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  1. My wife’s RX450 had a slight leak on a rear damper a few years back. This was only known to us when, upon collecting the car from a normal service, we were told that both rear dampers had been replaced free of charge. It’s that level of service that means she’ll buy another RX from the same dealer when she fancies a different colour one! She’s not interested in even sampling any other manufacturers. On an RCF as new as yours, I shouldn’t imagine you’ll have any trouble getting it sorted.
  2. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    A heavily filtered version of a photo from last year; wishing I was there! Good luck Toyota!!
  3. There’s a bloke (hooligan) I see near me with an SVR Range Rover. He can’t drive it for toffee! Huge noise and devastating performance in a straight line but around any sort of corner it seems to understeer, with a lot of tyre squealing. I’d imagine you have to keep at least some throttle down, otherwise all the 4WD/stability/ESP gubbins doesn’t have anything to work with.
  4. Absolutely. A full geo is essential. Look for a garage which does Hunter laser alignments. They’re very good and set everything up relative to the thrust angle of the car. Expect it to take an hour maybe slightly longer, and cost around £80-100. It’s worth it. The garage may even ask you if you want the car setting up for motorway driving, fast road, track etc. When I had my ISF sorted, they weighed down the driver’s seat so the car was set up perfectly for me driving it! Don’t get a Kwik-Fit £30 ‘alignment’, they’re pointless.
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    Rcf bargain

    Oh no! Someone stuck a Halfords V8 badge on the side... 😧
  6. Well, in anticipation of the creation of a giant 'F' section of the forum, and as a previous ISF owner; I thought I'd leave this here: I’ve gone and bought a GSF! I’d had my ISF for around two and a half years and after sorting out what was, in my opinion, a hilariously firm OEM suspension setup, it was smooth sailing all the way. I loved that car – great looks, biblical noise (thanks, H&S) and a real Jekyll and Hyde personality. The last bit was so important to me as the old ‘race car for the road’ adage gets pretty uncomfortable and wearing on a daily driver. I’d covered 12,000 miles, taken it to Le Mans, done a Silverstone track day and on one occasion discovered the speed limiter – yes, there is one and yes, it’s around 170mph… The trouble is, just after it was launched, my local Hedge End dealer had a black GSF in the showroom and ever since I’d sat in it – I’d wanted one. I’ll stop the preamble now with – I caved eventually; it’s around 16months old, it was previously owned by the area manager for Lexus, travelling the South West, and it has 17,500miles on the clock. What’s it like in the cabin? I’ll start with the seats – they are a vastly improved over the ISF, which weren’t bad at all! – they’re heated and ventilated. There’s a cornucopia of materials used all over the dashboard etc, which displeases some people. I like it. I love the alcantara topped dash, the bespoke clock and the carbon fibre detailing. There is a bewildering array of settings, both for the radio/sat nav and the dashboard hidden within menus and submenus, but thankfully the basic controls are simple and easy to use. The Mark Levinson stereo (is it still a stereo if it has a dozen speakers?) is excellent and Bluetooth integration is seamless. The screen is over a foot wide and makes the satnav look spectacular, where post code lookup is available! Driving? The engine sounds different to the ISF, despite being of very similar design and the noise in the cabin is a bit more aggressive on cold start. The rev limit is now 7300rpm and the gearbox seems identical to the ISF with slightly smoother shifts. There are 4 drive modes – eco, normal, sport and sport+. These progressively quicken gear changes, firm up the steering, sharpen throttle response and change the behaviour of the torque-vectoring differential (which I believe acts more like a traditional LSD than the e-diff on the early ISFs, which applied the brakes to the wheel struggling for grip). Sport and sport+ also introduce more engine noise to the cabin through first the rear speakers, then the fronts as well in sport+. The brakes are exceptional – grooved discs now rather than drilled. On the move, the ride is slightly softer but definitely more composed, and the car feels a lot more grown up over my local potholed roads. It’s bigger than the ISF (obviously) and more powerful, but I would guess the performance to be fairly similar. Initial journeys suggest it’s slightly more economical than the ISF too, perhaps 2/3mpg better on average. Other random musings… The boot is HUGE – utterly cavernous! I love the noise it makes – the over-flowery blips on the down change are still there! The headlights are the clearest/brightest I have ever seen. The carbon rear spoiler is extremely pretty. The carbon front splitter is a magnet for stone-chips. The steering wheel is pleasantly chunky. The high build quality is obvious immediately – it’s like the thing has been hewn out of granite. A head-up display makes me feel like a fighter pilot. The previous owner ought to be horrified that this car has lost £2/mile in depreciation alone. The amount of information you can display on the dashboard is enormous – amount of torque applied to each wheel – yup, G-force – of course, lap timer – no problem! So, there we have it. It might seem like I’ve only got positive things to say*, but I liked the ISF so much, and this is essentially a newer version with everything turned up to 120%. I’ve only had the car for a couple of days, but I shall keep this thread updated every once in a while. Happy to answer any questions…. *One negative. I had real trouble getting the headlights to switch to full beam. It turns out that there are TWO auto settings for the lights. One for switching them on automatically as it gets dark, and the other for auto full beam (switching back to dipped beam in the face of oncoming traffic and a few other parameters). Human Factors obviously has a day off when they put these two switches on opposite sides of the driving position! It’s all sorted now!
  7. When I switched from my ISF to my GSF, my insurance company (named after a high-ranking Navy officer, providing cover for multiple cars) wanted to charge £250 extra for the remaining 3 months. My current insurer (named after a famous war politician) wanted £230 for an entire year’s cover. It’s always fun and games around insurance renewal time. I’m sure you guys do the same as me - get the renewal quote, then go online to see what the going rate is, then phone your existing company to see if they can match/better it. A few years back I did just this, but the cheapest quote I obtained online was considerably cheaper than my renewal - from the *same* company. They couldn’t match it...?! Back to the actual OP, £85 does seem a little steep. I think I’d pay £15 a time for any policy changes (which is still a rip off imo).
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    New car - a GSF

    All GSFs have Sport + mode, not just the ones with adjustable dampers... All calipers are orange. I’ve been in a GSF with them, and own one without. I couldn’t tell you which one is ‘better’. The standard fixed springs are very good. The adjustable suspension is a bit different, but unless you tried them back to back, you’d never notice...
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    Council damaged my car!

    I’d say good luck proving that damage was from the lawnmower. Be interesting to hear how you get on though. If it were me, I’d get a smart repair and move on with life. It’s just one of those things....
  10. Totally agree with @Big Rat and @rayaans. My wife had a 325i (E90?) with run flats before her RX450h. The ride was atrocious. Properly awful. We switched the tyres to normal ones and the car was utterly transformed. I think it spoke volumes that BMW didn’t fit run flats to their M cars of that generation. Do they now? I would never fit run flats to a car, and I’d take them off anything I ever own in the future if at all possible! I’d take a slight inconvenience one day every 5 years compared to putting up with run flats for the rest of them. Just my opinion!
  11. ...I find it a look of strained patience, combined with pity...😂
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    RX450h 2016 Towbar issues

    I’m sure someone will be able to correct me, but a good few years ago we investigated a tow bar for my wife’s 2009 RX450h. We were told it was possible to fit one, but that we’d need a gearbox fluid cooler/radiator fitting. We didn’t take this any further, but it sounds plausible if towing a large caravan/horse box etc, but probably not if it’s just a little thing for an occasional run to the tip...?
  13. Fuel pumps all done here - the IS300h courtesy car was rather pleasant. It was comfortable, quiet, economical, quite sprightly in sports mode etc. A very nice car, all told... However, as soon as I saw my shiny black GSF awaiting collection, and especially as the V8 snarled into life, the hybrid was forgotten... shame!
  14. Has anyone bought something like this before? Ebay link The GSF has grey plastic covers on the mirrors (and also the window pillars) which are totally out of keeping with everything else on the car! Don’t we just love the Japanese sense of continuity! I’ve been thinking about carbon mirror covers for a while, and at less than £100, could these be worth a punt? The worry is that the description mentions ‘perfect fit’, but also professional installation recommended as sizes could be out by 1-3cm!! I have no idea how to go about fitting CF parts - I’d imagine it’s not simple?
  15. I hadn’t, to be honest! I shall have to investigate!
  16. mrfunex

    USRS RR Racing

    I never took my ISF to the drag strip, but at Silverstone, I kept on letting air out of my tyres to give around 40psi when up to temperature. It was only when I checked them before leaving for the journey home, the cold pressures were about 28-30! I’d never thought they’d change that much!
  17. Get it done! Really simple, and the sense of satisfaction will be huge. 😎
  18. Mine’s going in on 1st June - I’ll add my bit to this thread soon after!
  19. So, in advance of picking up my new GSF, I got a quote from Lexus insurance, just out of curiosity. The best I’d seen so far through a comparison site was £264 for the year (benefits of living in a safe area, I guess!) Their quote? £2,168.77!!! Can anyone top that?
  20. Well, as above really. Alas, I can’t make it - I’d need to take a week’s worth of leave from work and that wouldn’t please MrsFunex. Not at all. I’ll just have to watch a live stream and get the timing data from the WEC website instead.. it won’t be quite the same! Plenty of great memories - the ones of the racers arriving at Indianapolis out of the forest at 2am with brakes aglow, and the Corvette C7.Rs splitting the air apart along the Mulsanne straight in the early-morning mist will stay with me always!
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    Post your Pics

    Great pictures Paul - looks like a good outing!
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    Post your Pics

    It was nice to have an assortment of roads to play with the TVD - the slalom mode made the car fairly agile (for a 1.8 ton saloon) around the Gorge - using the torque display on the dash it was possible to see how it was working to distribute power to make the car more nimble. Track mode seemed to make the car a bit more stable on fast, sweeping bends (although I found the effect less than slalom mode), all within the limits of what’s acceptable on the public road network....’d be great to have a play on a track day to test this performance under far more extreme circumstances! Credit where it’s due - I drove around 370miles that morning and was fairly fresh at the end. Despite, shall we say, enjoying the merits of the GSF, I averaged an astonishing 30.1mpg. It seemed to me that the car switches to the Atkinson cycle at under 2000rpm under light throttle - in top, this meant almost 40mpg at motorway speeds according to the instantaneous readout! Anyway, this is supposed to be a photo thread!
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    Post your Pics

    Taken in the midst of a rather sizeable hoon; from the South Coast, Cheddar Gorge, Severn Bridge, Merthyr Tydfil, Brecon, Abergavenny, Newport, back across the Salisbury Plains, then home. Epic, deserted roads if you get up early enough!