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  1. Hi Lee, I can't see the picture could you attach it again? Kind Regards Mo
  2. Lol very true, I am fortunate to know the owner and his garage is one of the last honest places I know of thus they are not the cheapest. I looked at the discs earlier today and found them to be ventilated see pic attached (unless I am mistaken) Thank you for your help guys
  3. unfortunately i have no tools and am pretty useless when it comes to car DIY 😓
  4. Thank you guys, I'll pop out and take a look at some point today. When I looked at the various websites I was presented two options thus the questions. I called my indie and they said they will call the supplier to see which pads were supplied, I called Lexus Woodford and they confirmed there are two different sizes of rear calipers but the chap on the phone did not have a clue which one for my car (and in doing so he ended up reassuring me of my decision to use an Indie for the last 3 years - 🤣). Kind Regards, Mo
  5. Hi Guys, I wondered if you could shed some light on this for me. My Rear Brake Calipers for my IS250 2007 need to be replaced (according to my local independent), I replaced the rear pads last year as they were squealing, then they started squealing again after 6months or so and when it went in for the service in early Jan they said the rear calipers (last changed in 2012) or on the way out. Im trying to source the calipers myself and found two types...... Solid or Ventilated. I don't know which ones to buy, could you guys shed some light on this? Kind Regards,
  6. Hey Allan, Fear not the Is250 is euro 4 so you wont have to pay the charge. I checked with them and they admitted they dont have all the cars listed on their online checking tool. Kind Regards, Mo
  7. I use my local independent in North London called Bmerc, they are honest and trustworthy. I usually pay £200 ish for a service. Been using them for 3 years now for my is250. My friends car was damaged (dented) by service stop and the scumbag mechanic took out the sd card from the dash cam so he could not be traced. They finally payed up after a long time.
  8. Im told that usually a puddle appears in the foot well if it is. In this case its hasnt - ps I been told that costs a fortune to replace.
  9. Thank you Is200 Newbie - I breath a sigh of relief (once again your experience has given me piece of mind). This is exactly the same noise and location I heard it from. Yesterday I bought the toyota pink coolent from the dealer (signed up to green flag too dreading the worst) and this morning I drove it to and from one my works offices (m25 - 50mile round trip). The noise wasnt there on start up and (didnt occur on the way back either). I understand that when the pump goes its usually a high pitched noise from the engine and I made sure the radio was off when driving so I kept an ear out and heard nothing. Worth mentioning that my local indy said that if the pump does go dont panic, turn the heating on at full blast for a bit and then drive it. Top with coolent as often as possible (when the engine is cold ofcourse).
  10. Hi Guys I checked it this morning and the coolent level was below the min line. I noticed some crust on the tank too. Called my indy this morning and they said don't worry just top up coolent for now and bring it later in the week.
  11. Thank you Paul. I won't be able to do anything until the weekend unfortunately and I have to use the car daily for the next week (for once). Do you think it would last the week or am I going to end up on the hard shoulder of the m25? Kind Regards, Mo
  12. Thanks guys I had a feeling it was going to be the water pump... Heard they are pretty expensive..
  13. Hi Guys, I wonder if you could help me, recently whenever I've started my car first thing in the morning I hear a sound of water rushing/pouring through the engine. It's rather like the sound my central heating makes when I turn it on and the radiator pipes start filling up. I have never had this problem before I'm absolutely lost on to what it could potentially be? There is no leaks under the car or any warning lights etc I'd be really grateful for any ideas?