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  1. Timely intervention it seems John. I recently changed the front pads on my old IS for my friend, which demonstrated to me how much I miss tinkering with cars. I just need to convince the misses to allow me to get another car to play with
  2. Thanks In case you haven't seen, a few more photos here: Although I admit that I didn't go for any specific colours in mind as Premier models are so rare. Luckily the one I found was a colour that I quite liked
  3. Welcome Segun. It does seem silly to tax a car that is just going to sit there. Are you going to renew the insurance? Even though I park mine on my drive, I would still be weary of not insuring it in case something happened. Good choice on the ISF by the way, and I not jealous at all, certainly not...
  4. Hi Andrew, There is probably a member on here that has done it and can provide the answer. All I can do i'm afraid is give you want the manual says about installing the pipes: As you can see, you need a special tool to torque it down properly so I am not sure if there is another way around this. I would suggest just tightening it further, but it is a high pressure system, so that may not be the best idea. Perhaps a local garage might be able to help?
  5. Whilst I agree with what is being said here, I thought the understanding was that you didn't need to distance yourself from those you live with? For example, a husband and wife didn't need to distance themselves in public because they were already in close proximity at home? This obviously doesn't mean they can come in close contact with others whilst they are out.
  6. Wow Pete, that is a seriously clean car you have there. A real credit to you for keeping it in such a nice state. Were I in the market for an IS250 I would certainly be knocking on your door (at the appropriate time, of course ). I just hope it goes to a good home with someone who will appreciate it.
  7. You are not being picky, it annoys the hell out of me too. I also agree that Pete needs to provide some photos.
  8. Actually Peter, what you suggest has been well illustrated since I have been keeping a closer eye on it. The pressures do increase significantly once you have driven for a time, but unfortunately, for me at least, the variance remains the same. This means that my NSF tyre reads roughly 2.5 Bar whilst cold, but it does increase to 2.7 Bar (!) when I am on the motorway. The other tyres will increase from about 2.2 Bar to about 2.4 Bar, so it appears consistent. Another interesting effect is the outside temperature. On very cold mornings (1 - 5C) the pressure might drop to 2 Bar but since it has warmed up it has returned to normal. Either way, thanks for your suggestion.
  9. It is by no means certain that the head gasket will fail. You have to remember that while on forums we hear about a lot of failures, there are many more people out there who are happily motoring away. I have not been on a single car forum that doesn't list common faults on their cars, but that doesn't mean that they all suffer from it. The main issues with is220d's are EGR and DPF related, and these problems are by no means limited to Lexus. Oh, and telling someone that they should have done their research and telling them the 'truth' about their car after they have bought it isn't very helpful.
  10. Very helpful response Also, considering the high level of reliability of Lexus cars, being the most unreliable doesn't necessarily make it a very problematic one. For example, my old IS is still going strong at 160k miles after 4 years of ownership (myself and my friend) and over 50k miles covered.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion John, but I did try that whilst I was pumping the tyre up before getting it fixed. The warning came up when the pressure fell below 2 Bar, so I pumped it up to 2.2 Bar, but when I got home it was over reading, so I tried resetting it but it didn't change.
  12. Hello all, I am experiencing something odd with my TPMS system on my GS, so I am hoping someone can shed some light on it. Basically, I have been having a problem with a slow puncture on my NSF tyre. As such I have been pumping it up myself, and a few days ago I took it to a garage to have a look at it. They diagnosed a leaky valve seal and tightened it slightly which seems to have stopped the leak. Anyhow, since this started I have noticed that the reading for that tyre has been higher on the dash display then the pump that I used. At first I thought it might be the pump that was misreading, but when the garage did the repair they also added some air, which should have been 2.2 Bar, but the car is reading 2.5 Bar. Upon arriving home, I attempted to reset the system - ignition on, hold the under dash TPMS switch until the warning light blinks 3 times - but it has made no difference. So, I was wondering if anyone had experienced this issue before and what the possible solution might be? The obvious one is the replace the sensor, but I am loathed to change something that might be working correctly, so I was hoping someone might have an alternate suggestion? Thanks.
  13. Hi Andrew, I am actually not sure if they need recoding since I am unaware of anyone fitting the same injector in a different order. However, since you need the TechStream software to code the injectors, it probably wouldn't hurt the run through the procedure anyway. Hopefully that would solve the problem since it gets much more complicated from then onwards.
  14. Hmm, this is a pickle. When priming, I assume you can hear the pump running? Also, do you have TechStream? If not, then it looks like you will need it for the next stage that the manual suggests. This is what it says: So, as you can see, you need to do the active test to make sure the pump is working. Hope this helps.