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  1. Wanted an Auto so had to go for the SE. Does the Sport actually give u anything else over the SE other than Lowered suspension and blacked out windows??And harder ride? General concensus in road tests is the SE handles and rides better.
  2. Quote from Lexus GB director Karl Schlicht 'Our diesel issue will finally be sorted. For the european market a 150bhp 2.2litre four cylinder diesel will be available.
  3. Thats sales in the UK but compared to the US Europe and the Far East it is the poorest market
  4. Take a look at Autocar magazine this week.All the info on the new Is200 and other Lexi including 2.2 diesel four. And before the anti Diesel brigade starts,Have they actually driven any of the new generation of Diesel e.g Jaguar Xtype.Also there are rumours of a Diesel Lambo Gallardo with the V10 lump out of the Toureg (did i spell it right?) :D The bloke in charge of Lexus says the UK is Lexus's Target for the next few years as sales here havent grown as in other markets.
  5. Hey you lot , have a look at this weeks Autocar. All the details about the new IS200 and all future Lexi.If you want to know the future read Autocar not Autoexpress. B)
  6. Oh well I suppose white cars are all the fashion with girls again you know white stilettos ,white suzuki vitaras ,white socks ,white Lexuses they say the 80's are back in fashion??
  7. Depends on what they mean by loud?? ;) window breaking house vibrating drum and bass probably doesnt do you any good anyway but loud enough to drown everything out is ok.Remember its a classy car we dont want to sound like Fiesta RS turbo drivers do we?? :zee: :D
  8. Also have a look at
  9. Take a look at the pictures of the LF-C unveiled at the new york motorshow this week,add a roof and 4 doors and you pretty much have the new IS.It will have V6 engines of 2.5 and 3.5 capacity.
  10. Remember they are artists impressions but I have heard that the new IS is supposed to be similar in looks to the 3 series so if you cross the new GS with the 3 series I think it comes out looking something like these drawings.Wait for the New York motor show and see what the new coupe looks like.Might give some clues.
  11. Forget the picture of the interior though thats from the streetwise the new 45 has round air vents,Autoexpress up to its old tricks again. Can i suggest you read something with more accurate reports such as Autocar or Car magazine.
  12. Yes get that too,also indicator noise not really loud enough so you dont know if they are still on or not (Although perhaps I should turn my music down)
  13. Recently bought an Auto se and test drove a sport. The Auto se was by far more relaxed and comfortable. Remember the Sport has lowered and harder suspension so the ride isnt as comfortable.Ignore the on paper figures for performance,in my experience Auto's are faster away from a standing start,have you ever seen a road tester testing a manual car 0-60 it brings tears to yr eyes.
  14. The only thing is being an AUTOEXPRESS report takes the shine off it a bit.
  15. Ok thanks guys I'll have a look around