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    What does the Lexus brand say about you?

    I’d say most people would have no idea it’s a Toyota. Quite a few ‘proper’ petrolheads have absolutely no idea what an ISF/RCF/GSF is, the best I can do is say they’re similar to a BMW M3/4/5... I haven’t really thought about what the brand says to me. I suppose it’s just different, not following the usual procession to the Audi/BMW/Mercedes showroom. Only once you’ve done your homework, or owned one, you ‘get’ the Lexus brand. Mostly it reliability, customer service and design that I like, and the sweet sound of a NA V8!
  2. mrfunex

    Post your Pics

    Spotted! Just outside Brisbane, Australia! (I got a small reprimand from Mrs Funex for being a ‘sad car weirdo’!!!) 🤣
  3. mrfunex

    Tyre "skipping" on full lock

    As I understand it, modern cars don’t use perfect Ackermann geometry for steering due to handling reasons and design compromises. Maybe ‘expensive’ wasn’t the best way to describe it. Car designers tend to prioritise high speed stability over low speed steering for safety reasons. Mercedes recently got their design slightly incorrect and a large number of their 4wd cars exhibited large amounts of tyre scrub and skipping during low speed turns.
  4. mrfunex

    Tyre "skipping" on full lock

    My GSF does this when it gets cold. I’ve had a few other cars do it too. It’s a symptom of wide, low profile tyres losing their flexibility, coupled with the ‘cheaper’ way of managing the wheel geometry approaching full lock. It’s normal. (Obviously assuming nothing’s actually wrong with your IS300!)
  5. mrfunex

    Strava...for cars

    On strava, you can add privacy zones, so it won’t display your route within 1/8, 1/4 etc miles from your start/end point. Still a valid point though, not sure I’d like to lead unsortly-sorts to my front door...
  6. mrfunex

    Strava...for cars

    You could use it to compare your best time, highest cornering speed, etc! Seems like a quick way to get great roads slapped with average speed cameras unfortunately...
  7. When I got my GSF (in black, so terrible for swirl marks), I had it ceramic coated by the dealer - don’t worry, I barely paid anything at all - certainly not the £495 I was originally quoted... The trouble is, the dealer didn’t give the car a proper polish beforehand - so mine has the posh coating, but all the swirl marks and hologramming behind! It annoys me a bit when I see it in bright sunlight. Maybe when I have a spare half day I’ll give the car a good clay bar, polish, wax etc and see if I can sort it out... ...or I could just find someone local with experience who can do the work for me 😁
  8. How many miles has it done?
  9. mrfunex

    Too Flawed to Live With

    Very interesting to read this thread. I’ve gone through the Lexus range slowly from a GS450h, an ISF, and currently have a GSF. I had a LC500 as a courtesy car a while back and apart from the stunning design and looks, I didn’t think it was different enough from the GSF to quite entice me to want one. Rear wheel steering aside, I found the performance, noise and driving feel to be extremely similar, but would have loved to have had the LC for more than 24hrs to try to ‘live with it’. Many car reviews are all about the positives, but the negatives are just as relevant and important - every car has them. Sometimes the flaws can even make the car more interesting! Bl##dy gorgeous, though!
  10. mrfunex

    RCF Tyres prices

    My local dealer at Hedge End does. They’ll match any fully fitted price. 👍
  11. Excellent news, awaiting pics! Hedge End have been absolutely great to us for years. We’ve had a GS450h, an ISF, and currently have an RX450h and a GSF. Was it Mike who you dealt with?
  12. Just a black numberplate away from disappearing entirely! Looks great! 😎
  13. I’ve got a 2016 GSF, and quite a lot of roads near me have changed in the last few years. I’ve had a look at my map microSD card and seemingly the one the car left the factory with is the most recent version. (according to lexus-map Does anyone know anything more? Have we been abandoned?
  14. Young drivers seem to either be the “Em-free, innit” lot, or aspire to own a diesel Audi A3 on PCP. The German marketing machine has certainly done a number on us. This, coupled to the general state of our roads, traffic levels and the utterly relentless war on the motorist, I think petrolheads might be a slowly dying breed. As I understand it, in other countries, Lexus has a better market share, but they’re quite small in the UK. Here I’d imagine a very healthy percentage of all sales are the CT200h, more for tax/BIK reasons than anything else.
  15. If the guy’s worrying about a few hundred quid road tax every year, perhaps a 12-year old hybrid with the aforementioned potential battery issues might not be the best choice? They go wrong extremely rarely, but as any warranty you’ll get on a car of that age won’t be worth the paper it’s written on, maybe a petrol-only car might reduce this risk? Would an IS suit your needs?
  16. Aha! Thanks guys! Think I’ll wait until the next release in October!
  17. Apparently I already have the latest maps, @NemesisUK, I take it you upgraded to the 86271-48341 version?
  18. Interesting as a toy to play with, but as others have said, a rev counter is pointless - as long as the drivetrain provides the power you demand of it, who cares if the engine is on or not! Does this simply plug straight into the OBD port? What else can it do? What’s the update frequency?
  19. They’re both natty dressers, aren’t they! Hope he enjoys it! Maybe he’ll join the forums, or might already be lurking on here? Must be one of the rarest cars on the road...
  20. Tell them to replace the entire system with a H&S catback. That’s what happened to my ISF. Ridiculous price for the tips. The situation may be different now, but when I asked about a set of tips several years ago, the price was £480 a side, and they only come in pairs.
  21. Totally stock - I can’t yet think how I’d improve my GSF... I’ll be putting MPS4S tyres on once the current MPSS are toast, though...
  22. I don’t like the new linen option for the bonnet.
  23. Nothing can be as difficult to clean as a rear GSF wheel tho? 😩