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  1. Be that as it may, why can't they do anything about the seat heating? If they agree that it shouldn't be that way then surely something is wrong?
  2. Latest update - Wheels done, now just waiting for Lexus Sidcup to pay for it! Really good job, and the guy obviously takes pride in his work: I need to get some better pictures, but these were the only quick snaps I could get outside the garage while the sun was still up. One slight issue was that one of the Tyre Pressure sensors wouldn't come out, so a new one had to be fitted. Genuine part for £75 wasn't bad, but of course, I now need to get it programmed. I tried TechStream but I keep getting this error: So it looks like a trip to a dealer might be in order, which will no doubt be ridiculously expensive for the amount of work done. Other than that, all is well and I am thoroughly enjoying my time in it.
  3. I had the seat frame on my old IS changed under warranty because one of the springs was 'popping'. Unfortunately, the foam and seat covers were reused, so that is not very helpful for your situation. I am surprised the foam wouldn't be covered under warranty if it has been damaged as opposed to just worn out, but I suppose I can see why the warranty company may be reluctant to replace it. Good luck, I hope it goes well tomorrow.
  4. Shahpor

    Tyre "skipping" on full lock

    My previous IS also did it in the cold. I live on a slope, so it was particularly bad, to the point that I sometimes couldn't make what was a wide corner. Always the same though; when the weather warmed up, it went away. In my case at least there wasn't a fault and it didn't get any worse, or occur in warmer weather, so I just put up with it.
  5. Hi Dave, If you mean the little black button, it is for releasing the shift lock. So, in the event the car won't start and needs to be moved, it can release the shifter from the Park position. To reset the gauge, you hold down the DISP button when it is selected. I didn't think the headrests were adjustable back and forth? Perhaps is varies depending on what seat your car has fitted?
  6. Ok, I am obviously doing something wrong because my last tank was 31mpg, or about 350 miles before it was mostly empty. My commute is a mix of town and A roads, but I suspect I just have a heavy right foot. I'm still not used to having this much performance and I just can't resist the odd blast
  7. Well, its been back a few days now and driving is great again Not too bad so far; the vibration and squeak have gone, as has the off centre steering wheel. Aidan, the after sales manager, also showed me pictures that proved the seats were both getting up to 25C, and the oil on the shock was mostly dirt. Lastly, they appear to have done a good job on the bodywork repair as well: The damage was on the C pillar above and a bit to the left of the fuel filler door. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the damage before it went in. I am not an expert by any means, but no matter how hard I look I can't tell it has been painted. So, overall, I am a happy man. Hopefully, with any luck, I will now be able to spend many hours driving it
  8. It seems the man from Lexus Sidcup was mistaken about where their technical centre is then
  9. I recently had a similar issue on mine. I was getting a vibration through the steering wheel and foot wells between 80-90 mph. The dealer reckoned they had checked the wheel balancing before I picked it up since they had the wheels refurbed, but after re-balancing them this time the problem has disappeared. Perhaps it wasn't quite right the first time? Although, if it happens under braking then it still most likely to be worn suspension bushes.
  10. I was speaking to the service manager of Lexus Sidcup today and I happen to mention to him this car for sale. He told me that they aren't allowed to touch it for any work, even an oil change. For a service, the customer drops it off to the dealer, who then contact Lexus UK. Lexus UK send a covered car transporter down to take the car to Belgium, where the Lexus technical centre for Europe is located apparently. They then carry out any work before sending it back. I suppose if you can afford the LFA, you could just use one of your other cars in the meantime. Perhaps slum it in an Aston for a few days
  11. I recently discovered that you can disable this if you have TechStream. Mine now stay on all the time, not that you can tell! Incidentally, I have just got mine back from the dealer and the service manager showed me picture of a thermal camera they have which showed 25C on the seat base at full power.
  12. Isn't it the same V6 as the IS250? You didn't buy it from Car Giant by any chance?
  13. Great looking car Dave. Mercury Grey with Black interior? If so, same as mine. What spec is it? Also, any more pictures? Enjoy your new motor
  14. Thanks John. I am enjoying the car very much, and without wanting to tread on anyone's toes, I have a new RX450h as a loaner and it is making me miss my GS even more. I can't wait to get it back.
  15. I think that needs to go back to the dealer to have the seals replaced, at the very least.