  13. Ah yes, expert mode. Turns you into Ayrton Senna apparently... or pretty good for doing donuts in a deserted car park. Mostly in normal or sport here, I like the slurred gear changes in normal when I’m just schlepping about, and the much sharper ones in sport when I’m not. I find sport+ quite ‘jumpy’ and eco is like you’re dragging a 5-ton trailer behind!
  14. Had a poster of this on my wall at uni. Amongst... ahem... others!
  15. 2009 RX450h here. Mostly town driving..
  16. mrfunex

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    The fuel consumption really impressed me when I had a GS450h. Whether in stop-start traffic, urban schlepping or hammering down the motorway, it was remarkably constant.
  17. You can keep the motorbike, but the Viper... phwoar!
  18. mrfunex

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Just for interest, and to throw a curve-ball in here... 35mpg excellent in a GS450h? Really? I can fairly nearly match that in a GSF on ordinary fast A and B-roads, driving with economy in mind. Beating it would be easy on a quiet motorway! Also managed over 30mpg from 364 miles of enjoyment around Wales a few months ago and I certainly wasn’t concerned with how much petrol I was using! Now that’s not bad from a 5.0 V8 with around 480bhp available! Disclaimer; usual economy is in the low 20s, previous ISF was about 2mpg worse than the GSF and before that my GS450h (mk3) averaged around 30mpg. My usual driving is through the urban sprawl...
  19. My other car - had it over 6 years now, which is an eternity for me. 9000rpm, RWD, LSD and a manual box. Awful on long motorway journeys, brilliant fun given the right occasion!
  20. I’d say an early, well kept ISF stands the most chance, as it was the ‘original’ F-car. Whether enough people know about them to generate the cult status a future classic needs, I have no idea.
  21. Looking forward to a review. I’ve got PSSs on my GSF at the moment, but they’re not gonna last forever!
  22. mrfunex

    Is a remap possible?

    We have a 2009 RX450h and get about 31-32mpg average (over the last 25k miles) regardless of whether in stop/start traffic, or howling up the motorway. Given that it’s a petrol, 2+ ton vehicle with fat tyres, the aerodynamics of a small shed and 300bhp, I find that mildly astonishing. I don’t think a remap is possible. What kind of fuel economy were you expecting?
  23. I think the main problem was that, being a small, racy Honda, people expected it to behave like a fast Civic, whereas it’s more like an Elise. The AP1s came originally with Bridgestone tyres, which made the car very snappy at the limit. There were many changes throughout the ~10year life of the S2000, and it got progressively softer and more benign. I’ve got an early AP1, and with the right tyres, and with suspension properly set up, it’s a total hoot on road and track. Back to the FWD/AWD/RWD debate, I suppose for the bulk of my driving I’m more after a nice soundtrack (not from the radio) than outright handling - the V8 fulfills that bit. It is nice when the TVD properly helps to fire the GSF out of slow corners though, the amount of grip and the delicacy of the handling surprises me for such a big car...
  24. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    That’s exactly the look I’m after! I don’t want the thread hijack too much, but how do you find them? Easy to install, any noticeable difference whilst driving? Is that your Viper? 😮
  25. Guys, just had this email from my local dealer about a special upgrade, so sensitive in nature tha it can “only be discussed with a member of the Senior Management Team present”! Seeing as a GSF is already pretty much top dog round here, I’m thinking either an LC500 or a darned good deal on a used LFA! What do you think? (or has the heat gotten to me?! 🤪)