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  1. Simple mod

    I know I’m resurrecting a slightly dated thread, but I’ve only just seen this, and rushed out to block the vacuum pipe on my GSF! It sounds quite a bit different! The normal increase in noise from the twin-stage intake now comes in noticeably and seamlessly from about 2000rpm, not suddenly at about 3800-4000. I’ve only been for a quick spin around local roads - no motorway stuff yet. It’s a thumbs-up from me...
  2. Top gear lc500

    He was even more complimentary about the LFA - there was no ‘probably’ about it... funnily enough I’ve just bought this very magazine to add to the downstairs khazi library...
  3. We rented a Seat Mii on holiday last year - it might have been a 1.0, maybe even smaller. It was tiny, underpowered, utterly basic and I almost always tried to change gear with the window winder, but by heck it was fun to thrash round the narrow, windy roads of the Algarve! Back on topic, I’d change the battery.
  4. I mostly use normal fuel in my GSF, as I did in my ISF before. I have run the occasional tank of V-power in both and didn’t notice any difference. I use V-Power in my S2000 - inside the filler door there’s a sticker saying to use 98+ octane fuel. I once had to run a tank of normal petrol due to higher octane fuel being unavailable and the car felt very flat between 8-9000rpm. Quite a different engine though!
  5. LC-500....... too fussy?

    I think the front is lip-smackingly gorgeous. Properly lovely, and very close to the original concept car. I was fortunate enough to borrow one for 24hrs and in the flesh it’s so radically sleek and different from practically all other traffic, it stands out wonderfully. I think Lexus should be applauded for not first showing the LC as a concept artist’s render, then ploughing through their parts bin, changing the shape to fit and ultimately releasing something that looks like everything else! The back has yet to have the same effect. I don’t know if it needs a wing or something to bind the whole design together, but it’s a bit meh to me...
  6. Why not that gorgeous amazing blue that only the LC is available in? The one they keep banging on about with 500 billion flakes or something...
  7. I’m going to go out on a limb here - I can see why Lexus have made these, but I don’t like them. I don’t particularly like matte paint on road cars and I don’t particularly like the blue leather, or the accents. Each to their own though!
  8. If you all own ‘F’ Lexuses, you’re all as good-looking as me, right?
  9. It’s a small trek from the South Coast, but it’d be great to put faces to some of the cars and usernames on here!
  10. I’ll start my review with a huge thumbs-up to Lexus Hedge End. They’re consistently a pleasure to deal with but this time one of their sales guys and true petrol head, Michael, really pulled out the stops for me... I’ve been given a LC500 as a courtesy car. So, “how does it compare to the GSF on a rain-soaked February afternoon?” I hear you all ask... Under normal driving, it’s remarkably familiar! The engine is the same 5.0 V8, albeit with twin intakes over the single one of the GSF/RCF. The gearbox is now a 10-speed, with a slightly clumsy new design of shifter, but economy appeared the same. The rear-wheel steering is unusual! Sage advice from a slightly nervous Michael - “take the first few roundabouts gently, and don’t steer as much as you think you need to!” He was right - it feels like the rear wheels are sliding sideways! An odd experience, but ok once you learn to work with it. I believe the rear wheels turn slightly in opposite directions to the fronts at low speeds, effectively shortening the wheelbase - this has the result of making the car feel more like a go-kart, together with the Torque Vectoring Differential. The opposite happens at high speed to increase stability. Picking the speed up, the twin intakes give the V8 a proper howling scream above 6500rpm with lovely pops and the occasional crackle on a downshift. The car is more of a GT that can be hustled than a sports car - I though it felt it’s weight a bit more than the GSF. The OEM tyres are 21” runflats and provide good, if not exceptional grip - perhaps the non-RFs on the GSF as well as, frankly, me owning rather than borrowing it, allowed me to push the saloon harder. The ride quality is good - only the occasional thump over really bad roads, but I did notice a bit of squirming over undulating poorly maintained tarmac. The brake pedal felt slightly spongy, but the stopping ability was good. Inside, the seats are just as supportive, the cabin roomy (in the front) and the equipment list is extensive. Many of the features the GSF has buttons for are now incorporated into the computer, which now uses a touch pad to navigate instead of a mouse-lever-platform-type thing. Compared to the (dare I say “corporate”) interior of the GSF, the designers have really cut loose here! They seem to have used every type of material/surface/texture they could get their hands on, with bold, swooping lines devouring the insides of the doors. This is, of course a matter of taste, but I found it a little busy. A few bits of the switchgear are in different places - I particularly like the drive mode selector and the traction control knob to either side of the instrument binnacle - a nice nod to the utterly unobtainable LFA. There’s not much room in the back - it’s a 2+2 at an absolute push - I’d say if the person in the front seat is 6ft+, you’ve just generated a bag storage area behind. Finally - is this a car I’d look to trade up to? I’m not sure. It’s very good indeed, but apart from the looks, it feels so similar to my GSF (not a bad thing!!), I’d need to think about it more. I’d like to try the hybrid sister LC500h before a firm verdict! So, there you have it. Enjoy the pictures!
  11. Ah! Suppose that’s good to hear. Thanks @rayaans :-)
  12. I hope the new gasoline particulate filters are a bit less of a liability than the diesel particulate filters have proven to be over recent years.
  13. My GSF (2016) is listed as Euro6, yet still produces 471bhp? Possible typo?
  14. F recall

    Note to self: don’t turn up with a full tank of petrol to a recall...
  15. F recall

    Stylish indeed! The “gentleman making the best of it in the face of adversity” reminds me of this picture... In the meantime, I guess we all wait for the recall letter to arrive...?
  16. I took a friend for a spin, and we noticed a bit of attention, but not excessively so. Conversely, this friend had an F-type V6S a while back and the attention that got was comical - people on the pavement would almost drop what they were carrying and stare! The F-type certainly provided a lot more drama, whilst offering more-or-less the same package as the LC. I’ve only been without the GSF for a day and... I do miss it! I mentioned in my review of the GSF a few months back that I’d sat in a new one upon release at the dealers and was instantly smitten. After 3 months of ownership, I feel exactly the same! Don’t take many negatives away from my review - the LC500 is a very pretty, capable and extremely fast car - perhaps because it isn’t an ‘F’ car though, it loses that little fizz? It’s extremely close and if an LCF ever exists, that’d certainly be worth a drive. However, it’d probably have to cost £130-150k and for that money I’d find it extremely difficult to walk past a McLaren showroom...
  17. I don’t think things like this should go in the back pocket - wasn’t there a similar issue with iPhones a few years back - I think it was christened “BendGate”!
  18. Insurance

    It baffles me how Adrian Flux do any business; I’ve never been able to get a sensible quote out of them. I’ve always lived in decent areas, not done many miles, generally been a low-risk driver. They’ve always flat out refused to quote me (as I’m a young driver in a powerful car - I was 27 and had a diesel Mondeo) or quoted such a sky-high price, not even Bill Gates would consider it! I’d put your details into a comparison site, choose the top 3, then get quotes from them directly. End of the day, all insurance companies can be bad or good to deal with - it’s just luck of the draw. You might as well save a few quid.
  19. Can’t wait for news of the date! I’d consider a straight swap - LFA for a GSF..
  20. Did you need a tracker installing/does it already have one? The insurance on my GSF is about £230, but no one would touch it without a tracker.... Have fun! Car looks great. Everyone knows black cars are fastest! ;-)
  21. Looks lovely! All the best new F cars are black, anyway...
  22. Well, in anticipation of the creation of a giant 'F' section of the forum, and as a previous ISF owner; I thought I'd leave this here: I’ve gone and bought a GSF! I’d had my ISF for around two and a half years and after sorting out what was, in my opinion, a hilariously firm OEM suspension setup, it was smooth sailing all the way. I loved that car – great looks, biblical noise (thanks, H&S) and a real Jekyll and Hyde personality. The last bit was so important to me as the old ‘race car for the road’ adage gets pretty uncomfortable and wearing on a daily driver. I’d covered 12,000 miles, taken it to Le Mans, done a Silverstone track day and on one occasion discovered the speed limiter – yes, there is one and yes, it’s around 170mph… The trouble is, just after it was launched, my local Hedge End dealer had a black GSF in the showroom and ever since I’d sat in it – I’d wanted one. I’ll stop the preamble now with – I caved eventually; it’s around 16months old, it was previously owned by the area manager for Lexus, travelling the South West, and it has 17,500miles on the clock. What’s it like in the cabin? I’ll start with the seats – they are a vastly improved over the ISF, which weren’t bad at all! – they’re heated and ventilated. There’s a cornucopia of materials used all over the dashboard etc, which displeases some people. I like it. I love the alcantara topped dash, the bespoke clock and the carbon fibre detailing. There is a bewildering array of settings, both for the radio/sat nav and the dashboard hidden within menus and submenus, but thankfully the basic controls are simple and easy to use. The Mark Levinson stereo (is it still a stereo if it has a dozen speakers?) is excellent and Bluetooth integration is seamless. The screen is over a foot wide and makes the satnav look spectacular, where post code lookup is available! Driving? The engine sounds different to the ISF, despite being of very similar design and the noise in the cabin is a bit more aggressive on cold start. The rev limit is now 7300rpm and the gearbox seems identical to the ISF with slightly smoother shifts. There are 4 drive modes – eco, normal, sport and sport+. These progressively quicken gear changes, firm up the steering, sharpen throttle response and change the behaviour of the torque-vectoring differential (which I believe acts more like a traditional LSD than the e-diff on the early ISFs, which applied the brakes to the wheel struggling for grip). Sport and sport+ also introduce more engine noise to the cabin through first the rear speakers, then the fronts as well in sport+. The brakes are exceptional – grooved discs now rather than drilled. On the move, the ride is slightly softer but definitely more composed, and the car feels a lot more grown up over my local potholed roads. It’s bigger than the ISF (obviously) and more powerful, but I would guess the performance to be fairly similar. Initial journeys suggest it’s slightly more economical than the ISF too, perhaps 2/3mpg better on average. Other random musings… The boot is HUGE – utterly cavernous! I love the noise it makes – the over-flowery blips on the down change are still there! The headlights are the clearest/brightest I have ever seen. The carbon rear spoiler is extremely pretty. The carbon front splitter is a magnet for stone-chips. The steering wheel is pleasantly chunky. The high build quality is obvious immediately – it’s like the thing has been hewn out of granite. A head-up display makes me feel like a fighter pilot. The previous owner ought to be horrified that this car has lost £2/mile in depreciation alone. The amount of information you can display on the dashboard is enormous – amount of torque applied to each wheel – yup, G-force – of course, lap timer – no problem! So, there we have it. It might seem like I’ve only got positive things to say*, but I liked the ISF so much, and this is essentially a newer version with everything turned up to 120%. I’ve only had the car for a couple of days, but I shall keep this thread updated every once in a while. Happy to answer any questions…. *One negative. I had real trouble getting the headlights to switch to full beam. It turns out that there are TWO auto settings for the lights. One for switching them on automatically as it gets dark, and the other for auto full beam (switching back to dipped beam in the face of oncoming traffic and a few other parameters). Human Factors obviously has a day off when they put these two switches on opposite sides of the driving position! It’s all sorted now!
  23. New car - a GSF

    Its a firmer ride - although nowadays it’s probably the same as any other car. (Why does nobody make a comfortable car any more apart from Citroen? Anyway, I digress...) There’s a lot more control over rough/bumpy roads and none of the jarring that I noticed in my 2008 ISF before I swapped over to ‘13 suspension.