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  1. This is all very odd. On my previous Lexus, which didn't have a service pack, the tyres I got for it were very reasonably priced. They also did offer me a price-matching service, but I couldn't find them cheaper anywhere. Between this and my brakes, I am beginning to think that I am very lucky that my local Lexus dealer is so good to me!
  2. There does seem to be some inconsistency between dealers on things that shouldn't be. Although, last time I needed tyres I couldn't find them cheaper than Lexus Reading could provide them, so there might be some truth to it, Once I get the final price back I will compare it to online sources and report back.
  3. Hi Vlad, Excellent news Normally, I wouldn't see the point of skimming discs, but with the price of ours, it is certainly something I would consider if my brakes started juddering again, especially if they were as thick as yours were. It would have been really annoying to have to replace a perfectly serviceable set of discs. What tyres did you get? I have my MOT coming up in a couple of weeks, and I know I need a set of rears, so I have asked the dealer to provide me a pair of Michelin Primacy HP's (or equivalent). One thing that was mentioned that I didn't know is that it was claimed that anyone who has a service plan gets tyres at cost price. If this is indeed the case, then I am interested to see how much the tyres are going to cost me.
  4. Thanks for the info Vlad Fingers crossed the judder disappears. The pads aren't too bad, but without knowing how thick the discs are meant to be, it doesn't mean much. Also, assuming the discs aren't too thin, I wonder if a skim would help the problem?
  5. Welcome Nadeem Tis indeed a great place to hang out.
  6. That would also be interesting, so thanks for doing it. I am just wondering how 'flat' they are now, which unfortunately it much more difficult to determine. I wish I had kept my old set of discs now.
  7. Yeah, my discs weren't particularly worn out either, which was annoying. I don't suppose you have a dial gauge? It would be interesting to see what the run out of the discs are.
  8. Hi chaps, As mentioned in my other thread here, I am still amazed by the price I got mine for and am not sure what happened. It will interesting to see what the result will be when I need another set... I too don't use my brakes especially hard but still experienced the same 'juddering' you are describing. Perhaps a good pounding of the brakes is what is required? Also, as @i-s has mentioned, we are not currently aware of any aftermarket alternatives, so I would also be interested if someone was to source a set.
  9. Hi Vlad, Yes, I had to ask several times to make sure they weren't quoting me the wrong parts and was assured that they were a like for like replacement. The only thing that I can think of is that they quoted for the standard discs and pads but still fitted the larger ones. Either way, as you say, I got lucky. The fact that the price I paid included fitting makes it amazing cheap, so I must have had some good karma that day! Yes, there was the other thread that I commented on where I mention the difference. They are actually bigger (356mm vs 340mm) and are of a 'floating' design. The only commonality that I can think of that the F Sport and Premier share, that the rest of the range doesn't, is the AVS suspension. So, perhaps the fact that it can potentially go around corners faster requires bigger brakes to be fitted to the front? Oh, and if you are experiencing a 'juddering' under braking then it does sound similar to mine. What are you going to do?
  10. This one seems to have travelled a bit since it is the one that was hanging around Basingstoke for a while: It seems to have been cleaned up a bit as well since then as the rear bumper had a scrap on the passengers side and the windscreen had a huge crack in it. Looking very good now though.
  11. Have you considered this one: 450H&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&radius=1500&sort=price-asc&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=rg225ph&page=1 Not the cleanest of MOT histories, but not too bad either. However, this car would be eligible for an extended warranty if you get it inspected at a dealer and no issues arise. The only problem I can see is that it is being sold privately, so no comeback if they do find something wrong.
  12. Assuming you mean this one, then full service history is a bit of a misnomer. From what I can see, it went just under 20,000 miles between its last 2 services, and it is now 23,000 miles since its last one. (assuming that someone with better eyesight doesn't correct me). Considering that service intervals are 10k, I wouldn't call that a full history. The MOT history doesn't look bad though, and it appears clean enough in the pictures, so perhaps it might be alright. The issue is that it is no longer eligible for an extended warranty, and I personally wouldn't consider buying this car without one.
  13. The replacement was an OEM flywheel. It was actually done under warranty, so the part was supplied by the dealer. I also purchased a new clutch to be fitted at the same time.
  14. Hi Rob, Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a simple way to diagnose this issue. The most likely culprit is the flywheel, and as I am sure you are aware, the only way to confirm is to remove it. My 220d had a judder which turned out to be engine mounts, but the technician that discovered the fault was very surprised. In fact, at that point they had already changed the flywheel because it was assumed to be the source of the problem. Sorry, but it is not looking very promising I am afraid.