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  1. Hi fellow Lexus owners, I have a CPO Lexus CT200h Premium 2011 with Keyless entry and 2 standard Smart Keys. I would like to buy a Smart Card to this vehicle, according to US CT200h owners its possible but you have to buy a Smart Card with the same FCC "revision" as a Smart Key. It's without any issue in US where Smart keys are labeled with those FCC "revisions", but on EU models you have only CE, ICASA and MOROCCO certifications, but no FCC labeling. Smart Card EU models have CE, ICASA and MOROCCO certifications, and that handy FCC labeling. BUT: All SmartCards have different labeling than SmartKeys - For example My Smart Key have ICASA TA-2008/311, MOROCCO MR3983/2008 and CE MDLB74EA But most of available SmardCards have ICASA TA-2008/556, MOROCCO MR4629/2009 and FCC revision 14AEC. Do you have any clue, if that SmartCard would work on my Lexus CT200h? Or, whats the FCC revision of my Smart Key? Thanks in advance. Yeah about visiting my local Lexus Dealer, they said, it's not supported on CT200h but many US CT owners says it's bulls..t
  2. Hi fellow Lexus owners, I'm pretty fresh owner of my first Hybrid and first Lexus CT200h. One thing that keeps my mind busy is regen braking. If I'm pushing brake pedal and keeping ECO gauge right at the edge of Charge part am I using normal friction brakes or only MG2 and MG1 generator as a braking force? Is it safer to use only "B" mode for faster slowdown, or may I use brakes till the end of Charge zone? Thanks for the answers and I'm sorry for my English.
  3. Real Life Mpg Figures.

    I have my CT200h since September 2015, it's a 4 years old CPO with 30000miles and full spec and I completed my 3200miles today since I bought it ... City Avg is 4.4l/100km (64,2MPG UK), HVY with avg speed 84MPH is 6.0l/100km (47MPG UK) I'm pretty amazed by it, because my previous Ford Fiesta 1.4TDCi had almost the same MPG on both scenarios, and it was much weaker car in terms of power and torque. I just love it. Wysłane z iPad za pomocą Tapatalk
  4. Brake lights does not lights up when you're in "B" mode. But strange thing is that when I'm using radar cruise control and car starts to brake due to vehicle in front of me, the brake lights come on almost at the end of the Charge zone of "ECO gauge"... But when I touch the brake pedal brake lights come on immediately. I'm fine about letting know other drivers that I'm braking. I'm only concerned about using friction brakes, and by that using braking pads and disks, when I just want to charge the traction battery. In everyday commute to work, especially in traffic jams I can feel when regen is braking and at approximately at 5km/h you can feel how car cannot break by generator and switches to friction brakes.
  5. As I spoke with Lexus service manager in my country, he said, that reason for that generous reserve is cooling off the fuel pump in the fuel tank. Pump is cooled down solely by fuel and if you are driving with almost empty tank, fuel is heated up to 60-70 degrees of centigrade so pump is much more hot. So main goal is to prolong the life of fuel pump and other components. It looks like this "issue" occurs only in Prius and CT200h. I'm not sure if other Lexus models are affected.
  6. I know, that this is a pretty old topic, bud as you can see on the gauge it says 1/1, 1/2 and R which is a reserve not E as empty. Fuel tank have a capacity of 45litres, warning lights comes on when there is more than 10 litres left (aproximately something about 13 litres of fuel) so something about 1 hundred miles or 160 kilometrs are left on your range. I'm filling it up when I reach R mark on gauge.