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  1. Z28DUNC

    possible purchase

    I don't think I'd touch it with a barge pole. Have you seen the MOT history? It doesn't even have a MOT at the moment due to handbrake adjustment and LACK OF WHEELNUTS!!! Which you can actually see in some of the photos! I've google the place selling it and it doesn't have bad reviews so its a bit of a odd one.
  2. Nope can't find it, can you post a link please?
  3. Well fitted the new unit over the hols. Very easy to change. The second hand light cluster had the wiring attached. All I had to do was remove the battery cover and a few more plastic tabs to get the lining back far enough to reach in and undo 3 fixing bolts which are very lightly torqued. Plugged in the new unit and bolted up, all working 😊 Probably a 10 minute job if you've done it before. Took me half an hour being cautious.
  4. Kal, if you get sensor errors it will throw a light on the dash and display check hybrid system. However this doesn't mean the battery pack is at fault it just means theres a fault in the system. You most likely don't have any battery related issues, just a cam sensor thats maybe getting slightly intermittent. Out of interest did it happen when the engine started or when it was already running? Do yourself a favour and buy a OBD2 reader so you can read and clear codes. As Lee and Roy have suggest the hybrid health check at Lexus is worth doing as if all clear its covers you for 12 months if the battery pack does fail. Plus you usually have your car valeted for free. Let us know how you get on with it.
  5. Brill, thanks for the advice Lee. Yes its the outer unit in the image above that is broken. I've managed to get one for £50 off eBay. Looks identical with the wiring and backing plate attached so hopefully just plug and play once I manage to remove the old unit. It looks to me like the unit is only held on with one fixing in the image above and also the pics of the one I've bought look the same. We will see! Hopefully have the unit on Friday and fit over the weekend.
  6. Could anyone confirm the 450 light cluster is the same as the other hand models (2007)? Also how do I swap it, any advice. It's the passenger side outer. Thanks
  7. Doh, you have beaten me! I have 58k on the clock, my car is older though so does that count, haha.
  8. Lexus only do a warranty on cars under 10 years old 😞
  9. Not as soft a ride as the Dunlops on the 16" wheels but they hold the road better. Plus looking at the tread pattern I think they'll be a better all year round tyre.
  10. They are quite fiddly. Plus you can't touch them, I wore some rubber gloves so I didn't damage them. I seem to remember having to move the windscreen washer pipe out of the way too, one bolt not hard.
  11. Fitted some DHP wheels that I bought off eBay last week. They have the correct size Pirellis fitted too! I think they look great
  12. quick fix for the bulbs, swap them over as it makes a connection in a different place and sometimes this is the problem.
  13. I've order the set of Ebay so I'll see what works. Hopefully they will work as I have done some research and a cone type end keeps coming up.
  14. Woohoo! Just won some DHP wheels on Ebay. Hopefully get the picked up later this week. I know the wheel nuts used on these are a conical type and different to the standard LS400 wheels. Could someone confirm that these nuts will work .... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M12-x-1-5-19mm-Hex-Alloy-Wheel-Nuts-Set-of-20/181594136854?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649