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  1. Hi, hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a right pain in the ***** problem with my is 200 sport (2004) I have a rattle. A right nuisance. Not loud but loud enough to notice. It seems to come from the front of the car. I had one shock changed just after i got the car. Still rattles I had new discs and pads on the front A garage told me it was the anti roll bar bushes, so had them changed at £130. Didn't work Took it elsewhere, and THEY said also the anti roll bar, looked at the previous garages work, said was poor quality and replaced them. so i paid TWICE for the same damn job but this time they replaced 2 other bushes or dampers, in the middle of the bar. £150. Still bloody rattles They are now saying it is the lower ball joints, to replace, another £155. Am i being taken for a ride here if you pardon the pun? I was ripped off by a car dealer, one who didn't honour his warranty (Plympton car centre, Devon, avoid them like the plague) and have spent a small fortune on this damn car. Does anyone think replacing the ball joints would fix it or is there something else it could be?
  2. yeah yeah i know! Believe me the grief i got from the Missus you wd not believe. I was driving a Honda Accord, lovely car but something major went and i needed to get into another car FAST, where I live in Devon I'm pretty much reliant on having a set of wheels at the ready. so...i had been looking for an SE auto, in fact i really had my heart set on getting one but all the ones i saw here in the south west were buckets, or they were "ok" ones but were like T reg and V reg and i wanted a newer car than that. So i saw the is200 sport and REALLY needed a car and thought "why not". Its the first car i have ever bought in haste and regretted it ever since. I am sure my attitude to the IS200 would be more positive if i had a better experience but all the hassle with this one, and the fact I had an is200 SE auto in Alan Partridge blue (LOL) back in 2004 and that was only one year old with 70k on the clock and bought from Lexus Plymouth. One year old, and 2 weeks later i get the reg docs and it had EIGHT previous owners. Thankfully it was under warranty but omg that went back to lexus LOADS of times, i could write an essay about that car. so..... unfortunately thats been my experience with lexus so far which is a shame as i (believe it or not) do love those cars
  3. Hi Paul, yep thats pretty much why i got rid of it. I like the IS but after spending hundreds and hundreds trying to cure the most annoying noise i had to cut my losses and get shot of it. The car had: New front shocks £200 New anti roll bar bushes (which were done TWICE, long story) £300 New track rod ends £200 i think? New top suspension mounts £150 i think? New lower ball joints , cant remember the bill New tyres £150 And that not including the £300 service plus the £340 cambelt change and a leaking sunroof to top it all. Plus i didnt realise when i bought it, someone had lowered it, so was constantly grounding the car plus rattles from exhaust, from heat shields, from brakes £180 new discs and pads ***** leaking sunroof and even then, as i took the chav bodykit off, someone had fannied about with the car so it needed £450 respray at the front oh the list goes on, and the car wasnt cheap to buy either so u can tell why i got rid of it. I was so close to getting someone to drive it off a cliff and claim the insurance LOL! The jag i have now is lovely, not perfect but got a good deal and the main thing, i got rid of a lemon. If you ever see a lexus is200 for sale with the registration FE04 EZG avoid it like your life depended on it!
  4. Sure thing, and the people who i have "spoken" with on this forum seem a decent bunch of people! The Jag? Well the way I felt about the IS200 I just got shot of, i would have swapped it for a reliant robin.
  5. hiya, sorry have got rid of car now, traded it in for a lovely Jag s type. Owning the is 200 was a total and utter pain in the a*** and the car was a complete money pit and am glad to see the back of the b*stard if I'm honest! I spent money on every possible scenario to cure the rattle and i eventually gave up These cars seem to have a cult following, fair enough, but i think many of the owners i came across online were much younger than myself and were more interested in pimping their cars! so, this will prob be my last post on this forum, thanks to everyone who gave me advice, i did appreciate it, its just this is the 2nd bad experience with owning an IS200 and ive walked away from Lexus now.
  6. i'm pretty sure it has to be the top mount on that side, i have sorted anything else it could be so by a process of elimination it SHOULD be that. Bloody noise is driving me mad. The nearside top mount (looking at it from under the bonnet) is solid and the nut wont turn, seems ok The offside, where the noise is, i could turn a fair bit. Tightened it, took it for a drive and then checked it and could turn it AGAIN even more, even though before i went out i tightened it up solid. I may get it checked next week but am slowly getting fed up with the car i have to admit
  7. update: Took the car out today and lo and frikkin behold, the noise is still there, just not quite as bad as it was! Any ideas before i go crazy?
  8. no, the ball joint cured it, for a week! ..the same as the anti roll bar bushes cured it, for a week and the same as replacing the track rod ends, cured it......for a week. I think my car is haunted. or, the real issue is with the shock or least its mounts. No, actually i think the car is haunted
  9. one more thing....... As its finally stopped raining (!) down here in deepest, darkest Devon, I thought i would take a look before going back to the garage. I had ONE shock fitted 5 months ago, as mentioned earlier. No idea if rattle was evident when car was bought as shock was done only one week later, so.... Under the bonnet i decided to check the top suspension mounts. nearside, tight and good. Then check the large central nut on the offside, where the rattle is from, and guess what, i could turn it almost 2 times around with a wrench. So, hopefully that MAY possible fix it, when i go out tomorrow i will update this and let you know (*fingers crossed)
  10. Well, my shock, the one where the noise is from, was changed 6 months ago. Over the past while, i have tried many theories to silence the noise, each one costing me money. I dont want to spend another 100 quid or so changing a 6 month old shock, for it to turn out to be the suspension mounts or something. Sick of spending money on the car to be honest
  11. Hiya. Yes thats good advice, thanks, in fact it was me that made the mistake of buying the car with half the service history missing, i should have walked away and its certainly dipped into my savings to correct the problems with it. Coupled with a dealer who shafted me and wouldnt honour the warranty, it turned the whole thing a bit sour. However i'm getting there with it now, correcting issues, still a few to go, and then a touch up for the bodywork where the (now removed) bodykit was, and i think i'm pretty much there! I was after an SE Auto, i had one years back, and at the time my car (A Honda accord) needed to go double quick so that's why i bought this sport one, but i see the 2 cars are very different beasts! LOL! (The most annoying thing being bottoming out and scraping one of the exhaust heat shields every time I pull on to my driveway as the car is much lower than i realised when i bought it!
  12. Hi again, i thought i should edit this post (i've left what i posted underneath) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!! :tsktsk: the damn noise has started again after a week!!!!!!!!!! Can you damn well believe it??!!!!!! SO far in the 6 months of having this car I have forked out over 500 quid on suspension, taken it to 3 separate garages, and after what i thought was the solution the damn noise has started up again. I really am thinking of cutting my losses and getting rid of this damn car. I did a bit more research and found this is more common than i thought. Someone mentioned its the shock. Well that shock was replaced 6 months ago so how could it? Can someone come up with another theory about how this can be cured? Preferably DIY as i dont want to chuck any more money at this issue, only for it to start again a week later Hi, i just thought to update this thread if anyone was following it before xmas. Knocking sounds GONE! (YAY!) Thanks to a very experienced mechanic called Bill at Elburton garages, Plymouth. It was the offside lower ball joint, which was made worse by resonating along the front anti roll bar. All done! And the car is lovely to drive without the rattle
  13. its funny how 3 different garages, all supposedly reputable, have been unable to pinpoint the problem! AAAAAARGH!!!! LOL
  14. Hi and thanks for the reply. The noise can be heard even when pulling away, in fact its only really noticeable when driving slowly, say under 30 mph. Someone mentioned the brakes being a possible culprit? When i bought the car the discs were warped so i had them replaced of course but maybe with the older discs it strained the caliper with the vibrations perhaps? I'm not keen on really spending too much more money on this car i have to admit, although the noise bugs the hell out of me but the car has had waaaay too much money spent on it and i can see it becoming a money pit! I'll get it checked out one more time
  15. Bonnet Bounce!

    the first time you have seen what?
  16. Bonnet Bounce!

    i found out (after i bought this) it had been accident repaired. When i turn the rubber things the bonnet noise stops but although it locks shut, it doesnt seem to "sit" properly, attached 2 photos, any ideas? Does this look normal?
  17. Nah not metallic, more of a deeper sound. Suspension is sport, the lowered version so mot much play when you press wings down.
  18. take it to lexus? From the last time I owned a lexus, back in 2004, i hardly think Lexus wd look at it for free, well not the dealer down here in Plymouth anyway!
  19. Thanks Scudeny but it wont let me edit the title, only the text, oh well I am sure people know i meant to say Annoying and not anooying!
  20. What did i do today? Gave my car a good polish with some autoglym stuff. Looks fab. Tell you what, i have learnt a lot about lexus over the past few months of owning a car and i have to say that unless these cars are maintained regularly, always serviced on the dot etc, i would disagree with their "legendary reliability". Mine has been a pain in the ***** from day one. Engine fine, but all the other bits have caused me issues like suspension, brakes, sunroof leak, blah blah. Great cars but far too many around on the 2nd hand market which haven't been looked after. One look on ebay shows you can get one, usually X or Y reg for as little as 400 quid. With the amount i have spent on my bucket i may as well have bought a cheap one until it died, and then bought another cheap one!
  21. Newbie

    hi Jason
  22. Bonnet Bounce!

    hi,. i know this is an old thread but am looking for answers for the bonnet bounce I had. It wasnt bad and when i tightened the 2 little black rubber screws it stopped but the bonnet now looks like the gap between the lip of the bonnet and the front grille is wider than it should be. Can i ask is the is 200 bonnet supposed to have rubber mounts on the UNDERSIDE of the bonnet itself or just on the car itself?