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  1. I've tried very gently and from 8 bars to engine kick in was about 1.6 mile. Flat road with air con on.
  2. Morning Gents Did anyone do the EV test? How long you can drive only in ev mode, from 8 bars charged battery to engine kick? 👍
  3. I had volvo s60 d5 and lexus rx350. My is sonic titanium with lovely shine wheels. As a package from lexus I have : fresh refurb wheels, new michelin tyres, fresh 6yrs/60000k miles service, fresh mot, a year warranty, a year breakdown cover. I paid £24995 (minus trade my old car which they offered me reasonable price) Car is from november 2017. I now is a lot but £££ but at least there is some "welcome package"
  4. I was watching the market for at least 6 months. There is no chance to find low mileage facelift Is300h premier/takumi for £15-18k. Nice examples are priced ~£25k. I now this is a lot for IS but in this crazy times there is no other option. ES300h is close to £30k and is fwd. Gs450h facelift model £30k. I'm talking about cars from main dealer with good start package( warranty, fresh service, brakedown cover etc). I was after gs450h but at the end I bought premier is300h. Nice, comfortable car, more practical than gs (folding seats).
  5. Unfortunately for me, yes I can hear😄 I have already hdd plugged. All songs converted to wma lossless (ml can read lossless wma files). I need phone for tidal master streaming. I found when streaming music via Bluetooth car only accept sbc codec (which is the poorest quality). In my lg I have few codecs incl Ldac and aptx hd. Where I can find bluetooth specs in our 300h? Thanks
  6. I found something on xda forums. There is no audio output on usb c from android 9.0 version at all . google disabled this function for some reason. Only bluetooth or aux... I will check my old phone. Anyone using android phone with usb c audio output? Thanks
  7. Hi I've tried two cables. Both are fast charging cables but in usb 2.0 specs if this does matter? When phone is connected I have few options in phone menu : charging only/multimedia/ files transfer. I've tried all, no luck. I have an old smartphone at home, will try late tonight. Maybe I missed some options in car entertainment menu? Thanks 👍
  8. Morning everyone 👍 I have an issue. I can't listen music (tidal/spotify/ store) on my lg v30 via usb cable. When plug in cable phone is charged but on the car source usb is not avaliable. What I'm doing wrong? Everything work via Bluetooth connection but I'm after better quality sound. Thank for any help😄
  9. Unfortunately is a low spec model. I don't need fully loaded gs , but ML an ventilated seats are must 👍
  10. I'm waiting so long now... There is no decent gs450h on the market. I've spent £££ for petrol traveling around south and nothing. Dealers, trade sales they all liars, cars look nice on the picture but in real scratches everywhere, dirty, bad tyres, brakes. They just use a lot of tyre shines and cheap wax😄 That includes main dealers. This one sample (there was much much more) what lexus dealer try to sell me a lemon gs.
  11. Thank You 👍 I really like lexus. Currently I'm using 16 years old rx which is still on the road. Of course, car have some small issues but every day I start engine and car take me wherever I want. I'm still looking for gs450h but if I won't find any decent one in next few weeks probably I will give a try high mileage rx450h 😄
  12. Nice spec with around 100k miles are priced £26-27k , 2016-2017 I'm not sure if this is good price?
  13. Hi Gents I have a question. How reliable is rx450h in 4th generation? Is worth to buy a car with 100k miles on clock? Car has flsh. What can go wrong? Car will be out of lexus relax warranty... Any high mileage mk4 user's here? 😄 Thanks
  14. Hi I'm everyday there😄 Can't find premier or f-sport in "acceptable" price. There is nice white one but has 100k miles on clock, so out of lexus relax warranty. I'm not sure if this is good idea, £26k for car with over 100k miles...
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