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  1. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    I think Lexus have been reasonably smart here. They've put together a relatively inexpensive face-lift and drawn attention to the model just at a time when people are falling out of love with diesel. If you only need a compact car, and want better mileage without the use of diesel fuel, options are fairly limited. You have either the Prius, where the looks are too much for some people, Auris or CH-R, Kia Niro or Hyundai Ioniq. More prestige brands such are relatively expensive plug in hybrids such as the Audi A3 E-Tron and Golf GTE. I suspect by extending the life of the CT200h, they have probably caught quite a few sales whilst the market is going through this paradigm shift away from diesel while most prestige manufacturers dont have a ready, non-diesel solution. Might turn out to be a smooth move. Personally, I'm very happy with my CT200h and even with its idiosyncrasies, I cant find much else to replace it with when my pcp is up. May just buy it outright as GMV might be a shrewd figure with the death of diesel pushing up hybrid second hand values.
  2. Lexus roadside assistance

    As a bit of a bonus, you also get free cover for your spouse or partner for the full three years too! You just need to contact Lexus assistance and they will provide a separate assistance card in their own name.
  3. CT200h Mk2 & UX200h Renders...Thoughts?

    Intriguing :) This was off another forum who pulled it from a japanese website.
  4. Some renders have emerged in a Japanese Magazine of the alleged New CT200h and UX200h. Wondered what you thought of them? i quite like the proposed CT shape!, rhe back is certainly an improvement. Not so keen on the SUV style vehicle.
  5. Pick up my new Ct200h Sport this week

    Ohh good choice! Mine matches!
  6. 2016 Sport Front suspension rattle

    Hi, just an update on thr rattle from thr front suspension, which turned out to be a brake pad clip, so nothing serious.....but.... they seem to have discovered some other rattles inside the car and need to remove the dashboard to get at it! Understandably im not best pleased thata 6 month old car needs all this work. Seems ive got a bit of a friday car! Ive already emailed Lexus UK directly who will be following uip with me next week once they have spoken to the dealer.
  7. Hi My 2016 ct200h sport is booked in with Lexus on friday morning. The car has only done 3000 miles but sxeems to have developed an infrequent, very metallic rattle when the drivers wheel hits sharp rut in the road. Most of the time the car is dead silent. Im guessing its a brake clip / heat shield / strut top mount. Anyone eolse had similar noises? Thanks in advance Chris
  8. Is this normal?

    This can be programmed in using Carista software as well.
  9. 2016 Fuse Box(s) Location?

    very posibly. After i fitted i sctually took it back out again as i wasnt comfortable for the exact reason.
  10. 2016 Fuse Box(s) Location?

    Thanks was really helpful Pulled unit and got busy with a multimeter! All wired in nice and tidy now.
  11. Dash Cam - Hard Wire

    Sorry to awaken an old post, where is the interior fuse box on the late CT again? underneath the glove box?
  12. Hi, I had a dashcam in a previous car that where I took a feed from the fuse box inside the car. On my 2016 CT200h Sport, I know where the fuse box is under the bonnet, but is there one in the car /i can take a feed off? I dont mind taking off the odd bit of plastic, but dont really want to go delving into the centre console for a accssory/ignition live. Any ideas?
  13. carista obd adaptor help

    Hmm, I use the exact same adapter just fine with My 2016 CT Sport. All the functionality works. Try another APP like Torque Pro on android and see if you get the same error.
  14. Playing Video on 2016 Nav

    To save me burning one, do you think it will play mp3's off a DVD disc then?
  15. Playing Video on 2016 Nav

    With a Bit of trial and error ,i got it working! Needs to be Fat32 and File has to be MP4 (manual says otherwise but im not surprised!).The handbrake has to be on or you just get the sound. Then once its playing it appears in a window so u have to select full screen.