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  1. ToyoLex

    Need advise is200 LE and sport

    If you must have LSD then you need a Sport. .plus avoid supercharger /turbo..get an is300 instead. .piece of mind and 2jz😂
  2. 15/1..Will be there too..A433? that the road that leads to Tetbury?..there is a fork that takes you to the back if the airfield?
  3. ToyoLex

    Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    Going to get my cambelt and water pump done tomorrow. .got it check today was worn out ..on the edge of the cam sprocket and starting to crumble at the edge...once it's done..that will be ..New radiator. .New brake pads f/b..4 New Uniroyals 215/ Is200 Sport is ready for another..70k miles of peace of mind thrashing..😂😂😂
  4. ToyoLex

    IS200 SE

    Make sure you give it a good thrashing without it and keep the engine running for over 45mns to make sure the fans kick in atleast 3 times..check the heater..if it's Lukewarm and not blowing hot air..the radiator is worn out. Plus any clunkinh noises when you come to a stop means ball joints need be vigilant and lucky...I got an Is200 lady owner😎 lucky me...everything works fine
  5. ToyoLex

    radiator needed

    Same here..I got a Koyo radiator from ECP. .it's perfect and affordable😃
  6. ToyoLex

    Sudden boost after 2,500 rpm

    I get the same mild but noticeable surge at 3k in my is200 Sport mt..and a big one at jerks or vibration though
  7. ToyoLex

    is200 Sport/GS300 ?

    Thinking of swapping an is200 Sport for GS300..Problem is if you are not going to do over 130mph..then the is200 Sport is perfect..but the 2jz keeps tempting there is only 4mpg difference in fuel consumption. .thats what the official Lexus fuel chart states.. Help
  8. ToyoLex

    KN Airfilter kit: worth it?

    Not really..they look too messy under the the suck in warm to hot air this reducing performance. .if you look at the air filter box..the snout is right at front to suck in cold air..most cats are like that for a good reason
  9. ToyoLex

    Engine coolant boiling

    If your car has done over 100k..hard miles..your radiator is a failure waiting to happen..regardless of what koyo hks japspeed etc etc
  10. ToyoLex

    clutch change tips is200 sport

    Big congrats..if you can change a can do most things..Congrats again👏👏
  11. ToyoLex

    Overheating and cut out. Help

    You are so unlucky. .samething happen to me..water leaked out of my radiator and the temp gauge didn't rise at all..the car just refused to I waited for over two hour for it to cool down completely before I topped up with lots of antifreeze ..that's where you went refilled it with plain water too quickly and cracked your head..the is200 is design to cut out if it's going to overheat..and it did that but you wrecked little knowledge of cars saved me..wasn't fun waiting for over two hours for it cool a Koyo radiator and it's been happy motoring ever after..😎
  12. ToyoLex

    Engine coolant boiling

    Sounds like your head gasket is knackered. ..where the fans working?..radiator fans I mean..check that first..1G-FE are tough..very rad failed..temp gauge went right to edge of the red zone..and the engine cut off..didn't start till the engine cooled and I topped it with anti freeze and water ..used the car for about a week before I notice a big puddle of water under the car...I topped up and drove to my was replaced 7k ago..engine is fine..I be actually been to Germany and back..not a drop of oil or water used on 1000 miles ..163k..not out..is200 sport..6spd..daily commuter
  13. ToyoLex

    clutch change tips is200 sport

    If you haven't worked on card WON'T be able to replace a clutch,and if you can?then you are in the wrong profession.'s a major terms of engine in car jobs..I can safely say it is second a head gasket replacement. .so good luck
  14. ToyoLex

    Replacement radiator

    I replaced my radiator at 156k with a Koyo radiator from ECP. .the is200 Sport is on 163k miles..half of the 7k I ve done so far is crawling in traffic..M25..23 miles in the morning no traffic..23 miles in the evening..solid it's been excellent so far
  15. ToyoLex

    Clutch Judder

    Clutch judder is caused by NOT getting the Bitting Point's very sensitive..I had the same problem with my IS200 need for a new clutch..same thing will happen if you get the Bitting Point wrong. .so start practicing. .you have to come off the clutch almost completely before you apply the power..once you master becomes so easy😂😂😂