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  1. Daily telegraph has reviewed 2017 facelift describing it as comfort and joy!
  2. Why did you think that your mpg would improve in the cold? I expected mine to get worse which it has. It seems to me that short journeys from cold and hills make getting over 40mpg tricky. My new IS has only covered 400 miles and so far my best is 45mpg. However, as I live on an island which is fairly hilly, I reckon that's not bad.
  3. Brilliant! Problem solved......if only all things were as logical!, Thanks.
  4. The handbook says that to disable the downward link for the wing mirrors when reversing "select neither L nor R"...Page 182 There is always a light on one or the other so how does one do this. Obviously most of the time the downward facing mirrors are an aid when reversing, but not always, and I would appreciate advice. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm another new Lexus owner. My 300h Premier in Sonic Titanium was picked up last Wednesday after three month wait. It succeeds a MB 320CDI Estate. Sunroof and advanced safety pack were extras. First impressions are very favourable. Such a quality ride over poorly maintained roads. Deceptively quick and responsive. Radar cruise control a great safety addition. I couldn't understand why the parking sensors weren't bleeping until I found I'd turned them off! So glad I read the thousand pages of manual and sat nav book. Not yet got over 40 mpg but I'm enjoying it too much!
  6. Congratulations. Mine is due first week in January having arrived by sea on 16/12/15.