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  1. Chris111


    You are correct. It is a 4.3 litre V8 and not just in the USA.
  2. Chris111


    I don't agree it is "better" spec'd when OP states his current car has live traffic satnav (2017 maps), in car WiFi, lane departure and auto brake. As far as I am aware these weren't even options on The Mk3 GS 450h. As Phil says above they are both high spec but different. Also need to be aware when looking about the change in standard equipment I mentioned above between the spec on the original launch cars and the 2008 facelift models.
  3. Chris111


    The GS 450h had 4 trim levels. Base, SE, SE-L and Sport, SE-L being the top spec. The spec sheets below apply to the 2008 facelift model. The equipment levels on each trim level were downgraded slightly compared to the 2006 and 2007 model year cars but they still remain well equipped. A few examples are the rear lip spoiler and cooled (ventilated) seats feature are standard fitment on the original SE spec but were deleted from the facelift model, and on SE-L spec the PCS/ACC and electric sunroof were fitted as standard on the '06 and '07 cars but became an optional extra on the facelift model. You can tell a facelift model as the side indicators were moved from the wings and into the side mirrors. There are a few recent threads on this forum about what to look for when buying a 450h so have a read through them and good luck with your search.
  4. This press release from 15/02/2012 states LED headlampss were an option on the premier spec.
  5. These are the ones I bought. They are the same as the ones that were fitted. As for your steering wheel try baby wipes. That's what I use and cleans it a treat. Just wipe down with a damp cloth afterwards and give it some feed.
  6. Chris111

    radio issue GS450H

    Well that is really odd. I have just been out to mine to try it and whilst I was able to set the station presets as per the manual I did not get a beep! But, other than not getting a beep it has worked so I'm sorry I don't know what to suggest you try next but I hope you get it sorted.
  7. Chris111

    radio issue GS450H

    The manual states to hold one of the preset stations until you hear a beep. Are you hearing a beep?
  8. Chris111

    High speed cornering

    Tyre size for my GS is 245/40 18 (standard for all Mk3 GS with 18" wheels) with a 93 load index (XL is 97) and I do not consider them to have a soft sidewall. I still say the problem is your front tyres. You say you really doubt it could be anything else as the car is brand new, well, that maybe the case, but you have second hand tyres on the front that by your own description are unevenly worn.
  9. If it's in the same place on the IS as the GS there is a sticker at the base of the near side door pillar headed 'Toyota Motor Europe'. On the far right written at a right angle (on my GS anyway) is written 'C / TR 8T9 / LA13'. 8T9 is the paint / colour code. Sorry I haven't posted a picture but I haven't got the ability to do that at the moment.
  10. Chris111

    High speed cornering

    Yes they can have a huge influence on the handling and it sounds to me like your front tyres are shot. How old are the front tyres? You say they are more worn on the edges. This to me indicates that they have either previously been run at the wrong pressure or the wheel alignment was out and they may now be running unevenly on the road surface. Also, you are now running XL tyres on the rear and non XL on the front meaning the rear is a slightly harder tyre, although I don't know if this may or may not contribute to the problem. I agree with Phil above that if you still have the 16" wheels and tyres you put them back on and try them to see if there is any difference. Or, alternatively, swap the 17" ones around and try that. As you have fitted larger and wider wheels and tyres it might be worth getting the suspension geometry checked as it may be your cars' suspension was tuned differently for the original narrower 16" ones. I would also say that I got the sportmaxx RT2 fitted all round 18 months ago and it is probably the best tyre I have run. I know my car is a GS but it is a more powerful and heavier car than your IS and I must say I do not recognize any of the criticism leveled in that one quote. Hope you get it sorted. P.s. Just for info Goodyear own Dunlop.
  11. Last summer a noise I can only describe as sounding like marbles being shaken in a cardboard box started. Took me ages to trace but turns out it was right above my head as the sunroof was responsible. It wasn't loose so I just cleaned the rubber with baby wipes. That was two months ago and the noise has not been heard since. I don't have the problem this thread describes with the door seals but it might be worth someone who has giving these a go.
  12. Nice one Martin and welcome back to the GS fold. I remember reading about your previous experience of the other 450h at the time. Hopefully you won't experience any of the problems with this one. With regards to the engine shutting off when you come to a standstill, I can tell you mine doesn't always do it and it seems to be dependent on the time of year. When the weather is cooler mine seems more reluctant to shut down but does it more readily when the weather warms up. Enjoy the car.
  13. And now states 'will come with 12 months MOT'.
  14. Following my previous post just to add for OP the visible differences for the '10 facelift are, externally, redesigned 18" alloys on SEL and 17" alloys fitted to SE, although the 18" was an option. Also a new front grille. Inside the infotainment system was updated with DAB introduced and the tape player removed. I believe also with this final facelift Base and Sport trim levels were also discontinued.
  15. There were four trim levels of the 450h when launched. Base, SE, Sport and SEL. All 450h models from '06 to '10 run on 18" wheels. SE facelift from 2010 changed to 17". All 450h models from '06 to '08 had a boot lip spoiler. Dropped from SE after '08 facelift. '06 to '08 450h SEL fitted with radar cruise and sunroof as standard. After '08 became an option. Sunroof was an option on SE. Both SE and SEL 450h have ML as standard. Cooled seats option dropped from SE after '08 facelift. You can tell an '08 facelift model from the visible changes, namely the side indicators were moved to the wing mirrors from the front wings, a slightly different grille and the lower rear bumper panels are body coloured. Prior to this they were black. The following may be of help. They are pages from the 2008 brochure that were on another thread provided by @stevet