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  1. I can only think that it became an option due to cost cutting as it was originally standard fit on the Mk3 450h SE-L before became an option (for approx. £3500.00 I believe) only available on this trim level after the 2008 facelift. When the Mk4 was introduced in 2012 it was offered as an option only on the Premier spec. However, I believe it became standard fitment again when the Mk4 was facelifted circa 2015 on both the Premier and F-Sport spec but the luxury spec was dropped at this point.
  2. These are my results. I hope you can zoom in on this.
  3. Sorry Lee, not technically minded so I don't know what your asking.
  4. Having just had mine done, if I can work out how to get a photo of the results sheet on here I'll let you know.
  5. John if you've read my recent thread about the vibration at speed you will see that I also had a problem with the steering feeling light and also experienced, like Lee says above, having to concentrate at keeping the car in a straight line. This was traced to it toeing out and a 4 wheel alignment has sorted this and as a result the steering now feels much more weightier.
  6. Thanks @Chris Skelton. I do check mine occasionally and I also always re-torque the nuts myself after any work done but good advice that I'm sure a lot of people overlook. @Farqui and @Britprius I believe that there is a further problem for us GS 450h owners as in what do you do with the wheel and tyre that has had the puncture after fitting the space saver spare as a full size GS 450h wheel with tyre will not fit in the boot! If you've got a full car that will be a problem. I'm sure I have also read a thread on hear a few years back were the poster was stating that if you use a can of 'tyre gue' it will wreck the TPMS.
  7. But who actually provides the insurance for Tesco? None of these supermarkets own banks or insurance companies so it is provided by one of the main insurance companies under the Tesco name. For example, I know when my wife worked for Lloyds that the 'Sheila's wheels' brand was one of their offerings. The other big insurers will do the same thing and they will all charge different premiums for these different names even though it essentially comes from the same provider. Mobile phones are the same. Tesco mobile is supplied by O2 I believe and BT mobile by EE.
  8. I have checked on mine and the sports button and traction control button are lit up as well so I think you are missing some lights I'm afraid.
  9. Sorry I have no idea how easy they go. I would assume it's the same as a wheel bearing or any other bearing. When they wear out, they wear out. In my opinion I don't think that any particular driving style would cause this but would also be interested if anyone knows different.
  10. Quick update. Been out in the car a couple of times and all seems to be fine. I say 'seems' as I'm paranoid about this especially as I have been told on previous occasions that it had been 'fixed' (by balancing the wheels, etc.) and also the fact that driving on some of the road surfaces here result in the car displaying the same symptoms! I will say though that high speed driving feels fine now, not that I drive fast, but I was able to overtake vehicles (safely) under circumstances I wouldn't have done recently because I knew the car would shake and vibrate. I have my car back again😁.
  11. Sorry just noticed that you have a GS 300 and I quoted the 450h manual but I still think it will be in your manual as it shouldn't be so much different to mine. You state in your original post that you have followed your manual in how to operate it so, if it follows my manual, the explanation for what you need to do is on the following page under a bullet heading 'When the 12 volt battery is disconnected'.
  12. If the battery has previously been disconnected and the roof hasn't been reset page 54 of the GS 450h owner's manual explains what you need to do. Similarly if the windows also haven't been reset after the battery being disconnected page 51 explains what to do.
  13. Had a similar experience about 15 years ago with my wife's 2001 Seat. Turned out to be a faulty ABS sensor.
  14. Finally got the car back this afternoon after nine days and the problem was diagnosed as the prop shaft bearing. The car does now seem to be a lot better to drive and the noise does appear to have gone. Unfortunately I was unable to do more than 50mph during the journey home so am unable to confirm for myself that the vibration has gone, although Steve the technician who worked on the car is confident the problem is now sorted. The problem with the light steering was traced to it toeing out so a 4 wheel alignment has sorted this and as a result the steering now feels much more weightier. Will be going out for a long fast run tomorrow and hopefully, after more than three years, I've got my car back to how I remember it and will enjoy driving it again.
  15. Update. The car went in today and is with them for a few days. A run along the M6 with one of the technicians driving resulted in him describing the car as 'very loose'. He also confirmed to me he could hear the noise which he said will be thoroughly investigated by himself together with the suspension and steering components. I also wrote a short 'essay' (like my initial post above) for them so I could give as much information as possible, describing what I feel and hear, what has been done in the past to try and rectify it as well as mentioning the potential causes of the problem which @NemesisUK and @is200 Newbie put forward. Thanks very much. Only slight downside is the courtesy car. A Yaris. Now there is nothing wrong with that except it's a manual so I have to learn to drive one of those again! I haven't driven one for years. Will hopefully know more beginning of next week.