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  1. Well, it sounds you know your way around a computer, so I recommend you get yourself a copy of TechStream since it is very useful. If you get a copy you should be able to figure out exactly where the fuel is going. Incidentally, what kind of driving was this 60 mile trip? When I had mine it would do roughly 32-33mpg in town, going up to 37-38mpg when mixed with some motorway journeys.
  2. Welcome Victor, My old IS220d (which now belongs to a friend) has just broken 150k miles and is still going strong. First things first; are you checking the actual fuel consumption at each fill up? If not, then give it a go to get an accurate mpg measurement. Second, how computer literate are you? The reason I ask is that if you get a copy of the TechStream software from Ebay then you will be able to check and see exactly what the injectors are doing to determine if there is a leak. Lastly, are you sure there isn't any smoke coming out of the back, especially black smoke?
  3. So sorry to hear this Chris. As someone who suffers the occasional bout, I have a small inkling of what it must be like. Such a shame that you couldn't go through with the purchase because, like you say, it looks like it would have been a good one.
  4. This. I love the fact that I can gently squeeze my throttle and get up to speed reasonably quickly as opposed to working the engine hard. There are also other examples of when it is useful to have the power in reserve: Moving away from traffic lights, or overtaking slower traffic. The second one is especially important to me since I have to commute through 10 miles of single lane carriageway. There are a few overtaking opportunities, and you don't require plenty of power to get by (my old IS220d used to do just fine), but it is nice to know I can perform the manoeuvre with lots of room to spare. Also, just because our roads are speed limited, there is no mandate on how quickly we approach the speed limit. Personally, I prefer the accelerate harder then coast method, so the ability to gain speed quickly makes this much easier.
  5. That doesn't sound right Lee. I tend to keep track of my fuel consumption when I fill up and have been getting 30-33mpg on average. This is a mixture of A roads and town driving. Admittedly I don't do that many short journeys, with my main commute being 25-30 minutes.
  6. Shahpor

    IS220d A/F sensor locations?

    By the way, you mentioned un-burnt fuel, so have you checked the make sure the 5th injector is working correctly?
  7. Shahpor

    IS220d A/F sensor locations?

    Hi, Strange though it seems, the manual claims you have to remove the front passengers seat and remove a cover panel to get to the sensor! It looks like the cable for the sensor runs underneath it. This is what it says do after removing the seat and seatbelt assembly: It can be tested, but considering the effort required to remove the sensor, I would think replacing it would be a better option. Have you tried getting a reading off TechStream to see what the current sensor is showing?
  8. My hope was it would go to someone who would appreciate it, so let us know how it goes Chris
  9. Shahpor

    Hedgehog insurance

    Well, I don't have any points or driving convictions, so my only guess is my postcode is not liked by certain insurers. As for the new business fee, I don't really care either way as long as it is still cheaper than others. Thanks for trying it out Herbie Incidentally, did you go direct or through
  10. Shahpor

    Hedgehog insurance

    I would give it a go, but like I said my insurance isn't actually due yet. As John says, they are backed by a large company even though Hedgehog itself only started recently. They claims to be using a new computer algorithm that will help certain demographics get cheaper insurance. If they are still the cheapest when my renewal time comes around then I can't see why I wouldn't go with them, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this discrepancy in prices.
  11. Hey chaps, Has anyone heard of/used this insurance company? I ask because they have appeared on Confused and are by far the cheapest I have seen. In my case they are offering it for less than £500 even though the next cheapest is over £750. Their excess is also only £100 as opposed to the £400 the others have. My insurance isn't due just yet, but as this seems almost too good to be true, I wanted to see if anyone else had any experiences? Thanks.
  12. Hey chaps, I looked but couldn't see any mention of this weeks shed? This looks like a very good deal for £1250 unless I am missing something? If I needed a cheap run around I would be tempted, especially with the great seats it has
  13. Where are you getting these figures from please? All I can find is this, which doesn't show the full 2018 stats: Thanks.
  14. I think stupidity is overstating it somewhat Whilst I agree that an NA ES350 would not work here, it is the fact that they are taking something away when introducing the ES. Would it have been economical to bring an ES450h to the UK? Possibly not. But then it probably wasn't very viable when they produced the mk4 GS450h, but as I own one, I am very glad they did. So, while I am most likely in a very big minority, when it comes time to upgrade my GS an ES450h would have been high on the list.
  15. It might be a viable alternative....if it wasn't for the fact that it was twice the price.