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  1. Now you mention it .. the Ebay seller has certainly set a lot of do’s and dont’s there .. almost as if you turn up you have to buy it regardless .. if I were in the market I would like a day out looking at a potential purchase .. I dont find it odd the reg plate is blanked but maybe they really dont want to sell after all !?
  2. Yes .. like a lot of potential Lexus Hybrid customers I worried about this battery issue too .. that was until my wife said I want to buy this !!!!! which of course was the current RX .. so Like a good husband did what I was told but .. recently have also bought an LS600h L RSR and I just LOVE it .. no kidding .. after years of owning a string of high performance cars this LS is so indiscreet but fabulous not only in comfort but performance and regularly indicating 40 mpg although give it some head and it does drop into almost single figure consumption .. point is at 10 years old with 85k it has a folder full of Lexus Battery Health checks the last being at 84k so am I worried .. the answer is No .. I don’t even think about it being an issue anymore .. Don’t let battery issues put you off buying ..
  3. My 2011 RX450 has just had its first HH check .. it appears to be comprehensive and all Ok but I think we can get too paranoid about this battery business .. one has to trust the engineering and Lexus say failure is virtually non existant .. I’m not an electrician but .. would certainly try a cell repair first .. if all goes pear shaped then worst case scenario .. bite the bullet and give Lexus / Indy the money to do it .. the vehicle itself will last forever so your almost guaranteed a further problem free 10 years with a replacement battery pack ?
  4. I can relate to this too .. Black interior of my RX drivers seat bolster was wearing a wee bit so gave the worn bit a wipe over with shoe dye from my local cobblers .. perfect match and its still looking great after 6 months ! but i'll take note of the cleaning once a year regime .. thanks for the tip
  5. My poor old 450h has been somewhat neglected .. never waxed or polished .. last service was 2016 but today paid the princely sum of £700 plus smackers for the 60k service .. delivered back to me absolutely spotless inside and out .. it is mega reliable .. quiet a fantastic motorway cruiser and my wife just loves it .. that is until I bought an LS600h .. not the cheapest to run but .. what a motor !!! ..
  6. Best you get a roof first methinks !! but the sideways thingy .. well all I did was get in and select Hybrid Snow mode released the parking brake and bosh .. away it went .. took my foot off the foot brake immediately and steered into the slide .. it only traveled some 3m in less than half a second .. demolished a huge brick Gatepost .. the back slid around (possibly the weight of the Battery Pack ? ) into my daughters car door and put a huge dent in that and virtually wiped out the front right of the RX .. just been to Dronsfields this morning to check on a replacement door for her Merc but life isn't that simple anymore .. my thinking was easy peasy just unplug the electrics where the door opens at the hinge side and change the whole door .. naaah .. no darn plug is there so the whole door would need rewiring .. think it's going to be a big tub of body filler
  7. Thanks for all the advice guys .. I managed to upload photos of my motor to the LS600 page tonight appreciate all the advice Cheers Malcolm
  8. Oddly.. I recently sold a Mercedes 6.3 AMG CLS .. it was a fantastic car and a hoot to drive .. but sorry Mercedes (owned 5) but even at 10 years old this LS600 is definitely way above your class not only in terms of reliability but the Service / Reception staff at Stockport are absolutely Brilliant as opposed to the Berks at Mercedes Stockport (it's a long story..)
  9. Well to be honest I have had this car on my shopping list for about 2 years .. not even sure where I found out about it .. but it is a fabulous car although sadly I have since found the front passenger seat is a bit short on the comfort functions .. but my wife can always lounge in the back .. and yes a house on wheels .. certainly an office at least .. The body colour is Sable .. with a dark Chocolate stitched Dash and door capping's married to the dark wood and beige /cream ? leather make a superb colour combination along with the unmarked suede lining and why didn't I buy from a dealer .. well I have noticed during the 2 years I've been looking that prices for the LS600 have actually gone skyward to the point where now 95/100k are silly money .. Steve on here bought a cracker with 8k on the clock which when I saw it chased immediately sadly he bagged it .. but I got this for 7k cheaper .. so I guess that's your reply .. i'm a chancer and always have been when it comes to cars .. it's actually not the first time I've bought from a pub car park but in this instance I still have the option of taking out a Lexus warranty .. The real question is will I keep it .. wife dosn't like the LS but just loves our RX (in the background) .. I suspect once the Grin novelty has worn off .. like all my other cars it will be back on the market .. time will out .. but I just LOVE this car !!
  10. Hi all .. This is more an exercise in uploading photos than anything else but .. this is my latest acquisition .. did everything wrong and bought it off the Lymm Services car park from a guy who brought it up from Birmingham .. as it turned out he was super cool and up front .. the car is a 2008 and as he described 2 owners and in superb condition inside and out with 85k on the clock and full service history .. as a peace of mind for myself I took it to Lexus Stockport last Saturday for a CVI by the techs .. I even got to look underneath whilst it was up on the lift .. everything was in great condition and it was passed with a clean bill of health .. obviously has been well looked after The Eagle eyed among you will wonder why the RX450 behind the LS has a great gaping hole at the end of the front wing next to the headlight .. well this is the result of it sliding off down my daughters drive !! just got it back yesterday from Jason .. boss at Charles Wilson Eng. near Rusholme in Manchester .. they have done a brilliant job replacing all the bent bits and even got the colour matching of the Pearlecent white paint perfectly matched and all thanks to Steve at the Bridge Motor Company who put me in touch ..
  11. In reply to rich1068 .. sorry but your post has gone straight over my head .. i’m just about keeping my head above water with Big Rats reply .. thanks guys but i know very little about this stuff but will give it a try .. very nice motors tho ‘ Cheers Malcolm
  12. Ahhh .. that sounds familiar .. on purchase my RX also had dashboard rattles .. even with a warranty it wasnt covered .. took it back and paid them £150 to fix .. then .. took it back and back and back .. gave up eventually fixed myself with the major assistance of an Audi tech .. who tells me if it had been an Audi they would have done the fix under warranty !! Ah well .. but still stick by my statement it has been mega reliable
  13. Right .. think I may have it now .. thanks very much for your help guys .. i'll try the private message thing at some point too Thanks Malcolm
  14. Not exactly a new member .. but just cannot find any information on how to upload photos to Topics as other members can .. tried contacting the Admin but no reply and tried the How to section but am advised the page is not available So if anyone can give me simplified instructions that would be great .. i'm currently using an iPhone Cheers Malcolm
  15. Buy it .. Ive had my 2011 RX450 Advance for almost 3 years .. bought from Lexus Stockport at £27k so your Premier is about the right price being from a dealer It has without doubt been THE most reliable car I have ever owned .. so much so I bought a 2008 LS600h RSR with 85k on the clock a week ago and expect it will still to be running when I pop my cloggs ..