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  1. As a GS450h Premier owner, I can highly recommend it I've had mine (almost exactly) 2 years now and, apart from a few 'glitches', it has been faultless so I have not had need to use my extended warranty yet. I still wouldn't own one without a warranty though. For reference, it now has 92,000 miles on it (20k of which in my ownership), and a mixture of motorway and A road commuting gets me high 30's mpg.
  2. Huh, small world - I'm from Kingsbury and my mum and brother still live there.
  3. Hi Robert, That is an interesting idea that I hadn't considered. It could very well be the case, so if it does start giving me grief again I will probably just get it changed. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Well, so far so good, so thanks for the tip John. I do still think there is something not right about the NSF sensor, but for now it is happy enough (even though it still doesn't appear to read the correct pressure) so I will wait and see what happens.
  5. You could very well be right about this. After all, it is reasonable to assume that the mechanic bought both of his valves from the same place, ergo same supplier. Along comes a different supplier, with potentially a superior quality part, and problem appears solved. The funny thing is, he only bought the last valve because the mechanic offered him a refund if he returned the supplied valve, so the car could very well have ended up being part ex'd for a few hundred quid on the assumption that something else was wrong. As it turns out, there might be more life left in the old girl yet.
  6. Funny you should mention that Mark as he has now fitted another new EGR valve and it seems to be running better. The last 2 were supplied by the mechanic but he bought this one himself, so as unlikely as it might sound, it could be that the 2 valves he got from the mechanic were faulty. Hard to believe, but time will tell if the car continues to run properly..
  7. Exactly that Barry - I have had the squealing when applying the brakes before but never when I am just driving around like now. Perhaps it will go away all by itself like my juddering appears to...
  8. The does sound promising John. One strange thing I did notice was that one of the bolts that holds the sensor in place was missing, suggesting someone had been playing in that area at some point. He is going to bring the car over to me soon to check the fuelling, so I will add wiggling the wire to the list and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. I did this and there appeared to be no discernible difference, so I assumed the caliper wasn't sticking.
  10. Interesting, I will have to look and see what I can find. This is the first time I am hearing about anything other than copper grease. Would it be something like this? What is baffling is that it is happening whilst I am not using the brakes, which suggests that my discs and pads are rubbing all the time?
  11. Well, when I had the brakes originally fitted they claim to have cleaned and copper greased the back of the pads. I then complained about the noise (although it was only under braking at that point), so they took them out and re-applied the grease again. The problem then appeared to disappear until recently. That is why I suspected it was something to do with the disc problems because it seems to have happened at the same time. They did take off the caliper as part of the checks and said they had checked to make sure it wasn't seized, so I am assuming they did have a good look. As far as I am aware, copper grease doesn't need any annual re-applying or anything, so I am not sure what it could be. I could manage a wheel removal, or at least I should be able to Like I mentioned previously, I do have an MOT coming up shortly, so perhaps I will ask them to have a look again but I will have to make sure they don't charge me £186 to apply some copper grease that should have been fine the first time..
  12. Thanks Chris. Will have a look and see what the pressures are. Unfortunately, owing to the low value of the car, it is probably not feasible for the owner to have the injectors checked, which is annoying as I believe it is a good car. The problem is, at 12 years old and 163,000 miles, he believes it might be the start of more problems that wouldn't be cost effective, so if the fix isn't cheap then he will probably move on.
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience/idea's on what could be wrong with my old IS (Which I sold to a friend of mine). Basically, from cold it has real trouble idling, with the revs bouncing up and down and the car almost stalling, which gets a little better when warm but it still not a smooth idle. Also, it will misfire and judder on light throttle between 1000-2000rpm. It seems to go ok when under heavier load. It did throw up an error once and go into limp home, so my friend called a mechanic that said it was the EGR valve and replaced it. When that didn't solve the problem, he thought it might be a faulty part so changed it again - same result. I had a look at this and plugged it into techstream. No fault codes, but I did notice that the pressure of the MAP sensor was dropping into the 50-60 kPa whereas the manual states that it should be between 85-93. So, I fitted a new MAP sensor today. Everything seemed to go well (with the pressure a little over standard in the late 90's) and importantly the car idled smoothly and revved with only the occasional stutter. However, after 3-4 hours my friend went for a drive and it has reverted back to how it was. I am not sure what to suggest next, so has anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Potentially Barry, but since the car is under Extended Warranty, it would be up to the dealer to determine and they claim otherwise, so I am reluctant to touch it. Frustrating, but they had a look at the brakes as part of the investigation into the disc warpage problem and gave it a clean bill of health. A sticking caliper would have also helped explain the disc problem, which is why I asked them about it specifically. You would hope, perhaps wrongly, that they would be able to see something as obvious as what you suggest....
  15. Thanks John and Vlad. The dealer did say that have attempted this twice and afterwards that they all do it, so there is not much more that could be done according to them. The annoyance is that it is squealing badly at anything up to 60mph when the brakes aren't being applied! So, I will be just cruising down the motorway with the loud squeal in the background. I have had noisy brakes before, but never when they are not in use.