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  1. I remember how a poor design of the usb slots under the front cup holder lid caused us all to ask why did Lexus do that instead of placing them in the centre console where all usb leads could be hidden when you have your phone or i pod connected. I initially tried a few alternatives of usb connectors but nothing really worked and now I don't care if I have to place my i pod in the cup holder while using the usb slot. Lid open, lid closed, it's not important.
  2. Vince, been in today by appointment to Lexus Leeds who told me last week Lexus had a known Bluetooth issue on the ES. Anyway the service receptionist went out to the car with a memory stick and took some info from the multimedia system. He came back to use his computer on which was the software upgrade and transferred the software fix on to the stick. He went back outside to the car and installed the fix. All done. He said there was a total of 66 software files he had installed. Also because I don't have Apple Car Play and Android Auto I asked him about the upgrade Lexus had promised ES owners last year as a retro fit cost option. He said it had been deferred due to Covid, isn't everything !! Anyway it's due in October at approx £100 for anyone who wants it. Should be free I say given they fitted it as standard to the lesser UX model line up.
  3. Vince if you are looking to sell it give Quality Cars of Sheffield a call and ask for Ryan Nelson the owner on 07414 905001 or 07701 048784. I traded my 2017 Jaguar XE for a 2012 Lexus GS450h in 2018, my first Hybrid. He knows his stuff and he might just buy it off you for stock. Just have a look at his website if you want to see the sort of stock he has, from exotic to more regular makes. He is a real car enthusiast and would make you a real offer if you decide not to trade in. Sorry to hear you are giving up your ES Steve (Leeds)
  4. Anyone suffering from erratic automatic phone connection via Bluetooth? Sometimes the phone connects and when it does I can receive calls and have a hands free conversation but noticeably when I dial a number from my list the person answers and I can hear them but they can't hear me. I proved to myself that it's not my phone as I paired it with my wife's car and it works normally via Bluetooth no matter who is calling who.
  5. The ES300h is 50mm short of 5 metres long so room in the back is generous and much more than the GS model range. I think it is as quiet as the GS, no difference to me and very comfortable, my car has extra seat adjustment because of the Premium pack and Lexus have always been legendary in seat design. Mine has tan interior and solid black paint. Tinted windows are fitted to all 3 variants and with the rear window side blinds raised it's positively a black out in the rear. Boot space is larger in the ES because of how they mounted the hybrid battery which is now under the floor whereas I believe the GS has the battery fitted upright behind the rear seat so impacting the boot floor space.
  6. John, I loved the GS450h with the V6 giving more instant acceleration and although it was the luxury model and not the Premier model which I just couldn't find in budget the GS450h was superb. It was this hybrid car that got me seriously thinking about an upgrade to the larger size ES300h despite only having the 2.5 litre petrol engine. But what a car and because I was determined not to give the Government the satisfaction of charging me £550 a year road tax for 5 years I made sure my ES purchase stayed under the £40,000 threshold but I wanted a little bit more in terms of spec so ordered it with the Premium pack and the extra £3,500 over the entry model was well worth it, leather being the main extra amongst other nice features. The dealer gave me a Protection pack in the deal so all in all it was perfect. Never drops below 50 mpg with the combined electric and petrol power train. The Takumi model has more spec but the significant price hike and extra road tax make it more suitable for the business user I would say.
  7. Martin, the first photo is the fuse box cover lid, about 4.5 inches long and about 1.25 inches wide. It is definitely in the passenger left front foot well. You will see it but you have to strain your neck a little and look upwards on the very left of where a passenger's left foot would rest. You can use a very small ordinary screwdriver to press back the plastic clip that will release the cover, the end with a small see through cut out shape, see the photo.
  8. The last Talk to Lexus survey completed yesterday talked about 7 apps that Lexus are seeking opinion on and one of the 7 asked for views on a security app that would allow a Lexus owner to locate your own car in the event of theft. This would allow you notify the Police where the car was taken to or is being driven as you use the app. Of course the survey also wanted to know how much would you be prepared to pay for it if it was offered as part of your vehicle's spec. In the past Tracker was market leader but as Lexus emergency support can be automatically contacted if you crash your car, even if you are immobilised/injured, it's not surprising an internet connected vehicle can be configured to locate the car in the event of theft.
  9. John, yes rear rubber winter mats for the ES don't exist, as far as Lexus is concerned they don't make them. Don't dismiss those mud flaps from China if they are the same ones I bought and arrived in 7 days from China !!! They are a perfect fit in every respect, no modifying them, every hole lines up with existing plug fixings in the wing liners. At £25 they were a real find. Lexus don't do them yet. THERE IS A THREAD OF MINE WITH PICTURES OF THE EBAY ADVERT AND THE FLAPS ON MY CAR. GO TO PAGE 4 ON THE ES FORUM AND YOU WILL SEE IT. I WOULD NEVER FIT SPURIOUS PARTS TO MY CAR. WHEN I BOUGHT THEM AT £25 I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE A RISK BUYING CHINESE MUD FLAPS BUT THIS COMPANY HAD CLEARLY SET OUT TO MAKE THEM FOR THE ES. THE PROFILES OF THE INJECTED MOULDED FLAPS ARE PERFECT.
  10. Martin, the fuse box on your ES is in the left front passenger footwell. Look up inside the left side of the footwell and you will see the fuse box. A photo of the fuse box lid is attached. You will need to pick up the fuse for the headlamp wash which is live when you are driving and when you switch off your car the dash cam will shut down too. It has the correct amp rating for operating the camera. You won't be able to refit the fuse box lid if you piggy back off the fuse board so stick in in your centre console so you know where it will be if you ever remove the dash cam into another vehicle. Nextbase do a great range of dash cams and I fitted a separate rear view camera too which mounts to the inside of the rear screen. When the Nextbase dash cam is on you not only see what the front camera is recording but also in a small window on the main screen you can see what the rear view camera is recording. The software that comes with their kit is excellent and you can view every file or selected files on your computer. Their top models allow for wifi connections too so you can download a file to your phone if you are really techy or is it upload a file? The ES uses micro fuses the smallest fuses there are so you may need to request from Nextbase their smallest piggy back connection cable but they will supply it free as they did for me. Nextbase do their own sim cards and hard wire fitting kits, all great quality and their tech support for telephone queries is very good too. Go for a 64GB sim card rather than an 8GB or 16GB. I like having duel cameras for the off chance someone will rear end me. Nextbase do a duel front and rear camera in one unit but the rear view lens has to look through to the back of the car and out the back screen whereas I have their rear screen mounted camera on the rear screen. Separate camera lead of course which has to be fed down the inside of the car's trim but worth the effort. RE: the inner screen trim left or right whichever you pull down to feed the cable has a unique special clip at the top of the trim which will remain in the metal frame of the screen pillar when you pull the fabric covered screen inner trim down. You must twist and turn this white plastic clip and remove it from the screen frame and then re connect it to the actual fabric covered trim piece otherwise the trim will not snap back into the hole. The other photos are of the camera front and rear and fuse board etc when I fitted them to my GS450h and then removed it all when I refitted the cameras in to my ES. Same fuse board in the GS and the ES.
  11. Might be a bit of a long shot but I'm clearing out my garage for a house move and rather than include this genuine grey leather steering wheel in the stuff going to the tip I thought I would offer it as a freebie. I owned my 2007 LS460 SE-L for 3 years and bought a wood and grey leather wheel off E Bay so this leather only wheel became spare. It is just too good to throw away but I may just have to send it t the tip. Not interested in putting on ebay, just too much of a bother and not worth anything really. You never know there may be someone out there whose wheel is tired or worn. No air bag of course that was swopped over. Send a PM if interested. I live in Leeds West Yorks if anyone lives close enough to make it worthwhile to pick it up. The wheel is in good condition, no cuts, tears and the stitching is all intact.
  12. Can you believe it, Lexus Leeds actually gave me a parts enquiry print out and a part number for what they said was rear rubber mats for the ES300h. Found the part number on my phone's note pad so rang Lexus Sheffield who ran the number through their computer and they were rubber Lexus ES mats but fronts not rears. So as stated previously by PeteTP they don't exist.
  13. Moving house and clearing out garage and it seems such a pity to consider having to send a new GS450h Mk IV boot liner to the tip. I bought the genuine Lexus boot liner which I only had 6 months before trading my GS in and buying a new ES300, such was impact a hybrid had on me. I did offer it once before on the GS forum but as it needs collecting for obvious reasons about postage and size of the item nobody in West Yorkshire needed one. So if anyone thinks a trip to Leeds is worth doing to collect it then send me a PM. It's a freebie.
  14. I ordered an ES last year and the dealer included the premium pack which is boot liner, front Lexus rubber mats and a rear bumper protector trim, Most ES owners know of this pack and as you said the cost of these items individually is outrageous. Rear ES rubber mats are not included in the premium pack but do exist because my dealer priced them up for me and they cost £200, can't locate the part number I'm afraid. I thought about getting them but then nobody ever sits in the back of my car since I bought it, not even family. I have my original LS460 rear rubber mats so I use these mats in my ES without any modifications. They fit fine are are genuine Lexus mats. It's true the Lexus E Bay parts website did show at one time a full set of winter rubber mats for the ES so I sent a message last year via e bay to double check if I could get the 4 mat set in order to obtain the rear mats at a cheaper price and have a spare set of front mats as well. I think the price for 4 mats was around £200 making the set cheap when you consider the £400 for front mats and the £200 for rear mats if you buy them as two part numbers. That is just plain daft and although these mats are really good the pricing structure is just a rip off. However I got a message back from the official E Bay Lexus parts website to say sorry can't supply. The rear mats were not available despite a photo of them on the website at the time in 2019 and the headline advert saying front and rear rubber mats for the 2019 ES300. The advert no longer appears.