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  1. My old rx350 ( very similar engine 3.5 v6 to 450h) has a chain, so I think all 450h (rx/gs) have a chain. Rx450h with ~350hp wpuld be a nice toy:)
  2. Yes, I now, but total power is 292hp in rx450h and 336hp in gs450h. Where is difference? :) Same engines...
  3. Hi Guys I'm thinking about rx450h (2014)...but just noticed, that rx450h has 249hp from petrol engine. Same engine in gs450h has 292hp from petrol engine only. Why so big difference between this two? If this is same engine, where is difference? Is just software/ecu changes or something else? I must admit an extra 50hp would be very handy in heavy rx450h... Thanks
  4. Really nice but shame that has no ML and large screen. Otherwise, I'll be interested:) GLWS
  5. Thank You :) I will study this pdf:)
  6. Founded:)
  7. Hello A quick question:) What is included and what is not in extended warranty? Can't find any list on website. Thanks:)
  8. Hi Guys I'e got a question as I can't find on Lexus website. What exactly work is included in : Intermediate service Full service Big 100k miles service Regards
  9. Hi Guys I'm after a mint/ vgc 450h MkIV model. Preferably F-Sport but Premier also interested. Car must have FLSH, Large Screen, Mark Levinson system. 2012-2014 model considered as budget is limited:) Thanks!
  10. One thing worrying me. Mileage and hybrid system. This car done about 3000 miles in 3 years. I presume this is not good for hybrid battery? They need to be charged more ofter than twice a year:) Also tyres, rubber part suspension need to be investigated, exhaust as well. Sometimes is better when car is running every day rather twice a year. That my two pennies:) I was interested about this 450h but I'm thinking put 3k more on table and look for MKIV model.