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  1. @Herbie That is a nicely thought out post and somewhat restores my faith in what makes this forum such a great place. I suppose the moral of this thread is each to their own. One personal trivial is another necessity. You would be amazed at what some of my friends will obsess over during a purchase. For me, the level of equipment is actually quite important. It is the main reason why I made sure to get a Premier model, even though I could have had a much larger choice of car if I hadn't. Do I need 18 way adjustable seats and an electric rear blind? No, but I love my car even more for it having them. Funnily enough, infotainment is a important factor in my car purchases, it is just that I don't mind the Lexus system too much and I love the 12.3 inch screen. The general jist of what I am trying to get at is, if there is a perfect car out there I am yet to find it, so there are always going to be compromises. However, what people are willing to compromise on varies wildly, so sometimes you just have to accept that what they consider important doesn't make sense to you.
  2. Seriously? This thread is starting to border on cult status. Perhaps I should save myself the grief, but like Herbie said, there is only so long I can bite my tongue. I kept reading hoping that sense would prevail, but the amount of passive aggressive talk on this thread is embarrassing. Contrary to what is being said here, the NX isn't the greatest car ever made! The points that Paul raised at the beginning about the infotainment system and CVT gearbox are well founded and very annoying considering how well Lexus do other things. When I put my foot down hard I am a little embarrassed by the drone that permeates the cabin (although the sound of the V6 makes up for it somewhat). The fact is that there is nothing wrong with not liking the NX, but you guys seem to take it personally that someone doesn't agree with you about how great it is. Oh, and having sampled the new BMW 3 series, the interior is superb and so far ahead of the Lexus offering that it is not funny. Having said that, I still love my GS, so perhaps I will stick around here rather than find a BMW forum like suggested above....
  3. Sounds good Vlad. Good to hear your neighbour owned up. Don't let the insurance company bully/rush you into taking it somewhere you aren't comfortable with. Why not give your local Lexus dealer a call and see where they send their cars?
  4. Sorry to hear this Vlad Hope the damage isn't too bad. At least it sounds like your neighbour is doing the right thing. Just make sure you take it to a decent body shop, not where the insurance company want to send you! I have seen this mistake a few times and it never ends well. On the other hand, the garage that Lexus Sidcup used to do my repair were very good. Either way, I hope you get it sorted soon.
  5. Hi Simon, According to this it should be £295 for rear discs and pads. (You need to select your model from the drop down menus).
  6. At this point it seems almost rude not to have some sort of meet up
  7. Also quite local to Rick and myself then. I wonder how many others there are? Perhaps we should try and organise a get together at some point.
  8. Kempshott Wow, we are practically neighbours. Amazingly, I saw the very same GS-F at a set of lights today.
  9. I will keep an eye out I assume you are based around here then?
  10. Hi Mike, Well, for starters, you would be losing a lot of choice as there seems to be 10 Executive spec'd cars for every other trim level! However, the attached brochure should illustrate the differences between the specs. Lexus_GS_e-brochure 2017.pdf
  11. So where are you based Kieran? Precious few of us GS owners around here, never mind GS-F's.
  12. Hey chaps, I came across a GS-F in Basingstoke yesterday and was wondering if it was anyone from here? First time seeing one around here, so couldn't resist parking next to it and grabbing a few snaps
  13. Glad to happened during the test Glynn, like you say. However, I am surprised that the warranty company refused your claim? Surely a corroded pipe is a failure? In fact, it sounds like a design flaw. Although, based on what you said they did, is it strange that I am surprised that it 'only' cost £950 labour?
  14. Thanks Lee It is nice to get a reminder once in a while how well Lexus do things. It is easy to forget when you drive around day after day with such boring reliability.
  15. Hi all, Just a quick update to say that the GS went in for its first service in my ownership today and came out with a clean bill of health. The only advisory was that the rear tyres are at about 3mm, so will need replacing soon. I have been quoted £120 + VAT each for Michelin's by the dealer. So, after 8 months and 8000 trouble free miles, I can say that it is still just as brilliant as when I bought it. I was actually surprised when I realised it had been this long, but the car is so effortless that it is understandable. As usual, Lexus Reading were great from start to finish. Michael and Sue were just as nice and helpful as ever, and how's this for care and attention: When I checked the service book I saw that someone had put on a post it note to stop the ink smearing the opposite page before it had dried. As you can see from the empty boxes, this isn't something all dealers consider. It is a small thing, and I wouldn't have particularly minded if it had made a mark, but I was impressed that someone took the time to consider such a small thing.