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  1. To be fair many topics relating to cars etc is heavily linked to politics. Speed, fines, emissions, regulations etc. Going to be difficult to enforce a non politics rule. Is that in the terms? Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  2. Animal agriculture is highly polluting in many ways but also in the way forest is cleared to make grazing areas + water usage and the reduction in food energy density. A double/triple whammy. It is apparently 56 billion animals per year raised, abused, transported and slaughtered. No reason not to think that won't have an impact.
  3. Look up the power used by the internet. Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  4. Now you mention it.......That might be what I got due to the thick steering wheel.
  5. Stop Lock pro is thatcham approved. Anything with a round style key can be opened with a pen lid. Takes 5 minutes to break apparently and not without making the horn sound all the time. I use one in my RCF as a visual deterrent. Makes it 5 minutes harder to steal than the z4 down the road :) Scum want to be gone in 60 seconds.
  6. Pass the mushrooms - I do like them a lot. But image problem so I'd feel only a bit better getting out of this as out of a Mountune Fiesta ST with nurburgring sticker.
  7. That's interesting, thanks! Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  8. The specific reason I was asking is because laser detectors don't work through the types of windscreen I listed. Now I know they are mostly useless anyway but the radar works very well. Just never got a laser ping and knew the side windows have a coating. In fact its very visible with polarised sunglasses on. Do mobile police cash machines use laser or radar? Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  9. If all the toys are back in the prams ...... I've checked my speed against snooper and also radar signs that show speed and to do a real 60 is 65 on the clock. Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  10. I think I prefer wider spokes myself - I like the wheel to have substance. But they will suit your car better than the BM I think. The green seems to hide the Bronze.
  11. Me either and what's the betting using it on track invalidates the warranty
  12. I suspect it is the gears giving the low down down drive - a gearbox is a torque multiplier, that's its job. Much easier than trying to get it from the engine. I would also assume different ratios not a laptop job. Its like: shall I spend 10 years training my fingers to be like Superman or just use this spanner ( torque multiplier ). Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  13. That's a shame as would have been perfect. I was waiting for you to announce. My hunch was wrong.
  14. When you sell the F and the buyer doesn't wan them drop me a message - I'll put £500 to one side Looking forward to seeing them and a little envious as I love bronze wheels. Was tempted to paint mine but I am not sure if the wheel design would suit.