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  1. Although I installed a space saver spare wheel in the boot of my ES and carried a mini trolley jack to use with my semi fixed jacking plates I was never happy with the space the trolley jack took up in the boot, plus the weight issue was another factor. I also had to abandon the original polystyrene tool holder and use another space stealing bag to hold them in. My jacking plates are to ensure no ham fisted technician raises my car with a two post lift with swing arms and damages my sill flanges, something I've spent hours repairing previously with other cars I have owned. I'm now going to abandon the trolley jack and now use the car's original scissor jack duly modified to take a machined cup that slips over my jacking plates as per the photos. I have never liked scissor jacks really given the weight they need to raise on such a tiny area of sill flange. I wanted a more robust beefed up scissor jack arrangement which gives me more confidence when and if I need to use my space saver spare which now sits in the boot. It is a large item to carry in the boot I admit but as the ES boot is bigger than my previous GS I'm never going to struggle for boot space. I've put back the polystyrene tool holder and created some cut outs for the machined cup and a couple of other items to aid wheel changing, a solid blue plastic wedge for uneven ground and a multi tool for general use. What next I wonder?
  2. I have a free, no charge, rubber genuine Lexus boot liner for the GS 300/450h Mark 4 2012 onwards. Anyone who is prepared to collect it from West Yorks can have it. First to send me a PM who wants it can have it. Surplus to requirements since I took delivery of my ES. Steve
  3. Top Gear falls in to the 85% of all TV, fatuous and like the producers of 85% of tv, catering for uneducated easily pleased majority who suffer from FOMO, fear of missing out. A lot of tv is just disgusting, based around s*x, showing people's private parts, soap operas with scripts based around adultery, lies, hidden agendas, murder, theft, casual s*x , robbery, drug taking and weak story lines. Cheap game shows with fatuous contestants, all chasing money. Even the news think the recent hurricane in Japan might have peaked but the rugby might be saved. Pity the two people dead in that hurricane or the poor souls in Northern Syria which the BBC saw fit to show someone placing one foot in front of the other and managed a marathon in under two hours straight after Syrian children were shown in tears and frightened out of their wits after being shelled and running round looking for shelter in their town. Maybe when the middle east explodes once and for all TV Networks will actually ask if Strictly Come Dancing actually matters. Top gear of course lost the plot years ago, Star in a reasonably priced car, for goodness sake !!! Far better to watch Youtube if you want to see reasonable reviews of cars that stick to the subject matter rather than watch 3 stupid men play games.
  4. Hi Andy, yes you're right there is a time out setting using the hotspot function on an Android phone. I've now set my phone to never time out when hot spot is used. Maybe iphones have similar. Thanks for the help Steve
  5. Thanks Andy, useful to know about the auto disconnect on Android phones which is what I have. I'll have a look in settings on my Samsung J3. Jean why not send an enquiry to Lexus UK regarding this issue you have about entering your password etc every time you need to connect. Their main website has an option list on the right hand side of their main web page. Click on the envelope and then click on technical issues where you will see an option to ring a number or send a written enquiry. I use it regularly if I'm stuck over something about the ES. Lexus UK came back to me and here is what they say about the issue we have on wi fi connections Good morning Steve, Thank you for your email, and I hope you are enjoying your ES. I can honestly say there has been nothing reported to us at head office about our multimedia systems disconnecting from cellphones once a connection or 'handshake' has been established, but I have noticed a pattern amongst iPhone user's running the latest iOS13 whereby their phones will randomly disconnect and will need to be manually connected again. I believe Apple have acknowledge this bug in their software and are issuing an update in the form of iOS 13.2 I suppose this is only relevant to you if you are using an Apple iPhone. Outside of this, I cannot say, my advise would be to remove your connection from the car and establish it again. Please let me know if you're running an iPhone or an Android phone, and I hope this information has been helpful for you. Kind regards Amar Amar Selli First Line Customer Support
  6. CORRECTION. My error, the handbrake operation on an ES does clamp the actual disc brake on the rear wheels and not like a 2007 LS460 which did hide a pair of brake shoes inside the rear disc. I had my wheels off the car today for their fortnightly clean and took a minute to look at the rear disc arrangement. It's clear that there is a mechanised electric motor that looks like it operates a piston housed in a separate black plastic housing, nothing to do with the brake calliper pistons. The electric motor must engage some sort of piston to force the brake pads to grip the brake disc and hold the car. If you use the brake hold function like me, once you press the accelerator the electric motor must receive an electronic signal and releases the hydraulic pressure and the brake pads release the discs. No sign of any old fashioned levers or cables.
  7. We need to understand what full connected services are. I will ask Lexus tech help via their website "ask a question" Maybe FCS is for specific countries.
  8. Jean, interesting !!!! I did exactly what I said. Following on from first thing today. I went out and connected my phone for the first time using hot spot, blue tooth and roaming data and connected the wi fi via my phone. Drove to the shops with the wi fi icon lit up and a good signal strength showing all ok and functioning. Stopped the car after 10 mins turned off and locked it. Came back out and started normally only this time no wi fi icon lit up. Signal strength was showing 2 bars but no wi fi icon lit up. Decided to check my phone first and for some reason the hot spot had turned off. I turned it back on and immediately the wi fi icon lit up and all was back to normal. Not sure why my hot spot turned off. I will contact Lexus tech help tomorrow and ask if they can suggest why a smart phone can turn off the hot spot. I am to make a journey tomorrow so once I start the car for the first time and connect I will monitor during the 2 hour trip if my phone maintains the wi fi connection or if the phone switches off the hot spot function by itself. What a load of bother technology is.
  9. Went out to my car today to see if the two new travel journeys I sent to my car a couple of days ago would download via the system's internet connection of my phone. I turned off my phone's wi fi connection that I use at home and then turned everything on my phone that connects me to the car via my phone. I turn on hotspot, blue tooth, blue tooth tethering and roaming data. Not really sure if all 4 functions are needed but I turn them all on anyway. As soon as I reversed out of the garage the wi fi connection was made and a couple of signal strength bars was visible. The system immediately began to download the two new journeys thus proving the fact the auto internet connection was on and doing it's job. However because of your comment I will specifically check now when i make the next journey I undertake to see if I lose the connection should I stop, turn the car off, leave the car, lock the car and then come back to it so as I can witness if the wi fi connection re connects automatically. I'll let you know.
  10. Is internet auto connection switched to on? Route: Setup-Online-Internet Auto connection On/Off ? I understand what you are experiencing as the little wi fi logo in the top right hand corner of your screen doesn't light up even though signal strength might be showing 1,2,3 or more bars lit up. It's the only explanation I can think of. Sorry if you already know auto internet must be switched to on.
  11. Not sure about the miles and kms Pete, I will check the routes in my system and see what they show and get back to you. Re: The thing about the dealer showing you the features is more about them showing you how to set up. I don't know what other features there are. Remember the USA get Alexa and all that stuff that allows the system to talk to home devices etc while on the move, not something we get in the UK
  12. Not sure if I'm reading your problem it right but type this link into YouTube if it doesn't send you straight to YouTube. It's the Lexus video covering all aspects of enabling your journeys to be seen in your multi media system.
  13. SH20

    Floor mats

    Once again the US gets the rear rubber floor mats as an option. I just wonder what possible marketing reasons do Manufacturer's give one country one version of the product and not another. Saw a video on YouTube on Lexus accessories and it showed rear rubber mats for the ES, other things like small branded tote bags with various aids in it are kept for one country but not another.
  14. SH20


    My error, realised I did a quick clean of the front screen recently with a cloth that had polish on it. De greased the screen and wipers are now quiet.
  15. That looks like a bolt cover for a front seat. Have a look at the front seats where they bolt to the floor, front or rear bolts have a plastic cover to hide the floor bolt