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  1. Well, to be fair you would get a better response in the right section I happen to browse Latest Posts rather than by section. Let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed it isn't bad news.
  2. Hello there, First, you should really be using the pink long life coolant rather than water in your radiator, but if is disappearing then I suppose water is good enough until you find out where it is going. Half a pint certainly isn't much, but in my experience you shouldn't be losing any coolant, so any top up is probably a problem. Are you sure it isn't leaking anywhere? It might be difficult to spot as it could be quite a slow leak. Another benefit of the pink coolant is that it is rather easy to see when it escapes! Other than that, I am afraid the usual suspect would be the head gasket. You might notice some white smoke coming out the back if this is the case. Failing that, you would need to take the car to a garage for them to perform a 'sniff test'. This would determine if there are any hydrocarbons in the coolant, and if there are then the head gasket has definitely failed. Should the worse be confirmed, then my suggestion would be a good used replacement engine. Fingers crossed it is something much simpler though. Oh, and feel free to ignore those that might come on this thread to tell you you have bought the wrong car
  3. Paul is correct. I was told at my last service that the fob battery is changed at every major service.
  4. I have read it many times (I also know where my towel is) Well, I am afraid the decent pension option sailed away some time ago as I wasn't that prudent in my youth. I agree with the housing situation though. There would have been no way I could have afforded my own place at 25, and even now we only bought this place a year ago with a 25 year mortgage. Oh well, nose to the grindstone it is then.
  5. Wow, so many here have retired 'early'. Is there a secret to this or was it just prudent planning? I am currently 42 and fully expect to need to work until I am 67, unless the government decide to raise the retirement age again!
  6. I actually bought my car from Lexus Sidcup. Not the greatest experience, but wasn't that bad either. Salesman was ok and everything went relatively smoothly. I did turn up to view it before it had been brought in for part ex, so I got the see the previous owners unload it The car certainly wasn't prepared properly prior to me picking it up, but they made up for it with the aftersales where the manager fixed all the issues without fuss. They even allowed me to take the car to my preferred place get the wheels refurbed (and they would pay the bill) after I wasn't happy with the finish on them.
  7. Is it strange that my first thought on seeing the price is that it sounds quite reasonable? Has the Lexus brainwashing succeeded? Having said that, considering the potential issues that might come up, I would personally pay the £93 and get it over with.
  8. Welcome K, Always nice to see another GS owner on here. The colour is very nice, but then I am bias
  9. Does the valve have a nut on the outside? Mine had a leak from where the TPMS sensor was, so the fitter got a socket out and tightened it a bit. Been fine since then.
  10. No surprise it sold quickly. Fingers crossed the new owner treats it properly.
  11. Yay, another Mk4 GS owner to add to our ranks Welcome Si Nice looking car there with quite an unusual colour combo. Whereabouts in Hampshire do you hail from? If I recall correctly we have a few members around the Basingstoke (or north Hampshire) area, which is where I am.
  12. Outstanding work as always John. I'm sure you will succeed and it will be of great use to other forum members.
  13. Welcome Craig, As a previous IS220d owner, I am pleased to see you enjoying your car Normally I would agree with the chaps regarding the engine, however, I may have had a different experience. All signs point to the fact that my old car had a replacement engine, which included a very clean comment during an MOT and an engine sticker from the factory on the rocker cover with a newer date than the age of the car. However, despite several attempts, my local Lexus dealer could find no mention of an engine replacement in their records. Perhaps I was just unlucky and the information is there somewhere, but they insist that there is no mention, so if they claim that there is no record, don't automatically assume that it didn't happen. Hopefully they will tell you that there was indeed a new engine fitted, which would be a very nice bonus