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  1. Hi al I have given up on Lexus and sold mine. The noises and rattles from the dash has got ridiculous, plus I had a loose metal bar in the roof above the passenger door. Despite being 50 miles it sounded like it was falling apart. I also felt the front suspension was badly worn (despite my local dealer saying no issues. I needed the airbag recall as a way to get the dash off and fix some stuff but after a number of conversations with Lexus I had no confidence it would happen. Even using Lexus for the minimum of work the cost of fixing these issues was a quarter of the value of the car.
  2. Heard back from Lexus UK. The recall is happening but won't start until "late summer 2017" because of the wait for parts. If that helps anyone
  3. Just finished with Lexus UK. They say the recall is going ahead. I then complained that my nearest Lexus dealer refuses to fix the issue on the basis they don't have the parts. They took my VIN are registration details, opened a complaint, and said I would hear in 72 hours. We will see. The Lexus UK Twitter feed is good for this, if you don't mind the pictures of new cars being pushed at you all day.
  4. Hi all There's an annoying metallic buzzing noise from from the rear grab handle. I read in the US forum that it is caused by the metal spring rubbing against the bodywork of the car. Solutions. In that post was to take the handle off and cover the spring with insulating tape, but that part destroys the cover of the grab handle unit. Anyone have a better fix? It vibrates away on all but the smoothest surfaces. Tired of turning the music up
  5. I asked about the various DIY approaches and the technicians answer was ,'but do you want to pack the back of your dash with flammable stuff' to!lowed by 'but it doesn't fix the problem" But they would say that. To be fair they are going to try claiming on the Extended Warranty. I've read the policy and I think it's unlikely that one will work. For door seal noises, I use the Gummi Pledge stuff. Works brilliantly but needs redoing every six months, particularly in dry weather. Enjoy your weekends
  6. I know this is a well worn topic for us with pre 60 plate Lexus.. the dreaded dashboard clips which when worn create the rattle which is very annoying. I confirmed with Lexus Ipswich that replacing the clips and adding some more sound deadening can be done for the cost of an hours labour if done at the same time as the airbag recall. This is much better than the £500 to £700 quoted. All we need is the recall to start!
  7. Hi I have a similar age IS250 with what sounds like the same problem. There are quite a few threads on this site and on and even a couple of YouTube videos. What is seems to boil down to is that there are 'pegs' on the bulkhead that hold the dash in place. These either wear or are not strong enough, so you have two options. One is to pack the gap between the dash and the bulkhead with felt or a similar material, and the other is to get Lexus to take the dash off and replace the pegs. Some members have done both. I'm not keen on filling the back of the dash with a flammable material so my plan is to wait for the passenger airbag recall and negotiate with Lexus to fix them when the dash is off anyway. Like you it is driving me nuts. I recall another member got them done by Lexus for around the £300 mark? Sounds like a lot, but if the dash is refitted wrongly, you'd get more squeaks and rattles.
  8. I find with mine it's very variable how much water is needed on the screen to get them to start. I'd throw a bucket of water on the windscreen then jump in and start the engine. I did read on the forum that if the rain sensor gets dirty the rain sensor function will stop. I think the manual shows the sensor location.
  9. I'd really like someone to explain to me how a hybrid is a sensible used car proposition. Even Lexus service is very unclear how battery performance is monitored, how much do new batteries cost, how are old batteries disposed of, what happens when the car and batteries are serviced by an independent. Will we end up with old hybrid cars being run on the cheap, carrying around dead weight batteries. And if you don't do low speed commuting (we must be in a minority) what's the point. A GS250 is the simplest non hybrid,petrol engined Lexus available.
  10. Having asked a number of people in the trade, my next car will be a GS250. With my driving and mileage, hybrid just does not make sense as a used proposition. There are not many used GS250s around (as they did not make sense as company cars) but if I get the same quality as my old IS250, with a more modern interior, I will be well pleased.
  11. The biggest weakness of IS250s is the interior and there are quite a few threads here, on the US Club Lexus forum and on YouTube. I have a shocker of a rattle inside the dash which I can't find any threads on. My approach is to wait for the airbag recall (when the dash has to come off) and give Lexus the problem.
  12. Yikes. I just invested in a 60k service at Lexus Ipswich, made a sensible cost by the fact that I had the spark plugs changed during the fuel seal recall, and I was pleased that they couldn't find anything else to charge me for. I had assumed a brake test would include callipers? Anyone know?
  13. Sorry, do you mean temperature sensor? My problem has stopped are a 3 hour drive in the dry. Happily