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  1. Many moons ago when I was an economics student at university I learned that if you wanted get away with fraud scheme making you millions, you join the goverment and sub contract for local councils. This was later confirmed when my friend who is a criminal lawyer told me point blanck that the local council's planning committee has a price and that whatever any wanted (providing they are rich) can be achieved and you have to use their sub contractors. Transport is the easiet place to pull this off and the UK car driver and commuter rarely kick up a fuss.
  2. I completely agree with you. Motorist are easy targets and a cash cow. Government plays on ignorance all the time. I fear that cars will be forced off the road in the next decade or so and then we will be at the mercy of crap public transport that's overpriced and under policed (I have to commute into Central London so I experience this pain almost daily).
  3. Basically it applies to all drivers entering the zone up to 2020. Residence only get a few months extra after April 19
  4. Hey Guys, They got back to me and confirmed that my is250 auto will not have to pay the charge. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Hey Linas, You are correct with my point around the surcharge (additional bloody tax). On the TFL website they said they will give residence of the inner and outer zones a few months to adjust (sell their cars for nothing in a panic). I emailed them with the points you guys made and they got back to me. I have attached the response below. They want a copy of my V5 to confirm..... I'll keep you guys updated.
  6. Worth mentioning that this will only be for a limited period of time
  7. Hi Guys, thank you for this. I thought it didn't sound right. I checked the site again and it says the ULEZ will start in April 19. That will apply to the current congestion charge zone. But will apply 24/7. Then it will be extended to greater London just before the A406. I live two roads away from A406 However this will be in 2021. I would recommend anyone living in London to email them too. Ps I completely agree with you guys about planes and black cabs. As usual the motorists are the victims. Thank you all for putting my mind at ease.
  8. Hey Guys, I wonder if you could help me. The already anti car London councils are plotting again. This time the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London. In Apr 2019 you will be charged £12.50 a day, 24 Hours a day, 365days a year to drive into central london. In 2021 this will be extended to greater london, basicly screwing everyone who doesnt have a small engine or a hybrid etc etc. It states that cars that meet the euro 4 standards are exempt from the charge which I believe the IS250 auto meets. Yet when I put my reg in the vehichle checker it says I have to pay !!!!! Any of you guys want to check - Apparently you can email them and appeal (I have) if you think they are wrong..... Any advice, thoughts?? I love my IS250 and dont want to sell it.
  9. I second what Paul says, mpg is pretty awful in London but its so much more luxurious, refined, better equipped and better looking than the previous shape you won't regret it at all. Also the v6 has a lot of power if you press the power button. Tip always buy auto as it has better resale value, better drive (in my opinion) and half the tax!
  10. As long as its been well maintained it should be fine. I would recommend checking out the buyers guide on this forum too.
  11. hopefully not, I did check the reference number with Denso when I put it, but even that can be copied
  12. Yea I think so too, worth mentioning that my local Indy garage said that in the last 20 years or so, they have noticed most of the aftermarket car parts (all makes) no longer last as they used to.
  13. Hey Guys, Quick update - I took it to my local Independent Garage and they changed the Oxygen Sensor. Since then the light has gone and the car is back to normal. The light had re appeared a few days ago and the car was noticeably slower and sluggish. Really annoyed that the sensor (from denso) only lasted 2.5 years!!
  14. Yea I noticed this in mine too, I usually have to drive for at least 8mins for it to warm up.
  15. Heated Wipers, I've used it before never really found any difference but I suspect its useful in snow :)