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  1. Thanks Colin, very grateful for all this assistance. If I tell you that the chap who connected his generic code reader and witnessed the word emissions on his screen then cleared the error warning which turned the 4 warning lights off. The battery was not disconnected but has he removed all the history now or will the car still retain some data for the Lexus Garage to read early next week?. About an hour ago the service manager of Lexus Carlisle rang me to discuss a date for a loan car, can you believe it, at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon a dealer contacts me to help me out with a loan car. Just great attention to customer service. Anyway he gave me some background on fault sequencing and said it's a bit like 3 strikes and your out. He said the car was actively monitoring the fault in the background on two previous occasions without me knowing anything about it but didn't activate warning lights. The system then does a third check and on the third occasion basically says enough already and puts the warning light on, advising the driver to contact a dealer on the info panel between the speedo and Rev counter. Very clever of course but I'm now hoping the dealer will still be able to read something when they plug their own device in the OBD port. Do you think they will? Cheers Colin
  2. That's very useful Colin. The car started up normally today, no warning lights. May I ask another question please. Does the car store error codes or warnings in a memory of some sort so a dealer can see what the history is on recent fault codes. If I get to Carlisle and no lights come on I guess they won't be any the wiser if there is no record to view in stored error codes. If a dealer can view the history of fault codes it must make it easier to replace a part etc. Thanks again Colin.
  3. Thanks Colin, didn't realise there could be so many codes Re: O2 sensors. The code reader machine was one of those that maybe a lot of technicians have in their tool box, a very basic generic hand held unit that points you in the right direction rather than the dealer's reader that is specific to Lexus models. The only word that came up was emissions and nothing else. It was the garage who said it was likely to be an O2 sensor. Anyway my choice is to go 5 miles to a Lexus dealer I don't trust or risk 105 miles while the lights are off and go back to my dealer who services/MOT it annually and is just the best at customer care. The lights will probably come back on at some point. Maybe Colin you know what happens when a fault message/code is cleared, does that mean the fault is still a fault but the lights are off or has it somehow reset the system to operate normally.
  4. Thanks Bob, good to know. Turns out the code reader didn't specify an O2 sensor, it merely stated emissions error. I'm guessing the code reader was a very basic one but the reader cleared the fault and all lights are off at present. I have a booking on the 20th at a dealer nearby but have no confidence in the dealer who seem more interested in making sure the investigation charges are met by me. My preferred dealer, 105 miles away, is only interested in helping me get to the bottom of the fault. They told me over the phone the 460 has four O2 sensors, each bank has two, one before the cat and one after the cat. Feels like being between a rock and a hard place at present. I guess the easiest thing to do is travel 5 miles to my local dealer and at least get them to check out the car and see where I go from there.
  5. Confirmed today an O2 sensor is at fault after a chap i know plugged in his fault code reader and it read emissions fault and listed an O2 sensor. He cleared the error code and for the moment the warning lights are all off. I'm guessing they will reappear soon enough. At least it points me in the right direction so I just need to get up to Carlisle at my preferred dealer. I'm hoping this is a part that comes under my warranty. Does anyone know if my car has 4 of these sensors, two per bank? Steve
  6. Checked for fuel cap not tightened enough but no change, warning lights still on. Can someone tell me where the OBD port is on the LS460 please. A friend of mine has a generic code reader and it may help me identify the fault area/fault codes. Cheers
  7. Jami that's spooky, just came off Youtube after typing in LS460 warning lights on. A few videos popped up showing Toyota vehicles with the Engine management light, VSC and PCS warning lights on and all of the videos were about making sure the fuel cap is fully tightened. I had been for fuel just before the lights came on so in the morning I will be checking the cap. I remember driving another car which needed a fully sealed fuel system, a Bentley and drove it for 100 miles with the engine management light on only to be told by the dealer I hadn't secured the fuel cap sufficiently. Cheers Jami, I'll report back tomorrow to see if it's the cap.
  8. Colin the warning lights came on at the same time whilst driving. Not sure what "damage" could be caused by driving with the engine management light on. Is there any risk anybody? I want to drive 105 miles to my preferred dealer but I'm getting a sharp intake of breathe when I mention this.
  9. Can you believe 4 warning lights came on today. PCS (Pre Crash System), this is the rear impact detection system. VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), the Warning Triangle and the Engine management warning light. All in yellow and came on together. Car drives fine and interestingly the same 4 lights came on one week after I bought the car two and a half years ago but went off after 24 hours and never came back on till today. Car booked in to the nearest Lexus dealer for initial diagnosis but my preferred dealer is 105 miles away who advised not to drive the car that sort of distance. They did say it sounds like the engine management system has picked up a fault but it can drag other systems into the mix rather than having 4 individual separate faults. What a bummer!!!. I have warranty with Lexus but I have to wait now 7 days before I can take it in. Anyone else experienced this?? If so what was diagnosed??
  10. Hi Mark, there were two reasons I didn't proceed with seat back picnic tables. It wasn't that i didn't install them but as a prototype I didn't feel the end result was worthy of my car's interior. The second more crucial reason was there was a small head rest motor that was causing an obstruction which wouldn't allow the table to close fully. Rather than remove the motor I decided not to proceed. I had a donor seat back to experiment on during the build process. I did think if Lexus had ever designed a table it might have been loosely based a similar idea but of course using Computer Aided Design they would have done a superior job of it. It was only because in the past I had cars previously fitted with tables. One of my Jaguar's and 3 of my Bentley cars. Silly really because they got little use, they just looked nice. You can see why my efforts were miles behind a manufacturers engineered marvels. The Jaguar and Bentley were once mine.
  11. Hi Vasilis as mentioned by a member this glove box fault is a common issue after a number of years. It is down to wear of the catch mechanism. Lexus changed the catch on the newer LS from a horizontal arrangement to a vertical arrangement to stop this dropping of the glove box lid by a fe mm. I found the original fix on You Tube, just type in LS460 glove box fix to watch it. The cable tie fix does work but you have to use the biggest cable tie there is to effectively wedge the lid when you slam it shut. My photos show where the cable tie needs to go. You can see the before and after by virtue of the seam line of the lid to the dash. Steve
  12. I tried an otterman RSR 600, (available only as an option in the LWB model) and was surprised that when fully extended my feet still came into contact with the front seat even though the front seat did move fully forward automatically. At 5ft 10in I expected to be able to recline fully without my feet touching any part of the front seat. Having said that I do prefer the 4 seat version of the early LS600h's with the RSR . The big centre rear console and the separate DVD player arrangement made for a magnificent large 4 seater. Still can't find one in Siena Red though.
  13. Good to hear symon that your 600 has maintained a faultless history regarding the hybrid system. The specific areas you touched on allow a potential 600 owner a good insight as to what to expect should I find an early 4 seat version in Siena Red with Ivory leather. The ones I've seen are either in black or silver, neither colour appeals to me, moreover there hasn't been one that was presented in good order. Main issues are trim missing or damaged, lack of decent service history, galactic mileages and never once have I seen a hybrid battery annual check certificate even when looking at a car at a Lexus dealership. It sounds anal but the colour combination is top of my list but I have never come across 4 seat 600 in Siena Red with Ivory leather. I know every paint colour, leather colour option and wood option produced at the launch of the 460 and 600 in 2007 but only because I have an original sales promotion kit that dealers would take to a customer who couldn't get to a showroom. Bought it on E Bay for £60 but it's of no real practical use but the quality of the kit is outstanding. All leather covered box and 12 paint swatches, 4 analine leather and 4 basic leather swatches and 3 wood samples. I have never even seen some of the paint colours on the road but then again 460 and 600 cars are hardly in abundance.
  14. Thanks Martin, I am beginning to understand the theory behind the hybrid systems.
  15. OK , thanks for the feedback, useful. I guess it must have been sitting on the forecourt for a while so if temperature is crucial then that may be why the engine fired up first. The car had stepped out of the Lexus Service network after 7 services and appeared to have been serviced by non franchised garages which I always feel very cautious about. No paperwork to show any annual hybrid battery checks which dealers would or should do so I will not be taking this viewing any further. The one touch Otterman switch failed to put the nearside rear seat into the fully reclined "legs up" position were the front near side seat's headrest lowers, the seat back tilts forward and the seat base moves forward. I had the ignition on so thought the auto button for the otterman would engage. Just have to carry on looking.