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  1. I bought my 2012 GS450h 3 months ago with one key. The seller came good and honoured his promise to obtain another key as part of the terms of the deal. The retail cost of a new key was £385 incl vat. The reprogramming of the key by Lexus Sheffield was £35 plus vat. He obtained a trader discount but still ended up paying over £300. So if they can be bought on e bay as non OE parts and can be reprogrammed then that would the best option I guess. My dealer told me they re programmed the new key and my existing key to a new code thereby making the missing key obsolete.
  2. Just been reading the threads after I asked if a hybrid can be jump started. Plenty of opinion I see and good to know that the 12 v battery is for lesser functions. I did note that on the inside edge of my boot lid there is an official Lexus sticker attached stating quite clearly to ring an 0800 tel number number if you intend to use jump leads. I guess it's to make sure you don't get things wrong and everything goes sideways on you. Thanks for all the info from people with greater knowledge on such things.
  3. Has anyone actually ever jump started a hybrid, if so what is the procedure to do it safely. Is the hybrid battery isolated from the battery that turns the engine over?. Cheers
  4. Since I bought the GS 450h I wanted to brighten up the front bumper somehow. Decided to make a lower lip finisher in 0.5mm aluminium. Made using paper templates in 3 pieces with two small joining pieces. The aluminium was thin enough to shape into the curves and folds of the bumper's profile. Once fitted it was polished using various wheels and mops with different grades of metal polishing compounds. Took me back to my previous life in Bodyshops working with sheet metal. Needs no more than a a bit of Autosol once a week after polishing.
  5. Anyone know the correct torque settings for wheel nuts on a 2012 Lexus 450h, preferably in lb/ft please. Read it's only 75 lb/ft on a website but that seems very low to me.
  6. I've used the Wheel Specialist Franchise in Leeds twice now, once in 2014 when I had 4 wheels refurbished on a Jaguar and last week on my 450h. In between these two occasions, around 2016 I used another refurbisher on my LS460 and that was a disaster. Every wheel was ruined by bad process issues, mainly dirt in the top coat. I knew going back to the Wheel Specialist with my 450h wheels was not going to give me any issues and true enough the wheels were completed next day and were just perfect. There was nothing actually wrong with my wheels on my 450h other than the colour, which was dark grey and not a colour I could live with. I understand why the original owner specified the car with them as the paint is solid black with black interior. Too much black for me so I had the wheels powder coated in metallic silver. For me it broke the swathes of black and just brightened up the colour scheme a bit.
  7. Part Number is PW178-30001 Price is £124 plus vat = £148.80. If you can get 10% off the list price before vat it will cost £133.74 incl vat. Not trying you to tell mother how to suck eggs here but be careful when sticking the trim to the bumper. The 3M tape is very sticky and will grab easily to the painted alignment is crucial. The grey protective tape, top side, has an arrow in the middle and you line up the arrow with the boot latch. It has 4 pieces of 3M tape on the underside of the trim. Top tip, peel off the film of the two small one inch pieces of tape at each end. Pull back about an inch of the film on the long pieces of tape at one end and turn it 90 degrees so it will stick out. Centre the trim using the arrow and press down on the opposite end to where you have the two pieces of film sticking out. This allows you to get the lip just right on the profiled edge of the bumper as you lower it in to place. Then press down the other end leaving you the two long pieces of film sticking out which you can then just pull gently along the whole length of the trim. The trim cannot move as the small pieces of tape at each end are now holding the trim in place. You can now press down along the whole length. It ain't coming off !!!! Pulling all the pink film off all the tape will risk the trim being slightly mis aligned as once all the tape hits the panel it will be difficult to pull it off without bending it as it is quite thin, no more than an eighth of an inch. You can then pull off the grey protective tape off the top side exposing the bright stainless steel. The part comes in a foam sleeve and also in a cardboard box to protect it from damage. Steve
  8. Parked next to a 17 plate GS on a local dealer forecourt recently and noticed a smart rear bumper protector in what looked like brushed and polished stainless steel. Very nice I thought, I'll get one. Parts man asked for my reg or chassis number and then said sorry not listed for your 2012 car. As an ex Insurance Engineer I pointed out to him the Gen 5 GS was all about front end changes but the rear bumpers of a Gen 4 and Gen 5 were identical so I'd like to order one. He wasn't keen because he couldn't send it back if it didn't fit. OK I said and contacted my dealer in Sheffield where I have my service plan. Parts manager there is so helpful. He understood what I was saying about the bumper profiles being the same and said he can only really go on chassis numbers too but if I wanted he would order one, I could come in and check the trim sat on the bumper ok without removing the 3m tape film but if it didn't fit then he would send it back as a return. I thanked him and said let's order one but I was 100% certain he would not be sending it back. The part was a perfect fit as expected. He thanked me as he now knows if anyone coming in with a Gen 4 model who wants the same part he could say he knows it fits regardless of what the computer says. The Lexus E Bay shop lists the part for the Gen 5 model and if you do their compatibility check it says " Does not fit a 2012 version". Anyway pics speak for themselves. Made in Italy would you believe but not cheap at £134 even after discount.
  9. Sorted the fused pick up by using the ignition controlled circuit of the windscreen washers. Fuse number 9, 20amp right hand lower footwell fuse board. Dash cam comes on when starting car and then switches off turning car off. Quality of the mini videos when viewing on the laptop are very good. Would recommend the Nextbase 512GW model.
  10. Thanks Herbie and Richiano for feedback Don't have a cigar lighter only an auxiliary socket in the centre console, thought it would have a cigar lighter but as a non smoker never bothered me yet car has ash trays in rear doors. I'm thinking of using the brake light fuse at 7.5amp which has to be ignition on to make them work I hope. I'll try of course to see if pressing the brake pedal with ignition off does or doesn't light up the lamps. Might have to use the fuse box on in the passenger footwell even though I have run the cables to the right hand side fuse box at present. I only want this dash cam to come on and go off when I start up and turn off the engine. I'll keep plugging away though.
  11. Fitted Nextbase 512GW dash cam to my GS450h today. Fitted the optional rear camera too and all works well. Good software for reviewing the 3 minute video clips on a PC. Decided to fit a hard wire kit so all cables can be hidden and used the Nextbase hard wire kit. It recommended an ignition only circuit no greater than 20 amps so the dash cam will switch on and off automatically through the ignition. The fuse box in the driver side foot well has 13 circuits fused at 20 amps or below out of a total of 21 circuits. Using the hand book I looked for a circuit that should only be live with the ignition on and yet the 5 circuits I tried one after the other turned the dash cam on immediately the connection was made BUT WITH THE IGNITION OFF. The hard wire kit comes with a piggy back adaptor with a 2 amp fuse for the dash cam and allows for the original fuse protecting the circuit to be used. So far I've picked the electric tilt and slide steering column circuit, the multimedia circuit, the steering lock circuit, the front auxiliary outlet circuit and power window master switch circuit and the dash cam came on each time I connected the cable to the fuse box. The two cameras are great and unobtrusive and with all cables hidden behind the headlining and pillar trims it was worth doing given I have had two no fault accidents which were both disputed by the other bloke's insurance company. The other bloke lied through his teeth and both claims took over 4 months to settle liability in my favour, hence fitting front and rear cameras. So if anyone can educate me on where a 20 amp or less fused circuit is located and will only work with the ignition on I would be grateful.
  12. Thanks everyone for all the info and tips. I did press the TPMS button under the steering column after setting all the pressures and indeed the light went out and hasn't come back on so far. Not sure what generation my GS is actually, registered Sept 2012 and definitely does not have the visual display on the dash between the dials like j8pfc has on his gen 4 GS. Mine's a Luxury model and I wonder if the visual display mentioned only appears on the Premier GS or does the gen 4 GS differ in many other areas I wonder. This is what I like about a good forum when another member can just point you in the right direction and make another member aware there is a reset button for tyre pressures. I might have ended up going 40 miles to my preferred dealer just for them to check the pressures and press a button to get the light off.
  13. Hi John, many thanks for the tip. I'll try resetting the TPMS button. When I look at the actual valve I can see it is a substantial metal valve with the top of the shaft shaped as a nut, indicative of the TPMS valves I had on the LS. Service Receptionist at the dealer of 16 years said he believed the GS had a ride height system for detecting loss of pressure in tyres. So much for the experts. If it can't be reset by pressing that button I'll ask for this to be looked at under my extended warranty. I've been running the tyres at or 34 psi for two months now since I bought the car on on the 1st August 2018 so maybe a TPMS sensor has failed. Thanks John for replying to my post.
  14. The tyre pressure warning light came on today on my 2012 GS450h. Not sure what system it has, whether it uses TPMS devices or simply uses height sensitive sensors monitoring suspension height. Checked pressures of course, 2.4 bar or 35 psi but all ok. Anyone tell me what system my car uses. Don't have a visual display option like the LS460 I had for tyre pressures. Any info/advise would be appreciated. Steve
  15. Hi Steve, if I had the computer skill I would do what you ask but don't know how to do a link to an E Bay page. However the company is uniquepoint2014 Type into E Bay 4Pcs Universal rubber Car Mud Flaps Splash Guards Front & Rear 330X220 mm UK. The set showing an inset picture of someone folding one in half are the ones I bought. You get four for £9.99. You should note however that they are not car specific, they are purely a universal one size fits all so no point contacting the seller asking for a set for a RX. The Lexus logo is a vinyl graphic which I bought on e bay too. They are brake calliper badges. The flaps are really easy to fit. Didn't use their self tapping screws though. I used coarse 10mm bolts with a built in washer on the rears and utilised the existing 10mm coarse threaded bolts which secure the front of the vehicle's plastic sills for the fronts. These flaps are soft rubber so they can be pushed into body work shapes.