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  1. Thanks John. Hopefully all will be well when it comes time to collect. I have asked the dealer to confirm some things, so assuming he gives the right answers, it should be good to go. Fingers crossed.
  2. So true John Interesting update....I spoke to Lexus Hatfield this morning and they confirmed that it actually has had 5 services with them, not 2. The guy at the service desk even said the first 3 only appear on their system, not the Lexus UK network. He was happy to put 5 stamps in the book if it was sent to him. So, with that in mind.....deposit paid
  3. Just an update to say that I had a call from the dealer this morning following up. I told him my concerns with the service history and he said he would enquire with Lexus UK about it and see what he can find out. I might trying ringing around as well to see what I can find. In the meantime, a friend of mine wants to buy my car, so it looks like I might not have a part-ex either. Although I am still not hopeful of getting any meaningful discounts out of them.
  4. Thanks John The problem is that the dealer can't find any record of it being serviced by Lexus for those first couple. Although, now I think about it, it might be the first 2 services, even though there are 3 empty spaces in the book...Wish I had taken a photo of the book now. From what I remember, it had 3 blank spaces in the first 3 boxes, then 2 handwritten entries with no stamps from Lexus Hatfield and finally 3 correctly stamped services from Lexus Sidcup. However, the car has done just over 70,000 miles, so should only have had 7 services so far. This means that ought to be 2 blank spaces at the beginning, not 3. Either way, unless the system at Lexus Sidcup is wrong, it is going to have a couple of blank spaces in the book with no record of if it was serviced or not. I have already spoken to the dealer about the warranty, which will include one year as standard and I will extend it a further 2 years on top. Not much of a discount offered though!
  5. Thanks for the info chaps, much appreciated. @PCM hopefully that means they could still stamp the book if necessary. Lexus Sidcup did offer to send the book to them to do that. As for the rest, it seems that a Lexus approved service history doesn't mean much. If there was a record of the services on the system but no stamps in the book I wouldn't mind so much. It is this lack of any information that bothers me. There is also no documentation/invoices for any work done before the last 3 years at Lexus Sidcup. If this was a 10 year old car worth a couple of grand I wouldn't care, but at 5 years old and almost £19k I am not so sure. Am I being too picky? GS450h's aren't exactly plentiful, especially in Premier spec. Also, there is still the issue of resell value? Buying from a dealer is one thing, but, for example, selling it private might prove difficult.
  6. I'm afraid I don't have the owners details and I doubt the dealer would give it to me now. The problem is the dealer doesn't know where the first 3 services took place, otherwise they did say they could sent it. Strangely, according to their systems, Lexus Hatfield has been 'terminated'? If that is the case, then they can't send the book to get stamped there. I agree that it should have a better service history, although how do you define 'approved'? Lexus Sidcup appear to be ok with its current condition. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, I should have mentioned the car is from 2013. It is this one: The owner was actually there, but I didn't get a chance to speak to him. He handed over everything he had with the car. It's possible that the book was lost, but the strange thing is that the log book states the first owner was Lexus UK, so if the current owner has had since then, then there should be some record? Especially considering that it has had all its work done at the main dealer for the last few years.
  8. Hi all, A bit of a strange one today - went to look at a car and the service book had the first 3 stamps missing. Even more weird is that there is no record on the Lexus system that the work was ever done. The two stamps after it says Lexus Hatfield, but are hand written with no stamps. At least the dealer managed to find printouts to show it was done. The last 3 were main dealer. So, considering the car itself looks and drive well, would you still consider buying it? Also, would you think there could be a potential resale problem as well? Thanks.
  9. I wish my day was that slow Not much to add really other than to say I will reserve judgement on the ES until I have seen one in person. Sad to see the GS go though. In my opinion, the GS (especially the 450h) was one of the best cars Lexus produced.
  10. Well, if you are both enjoying it, who am I to argue It seemed more like arguing for arguments sake to me, that's all.
  11. Considering that the majority of the last page of this thread is the two of you arguing, one or both of you really need to stop posting. Either will do.
  12. From what I understand, there is an 'essential service' and a 'value service'. I was told the prices on the website for cars that are >5 years old is for the Value service. When I had my value service done, it was identical to the normal servicing. You still get a service stamp in the book (apparently the Essential service doesn't?) and can make use of a courtesy car for free. Although, for the cost of £15, I would pay for the insurance excess for the courtesy car to be reduced to £0 from the otherwise £1000. It can take a few weeks to get a loan car, but I would advise speaking directly to Michael on the service desk as opposed to the central call centre booking service. One time, before my service was due, my plans changed and I needed the loan car for 2 days instead of 1. The call centre said it couldn't be done, but one call to Michael later, it was taken care of immediately. Oh, and last time I was there (admittedly some time ago), they had 2 CT's, 3/4 IS's and an NX in their courtesy car fleet.
  13. I also have used Lexus Reading these last few years and have found their service exemplary. Michael on the service desk has been especially helpful on more than one occasion.
  14. Shahpor

    Shaking engine IS 220D

    Hi Daniel, That is a strange one. Does the 'Check VSC' message appear at any point? It would be helpful if you had a code reader too in case there is an error code stored. Smoke, vibration and low mpg suggest it is running very rich, but it is hard to determine exactly what is going on.
  15. Ok, so it seems I don't know what I am talking about since that looks nothing like mine. However, it is certainly in the right place, so it's a good bet it is the correct part. Did you get it off in the end?