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  1. Thanks to John/Sorcerer for putting the video on the Post. Why it had to go Malc, simple answer is I ran it for 2 years and 8 months under Lexus extended warranty for peace of mind. 12 months warranty the dealer gave me when I bought it and then i extended it for another 2 years. At 11 years now I just felt I should sell it while it's condition and mileage were likely to be attractive to someone. That someone was Phil Walker of Sheffield who sells a few Lexus models of all types. He only buys good stock and won't look at anything that doesn't have full Lexus history. He wanted to buy it when he first saw it about a month ago while I was searching for a GS300h Premier but couldn't find one without travelling into the London area. Got fed looking so decided to buy a Jaguar. I'll probably go back to Lexus in about 3 years as the LS was the best car I've owned. Did find a 3 year old white GS300h F Sport but they cost so much and was simply over my budget. Ended up with a 2017 Jaguar XE R Sport AWD diesel which I know bears no comparison to the LS but that was never my intention. It's more about running costs now. Steve
  2. Sad day on Tuesday 29th May when I handed over the car to a trader in Sheffield who was chasing me for over a month to buy it for his stock. If you want to hear a grown man nearly wetting himself with excitement then type Phil Walker Car Sales in Sheffield into Google and watch his video of my ex car. He just loves Lexus. It's the only car I will truly miss. At 11 years old it was time to move on and I've gone back into a Jaguar having had 3 of them in the past. The LS460 is now up for sale at this trader's premises. I must admit although it was all my own work getting the 460 to the condition he will now benefit from it still made me smile when I hear someone praise it so much. I don't think he will have it long. Sorry don't know how to attach a video off the Internet otherwise I would. Steve
  3. I have an unused code reader for Lexus from Icarsoft. Anyone interested send me a PM.
  4. Believe it or not I was on the M1 travelling from Leeds to Sheffield to deliver my car to a trader was was buying it off me for his stock. He still bought it at the original agreed price after I told him I had heard this low sound at 70-80mph. Absolutely nothing up to 70mph. He said his close friend at Lexus Sheffield, the after sales manager, had mentioned this issue to him previously saying some customers notice it and some don't. With the audio on most times I can't say I did myself but noticed it on the very day I was selling my 460. I'm now looking for a Lexus GS300h Premier (Hen's Teeth) which have a few toys but extremely low road tax and better economy which is why I am changing cars. Enjoyed my 460 over the 3 years I had it. Best car to date.
  5. Is there any truth to the comment I heard today from a trader who suggested that the 460 can develop some low resonance sounds from the transmission which manifests itself as a low hum in the cabin for want of a better word at speeds around 70-80mph? Urban myth or anyone heard/experienced something similar as I experienced it today on the M1.
  6. Ist question: are members allowed to formally advertise their car on this forum?.
  7. Just a line to say my preferred dealer checked the car today and there was no fault code history in the vehicle's memory as per member's posts who correctly stated any code cleared was likely to clear the history. Car behaved normally for the 230 miles round trip but at least I feel confident that a true report was given to me and there was no charge unlike my local dealer who wanted £120 to plug the car in. Bought a code reader off e bay which is a step up from some of the cheaper generic models and lists manufacturer specific codes depending on the make etc. Next time any lights come on I will at least be able to see what parts are potentially giving cause for concern.
  8. Wow, I feel I am in the company of scientists after reading Colin's and Bob's last posts. Goes to show how advanced engines have become and yet we all just take it for granted, turn a key and go. Fantastic insight into what is chemical Engineering really. Thanks guys. I think I will go back to Carlisle where I feel more confident in getting some real assistance.
  9. Thanks Colin, very grateful for all this assistance. If I tell you that the chap who connected his generic code reader and witnessed the word emissions on his screen then cleared the error warning which turned the 4 warning lights off. The battery was not disconnected but has he removed all the history now or will the car still retain some data for the Lexus Garage to read early next week?. About an hour ago the service manager of Lexus Carlisle rang me to discuss a date for a loan car, can you believe it, at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon a dealer contacts me to help me out with a loan car. Just great attention to customer service. Anyway he gave me some background on fault sequencing and said it's a bit like 3 strikes and your out. He said the car was actively monitoring the fault in the background on two previous occasions without me knowing anything about it but didn't activate warning lights. The system then does a third check and on the third occasion basically says enough already and puts the warning light on, advising the driver to contact a dealer on the info panel between the speedo and Rev counter. Very clever of course but I'm now hoping the dealer will still be able to read something when they plug their own device in the OBD port. Do you think they will? Cheers Colin
  10. That's very useful Colin. The car started up normally today, no warning lights. May I ask another question please. Does the car store error codes or warnings in a memory of some sort so a dealer can see what the history is on recent fault codes. If I get to Carlisle and no lights come on I guess they won't be any the wiser if there is no record to view in stored error codes. If a dealer can view the history of fault codes it must make it easier to replace a part etc. Thanks again Colin.
  11. Thanks Colin, didn't realise there could be so many codes Re: O2 sensors. The code reader machine was one of those that maybe a lot of technicians have in their tool box, a very basic generic hand held unit that points you in the right direction rather than the dealer's reader that is specific to Lexus models. The only word that came up was emissions and nothing else. It was the garage who said it was likely to be an O2 sensor. Anyway my choice is to go 5 miles to a Lexus dealer I don't trust or risk 105 miles while the lights are off and go back to my dealer who services/MOT it annually and is just the best at customer care. The lights will probably come back on at some point. Maybe Colin you know what happens when a fault message/code is cleared, does that mean the fault is still a fault but the lights are off or has it somehow reset the system to operate normally.
  12. Thanks Bob, good to know. Turns out the code reader didn't specify an O2 sensor, it merely stated emissions error. I'm guessing the code reader was a very basic one but the reader cleared the fault and all lights are off at present. I have a booking on the 20th at a dealer nearby but have no confidence in the dealer who seem more interested in making sure the investigation charges are met by me. My preferred dealer, 105 miles away, is only interested in helping me get to the bottom of the fault. They told me over the phone the 460 has four O2 sensors, each bank has two, one before the cat and one after the cat. Feels like being between a rock and a hard place at present. I guess the easiest thing to do is travel 5 miles to my local dealer and at least get them to check out the car and see where I go from there.
  13. Confirmed today an O2 sensor is at fault after a chap i know plugged in his fault code reader and it read emissions fault and listed an O2 sensor. He cleared the error code and for the moment the warning lights are all off. I'm guessing they will reappear soon enough. At least it points me in the right direction so I just need to get up to Carlisle at my preferred dealer. I'm hoping this is a part that comes under my warranty. Does anyone know if my car has 4 of these sensors, two per bank? Steve
  14. Checked for fuel cap not tightened enough but no change, warning lights still on. Can someone tell me where the OBD port is on the LS460 please. A friend of mine has a generic code reader and it may help me identify the fault area/fault codes. Cheers
  15. Jami that's spooky, just came off Youtube after typing in LS460 warning lights on. A few videos popped up showing Toyota vehicles with the Engine management light, VSC and PCS warning lights on and all of the videos were about making sure the fuel cap is fully tightened. I had been for fuel just before the lights came on so in the morning I will be checking the cap. I remember driving another car which needed a fully sealed fuel system, a Bentley and drove it for 100 miles with the engine management light on only to be told by the dealer I hadn't secured the fuel cap sufficiently. Cheers Jami, I'll report back tomorrow to see if it's the cap.