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  1. N reg is from August 95' to July 96', its the original plate.
  2. Just to add, I've got a invoice with the spark plugs being done and the cam belt at about 45K.
  3. Oi you two, stop talking my car down! hehe. I'm open to offers but maybe not quite that low! I should rewrite it to say it has had a timing belt change shouldn't I? I guess prices all depend on if you need a quick sale or are looking for the right buyer who wants a good car. I would say Larry is worth a decent amount. Probably £2.5k plus in my opinion.
  4. Now up for sale on eBay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254368109789?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. I thought I'd post this on here first before the usually Autotrader / Ebay route. I'd rather the car went to an enthusiast. Please excuse the large write up but I have tried to cover everything. I've just bought a Jag XKR and we already have a GS450 so the LS has to go. I bought it in January last year after posting a wanted add on here. Had to travel to the other side of the country to pick it up but it was worth it! Hopefully the pictures convey the condition of the car. I would describe it as very good however it isn't showroom condition, its seen a automated car wash or two (not in my ownership!) The interior is pretty much immaculate. Slight wear on the drivers bolster but it really is minimal. Some screw holes from an old car phone. Not long after I got the car I replaced the radio (I still have the original as a spare) as the display was faulty. Everything works bar the drivers heated seat. All the normal suspects are good, electric steering column / boot seal / bonnet struts / aerial etc all good. All the glass is in good condition and not scored. Sunroof works as it should. I've fitted clear front and side indicator lenses to the car which are very hard to come by, I have kept the originals. Last year I bought a set of 5 DHP 17" wheels in good condition with Pirelli Asimmetrico tyres fitted. These are currently on the car, with the correct tapered wheel nuts. I managed to get two newish tyres with 6-7 mm tread back in March. I had the spare DHP wheel reconditioned as it was in the poorest condition and then had one of the new tyres fitted. So I have one spare 17" Pirelli tyre. The original wheels where reconditioned by the previous owner and are in near perfect condition. They also have Pirelli's fitted albeit a bit low on tread 3mm ish. Previous owner installed a new battery and alternator. Last year I had the oil / oil filter / fuel filter / air filter / cabin filter replaced. I've got all the original Lexus owners manual, service book, tool kit (untouched), 3 keys with remotes (one is the valet key without boot access!) MOT until the 29th of January. 68K ish on the clock, I'm still using the car at least once a week to come to work as I don't like leaving cars sitting. £3250 ono with everything listed, although I am happy to do a deal for the car as standard (less DHP wheels, clear lights) The car is located in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Please PM for more info and I will get back to you asap.
  6. So I was looking for a ISF in my budget or Corvette but nothing came up. So I've got one of these instead. Very happy with it, plenty of power being the Supercharged one. Not sure but one of the Lexus is going, probably the LS400 as my wife loves the GS450.
  7. I'm running 35 psi on the DHP wheels. Seems about right. No abnormal wear.
  8. Price and mileage? Service history, mot etc? Looks like a nice car
  9. They never came on the MK3 the DHP was a option on the MK4. So your car would have originally come with 16" wheels. I have the DHP wheels on my MK3 and I think they make quite a difference to the look and also a bit more grip being 245's instead of 225's. Biggest problem with the DHP wheels is finding the correct size tyres. They run Pirelli assemetricos which are £250 new! Ouch. They are the same size as base spec XK8 wheels/tyres though so sometimes you can pick up tyres searching under that.
  10. I had the LS1 in my old 1999 Camaro. It put down 315 rwhp & 325 rwtq, t56 6 speed manual car. 320bhp sounds right. The LS1 is very similar in size to the Rover V8 so quite small in dimensions as far as V8's go and its all alloy. Some ones gonna have to have big balls to open that up to full throttle with those little wheels!!!
  11. Thats a good price. I had a shock replaced under warranty last year but this years MOT was a disaster. 3 new tyres and the all the brake lines replaced!! Days labour to change the break lines. Cost something like £1500 in total with the tyres. You got off lightly! This was at the dealers which in hindsight I should have taken the car elsewhere but I have the service package with them.
  12. The yanks get lots of engine options we don't. I really wanted a IS350 after having the 250 but they never did it in the UK. Think they've got a V6 in the new ES too.