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  1. Parking tickets

    I feel I might be jumping into the lion's mouth on this one, but from what I understood, Garry meant that you twisted what Rayaan was saying, not that you are twisted. I could be wrong though. As for the blue badge, my father had one. He also had a heart condition which made walking any meaningful distance difficult. I would say that the Blue Badge helped him considerably. However, I also do agree that it shouldn't be a blanket case of anyone who has a disability can get a blue badge. Ideally, it would based on specific deficiencies as a result of a disability, but that would probably be far too difficult to administer. So, if it was a choice between no blue badges or blue badges for anyone with a disability, then I would still vote for badges based on my experience. Lastly, I could again be mistaken, but I thought I read somewhere that Rayaan was a doctor?
  2. Hey chaps, That time of the year once more and old faithful has passed yet again. Only advisory was for front tyres which I knew about beforehand. Tester commented on how clean and solid everything underneath looked (I have had the same comment every year) and the emissions barely registered. Not bad for a car that has managed 137k miles and 10 years of motoring. Lexus really do know how to build them well.
  3. Sorry, I should have been more specific. What I meant was the difference between the one of the left (RT 2 91) and the right (RT 2 94). As you can see, the fuel rating on the 94 rated tyre is much improved while the other stats are the same. So, since the 94 tyre is only £1.07 more than the 91, I was wondering whether they were worth getting, even with the potentially harsher ride.
  4. It seems I am mistaken and it is my rears that are SP Sports. The fronts are Sportmaxx RT, like you have Linas. I just went to have a look (also spent an hour or so cleaning my EGR Valve which was serious choked up!). You can see the outer edge wear: Strange thing though; I was looking for replacements and I saw this on Black Circles: Now, mine are the 91 load rated ones, but it seems that for virtually the same price you can have the RT 2 94's, which they claim has a better fuel consumption rating. So I can't see any reason not to go for those instead? As for the MOT itself, those tray and engine cover advisories annoy me. I know they are meaningless, but it would be nice to have a completely clean MOT certificate, especially as the covers are meant to be there. I have had my MOT done at the my local Mr Clutch for the last 3 years and they have always been good, with no nonsense cover advisories. Also, it only costs £24, so I can't see a reason to go anywhere else.
  5. Well, I have managed over 28k on my fronts, so not too bad. Lots of motorway miles probably helped, but my commute has now changed to 15 miles of twisty single lanes, so I can't imagine the new set will last as long. I am tempted to try a different brand, but I will probably just stick to the Dunlop SP Sports since I know they are pretty good, even if they are specifically made for a Mercedes!
  6. New to forum

    Welcome fellow diesel owner Doing lots of miles is exactly what these cars were made for, so it is good to hear that you have enjoyed some trouble free motoring. Unfortunately, more miles seems to imply the opposite as far as the EGR valve is concerned. The recommendation is to give it a clean every 5-10k miles to keep everything running smoothly. Luckily, it isn't a particularly bad job to do. 6th is pretty terrible, so I agree that Lexus had some strange ideas when it came to choosing ratios. I tend to keep mine in 5th, which at around 70mph helps keep the DPF clean as well.
  7. Thanks. It is the outer edge that is wearing out. He thinks they were underinflated, which could be true because when they were pumped up the steering got lighter. They are generally worn out anyway. Between 3 and 4mm tread depth left. The drivers side outer edge is 3mm and the passengers 2mm. I asked the guy why that was and he said it was because we have so many roundabouts around here! I will get a new pair of fronts soon. There was also an advisory for a nail in one of the rears, but upon closer inspection it hasn't gone all the way through, so no repair required.
  8. That is a nice looking car you got there. You are right about the leather. I thought it was only available in black and cream. Wasn't there a mild facelift around 2008? Perhaps they stopped offer it after that? Looks good though, and I wish the cream also had the black carpets.
  9. And where are the photos? Was it garaged then and never taken to any car parks? When I live in London it was a case of when, not if, it was going to be dinged, dented or scratched.
  10. The gear ratios are the same, it's the diff that is shorter. I haven't experienced the Sport myself, but if you are telling me that 70mph in 5th is 3400rpm for you then the difference is significant. Like I said previously, the normal car is around 2000-2200rpm at that speed.
  11. Welcome Kal. I just to see if you had looked at the MOT history? The reason I ask is there were some things noted on there (exhaust, shocks) that should have been sorted by now (or perhaps they were just the MOT tester being over zealous). If not, it might be worth having a word with the trader you bought it from about getting them fixed. Hopefully they have been sorted though and your local garage give it a clean bill of health
  12. Same for me. Usually cruise in 5th at around 2000-2200rpm, which seems to work well.
  13. £5200 is a very good price for your old one. Nice to see a good outcome at the end of this sad tale. 25K over 12 years is a little over 2000 miles a year. Hopefully you can put the car to some good use now.
  14. I suppose it could be the fact that the mileage is so low that the warranty company didn't complain. Also, it is possible that because only one failed it is hard to argue wear and tear.
  15. Can we get more details please? Age of car, mileage and dealer since some people on here have been refused warranty cover for shocks because the warranty company determined it was wear and tear. It might help with some consistence if previous examples of claims could be quoted. Thanks.
  16. So Whats Your Profession?

    Nothing too exciting, especially compared to some on here. I am the Network Manager at Alton College. School holidays have taken on a new meaning for me now since it is so nice and quiet when teachers and students aren't around.
  17. Hmm, sounds typical of a dealer to just bung in any old turbo to get rid of the car. No doubt very annoying, but you do at least seem handy with the spanners which keeps the cost down. A Micra you say? Ouch I admit to being a car snob, so I also wouldn't be happy with losing my comforts. Perhaps a IS250 SE-L/F Sport is the best option?
  18. Sorry to hear what has happened. It will probably end up with a perfectly good car being written off because of someone carelessness. I hope this isn't the case though and you get it all sorted easily.
  19. Not trying to be funny, but I am struggling to understand what this post is trying to say? Sad to hear what has happened to you Steven. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have this car if it wasn't for the warranty. It is not just the cost saving, but the convenience factor as well. I would like to think that if something similar happened to me, the car would be delivered to the dealer, I would get a loan car and a phone call when it was ready to be collected. For someone who relies heavily on my car, this is an important consideration. At least, like you say, £120 a month for a new car isn't a bad deal, so hopefully it will keep you going hassle free for now.
  20. I can think of one way of doing it - Get an Android phone
  21. Yours should be Gen 05 as well. Since I am an Android users, I can't comment on iphones. Doesn't it have the option to share contacts?
  22. It is certainly not truth that they are time bombs. I wouldn't take what is said here to heart; it is a truism that you mostly hear about the problem cars because inevitably people go on forums to ask questions when something goes wrong. I am sure there are plenty of IS220d/IS250's out there plodding along nicely. Speaking from experience, mine has given me 28k trouble free miles and counting. Run it properly, do the little extra maintenance tips that are mentioned here and there's nothing to suggest it will give you any trouble.
  23. Assuming it has a Gen 05 sat nav system, this should hopefully be of some help:
  24. Based on the position of the cooler and metal pipe, I would be surprised if it wasn't a straight channel. I suppose in theory the whole thing should be cleaned, but having seen the location of the EGR cooler, I can definitely see why this isn't the case! I gather the exhaust manifold would need to be removed the get it all out?
  25. Mine also looks like @Odysseus's. Although, to confuse matter more, I am with Vodafone, so I have no idea what the Ho stands for.