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  1. Chris111

    Advice on fitting smaller wheels to GS450h

    I believe the only choice for this would be fit 235/45/18 (same size as S4 GS 450h on 8Jx18" wheels) to keep any accuracy to your speedometer, although it will still show you going faster than you are as the overall diameter will have increased compared to the standard set up. A 225/45/18 tyre size is virtually the same overall diameter against 245/40/18 but I'm not sure they would wide enough to fit an 8J rim (happy to be told different). If you go for the 7.5Jx17" wheels with 225/50/17 tyres the overall diameter is also virtually the same as you would expect. I would also suggest that if you choose to alter the size of tyre on your 18" wheels you might fall foul of your insurance company as anything other than 245/40/18 is not a standard size for the S3 GS 450h. If you fitted the 17" wheels with 225/50/17 tyres this would not be an issue as these are a standard size that were fitted to some models.
  2. Chris111

    Advice on fitting smaller wheels to GS450h

    The following is from an American company but the product details do state the OE part number:- I know they are listed on this site as being for the GS 350 and 460 but they were the ones fitted to the UK spec 450h.
  3. Chris111

    Advice on fitting smaller wheels to GS450h

    Ah yes sorry John. The wheels fitted from 2010 are 7 spoke not 10. Are these like yours?
  4. Chris111

    Advice on fitting smaller wheels to GS450h

    The S3 GS 300 SE also had 17" wheels fitted as standard and the attached ebay listing shows you what they look like and I believe these are the same as were fitted to the 450h SE from 2010:-
  5. Chris111

    Advice on fitting smaller wheels to GS450h

    The 2010 facelift S3 GS 450h had 17" wheels fitted as standard shod with 225/50/17 tyres in SE trim spec. The 18" wheels were standard fit on the SE-L but were an option for the SE so you should be able to fit 17" to your car. You will not be able to put 16" wheels on as they will not clear the front brake calipers. I believe the member you are referring to is John aka @royoftherovers
  6. Your model like mine John had it fitted as standard but it became an optional extra on the top SE-L spec following the facelift of the S3 GS in 2008. It remained as an optional extra on the Premier spec when the S4 GS was introduced, only being fitted as standard again with the mid cycle facelift as @rayaans says above.
  7. Yes I have seen that one and it is exactly what I would be looking for but unfortunately not at this moment in time 😞.
  8. Lovely looking car Shahpor. That's the exact model and colour I'll be looking for. Interesting to note you mention the lamentation of the salesman that there will be no 450h version of the ES.
  9. I think you've got that the wrong way round John. Pressing the button so that it stands proud (or out) disables the button from the drop down tray and the button on the keyfob meaning the boot can only be opened from the outside manually using the key in the keyfob. It's on page 30 of the owners manual headed 'Luggage security system'. If the button is in the recessed (in) position the boot can be opened by all three methods.
  10. Chris111

    New GS450h owner and some niggly problems

    Might be a daft question but have you checked the bulbs haven't blown? If the boot opens via the remote and the interior button the switch in the glove box will already be set to ON as in the OFF position it disables those two functions. As the boot can be opened by these two functions but not manually I can only assume there must be something wrong with this mechanism. With regards to the camera, sorry, I haven't a clue!
  11. Chris111

    New GS450h owner and some niggly problems

    My GS has two rear fog lights and two reversing lights, both either side of the number plate.
  12. As you have a Luxury model you have a gen 4 GS. Trim levels for gen 3 GS are base, SE, Sport and SE-L. Trim levels for gen 4 are Luxury, F-Sport and Premier.
  13. No mine haven't failed but I have been thinking about this for a while as the matter of hybrid battery failure always gets mentioned when any prospective owner asks on this forum what to look out for on the series 3 GS450h. It is also stated that there is a higher failure rate for this model compared to other Toyota/Lexus models from the same era. Now, I am just throwing this out there to see if anyone more knowledgeable can add to or confirm or tell me I am completely wrong about this, but I'm wondering if it isn't actually the owner of the car who has inadvertently been responsible for the hybrid battery failure in the first place. I am only thinking this as the air intake vent to cool the hybrid battery on a S3 GS is situated on the rear parcel shelf or package tray and a warning notice on page 11 of the owners manual states “Do not put foreign objects over the air vent. The hybrid battery (traction battery) may overheat and be damaged.” The GS is a saloon and I have seen plenty of other makes of saloon cars with stuff on the rear parcel shelf so how many GS 450h owners may have put a coat, jacket, pet (dog!), cushions, road atlas or anything on the rear shelf without realising this and have obstructed the vent? So my question is basically could any resulting damage from overheating ultimately lead to hybrid battery failure? The other hybrid models that the GS is compared to are either hatchbacks (CT/Prius) or a SUV (RX) and they don't have a fixed rear parcel shelf so obviously the air intake vent to cool the hybrid batteries is in a different place on those cars. I don't know where the vent(s) is/are on those cars but is it a place more difficult to obstruct? As I said these are just my thoughts and I may be completely wrong but what do other forum members think?
  14. Chris111

    Front shock for GS450h 2008

    But will they be up to the job? Genuine question as I don't know. I know the 450h shares the same front suspension as the 430/460, which is more 'beefed up' than the 300, so if the 300 uses different shocks it must be for a reason. That's what I paid recently for one a Lexus Carlisle (excluding fitting).
  15. Those are the correct alloys for the 2010 facelift version of the 450h SE-L, the SE getting 7 spoke 17" alloys with these 18" being an optional extra (although prior to this all trim versions of the 450h were fitted with the previous design 18" alloys) but they would have been silver. FYI the info below indicates the level of equipment you can expect to find on this model but they relate to the 2008 facelift and a couple of things did change for the 2010 model As you can see there were four trim levels available but for the 2010 facelift only SE and SE-L were retained. The '06 to '08 cars have the most standard equipment (the SE-L having ACC/PCS and sunroof as standard) but these became options from 2008. However to 2010 cars did get, amongst other things, DAB radio and the deletion of the cassette tape, a redesigned front grille and alloy wheels and I think also improved safety features. Enjoy your new car, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.