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  1. Take it you bought a manual then? Also sounds like you have an SEL - top spec
  2. My pleasure, the guys on this forum are great and highly knowledgeable! Quick questions - did you get an auto or manual? Was it the SEL spec? What's the mileage? With regards to the questions I can only answer number 2. That's not normal I'm afraid. Welcome to the family
  3. I have an IS250 Auto 07 plate with 80,000 miles on the clock for 5 years now. Apart from wear and tear items like pads, discs, callipers and oxygen sensors it has never had a single engine part replaced. Yes the parts are expensive but these cars are solid..... FSH is a must and there is a is250 buying guide on the form too. Unless you have a deep dislike of auto's I would advise you to buy an auto. It suits the car better, cheaper to tax and run.
  4. Yea I saw the second one too. Really impressive and fascinating too
  5. Awesome find!! Really interesting to see how solid it is despite being abandoned for so long.... Lexus build quality proves itself again!
  6. Thanks Sundance, I checked up and found that my one is not compatible 😞
  7. Unless I have misunderstood this thread then it would seem that from Sep21 we (the pre Sep07 IS250 owners) will have to fill up with 99ron and pay an extra 10p+ a litre 😔 unless we wish to damage our cars ...
  8. A quick glance through this forum will show that a large proportion of the posts are to do with problems with the diesel. In my opinion your better off with the petrol with a automatic gearbox however they are thirsty..
  9. I agree but I can't figure out what it is for the life of me... I took it a part and put it back together again 5 times...
  10. Bless you Vlad, That casing drives me mad, I literally spent 1 hour on the bloody thing, still not flush... I have attached some pictures of it in its current state. I've seen like 9 videos on YouTube they make it look so easy... If only 😞
  11. Hi Nicnac, thankfully everything is working smoothly now minus the bloody loose mirror plate and gaps in casing (pictures attached). I'll see how it goes for a bit and if it drives me mad I'll cough up for a new unit with my ego in tatters
  12. I finally figured out how to get it open. I had to use a hammer and a thin screwdriver and snap the side clips off... But it worked
  13. Quick update here, I managed to transplant the motor and the plastic housing from the 2nd hand ebay mirror to my car. However I faced following the challenges; 1. The wing mirror casing is an absolute **** to get back on. Even after 1hour it wasn't flush and still has a small gap to the side of if... I gave up 2. All these videos on YouTube make it look easy to put the glass back on the plate...just click into place.... That took almost an hour and even then its loose on the bottom right corner right now. The good news is that the mirror now tilts and slides again and is moving in all directions... Worth mentioning that the mirror I got from eBay was missing the black plastic socket which connects wiring to it (see image). Also I noticed that the mirror glass was aftermarket and missing some wiring too. Minus the gap, loose corner and the best part of 3 hours getting wound up, it's working again.....Now I remember why I have been avoiding this for the last 2 years...
  14. Do let us know how you get on, I'm tempted to upgrade mine too but given my recent mirror motor disaster I have to think twice before I go near the car
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