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  1. Welcome Wow, that is a rare find. Wonder why no one decided to use it properly? By the way, pictures are always welcome
  2. Hi Scott, I had a similar problem with my phone not transferring. I documented what I did here:
  3. Shahpor


    Welcome Gary. Tell (and show) us more of this new G300 of yours. Wow, that is one hell of a commute you have there, so it looks like you are going to be racking up the miles soon enough.
  4. I would have been tempted if it wasn't too far away. I know what you mean about free stuff though.
  5. Sorry to hear that John. Someone managed to scrape the front bumper of mine a while back. All I can tell you is that the car was red Attempting to get it fixed in a couple of weeks with the local Chips Away guy coming to work. Fingers crossed he does a good job, although I am curious about how he fixes paintwork since he has never seen the car?
  6. Welcome Szymon, I can't imagine the mileage in itself would be a problem with the proviso, like Chris mentions, that it has been well maintained. By all means, post the link to the car. With the F-Sport, I would say the 2 main things to check would be brakes and suspension. The front discs and pads are surprisingly expensive, so make sure they are in good condition. Similarly, the AVS suspension shocks aren't cheap and there may be a problem coming up with them leaking oil so get under the arch and have a good look around. Other than that, standard car stuff really I would say.
  7. My GS has misting on it OSF shock. It was there when I bought the car and it appeared again on my MOT as an advisory. I was told both times that a little bit of oil at the top was normal and happens frequently. Only if the oil reaches over half way down would the dealer then consider it a failure. In my case, he said it would then be a warranty claim, but whether they would honour it or not is a whole other conversation. They also do only replace them individually as the item must have failed for it to be replaced. Although, with the AVS suspension system, I am not sure how important it is to change them as a pair?
  8. Well, the latest update is that the GS passed its MOT without issue. There are a couple of advisories, 2 of which are the very annoying covers obscuring components nonsense, and the other a misty shock that apparently isn't a problem. Other than that, I got a nice video showing how clean and healthy the rest of the underside of the car is. Also had the dealer fit a pair of Michelin Primacy 4's to the rear, which worked out to £147 each, which doesn't seem that bad. So, 11,249 miles or so after purchase, all is well and I am still enjoying the ownership experience. Only slight downsides are that someone has managed to scrap my front bumper and leave some red paint, and it looks like a stone has gone right through the paint on the drivers A pillar resulting in a small amount of rust forming I will get those looked at soon.
  9. £400 is a very good price, you have done well there Not sure what the squeal is; perhaps the pads they use or the fact that the hybrid doesn't use the brakes in the same way as non-hybrid, but that is what I was told and so far it has worked out that way. I did have a similar squeal on my old IS220d, which the dealer tried unsuccessfully to fix by various methods.
  10. Glad to hear Lexus Sidcup helping you out For the sake of comparison, could you tell us how much the discs were? Although, it is perfectly understandable if you don't want to say. My new discs and pads still squeal really loudly some times, but when I bought the car I was warned that they all do it!
  11. This is all very odd. On my previous Lexus, which didn't have a service pack, the tyres I got for it were very reasonably priced. They also did offer me a price-matching service, but I couldn't find them cheaper anywhere. Between this and my brakes, I am beginning to think that I am very lucky that my local Lexus dealer is so good to me!
  12. There does seem to be some inconsistency between dealers on things that shouldn't be. Although, last time I needed tyres I couldn't find them cheaper than Lexus Reading could provide them, so there might be some truth to it, Once I get the final price back I will compare it to online sources and report back.
  13. Hi Vlad, Excellent news Normally, I wouldn't see the point of skimming discs, but with the price of ours, it is certainly something I would consider if my brakes started juddering again, especially if they were as thick as yours were. It would have been really annoying to have to replace a perfectly serviceable set of discs. What tyres did you get? I have my MOT coming up in a couple of weeks, and I know I need a set of rears, so I have asked the dealer to provide me a pair of Michelin Primacy HP's (or equivalent). One thing that was mentioned that I didn't know is that it was claimed that anyone who has a service plan gets tyres at cost price. If this is indeed the case, then I am interested to see how much the tyres are going to cost me.
  14. Thanks for the info Vlad Fingers crossed the judder disappears. The pads aren't too bad, but without knowing how thick the discs are meant to be, it doesn't mean much. Also, assuming the discs aren't too thin, I wonder if a skim would help the problem?
  15. Welcome Nadeem Tis indeed a great place to hang out.