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  1. The only one that I know of is on the main Lexus website, but it isn't model specific:
  2. I believe John is referring to the original statement that you made regarding refunds on extended warranties, by which you seem to suggest as a fact something that isn't correct. As you have stated, this is a discussion forum, so others that read what you have said may take it to mean that you have researched the topic and are referring to something other than just what you believe to be true. This could lead to members not pursuing a refund on their warranties based on what you have stated. So, by that rational, perhaps it would have been better if you had quantified your suppositi
  3. September is decision time for me and I think I will be without my GS shortly afterwards.. I'm sorry if this sounds offensive, but this is a rather foolish statement. Have I got the wrong end of the stick or are you saying that you think any Lexus car can make it to 200k without suffering any issues? Even if we are referring to only major components, then this would still be a strange position. Perhaps it was just badly worded, but if not, then I am sure there are many owners (myself included) that can easily disprove this view.
  4. I have to admit that the car makes so many funny noises that I have trouble telling which ones are supposed to be there 🙂 I thought I did hear something but I certainly didn't mention it to the service guys, so the technician noticed it himself and reported it.
  5. She would also never have to speak 😏 You get the feeling she is trying to attract a certain demographic with her videos? 🙂
  6. This is the labour rate that Lexus Reading charge. Not sure about others, but I suspect it would be similar for all the Jemca group dealerships.
  7. Excellent post Dave, I am sure it will be useful to many of us GS owners 👍
  8. Yeah, especially since I had planned on another 2 years extended warranty when mine ran out in Sept. The shock would have been £445 and I am not sure on the TPMS valve but between the valve itself and one hours labour to install and program the car I would expect anywhere from £250-300. Perhaps someone else has had it done and can comment? I can tell you that the dealer wanted £203.93 to replace the back box heatshield that had fallen off.
  9. My car needed: New TPMS valve for the front passenger tyre for a leak Heating element for the drivers seat New transmission oil pump Rear passenger side shock absorber It also need new rear discs and pads, but they of course are not warranty items. My extended warranty did cover everything, and the new Relax warranty would have taken care the seat and oil pump but not the tyre valve or shock absorber. The problem is that my car won't be eligible for the new warranty as it will cross the 100k mile threshold soon. As for the breakdown cover, whilst I am
  10. At £186 per hour labour rate and some very expensive components, it wouldn't pay for as many repairs as you would think 🙂 My latest warranty job would have been close to £5k if I didn't have my current warranty and that is less than 3 years of ownership. My last IS racked up warranty repairs of more than the car was worth! Lets not forget also that the 6 years of warranty cover would have included AA breakdown assistance at roughly £750's worth.
  11. But that is the point - up until now the Lexus Extended warranty precluded this issue which is why this is such an annoyance to people like myself. I could have handled the reduced mileage allowance but it is the reduction in coverage that make it unfeasible for me. As an example, BMW do offer what they call Comprehensive cover, which is very similar to the Lexus Extended warranty. Granted it isn't as cheap (especially after 60k miles) but the fact that it is an option means that I have the choice if I buy one of their cars.
  12. For me this is the crux of the issue. Personally, I have had a shock absorber and engine mounts replaced under warranty and I know there are members on here that have had headlights and multimedia screens changed, so these things do occur and are, as you say, very expensive to rectify. As someone of limited means (I am far from homeless but a repair of £'000's is beyond my usual income limits) the worry of something like this happening would somewhat rob me of the pleasure of owning one of these cars. Shame really as I do like the Lexus experience a lot.
  13. I have bought all of the tyres for my GS for Lexus Reading as they are are very competitive on price. They told me they would even price match if I found them cheaper elsewhere. Do you deal with Alex, Paul or Michael when you are there? Michael is my primary contact when I go there and he has always been very helpful.
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