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  1. Happy Birthday SHAHZ!

  2. Not as easy, but not difficult, havent done it in ages but you need to remove the liner on the boot lid and you will see how to get them off, not difficult at all B)
  3. as said above, tis always advised to replace in pairs on the same axle....KYB are really good and is what i replaced mine with earlier in the year, think i paid about £130 for the rears delivered from auotoparts sutton
  4. ...... not quite sure why you would want to, is it a dealer or private sale??
  5. Nope, no need to remove the headlight, tis very tight on the passenger side, but can be done!
  6. Tools Required: Flat head screwdriver 8mm socket (although can be done with a spanner) Time Required Approx 20 mins The first thing you will need to do is to remove the clips holding the boot lid backing You will then see two 8mm bolts on either side of the latch which you need to remove There are another 2 bolts behind the little plastic hatch which the latch sits behind that also need to be removed, this is a PIA if you don’t have an 8mm socket, I had lent mine to someone so had to do it with a spanner and is a right pain to get to with! The (bar) panel above the number plate i
  7. So how much you wanting for the lights Elliot, price hasnt changed on the first post?!
  8. try these guys,, its not listed on the website but worth a call!
  9. Ive had T1Rs on mine for years and cant fault them, currently got conti sportcontact 3 on them and i have to say there is quite a difference in noise, im finding them so much quiter.....they stop really well too.... ive heard a lot of good things about the FK452's and thats probably what im going to try next!
  10. Keep an eye out on ebay they do pop up now and again!
  11. Nice motor, good luck with the sale!
  12. :lol: .....agree with ash they are expensive for the condition and no tyres!
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