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  1. Jeff, you need to distinguish between micro fibre drying towels and micro fibre cloths. Two cloths for different roles. Micro fibre drying towels tend to be large and thick to mop up water and do exactly that. Too big to use as a buffing cloth really so micro fibre cloths step in and are thinner and smaller for ease of handling. Cloths are great for polishing off polishes and waxes. So, type in Clean Your Car Huddersfield into Google and you will come across the very best company for everything for detailing and cleaning cars and I mean everything. An online company who operate a very speedy mail order delivery service by tracked courier. I buy 99% of my stuff from these people. You will find so much stuff your head will spin as to what to choose. One last thing buy edgeless micro fibre cloths for polishing and buffing. No stitched edge avoids what detailers call marring when the hard stitched edge of a normal cloth can leave a mark on the surface, not a scratch or damage but like a smudge mark. Folding in the stitched edge avoids it but edgeless avoids any marring at all. I have a Makro account and buy one product only from them, a pack of 36 good quality micro fibre cloths for £20 or so. These work well and can be machine washed. I consider myself to be a good amateur car detailer but go on to YouTube and type in Car detailing and be blown away by some of the professional detailers who earn a living at it and everything I have described above can be seen being done.
  2. Jeff, my background was car Insurance accident damage so body shops were very familiar territory for me. All new cars with few exceptions have a lacquer top coat and it's this that will have swirls in it, not the underlying colour. Dirty and careless use of cleaning materials will cause marks in the lacquer coat. My car is Velvet Black, a solid paint colour which needs more looking after than any other. But to answer the question, whether it's 1 or 15 body panels the process is the same. My process is: Powerwash the bodywork. Use a neutral PH snow foam which loosens dirt. Power wash that off. Then wash the car with a wash mitt. I use a GTECH micro fibre type one. Have a bucket of clean fresh water next to your soapy wash bucket so you rinse out the mitt after you wash each panel. You need to reduce the risk of leaving dirt in the mitt so rinsing it constantly helps. Dry thoroughly with good quality micro fibre towels. Never use a chamois leather. Micro fibre is best. Clay bar each panel. Literally a clay bar lubricated by a clay bar solution which lifts microscopic contaminants you can't see but can feel with your hand. Wipe the clay bar solution off the panel, do only one panel at a time. The lacquer coat may require one or more of the following, cutting back the top coat with cutting compound, using a dual action polishing machine gives great results. They have a variable speed switch depending how fast you want to cut or polish, 2nd, a polishing process and then 3rd, a finishing process. . I use foam pads myself by choice and the harder the foam pad the more cutting power it has, the softer pads will be for ultra fine polishing and spreading the final stage polish. I use 3M cutting compounds and polishing products mainly but believe me there are hundreds if not thousands of aids to remove paint damage. After all polishing is done all the polish oils that have been left on the panel after you buff to a shine need to be removed. This is done by specific panel cleaners like Eco Pro Eraser. The panel is now bare with no protection. Then and only then do you apply a really high quality wax which seals and protects the paint. I use Collinite 845 a truly great liquid wax. Always always use the highest quality micro fibre towels for buffing off polish and waxes. Well Jeff you did ask. My car had numerous fine swirl damage in about 40% of the panels so I just did the whole car. Many people would not notice swirls except in bright sunlight when it catches the panel in a certain way. No good asking a dealer to sort swirl marks, they are not equipped or skilled or have the time to devote to the very damage they cause. Imagine what it's like in a dealer's cleaning dept just prior to September 1st and the rush to get ready numerous new cars.
  3. I agree Richard Who wants a 2019 Top Gear type review of anything. Childish and school boy antics will never compare to the Brilliant car designers and Engineers who actually produce something.
  4. Peter maybe you could ask to see where they prep cars. If it's a shed why not de trim it yourself at home and clean it yourself too. I wish I had. All the dealer has to do is to ensure it goes through a PDI without a hitch. Most cleaners see it as just another car and adopt a get it in and out as quick as possible. I spent 35 hours on my paintwork when I got it home. Yes I'm anal about such stuff but my car cost £38,500 and it deserved better care. Imagine collecting a LS500 at £100,000 and finding swirl marks in the paint. Anyway good luck and enjoy the whole new car process. Not sure where in Yorkshire you are but we could meet up in a few weeks and compare cars/experiences. Your call.
  5. You can't fault the professional narrative and the speed at which he delivers the info. Edited in sections of narrative he talks without stalling and without ums and er's. Try and memorise one minute of the tech info. He's been at it for years for sure. At an hour you have to stick with it but there was nothing left out. The same style of presentation has been applied to the dozens of similar videos for other makes this company make. I thought if anyone was considering an ES this would influence you.
  6. The space saver I obtained fits the front and rear hubs ok and turns freely so I will make a new dummy floor out of mdf so I can store the spare in the wheel well. I'll use the original Styrofoam tool holder as a pattern. Finished detailing my new car, took 35 hours to address the issues the dealer's car cleaners caused. The only panel not affected by them was the roof panel. I decided just to start over and do every panel. If I ever buy another new Lexus the dealer will be told to do the PDI after it comes off the transporter and nothing more. I would collect it with all the factory tape and plastic coverings and remove it all at home.
  7. Fitted the 4 mud flaps for my ES today. These flaps are a perfect 100% accurate fit and utilise existing Lexus locating points in the front and rear wing liners, no gaps between the bodywork and the flaps, perfect shape that follows the contours of the body panels. At £25 they represent a great deal for fussy owners who want to protect the front area of the body sills and the rear lower areas of the rear bumper. Given that Lexus don't sell flaps for the ES these ones took 2 minutes a corner to fit because they were designed by this Chinese company specifically for the ES. Well pleased. There are 3 sets left on E Bay. Type the address below into E Bay if your keen to have a set and it should result in the site I found. They arrived in 7 days from China. 4pcs-Molded-Mudguards-For-Lexus-ES-F-Sport-2019-Splash-Guards-Mud-Flaps
  8. Often, it takes longer to mask up the delicate areas of a car you don't want the cutting, polishing, finishing pads to touch before you even start to machine polish a car.
  9. There is currently no listing for genuine Lexus ES mud flaps. Always surprised that Lexus will do flaps for some of their range but not for others. Until such time as Lexus decide to make them I have ordered these, a knock off design but before you laugh out loud here is a company who are saying quite clearly they are for the 2019 Lexus ES and the photos on E Bay seem to show a lot of detail in relation to the shape and fixing locations. Anyway for £25 for 4 they have to be worth a go. If they are rubbish I'll let you know.
  10. Hi Dan, if the badges have been on a while then the tape that holds them to the panel will be hardened but using dental floss you can saw from behind the badge and the floss tape will cut through the adhesive strip. Likely to leave behind some tape on the panel but using your thumb you can push against the tape and it will bunch up and then you can pull it off in little balls. This will take a few minutes if the badge tape is old. You can use cellulose thinners on a rag and gentle massage the residual tape, it won't remove paint. My badges on my ES have only been on a few months given that the car was built earlier in the year so just pulling on the badges they gave up easily and at least 99% of the tape came off with them. A little clean up and it looks like they were never on. I wish Lexus gave customers the option to opt out of badges like BMW do.
  11. Hi Kellogsj, Not heard the term forced rotation, what is that?. Although I removed the rear boot lid badges I did fit my quarter panel badges which I had on my LS460 and GS450. A more subtle reference to the brand I think. Front dash cam now installed, just need to run the cable for the rear camera which is more involved. Paint correction next week. .
  12. One of the first things I checked when I went to pick my car up and in the knowledge that the car had been in the air on a two post lift with swing arms was to check the sill flanges. The small vertical spot welded joints where the floor meets the inner metal body sill. All my previous used cars suffered from bent sill flanges due to mechanics not positioning the swing arms correctly. I always repaired these sill flanges before I could fit my removable flange mounted jacking plates. I now simply transfer them from car to car and today I fitted them to my ES. This will guarantee no bent over sill flanges in the future although I always have to point them out to the technician before my car is hoisted in the air if they use two post swing arm car lifts. Capable of supporting the car over a greater surface area and are a permanent fixture till I remove them for my next car. I know some members have their own versions for home use but when I take my car in for servicing and/or warranty issues/claims I just make the technician aware of where these plates are located, the same place where the scissor jack would be used. One more job done.
  13. Nice choices to have Pete. The wrap idea sounds good, I'm guessing the clear wrap is what you are considering. Not thought about ceramic coat on wheels but again sounds like a plan given how hard that stuff is. It will give hot brake dust nothing to hold on to. C3 needs fairly quick application but once dry as you now it's like concrete. First thing I did this morning was to remove the badges off the boot lid. Not for me all that cleaning in and around letters and numbers. I like minimum and don't need to be reminded what car I drive. They came off easy as the adhesive hasn't had enough time to harden. I'll put them back if I ever trade it in. I'll leave the Hybrid badges on as they are low down but would have preferred if they had been an oblong one piece badge.
  14. Hi Pete, no real point raising this with the dealer. They have no bodyshop on site and this minor but annoying problem is a paint shop area. Moreover even if they did have a paint shop they would use a rotary machine polisher with a wool mop head for speed alone and probably leave polish residue in every nook and cranny. It gets results but not on my car. Dual action polishing machines are kinder to the paint but take longer but you have to be patient. The dealer is very good in all areas but prepping solid black painted cars. No not their area, no matter how many black cars they might sell.. The Service and Sales staff are very good hence I placed my ES order 110 miles away where I bought a pre owned LS460 and who I sold my GS450 to. Any other colour would probably not be given a second glance on collection but I just knew I would end up sorting the car. Probably given everyone the impression the car is a mess, it's not, I'm very pleased with it but when I'm done the paint will look factory fresh again. Like I said, Anal. Jobs to do, Paint, front and rear dash cams, mud flaps, my own sill jacking plates x 4 and anything else I can think off on the way.