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  1. A good honest comparison is good to hear. I am hoping i can test drive one some point soon, I do like the looks, and as i have a small child who will still not be too big when i look at swapping again its an option. However from your views i think i will try to RC200T, if thats also not so good ill have to look for another IS or a second hand RCF.
  2. Yes agreed, I totally pefer A Lexus to a BMW for driving and owning day to day. and with the IS its not so important, and for a GT car as i would class the RCF or RC coupe luxury and comfort with enough oomph is all you need. I would just like to see what the magazines would say if everything else was equal, since value for money its right on top, distinctiveness, and individuality definately, and its handling and ride is every bit a match for the best of them. I think the main cars stick to the current principle, but a performance spec in each model that matches the germans would be nice to see, if not neccessarily what i would personally buy.
  3. The UK press reviews are now starting to appear. Ive kept an eye out for these RC as a possible replacement to my IS when its due. The UK press in the main as normal seem to favour german rivals, and put a premium on the performance or lack of. I feel Lexus really need to of taken a closer look though with the wieght saving, given the RCF being slated for being heavy ( no matter if its a good car ). A Years extra development time they should of got the 10% weight saving to match the BMW etc. Even if they charged an extra grand or two, or made it part of the F-Sport pack. Thinner seats, light components, lighter wheels etc or chassis modificatiosn for aluminium or carbon panels (like the RC F carbon - as the learnings from the LFA were to bring in to the mainstream and reduce the price). Many of the magazines suggest the 420i a better choice at the same money ( However when specced to the same level it is actually a lot dearer (5k) and still doesnt have some trick bits the RC does- so I dont really know where the magazines get their figures from) but the general public wont know and just take their word for it. However its leaves a decent amount of cash for lighter parts to be fitted, if for a facelift they can focus on weight savings for this and the other versions its win win for all dynamic abilities.
  4. I was told by the dealer that the 8 speaker set up was Pansonic on the IS. But, how often do dealers actually know what they are talking about, could very well be pioneer. No matter either way its a decent unit for sure.
  5. 8 speaker is only with premium navigation. Executive as standard has business nav and 6 speaker set up. The 8 speaker does have a sub, 6 speaker does not. I listened to two systems abck to back, teh 8 speaker and the ML and on DAB, Bluetooth and Radio i could not tell much if any difference, only with CD and ipod plugged it could the ML be said to have a bit more clarity, but this was in a statioary car with no noise, on the move the difference is probably less noticable, Personally i stayed with the 8 speaker and the grand in my pocket, espeically as i nearly never use CDs. But i guess its comes down to personal choice, or just to have the best on offer.Both 6 and 8 speaker systems are from panasonic according to the the dealer.
  6. Issues Already....

    I do notice the car steams up quite quickly if you turn the air con off, But demists straight away, Maybe a ventilation issue, maybe its a downside to the car being very well sealed and isolated from external noise so not much fresh air gets in unless its using air con.or external air circulation. Otherwise your other issues dont seem to be the norm and the dealer should sort them.
  7. Hopefully Lexus learnt from the mistakes /feedback from the RC F's launch in improving the GSF, hopefully this will see many improvements when a facelift arrives. How every i think as a GT car rather than a track monster the RCF is a fine car and it looks the part far more than an M4 or C63, which are just standard business saloons with a loud engine and sporty bolt ons. Admittedly they have dynamic ability under the skin, but i would much rather see an RCF on the drive every day, and to drive on the road 95% of the time. If i knew i could get one for £45k i should of held fire on my IS, sadly not yet got the money to buy two cars at once.
  8. Rattles

    I hate rattles. It was a big reason for getting rid of my Audi A5 , Audi interiors are supposed to be known for no rattles and superior fit and finish, The previous A4 i had was silent, The A5 was terrible, drove me mad, read the forums and there were loads of fixes as most owners also found this to be the case. I dont think anything south of a bentley is immune from it( and ive never driven a bentley maybe they do too), The IS thus far has been much quieter, amplified by a generally quieter experience all round, i did have the seat belt adjuster spring buzzing in my ear, initally thought it was a dodgy speaker, but found it hadnt full engaged, once set right, its been ok touchwood. Nothing else yet in its first 2 months - 2000 miles. Road noise is quite loud at times thats probably my only complaint on the whole car so far.
  9. Lexus Servicing

    Slightly Incorrect, it states in Lexus own handbook. - OEM or equivalent Parts of an equal quality. But other than using OEM parts how do you prove they are of an equal quality im not sure.
  10. Lexus Servicing

    Who ever you have service you car you definately want a stamp. I have had audis previous and before i had motorcyles, all of which went for main dealer servicing, however Duty of care and on the terms of looking after the vehicles i have found them to be no better. I ve had fuel tanks scratched, (admittedly they did tell me and have it resprayed) Service books not stamped, or in audis case, not stamped then when i returned the book stamped incorreclty requiring a new service book to keep in correct order, which i had to then pay for. Maybe they thought i was being too anal. However the garage that my inlaws own, use protection for all cars no matter how old or tatty on the carpets, seats and steering wheels, the mechanics always where fresh gloves and clean overalls if they are inside the vehicle. The only thing i will say is they dont have special fitted covers to suit each car like a main dealer has, as it would cost a fortune. However i am trying to get some universal ones made for them. Standard MOT £45, free retest and service for the IS is around £140.
  11. Lexus Servicing

    I have a new IS, and have not bothered with the servicing pack. for a couple of reasons. 1.I entend to keep the car a while, reduciing the main dealer service history sell on factor. 2. Legally, An independent who uses lexus or parts of a equal quality, fitted to manufactures guidelines does not affect the Warranty. 3. Legally manufactures must provide the same information and training to independent mechanics and garages as it would to its own technicians. Sometimes they try not to but by law they must,. So if a recall or fault occurs that the independent picks up on they must provide accurate information on repair, or procedure. 4. I am fortunate my in laws run a garage so servicing costs are zero, how ever compared to the standard lexus prices they would charge significantly less, and they are a japanese car specialist. Main dealers are prettier and you can spend time window shopping whilst having that free coffee, but ultimately you pay through the nose.
  12. B****y H***l

    Im 30! Just had a new F-sport Ultrasonic blue, Dark rose interior. Looks awesome and certainly not 'old mans car' Even had youth (maybe low 20's) Saying it looks 'sick' ?? Think thats a good term now . . One week and 400 miles in, after 5 years of Audis, absolutely love it.
  13. You can get the dealer to deactive the door chime if you want, but you can't access it yourself through car menus.