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  1. hopefully not, I did check the reference number with Denso when I put it, but even that can be copied
  2. Yea I think so too, worth mentioning that my local Indy garage said that in the last 20 years or so, they have noticed most of the aftermarket car parts (all makes) no longer last as they used to.
  3. Hey Guys, Quick update - I took it to my local Independent Garage and they changed the Oxygen Sensor. Since then the light has gone and the car is back to normal. The light had re appeared a few days ago and the car was noticeably slower and sluggish. Really annoyed that the sensor (from denso) only lasted 2.5 years!!
  4. Yea I noticed this in mine too, I usually have to drive for at least 8mins for it to warm up.
  5. Heated Wipers, I've used it before never really found any difference but I suspect its useful in snow :)
  6. Yea, makes perfect sense. I looked it up and its pretty common
  7. Worth mentioning that light is back, but due to the cold I haven't had a chance to open the bonnet.
  8. I bought it from import car parts, £105 delivered. I called Lexus and they wanted £200.
  9. Hi Colin, Thanks for the insight. I'll check it out tomorrow hopefully, it might be a faulty cable or something.
  10. Hey Guys, Something strange happened to the car on Saturday morning, the VSC light(s) disappeared. I drove today and the light still hasn't come back on. I ordered a new oxygen sensor and it arrived as per the instructions of my local indy garage and was booked in for Tuesday. I took the car on the a406 today for a spin for about 45mins, when I got back and turned the engine off I noticed a small amount of smoke coming from the left exhaust...... I'll probably cancel the trip to the garage on Tues and wait until the lights re appear and probably hold on to the oxygen sensor for a bit .....Not sure what to make of all this?
  11. Hi Rob, You won't regret it, they are brilliant cars and super smooth to drive. I roughly do 6k a year and own an 07 plate SEL auto with all the toys. I live in London and do a lot of start stop driving thus I usually get around 20mpg, even when I drive like a granny I only get a couple more mpg. On the motorway I have got about 40mpg. Servicing and tyres are reasonable if you shop around and use independent garages. Parts are expensive compared to other brands but the good news is that the IS250 is a very reliable car so other than wear and tear you won't be needing any (most of the time)
  12. Sorry to hear that, you looked after it well and probably the only person I know who managed to sort the exhaust out
  13. Thanks bobmc, I'll defiantly look into it, makes sense to have one around the house.
  14. Thanks guys, I bought a brand new denso (OEM) in sep 15, so its surprising that it would fail. Although I'm a little confused onto why there are 2 errors. I don't own a multi meter and probably would'nt know how to check, I suspect its a trip to the local independent garage who I usually use