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  1. They do not make them in 245/40 R18 which is the size for all Mk3 GS cars with 18" rims. However they do make them in sizes 225/50/R17, which some Mk3 and Mk4 run on, and 235/45 R18 which is most of the current Mk4 lineup (excluding F-sport).
  2. Mk3 GS models can run on 17" wheels but as you have a Mk4 GS I would check with Lexus first. There is a thread on here dated 31/07/17 (Sorry I don't know how to attach it to this thread) where another member was asking if he could fit 17" wheels to his Mk4 GS instead of the standard 18" with the outcome being that a Lexus technician said it was highly unlikely they would fit.
  3. A lot of the lugs on the outside of mine were heavily corroded but I just applied more WD40, left to penetrate further, and then hit them out. I used an extension bar from a socket set. Placing the flat end of the bar on top of the lug and hitting the other end with a standard hammer. I found lots of quick light taps followed by a few heavier ones did eventually remove them all with no damaged. If you think about it they are more likely to snap it if you hit them from the side or try to wiggle them out. If you strike down straight and true on the lug you are in effect pushing it out which should be successful. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say. I know how I did it but it is not easy to describe. Anyway, good luck with yours.
  4. No I haven't. I'll have to seek that out. When I bought mine a few years back there was a thread on here where another member had stopped his rattling and had posted very comprehensive pictures showing what he had done. I followed this and although was initially successful over the last couple of years the rattles are returning and are getting worse. The glove box seems to be the worst. In the summer when it's warmer I also have the pleasure of the rear parcel shelf creaking and rattling too. From reading other threads on here this seems only to be the hybrid models' problem though as it is the vent for the hybrid batteries that does this. Interestingly the initial thread I mention resurfaced on this forum recently but the pictures have disappeared.
  5. I have just removed the chrome spokes from mine last week using lots of WD40. I to had problems with the bolts on the outer part of the wheel but after letting the WD40 penetrate for 24 hours I was able to undo the nuts and then tap all of them out undamaged. I found that if the nut was still being stubborn when trying to undo it, a very slight motion to tighten it resulted in freeing it so it could be undone. Some were still difficult to tap out but more lubrication and heavier 'tapping' worked. Be careful with them as they are £30.00 each from Lexus.
  6. Good luck with that one Phil. I've given up!
  7. I agree post 2008 is very confusing. I should clarify again that my research was made just on the 450h so may slightly differ to the 300. I personally have never seen a 450h with fabric seats. Not saying there aren't any though but that is interesting. Is your 300 SE a facelift model Steve? Things like the ML and rear blind did become optional extras at some stage which is why I said two SE spec'd cars post 2008 could have different equipment levels depending what option box was ticked. Was AVS and VDIM an optional extra on the 300? These were standard on a 450h. I think I am right in saying all SE spec GS 300's were fitted with 17" wheels as standard, 18" being an optional extra, and 18" were standard on SE-L spec 300's. The point I was making about the 2010 facelift was the fact that SE spec 450h models were now fitted with 17" wheels and parking sensors an optional extra, whereas all 450h spec's had always previously been 18" and sensors fitted as standard. I also think that the 300 had ceased production by this date.
  8. With regards to the difference in trim levels and what that means in terms of standard equipment it is interesting to note that as the production years progressed for the MK3 GS the amount of standard 'goodies' fell. I did a lot of research a few years back when I was looking for my 450h and found, at launch of the MK3 GS, there were 3 trim levels (or 4 if you count sport for the 450h). These trim levels were base, SE and SE-L. I believe these are representative of the 300 too but not the 430/460 as that model only had 1 trim level, i.e. everything was standard! The base spec didn't have things like the ML stereo (optional I believe), rear blind, cooled seats or rear spoiler (on 450h at least). The SE added these as standard and the SE-L (on the 450h but not sure about the 300) added ACC/PCS (adaptive or 'radar' cruise) and an electric sunroof as standard. I believe the only option on a SE-L was the no cost one of part wooden steering wheel and gear knob ( which personally I'm glad to say mine hasn't got as I am not a fan). Then in 2008 the GS underwent a mild facelift and the base model was dropped. Except it wasn't! It was rebadged SE and in turn the SE was rebadged SE-L. This resulted in the removal as standard of the ML stereo, rear blind, cooled seats etc. from the SE trim spec and removed the ACC/PCS and sunroof as standard on the SE-L (becoming a near £4000.00 optional extra). This hopefully might help to explain why people who have say, an SE spec model, find differing levels of standard equipment. I would also just like to add that I found the official Lexus press release online recently for the more major and final facelift of the MK3 GS in 2010. It is interesting to note that this saw the the SE spec now ride on 17" wheels (18" optional) and it stated that even things like the parking sensors were now optional extras on this trim level.
  9. Mine is one of the first 450h models being registered in May 2006 and that's exactly what mine looks like too. I'm only guessing here but the screens may be different on the 450h because they show info relating to the hybrid. The cruising range is still shown as can be seen in your first picture and the rest of the info is displayed under the speedo as in your last picture.
  10. As far as I know the 7x17" wheels on a S3 GS (as fitted to the 300 and post 2010 450h SE) are ET50. The tyre size is 225/50 R17. As for the brake calipers I believe the front ones on the 430, 450h and 460 are the same but I think the ones on the 300 are different.
  11. Changed 24/03/2006. Prior to this the VED was broken down into bands A to K. K was the top band and was for cars with a CO2 emission (g/km) of 201 and above. Then, on said date, bands L and M were added. Band K changed to CO2 of 201-225 g/km, band L is for CO2 of 226-255 g/km and M is for CO2 over 255 g/km. Both L and M bands more than £200.00 p.a more than the band K charge. As the GS 300's emission rating is 232 g/km it was placed into band L and that is why the earlier models are cheaper to tax.
  12. I have always said that the Jaguar XF and the Mk3 GS are near identical from a side profile. Considering this GS model was introduced in 2005 and the XF in 2008 I wonder who copied who!?! Interestingly I parked next to an XF once that was a similar colour to my 450h. I returned at the same time as the Jag owner only to see him go to the drivers door of my car. We did have a laugh and a short discussion about the similarity of the two.
  13. Well done Phil. Looks great in the pictures. Enjoy!
  14. I believe that is also the 17" size fitted to the 300 but I think that the 300's fitted with 18" wheels will have the same tyre size and profile as the 430 and 450..
  15. One more thing I forgot to mention above Phil is that not all 300's have 17" wheels, some have 18" that were fitted as optional extras and some had them, depending on spec, fitted as standard so just be aware when you go to see one.