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  1. Indeed. Easy to change when changing the tyres but a hassle otherwise, Buy new TPMS and go to friendly tyre place to remove tyre and old TPMS, install new TPMS and refit tyre. Looked at your eBay TPMS and spotted a set of four which look like the same item. Interestingly this set has the customer comment:- 17 Feb, 2018 Perfect Replacement Item for 2007 Lexus GS450h Bought these for my 2007 GS450h as I needed a full set as within a week all four batteries died. Got my friendly mechanic to fit them and I though I would have to reprogram them using Techstream but all I had to do was press the initialisation button under the dash and the car picked them up and the light went out. 3 weeks on and no problems so far! Highly recommended product and seller. Believable? Bitprius? John
  2. Jimi, If you can solder you might want to follow' instructions by Britprius posted here on replacing the batteries. Costs pennies and you will not have to feed any new codes into your system. Search for "Lexus GS Gen 3 TPMS" thread. John
  3. Kal, I guess your 22mpg is within 30 mph limit (or even 20mph in Oxford) with a cold engine on short journeys. A hilly limit area would be even worse.At 60mph on cruise up 50 miles or so of M4 through Wiltshire starting with hot engine I was in mid 50s mpg. Even after A34 and Oxford ring road I only dropped to 45mpg by time I reached home. But short journeys in town I get <25mpg. Don't worry. Just drive it and let computer decide what to do to fit your demands. I have never understood forum members who claim they can control when it's on battery or not. As royoftherovers says, enjoy it. John
  4. LC-500....... too fussy?

    Crying at the front too?
  5. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM. John
  6. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    Just spotted the price here. You can do much better than this. Does 250 really have 255 tyres? John
  7. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    Fitted pair of Landsail LS588 245/40/18 XL to front of mine this week. These is rated B.B.69dB. I have Three A on the back which was slightly cheaper and not quite so good rating. Both budget tyres and both recommended by others here. Looking forward to 20k+ miles of safe, quiet and economical motoring. John
  8. The rx goes up to 60mpg? Step forward all the owners who have achieved that even on the latest Atkinson models. My best is 45.1mpg on an 80 miles trip but usually mid 30s except for short journeys with 30mph zone when it is probably mid 20s. John
  9. Phil, The various posts refer to the GS450h dampers not GS300. These are much cheaper. John
  10. Picked Mine Up Today!

    To quote Steve Jobs "Gorgeous, you're gonna love it". The red is fabulous and now I'm green. John
  11. This retro owner has lots of cassette tapes and finds it very useful. Some owners on here find Landsail or Three A tyres perfectly adequate at less than £75/corner. If potential purchase does not have at least two keys be aware that a new key is very expensive (£200 or £300 or so) so good bargaining point. A hybrid battery cheque is a mere £59 and gives a warranty for 12 months too. It is still a gen 3 GS so if you don't like the handling of the 300 will you like the 450? The boot is smaller than the gen 2 or 3 GS300. Check it is big enough for your needs. I think the forum members are pretty well 100% in loving the gen 3 450h. John
  12. Brilliant! Bluetooth is backwards compatible so new implementation should still communicate with older ones but newer functionality may not be supported. Now to resolve why some have "1-touch Dial" and others "Speed dial" and if that is related to different MPG, average speed etc. display. John
  13. I'm on EE and it still says BT! If not connected BT has a line though it. Ho remains a mystery. What I haven't been able to do is have it connect automatically to whichever (registered) phone gets in the car. Three phones use our car. John
  14. Is the difference in screens down to the unit fitted rather than the year? My 2007 450h SE-L screen is like Odesyesuss. stevet has a different screen. My unit is a Ten 5. What unit do you have stevet? If yours is a Get 5 too then is the difference in the software? What changes were there to the sat nav software from 2006 onwards? I had 2006-2007 Ver2 originally. Then I had 2012-2013 Ver 2 and now I am on 2017-2018 Ver 1 and the displays have always stayed the same. John
  15. Phil, If your dipped beam is flat as mine is there is nothing to do. (The flat beam is why it is difficult to see if AFS is working.) I think from memory some LOC members have found it helpful to carry a letter from Lexus GB to convince the local constabulary though.Try a forum search on "headlights in Europe" or something. John
  16. I have same generation 3 GS but not same model. Phone worked fine for me on its original 2006-2007 version 2 maps. I am now on 2012-2013 and it is still OK. I cannot hear my iPhone very well on its own but when coupled to the car I can. I can't remember if there is a phone sound level setting but I have never changed it if there is. Phil: if you PM me with your address I can send my 2006-2007 map disk to see if that helps. John
  17. Andrew I agree with your solution. I my case I have the little MiFi because the property I go to has no WiFi and my wife's phone has a very limited data allowance. What data SIMs do people buy? I use EE because their 4G signal is good at the property (nothing else is) and always buy new SIM rather than topping up which is very expensive. John
  18. I put mine in the centre arm rest box where there is a cigar lighter socket. I use a little USB power supply in the socket. Much neater than the one shown on the Lexus blog stuck on the side - most unLexus like. John
  19. A TP-Link M7350 will give you a hotspot for £62. Works fine for me and can come with me when I leave the car. See https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-LTE-Advanced-Unlocked-M7350-V4/dp/B06XC16QC1/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1516216333&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=TP-Link+M7350&psc=1 John
  20. Decisions Decisions

    Now Ratty, don't mislead. It's only six figures if you count the pennies; four otherwise. Ongoing though..... John
  21. Decisions Decisions

    I had just got out of this car after @Mark G had taken me for a little ride. Very impressive. Not a hard decision at all and the one offered on LOC is lovely. You know you deserve it... John (who doesn't )
  22. F with bike

    I would not be able to see the grin - you would be so far ahead. Possibly even before the first corner
  23. F with bike

    Call that a bike?
  24. Robert, You are not alone. See this recent thread
  25. Many thanks John. A Christmas journey in the wet and dark mainly on the M40 was unpleasant. It would have been worse on ordinary roads. I don't often drive at night but when I do my dipped lights seem inadequate. I understand your changes now. John