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  1. Well, I bought the car from Lexus Sidcup and it was Lexus Reading that did the brakes, so I am not sure. They are part of the same group, but that is seriously good customer service if it is the case. Yep, took me a few days to discover the kick down I love the mid range - the way it goes from 60-100mph is very impressive.
  2. I bought the car at the end of Sept and the brakes were done at the end of January, so 4 months after purchase. If you mean the kick down switch under the accelerator, then yes, it most certainly has It also has the Sport+ AVS suspension, so a good little run down the twisty roads was had today
  3. I didn't get mine done at the same time as the alloys and paint work. The alloys weren't done by Lexus (the dealer just paid for it) and the paint was done by Lexus Sidcup. I booked my car in because of juddering under braking and the brakes were diagnosed as a potential problem. Since they didn't have much life left in them anyway, I decided to change them anyway and it solved the problem. I am curious to know now if any other 450h F Sport or Premier owner has had their front brakes replaced by a main dealer?
  4. Ok, this might sound silly, but did you ask for just parts or did you enquire about a fitted price as well? I am beginning to wonder if the dealer made a mistake with the cost of mine now..
  5. Which dealer was it that supplied you the parts/fitted quote? Regardless, it would definitely be worth your while to make a trip up the M4 to Reading then if the price difference for the same job is that much different.
  6. That is quite strange. Have you checked the diff for play and possibly replace the fluid? Since it is something rotational it must be somewhere in the drivetrain, so if it was me I would get it on a ramp and have a good look/shake of the components to see if any has some slack. Something like gearbox mounts/centre drive shaft mount/diff mount would be my first port of call. Unfortunately, without trying these things first, it is going to be very hard to diagnose. I don't think it is clutch or anything to do with the flywheel install since those typically judder under load.
  7. Welcome Michael, It certainly sounds like something is moving that shouldn't be. If you read my previous posts you will have seen that my juddering problems turned out to be engine mounts. When idling, does the engine move around at all? A certain amount of vibration is normal, but if it is visibly shaking around then that doesn't sound right. Also, who did the installation of your clutch/flywheel? The reason I ask is that if the car moves forward in gear with the clutch pedal fully depressed, there are very few things that can cause it and they are all clutch (and clutch hydraulic) related. I can't be certain on the Lexus, but on other cars I have had, if you remove the gearbox and driveshaft, the shaft need to be pre-loaded before it is all bolted back together. If not, then it can cause shock loads to be transmitted. Same goes if the shaft is out of balance. Is it possible to get a video showing some of the problems in action?
  8. It does seem strange. If you look at this post you can see the actual invoice I got from Lexus Reading after having mine changed:
  9. Well, as I stated earlier, the dealer changed my fronts for £345. I think they literally replaced just the discs and pads, but that seem like an awful lot to pay for some accessories? Did you enquire as to how much it would have been fitted?
  10. £670 to get the front discs and pads changed or all of them?
  11. Yes, the sat nav display does take a while to get going. Somewhat annoyingly, if you want to turn the radio on or off that takes a little time as well. I have some marks and chips on the front of mine, so it seems that a certainly amount of 'wear and tear' to the bodywork is within specification when the dealers sell used approved cars. How much would really depend on how bad it is. I had some bad chips in the paint of my C pillar which Sidcup repaired for me, but they were really obviously and deep. Good luck at the body shop.
  12. Hi Robert, Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you have done it now because if it took 92 minutes to do mine I would have thought something was wrong long before it finished! I think I will give it go myself soon since it does appears to be good value for money. Thanks again.
  13. I too noticed some road noise when I first got mine, but I think it is probably because I wasn't used to how quiet the rest of the car is! I don't have any breakdown stuff in mine, so it is either missing for me or a nice addition for you. Did you get the map data from the site I mentioned? If so, I haven't done it yet, so I am eager to hear how it goes for you. Thanks.
  14. Same experience from me regarding the warranty. I did end up buying an extra 2 years, but it was at full retail price since Petr said it was set and couldn't be changed (even though it is likely that it could). In the end it didn't matter though since I always intended the get the warranty anyway. Regarding exclusivity, in the last 6 months of owning mine I have seen 3-4 mk4 non facelift cars with only 1 GS450h! Funnily enough, the 450h was the same colour as mine with the same wheels. Although, believe it or not, near work there is a guy that owns a black 2017 GS450h Since it is likely he bought it new, I am tempted to stop and thank him for buying one and giving some of us the option of an upgrade later.
  15. Ahh, I see what you mean - Sorry for the confusion. I assume this is what you are referring to?