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  1. Excellent news Vlad, glad to hear it 👍 Now, apart from the insurance wrangles, the only thing left to do is to make sure they do a good job on the repair! Having had personal experience of several badly done insurance repairs, all I can say is look very closely when it is done and don't take anything for granted.
  2. Hey @Vlady Any updates? Fingers crossed for some good news..
  3. Sorry to hear that Vlad ☹️ I hope it can be fixed and look as good as new afterwards!
  4. I certainly hope not. Off track antics aside, it has been brilliant watching the two of them battling it out. My missus ask me in the car today who I thought would win the title, and for the first time in a long time, I told her I genuinely had no idea!
  5. I will always Like a post that contains Yes Minister or Yes Prime Minister since they are my favourite TV series, but it is a rather sad state of affairs that they are still so accurate after all this time. Does this mean we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again?
  6. Unfortunately, these things aren't uncommon. When I had my 100k service done at a main dealer, I specifically enquired as to whether the air filter would be replaced and was told yes. Check it when I got home and it hadn't been done. Called them up and they said to bring it back and they would fit it FOC even thought it was supposed to be chargeable (which I was ok with if they had told me at the time). Friend of mine took his IS300h to a different main dealer for a service that included a brake fluid change. He was suspicious, so he marked all the bleed nipples on the calipers beforehand, and sure enough, they were untouched when he got the car back. It looks like they may have just sucked some of the fluid out of the reservoir instead. They also charged him for a full tube of grease that they used to lubricate the hinges, so he wanted to know where the rest was so he could keep it.
  7. They did something similar near Stanmore in London. Turned a dual carriageway into a single lane on an already very busy road. No surprise that large queues started to form which caused issues on the surrounding roads. They then did a tally and discovered a whole 17 cyclists using their lane per day on average compared to the thousands of cars. Thankfully common sense finally prevailed and after only a few months, the cycle lane was removed. Not before costing the taxpayer roughly £30,000 though 🙄
  8. Thanks for the feedback. 👍 As Tony says below, only the V6 is now available, which is what my electric blue one will be when it arrives. I have to admit, the sunroof rattle has got me a little worried. I have read of quite a few owners that have experienced it and it is apparently quite the loud rattle. Some have even sold their cars since they could no long put up with the noise! They also says that the dealers cannot fix it, despite numerous attempts to do so. The increase in price for the facelift is somewhat annoying as it pushes it into the higher road tax bracket. Although there are still deals to be had which put mine into the late £30k's total cost.
  9. Apologies for hijacking your thread, but as someone who is expecting their Stinger to arrive soon, I was wondering if you could elaborate your thought of it? Thanks.
  10. Hi Craig, Thanks very much for the update. Wow, it looks cleaner than it ever did in my ownership 🙂 So glad that you are happy with it, although it is still strange to see it being used by someone else! I do miss it a lot but I am happy to see it being looked after so well. More updates (and pictures) are always welcome 🙂 Thanks.
  11. Well that really is a good deal then! Strange that the coverage of the 10+ year cars is superior to the newer ones, even if you are paying for it. If I still had my GS, I will certainly be on the phone to Lexus Reading to buy one. Thanks for the info.
  12. I remember going to a couple of testing sessions at Silverstone (they were even free back then!). The last was with the current hybrid engines and you could happily stand around and listen to them go past without much drama. However, I also went when they were still using the v8's and the difference is incomparable. The sound that you could hear long before seeing the actual car, which would turn into almost white noise as it passed along with the feeling in your chest from the waves was something else. Although, it must be said that it isn't only that they are hybrid that makes them quite but the RPM they use now as well. Current engines that rev to roughly 13000rpm are never going to sound as good as ones that were tuned to 18000rpm (or 20000rpm for a short time). It is a shame they have lost the sound and I have my doubts that the new engines being proposed will do much to help.
  13. Well, this is good news, thanks for the info Phil 👍 Apart from the multi media not being covered, are the terms the same as Relax now or do they mimic the old Extended warranty? It is also strange that I still can't find any mention of this product anywhere else. Either way, it is nice to see that not only does Lexus have faith in its older products, but it has actually extended their coverage further!
  14. Haven't missed a race for a very long time 🙂 This season is certainly an improvement, but I can't help but think that Mercedes still has the edge over Red Bull. I'm just hoping that next seasons' cars level the playing field a bit more and make overtaking easier.
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