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  1. FYI Shane the GS F Sport is fitted with 19" wheels as standard. 8"x19" front and 9"x19" rear. Tyre size is 235/40/19 front and 265/35/19 rear. If you were to fit 8"x19" all round with the 235/40/19 tyre size, the difference in overall diameter from 18"to 19" is only +0.28% (or 2mm), not the +1.48% (or 10mm) if you fitted 245/40/19. I personally also don't think that a reduction in the tyre profile height from 45 to 40 would make a huge reduction in ride comfort.
  2. Chris111


    Congratulations Katherine. Is it a Luxury or Premier model?
  3. Congratulations on your purchase Maurice. Glad to hear you are very happy with your car. Which is the best tyre? That's the million dollar question. I don't think there is any answer as to which is the best tyre for a specific model. New, the GS was fitted with Bridgestone. I have Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S fitted to mine. Not the cheapest but I have found them to be very quiet, give an excellent ride and stick like glue. I have no experience of Pirelli tyres so can't comment on them. However tyre choice is a very subjective topic and what one person finds to be a good tyre there will be others who disagree. To me tyres are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment fitted to a vehicle and I fit Michelin because imho they are the best tyre, others will disagree. From reviews I have read, the Pirelli is a decent tyre and if you find that to be the case then happy days. One thing to watch. As you know the F Sport model has a staggered wheel set up and I have found quite a few tyre manufactures do not make a tyre in the size required for the rear wheels.
  4. Sorry to be pedantic Phil but that is a Creedance Clearwater Revival recording not a John Fogarty solo (he did write it though). Great song, good choice👍
  5. The Beatles - Drive my car Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 Motorway Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild Deep Purple - Speed King Madness - Driving in my Car Good shout. If I remember correctly this was voted best driving song a couple of years ago by Planet Rock radio listeners.
  6. Hi Dennin and welcome to the LOC. That looks a very fine car for its age. Just shows what quality cars these are.
  7. AC/DC - Highway to Hell Queen - I'm in love with my car Status Quo - Don't drive my car And two tenuous ones:- Led Zeppelin - The Rover Hawkwind - Silver Machine (well a car is a machine 😁)
  8. Welcome to the LOC Greg. Looks a great car and in a good colour (my GS is the same).
  9. Congratulations James. Lovely colour. I look forward to reading about your experiences of the car in the coming months. I was loaned a new ES F Sport for a week in the summer of 2019 whilst my GS was in the dealers waiting for a delayed part and, although I found it to be a good car, it wasn't for me. They were trying everything to get me to buy it but I just couldn't wait to get my GS back. However, I don't want to be negative on your thread so I hope that you enjoy your ES and that it will meet all your expectations.
  10. Welcome to the LOC Matt. Nice car and looks looks surprisingly good in that colour.
  11. In a word, Yes It is normal. I can't explain it to you myself, but if you look at the numerous postings on the various forums on this site you will find the answer to your question.
  12. Welcome to the LOC Ben. Glad to see you are happy with your GS. They are very underrated cars imho.
  13. Hi @Mel 71 and welcome to the LOC. That's a nice looking IS. Which trim spec is it?
  14. Read this the other day. Thought it might be of interest to fellow GS owners
  15. From my personal experience the S4 450h F sport has a much more comfortable ride than than my previous S3 450h SE-L did, despite the increase in tyre size (S3 245/40 18 all round against S4 235/40 19 front and 265/35 19 rear). I had a perfect driving position in my S3 car but I cannot find one in my S4. I am constantly fiddling with the seat adjustments as I drive to try and alleviate the discomfort, but to date I have been unsuccessful. I have read reviews that 'complain' that the seats have too much adjustment. I must say I agree but others may find the perfect position straight away.
  16. To follow up on my post from yesterday, we went over to Penrith this morning to do the shopping. Drove past an Esso and a BP station and whilst there were queues, they were not overflowing onto the roads. However, I did notice something else. The price. Two weeks ago I filled up at this Esso station and both it and the BP garage across the road were charging £135.9 pl. However, today the Esso was £137.9 and the BP £138.9. I wasn't aware that the price of a barrel of oil had increased again. Profiteering?
  17. What a selfish t**t that bloke is. I thought there were laws about storing fuel at a domestic property?
  18. I agree, my Mk3 GS450h had two, even my wife's brand new Suzuki has two. However, I believe the Mk4 Facelift cars had two reverse lights.
  19. Been reading on local social media that Carlisle and Penrith have experienced it today, with a few people saying the Shell station in Penrith has run out of fuel! It is interesting that there are a few BP stations here but they seem to be fine. I agree with statements above that it is the media (especially the print media) who have blown this out of all proportion, but hey, that sells newspapers and as an added bonus they can also inflict their own (or the proprietors) political view about it upon you.
  20. Having owned both I personally think the Mk4 is the better looking. The side on profile of both cars is very similar but I think the Mk4 looks better from the front and rear. I always thought that the main beam headlights on the Mk3 looked like an after thought styling wise. However, I have always thought Jaguar must have looked at the Mk3 for inspiration before they styled the XF. Their side on profiles are uncannily similar.
  21. I can't answer your question as to why your early LS460 (along with the early IS250 and GS300) is not compatible but this link from the RAC explains the damage that can be caused to an incompatible car
  22. I agree as everything I can find online states the Advance trim has sensors as standard and that the SE trim didn't. If this is true one has to ask is OP buying a genuine Advance model or a spec'd up SE?
  23. Hi @Leo00 and welcome to the club. Looks like you have got yourself a good car there with the low mileage and FSH. The CT appears to be an extremely reliable car so you shouldn't be concerned about this. Enjoy your car. 🙂
  24. This is exactly what happens. Lock the car and then within 5 seconds lock it again and the deadlocks are activated. This is irrespective of whether your model locks from the key fob or the touch pad on the door handles. In my experience the owners manuals do not mention this and I do not understand why.
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