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  1. Fantastic work mate...Absaloutly brilliant. The description, the steps, and the pictures are second to none. This has helped me a great deal. Thanks, Keep up the god work.
  2. Totally agree fellas..Neutral is the way to go for me with parking brake of course...In Hybrids it is a totally different story
  3. To be honest, I am not sure if the mechanic did that. But I can only assume that they know what they are doing ! You got me thinking now Steve...I will pop the question to him when I get the rear tyres balanced next week. Thanks for the tip....
  4. Surely when it is in gear there is more wear and tear within the components ! Or maybe I am wrong !. I personally left my old Toyota Camry which was a lexus ES in essence in neutral every time I stopped at traffic. That did nothing to the transmission, even at 254,000 miles when I sold the car....Totally agree with Steve......If stopped for long periods then select neutral/park which seems to be the logical thing to do....
  5. This is my second time posting on the forum, and must admit that it has surprised me to see the immense level of knowledge some the members posses. Great work guys ! Here it goes....I have recently purchased my 98 GS300 and was hoping to spend a little money to make it more sporty and better looking. It has only 91,000 on the clock with a full Lexus history. Unfortunately the Gentleman I bought the car off has somewhat neglected the car in the last year or so. The car drives Beautifully but has a steering wheel vibration between 60mph to 80mph, and vibrates a lot when I break or touch the breaks. Cut the story short, I replaced the discs and pads all round as 2 of them were warped, and that stopped the vibration when breaking. I bought 2 new front tyres as the car needed them and ensured they were balanced fully, however, I am still getting a slight tremor(shake) on the steering wheel. Could the rear wheels be out of balance ? and if so, would they effect the steering by making it shake slightly. Unfortunately it is one of those issues that a lot of drivers suffer from and pin pointing towards the real culprit is not an easy job. Is there an easier way of eliminating all the possibilities to get to the answer quickly ? Help will gladly be appreciated... Regards Maan
  6. Brilliant Chris..Thanks...It did make me smile. Unfortunately we do not have any GS400's here in the UK, otherwise I would have bought one. The closest I got to owning a Lexus in the past was a 92 Camry which was based on the Lexus ES at the time. Great car, that saw 260,000 on the clock without any issues....And made me think twice about owning the real thing one day !!
  7. Every time I searched for a solution to a query I had on my Lexus GS300 Google showed me numerous threads from the Forum. This has drawn my attention to the level of detail and passion everyone had on the site. And then I decided to become a member Today(14.09.2015). I basically searched Lexus Owners club UK in Google, and there it was. Regards Maan
  8. I would agree with Steve2006. Normally they are located behind the Glove Box, but I do not think there is one on the LS400 (89) model. An air con spray found at Halfords should do it, or search on Euro Car parts online and have it delivered to your door. Oh, by the way the old LS400 is one of the finest machines ever built. It started the Lexus dream in opinion. I am new here, and also new to the Lexus world. I parted with my almost Brand new VW passat for a 98 GS300(Looking to do some work on it, and hopefully keep it). Good luck !! I will be posting a few questions soon...