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  1. Hi Daz, Sorry, I am a little confused - did you say you are loosing coolant? If so, how much? Assuming there are no obvious leaks, then the most obvious suggestion would be a blown head gasket, although that sounds unlikely consider it has been replaced once before. If you aren't in fact losing coolant than it would appear to be your DPF regenerating. Do you do mostly town driving? If that is the case then it might be struggling to perform the regen.
  2. Shahpor

    Hoping to buy an is250

    Welcome Matt, Good choice of car As Paul has said, the tax difference is down to the gearbox. The sat nav is a bit hit and miss. If you were travelling between cities then it would probably work well, but if you get into all the back streets then it isn't so good. For any potential issues with the IS, there is an excellent guide written by @is200 Newbie which should be helpful: Good luck with your search.
  3. Hi Richard, Sorry, I am a little confused; What is it you want to upgrade? Unfortunately, you are correct that adding the Sat Nav unit isn't a straightforward swap. The only difference I am aware of between the 220d and 250 units is that the 250 ones have an auto recirculate feature that is missing on the diesel. As for the wiring, I am afraid it is probably a case of taking yours off and having a look at how it is wired. Luckily, it isn't actually that hard to remove should you want to have a look.
  4. I can't really comment on which injector to get since I have never had to replace one. However, it does certainly sound like it could be the cause of all your problems. It would definitely be unlucky to have two faults appear simultaneously.
  5. Hi Adam, Yeah, if you look at the pictures posted, the one I mentioned does appear to be for the EGR cooler. Sorry, but it has been so long that I can't remember exactly at what stage you are currently at
  6. Shahpor

    IS220D cuts out once engine warm

    Good idea regarding the temp sensor. Here are the values you need:
  7. Shahpor

    IS220D cuts out once engine warm

    Hi Glen, It sounds like a fuelling issue. Unfortunately, to test this yourself you will need a copy of Toyota's TechStream software. The good news is that you can pick up a copy on Ebay along with the required cable quite cheaply. If you do manage to get it, then you can run the following tests to see if the fuel pressure is correct: If it falls outside these figures, it suggests a new fuel pump is required. Hope this helps.
  8. Shahpor

    Any major 2AD-FTV engine issues?

    Diesel owner reporting for duty In all seriousness, if you are doing short journeys then you will suffer DPF and EGR clogging issues. The 220d does not like poodling around town at the best of times, but London would be even worse. Also, I don't know what your personal preference is, but I would definitely want an automatic car around those parts, which isn't available on the diesel (it also isn't the greatest feeling manual box either). You will suffer a little from the difference in fuel consumption, but it sounds like you don't do a lot of miles, so the cost won't be much greater. If it was me, I would get a IS250 and waft around leisurely.
  9. I agree that it sounds suspicious. Either way, I think the point is still valid, which is that even though your air con might be blowing cold, it doesn't mean it doesn't need a regas for lubrication purposes. I do wonder if there is a correlation between lack of gas refills and compressor failures?
  10. Not necessarily. I had my car services at Lexus Reading yesterday and they told me that my car needed a regas, even though the air was cold. The reason was that they had checked the compressor and the system had no (or very little) oil in it. The service guy advised me that if your air con system isn't refilled every 2 years, you run the risk of compressor failure, even though it is probably still full of R134a gas. Anyway, I got mine done at an F1 Autocentre today and it turns out that it had 278g of the total 460g required in it. So, it was probably worthwhile doing either way (although I am not sure how long it has been since my last air con service). Incidently, it cost me £48, which is much more reasonable than the £119 Lexus wanted. So, for such a nominal amount, I would say it is a good idea to get it checked every 2 years, especially when you consider how much a new compressor will set you back.
  11. Welcome Anthony I have had my 220d for 3 years now and it has covered 30k miles in my care, taking the total to just under 140,000 miles. They do say to generally avoid short journeys, but they can be done as long as a good run is included at some point. Avoiding 6th gear is a good idea, which for me tends to mean doing 2000-2200 rpm on the motorway. I also use 4th on A roads when going 50-60 mph for the same reason. James, it sounds like you are doing a fairly long run with a majority being constant speed. If this is the case, then doing the 20 miles of stop start traffic shouldn't pose a problem. The typical advice is at least 20 minutes constantly above 2000 rpm will give the DPF a good clean. Also, a good old 'Italian tuneup' every once in a while helps A quick Ebay search suggests that it is between £250-300 for a new DPF of unknown quality, going up to £400-500 for an OEM type. Or so they claim in the listing. As for the EGR valve, no amount of motorway driving appears to keep it clean, at least as far as mine is concerned. I would say a good scrub every 5000 miles is going to be the only way to keep the EGR valve happy. Luckily, it is quite a straightforward procedure that should take you less than an hour to do. The basics are covered here: I do mine slightly differently. There are two bolt above and below the metal pipe at the cylinder head end. The top bolt is easy enough to remove, but the bottom one isn't so simple. The way I do it is to just loosen the bottom bolt, which allows the metal pipe to be moved enough to the side to get the EGR valve out. This way, the battery also doesn't need to be removed. Everytime I take mine out it is full of carbon deposits. I am convinced that the inside of my intake manifold is also full of carbon, but unforunately it is much harder to remove than the EGR valve. I have managed over 40mpg, but that was taking it easy whilst doing nothing but motorway miles. A mix of A roads and motorway got me 37-38mpg, whereas my current commute of A roads and town driving yields 32-33mpg. Hope this helps
  12. Shahpor

    Hesitation when accelerating

    You can take it out and give it a clean. Otherwise, you would need the TechStream software to read values from it.
  13. Shahpor

    Hesitation when accelerating

    Hi, You say the EGR Valve was cleaned, but how long ago was that? The reason I ask is that I had a noticeable hesitation around 2500-3500rpm which disappeared when I cleaned mine. The other possibility is the DPF. Have you taken the car out for a blast recently? If not, it is recommended at least 20 minutes above 2000rpm to give it a good clean out.
  14. If you want a laugh, check out its mileage history on the MOT check site. Although, does anyone think this advisory is a little silly:
  15. Shahpor

    Owner of my first Lexus IS200

    Welcome Paul A Lexus on RX8 wheels? This we have to see