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  1. Really nice but shame that has no ML and large screen. Otherwise, I'll be interested:) GLWS
  2. Thank You :) I will study this pdf:)
  3. Founded:)
  4. Hello A quick question:) What is included and what is not in extended warranty? Can't find any list on website. Thanks:)
  5. Hi Guys I'e got a question as I can't find on Lexus website. What exactly work is included in : Intermediate service Full service Big 100k miles service Regards
  6. Hi Guys I'm after a mint/ vgc 450h MkIV model. Preferably F-Sport but Premier also interested. Car must have FLSH, Large Screen, Mark Levinson system. 2012-2014 model considered as budget is limited:) Thanks!
  7. One thing worrying me. Mileage and hybrid system. This car done about 3000 miles in 3 years. I presume this is not good for hybrid battery? They need to be charged more ofter than twice a year:) Also tyres, rubber part suspension need to be investigated, exhaust as well. Sometimes is better when car is running every day rather twice a year. That my two pennies:) I was interested about this 450h but I'm thinking put 3k more on table and look for MKIV model.