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  1. Cheers for the comments guys .I used to have a car called a rover sd1 2.6ltr rwd in 1996 when I was 25 we had some bad winter and I used country lanes where gritters never went never had problem mind you built like a tank .
  2. this car seems to atract racers lol

  3. I just got a ls200 they see to get bad press winter driving I.e snow I notice that they seem to want to be in high gear from low speed (i can get 5th and 6th at 40mph This could explain why a handfull as even in higher gears engine pulls Is the snow mode just a gymick Any ideas for winter apart from dont use it lol
  4. New to Lexus .is the dash bulbs easy to do and what type are they. Thanks
  5. I've just got an is200 The panelist on full brightness but I don't think its great .anyone near Doncaster done bulb upgrade and would do my car .would pay for time and bulbs if its worth doing
  6. Any owners in Doncaster fancy a meet up sometime
  7. I've just got an is200 When cold or first used steering is stiff and notchy when I'm trying to use it .once I've started driving it fine .just on initial start up .could it need new fluid .car has been looked after
  8. just got this came coventry .owners said were in forum names were john and wendy foley . any info if any problems with.this car .its been looked after quiet well cheers guys
  9. i just got a ls200 and i hear there not great in winter any tips assuming we get a bad winter personly i like a rwd im 42and i last had a rwd car when i was 25 a rover sd1 2.6 in some bad winters .do i need 4 winter tyres IS THERE MUCH DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRC AND SNOW MODE
  10. just got this wu02kgo car from lexus coventry .owners were club members from northumberlamd
  11. hello im a new member just got.a ls200 previous owners were.on the forum i think sticker in window .can i find any history if my car has been in forum issues.