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  1. People put down other people's choices to help confirm they were right about their own choices.
  2. I watched a Top Gear being filmed when they "raced" the Typhoon with the Bugatti. Kept having to alter the plan to get a faked close finish. Cars are really slow
  3. Do people still watch 'normal TV'? YouTube channels provide what you seek.
  4. There was a C reg ford Granada there the other day, John. Got a lot of interest. It's not just for performance cars etc.
  5. I had mentioned to Ratty about meeting here in spring + a few other peeps, so I'm in. I've been following on twitter and they have some nice machinery turn up - like a car show every weekend. @Flytvr, in case you weren't aware I think someone else is organising a Yorkshire meet for early May, if you want to avoid a clash.
  6. Comedian


    They shouldn't be fitting them with a gun - if they do stop them - or at least never darken their door again.
  7. Comedian


    No snow here in the East
  8. Comedian

    Any one fancy this

    Looks good old sport.
  9. Comedian


    If doing 55 instead of 50mph? Exactly 10%
  10. I don't think the fox had his feet on the inside of the windscreen. Mind you I've had a fox with her feet on the inside of my windscreen..... many moons ago. Honest!
  11. That's what I use but on a machine polisher.
  12. You'll need to use a glass polish and next time put a sign up "no animals to walk on car" that should do it.
  13. I love it when people say "how much tax?" "£500 - WOW" as they open a new pack of 80-90% tax rate which = getting on for £3000 annual tax if a 20 a day man. Pays yer money .......
  14. That's exactly what I do - especially a day like today with salt all over the roads.