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  1. Unscheduled costs to me going on 2.5 years of ownership: - £20 exhaust tips - one side fell off - Two left tyres replaced after side walls punctured No warranty but have a 3yr service plan.
  2. Hi @Peter P18 - I must echo my utter amazement in what you have achieved! That's some very impressive numbers! I think the chassis and gearbox on the ISF's can handle the power! not sure about traction, but, I bet it will put a grin on your face!! I am impressed! Great quality of work also by the garage! see you around fella!
  3. Hey Crew! Sorry I wasn't able to make the Welsh Blat! It looked and sounded like fun and was a good drive with beautiful landscapes! I however couldn't resist accepting a breakwith this amazing view...slightly different from the stunning views in Wales! Plus, my misses would have killed me if I had said no, I wasn't coming to Spain and instead chose to go to Wales with a bunch of blokes! lol!
  4. @flytvr is yours stock? I kinda recall from the blat that you said it was??
  5. Borla catback exhaust, K&N air intake system, subtle rear diffuser, vaistech wireless audio module and larger tyres all round. And, hopefully, I'll get the USRS kit.
  6. Lovely machine! looks well cared for. I remember a friend's of mine dad having one in the early 90's. This one is defo a Jap import...it reminds of of the mk1 MR2 from Toyota.
  7. Isf to Rcf

    I drove the RC (300h) as a loan car for a day, it is a lovely package but it isnt for me. I'm 6.2" so there's little space at the back for one of my lil' ones (I have 3). If I'm to stay with the Lexus brand when I change my car next year, it'll have to be the GSF. I'd love the LC (in spite of limited leg room at the rear) however, that will be out of my budget still. I nearly committed to an E63 last month, but it didn't feel like twice the car that the ISF is...at least that was my reasoning....I keep changing my mind on what I want....grrrrr!!!!
  8. I've only seen one other ISF in the SE of London in two years of ownership - a black one with a private plate. Seen 7 other ISFs in Wales though - all at once! The black ones seem to have the loudest exhaust @Rusty Crobar!!
  9. Great colour combo @Defratos! She looks good! Grey ones are the fastest! LOL!
  10. Hey @Big Rat! all well mate! How are things? It's the full cat back setup. The tips are stock though. I purchased it with the Borla exhaust already installed. I've been lazy and I've only added a subtle rear diffuser in 2yrs or so ownership.
  11. Having heard the exhaust sounds on the standard ISFs on the Welsh blat, though a lovely v8 note, I do like the extra beefiness that my aftermarket Borla exhaust emanates especially above the magic 3500 rpm number...very addictive indeed! Of course, there are other less costly options, but anyone that's thinking of it I'd say go for it! I use mine as a daily drive and boy it helps make typically boring journeys a tad more enjoyable..well worth the £££!
  12. Bluewater Meet

    Hey Pete, I'll be there no probs. Only 30mins away. cheers, D
  13. Hi Wesley, I've gone the Vaistech route because I wanted to use the built-in touch screen and the steering wheel controls (mainly to change my songs in spotify). Of course, I can then use the maps from my phone (android OS) and any other app running on my smartphone on the larger ISF screen (relative to my smartphone). Relatively easy to install and keeps it all looking OEM. Welcome to the club!
  14. Bluewater Meet

    The calendar seems clear on the 25th. I'll check with the Boss when I get home this evening. I've missed the last couple. D