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  1. what your describing there mate is the compressor has packed in or the wiring has broken to the compressor ( lexus know about the wiring fault and there is a modified loom out ) iv'e had 2 compressor faults on rx's in the last 2 months and about 4 wiring loom faults price of compressor is about 850.00 of the top of my head !!! Check out this link
  2. Hi Just popped in to see how you all are. With regard to suspension it is a very very common fault not only with Lexus but Toyota generally. I had it on mine twice and if you care to scan back or look at the Toyota landcruiser club sites you will find they subject has been well covered. But briefly Toyota installed weak sensors to all air/gas suspension units right across the range, I discovered that Toyota had an internal recall memo stating that if a car came in with the problem they were to replace them all free of charge. However some dealers are only replacing the faulty one and you have to insist they replace them all. Most owners feel there should be a 3 year warantee on the new parts however I don't think Toyota are going along with it. The Toyota garage electrician I spoke to said he was doing about 6 cars a week with the same problem , but Toyota have refused to do a national recall to protect their reputation. I had the same trouble with my 2004 Amazon so your not alone. Realspeed
  3. Hi everyone I am still about for those that remember me from having the RX300 SE-L. Now own a Toyota Amazon but seriously thinking about comming back to Lexus. The model I am looking at is the RX350SE ( What car mag also recommends this version), would have gone for the SE-L but to be honest I don't think the higher spec model is worth it, especially after the suspension sensor problems I had with the 300 SE-L. What I was wondering if anyone here owns a RX350 hopefully having owned the RX300 previously and what their opinion of the new model is. Realspeed
  4. Just popped in to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. I still keep looking on this site to see the latest on Lexus's and peoples comments on them. Have a great time over the next few days. Realspeed
  5. No I do not kid anyone about safety I am serious. It appears that you are unaware of this method of expunging air from brake fluid lines. I am not talking about air bubbles that need the brakes to be bled, no this is a trick used to stop brake fade. So many times have I heard of people going to a garage and paying loads of cash to get the problem sorted and all the garage does is exactly as I have stated and smile when they take your money. I give this tip for anyone who has brake fade and it is up to them to try it out for themselves. It costs nothing except an overnight wedging of a brake peddle down and there is nothing to loose by trying it. Having been around cars and mechanics as a hobby for over 40 years some of the tricks used in the past have been forgotton, and if I can revive and pass on knowledge that helps then I will. ALL I SAY IS TRY IT BEFORE YOU KNOCK IT. Realspeed
  6. Hi all yep I am still about. In answer to the brake peddle question it could be a bit of air got into the braking system. Here is a very old trick but still works on any car to cure the problem. When you park up the car for the night wedge the brake peddle down hard with a piece of wood or similar, usually the best way is from the drivers seat to the brake peddle, leave the brake peddle wedged down till the following day. In the morning you will find that the problem is gone. the theory is that as the brake is under pressure for some time any air is forced out . Please let me know if this works for you as I havn't had to use this method to stop bake peddle fade for some time. Realspeed
  7. Hi Swag, i have noticed that this happens but it does not worry me as i think its part of the cars design, and at the end of the day the car does pull you up so for me it's not a problem. Baz ←
  8. Hi all Just an update on Lexus Rx300 SE_L against Landcruiser Amazon. First I never had a dodgy gear change with the Lexus, thats got that out of the way. Ok The lexus is far quicker and more responsive and a bit lighter on fuel but the insurance is more. Also I cannot really see the need for a sequential gearbox, as I like most others I suspect leave it in automatic, however the manual side of the box is there if wanted. The seats do hold you better going around bends. Against, for where I live cars comming the opposite way down my country lane don't care if they hit the Lexus or not with the speed they go. As for the Landcruiser Amazon the main reason for the change was purely on size and internal space. On average the deisel 4.2 ltr engine is returning about 22/23 mph which isnt too bad for the size of car. The insurance is about £50 per year cheaper, also if towing then definately the Landcruiser or for serious off roading. Maybe I am not up on sound systems but the Landcruiser seems on par with the Lexus, maybe due to bigger speakers. The acceleration is not as good but you don't have that type of car for speed. However in the few days of ownership I have tended to notice those idiots who want to speed down the lane do tend to slow down and make way for me and if they land in a ditch or hedge then tough luck. Another thing obviously is the height, being able to see far ahead in traffic does have an advantage,also having a bigger payload does mean less trips to the warehouse for pet food etc ( I own boarding kennels and cattery) Out of choice if I didn't have this business and wanted a car for (normal ) use, then definately the Lexus wins hands down in most departments and I would definately go back to having one. Realspeed
  9. Sorry to have to inform you that I shall have to leave the Lexus group here as I have bought myself another car but it is still a Toyota being a Landcruiser Amazon. I have had Lexus RX 300's for 4 yrs and they are great cars, however at the moment I have the urge to get something a bit bigger and really need something that will carry a bigger payload. Maybe after having got this bug out of me I will return to Lexus not for another RX but something more car like, especially if they bring out an estate. Toyota have looked after me so well with all of the cars made by them that I cannot see myself looking at other makes. Later on as I am comming up for retirement an Avensis estate may well fit my future needs Although I will not be able to participate in any topics about the mark, I shall if I may stay to see the members comments and also to get first hand information if an estate is produced. Thanks for being such a great bunch and I wish you all every happiness with your lexus's. Reaspeed
  10. I have been looking at the above web site which is USA based and amongst the list of ripoff merchants is a section on car parts. May I suggest everyone checks out this site first before buying from America, it may save a lot of problems. Realspeed
  11. Don't think they are actual moans as such, more about problems that owners have had and what kind of satisfaction from Lexus they have received. When you take a sneak peak at other car owner forums they all have discussions/problems with their make of car, Lexus do seem to have less problems than a lot of other makes. For myself yes I have had a problem with my car ( see other threads), but the way the local Lexus garage dealt with them has left me more than satisfied with the standards Lexus have set for themselves to keep customers happy, far more than some other makes I have owned One happy RX300SE-L owner Realspeed
  12. You forgot to mention the tune it is whistling. Realspeed
  13. I had my Mk1 RX treated but I only kept it for 3 years and made no difference to the resale value. I suppose it depends on how long you intend to keep the car but if you want to do it be crafty and don't pay Lexus prices, around here, and I think nationally, a company called Chips Away do the treatment for Lexus, and will, at least the guy from that company who I know does, come to your home and give your car the same treatment for half the cost. So may well pay to check this out first. Realspeed
  14. The only other thing I can think of then is is it not that actual geabox thats at fault but appears to be more down to the engine management system. I would have thought that if the car was put on a diagnostic rig it would show up as a fuel/air mix surge when the gearbox is actually in "neutral" during the upchange/downchange. Years ago this could be down to a sticking butterfly valve in the carb, but I don't know how the air/fuel mix is governed In the Lexus, it could be down to a faulty electronic chip. A "Sports" tuning specialist who deal with "chipping" would maybe able to sort the problem shan't mention any company here but they can easily be found if searching the web. Realspeed
  15. Hi all Regarding lurches I cannot say I have experienced it in my2004 RX300SE-L. May I put forward a theory, and please don't take it as critisim just my thoughts, is it possibly that members are trying to accelerate away too quickly, therefore not giving the gearbox time to come into operation properly. All the above seem to use the automatic part of the gearbox but I don't see anyone saying they experience the same if pulling away in manual mode and changing up thru the gears. Ok shoot me down if I am wrong, and not having experienced the problem I can't say if this is the case or not but it is I think worthy of consideration. Can I ask those with the fault to report back if it happens in "Manual" mode as well out of interest Realspeed