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  1. And now states 'will come with 12 months MOT'.
  2. Following my previous post just to add for OP the visible differences for the '10 facelift are, externally, redesigned 18" alloys on SEL and 17" alloys fitted to SE, although the 18" was an option. Also a new front grille. Inside the infotainment system was updated with DAB introduced and the tape player removed. I believe also with this final facelift Base and Sport trim levels were also discontinued.
  3. There were four trim levels of the 450h when launched. Base, SE, Sport and SEL. All 450h models from '06 to '10 run on 18" wheels. SE facelift from 2010 changed to 17". All 450h models from '06 to '08 had a boot lip spoiler. Dropped from SE after '08 facelift. '06 to '08 450h SEL fitted with radar cruise and sunroof as standard. After '08 became an option. Sunroof was an option on SE. Both SE and SEL 450h have ML as standard. Cooled seats option dropped from SE after '08 facelift. You can tell an '08 facelift model from the visible changes, namely the side indicators were moved to the wing mirrors from the front wings, a slightly different grille and the lower rear bumper panels are body coloured. Prior to this they were black. The following may be of help. They are pages from the 2008 brochure that were on another thread provided by @stevet
  4. I appreciate that there are recorded problems with the hybrid system on the 450h but it is by no means the vast majority of them that some, it seems, would have others believe.
  5. Yes, although I have no idea how many models there are fitted with it as it was an optional extra but only offered for the SE-L spec of the 300. It was fitted as standard on the 430/460 and on the SE-L spec 450h from launch until the '08 facelift when it then became an option.
  6. GS450H brake discs and pads help

    Well if it won't fit why is a 2006 450h listed as being a compatible vehicle? Mine is an '06 and was built in 2006. It wasn't launched until 2006! Sounds like either someone doesn't know what they are talking about or someone doesn't know how to list items for sale correctly.
  7. GS450H brake discs and pads help

    I have absolutely no idea how to link other web sites to my post but on that popular online auction site if you search for the seller 'lexusbirm' or the shop 'Lexus Birmingham Parts' all the parts are listed. I believe a lot of sellers get confused as the Mk 3 GS was introduced in 2005 but only with the 300 and 430 models. The 450h was introduced in the UK in 2006 but not, it seems, until 2007 in some other markets. If you go on an American parts site for example, 2007 is the earliest year listed for this model.
  8. That makes sense. So OP should be able to at least get a health check done, just not get a warranty.
  9. At the last service last June when my 450h was eleven years old (registered May 2006) I was given a hybrid health check certificate from Lexus Carlisle. Don't know if this was done in error or whether it is because the car has a full Lexus service history. I would say ask. They can only say yes or no.
  10. Hi all GS450H newbie here

    Very nice looking motor. Top SE-L spec as well so all the toys as standard.
  11. I think it states 2014 onwards as that was the year the 300h variant of the Mk4 GS was introduced. I would be very surprised if the mats fitted to a 300h are different to those in the Mk4 450h as it is the same car, just the mechanical's are different.
  12. I always buy Denso blades and the cheapest I have found every time is
  13. Denso are, I believe, the original fit blade. I get them online from They are the cheapest for these blades I have found and free delivery too.