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  1. SH20

    Owners' manual

    I wanted a hard copy manual on principle. You'd be amazed at the old world manual sets that came with my LS460 and GS450h. 5 manuals each, main user book, service book, sat nav manual, quick start book and a general Lexus book with all details of dealerships across the UK, breakdown service information and contact numbers etc. My dealer got their hands on an ES300h manual for the UK market and slipped it in the glove box prior to collection. There was a service book for scheduled servicing and I bought the official ES300h sat nav manual for £38 from a local dealer. The service stamp book was in a faux leather wallet so I bought a Lexus owners manual wallet in leather off E Bay from a GS300h for a tenner. I have the pdf user manual and sat nav manual on my laptop but always feel having a book in my hand when I am in the car and want to check something is easier for me. You boys who are tech savvy and use i pads etc are more used to that world than me. Just while I have it in mind I experienced a complete automated braking incident without me pressing the brake pedal. The car has the rear cross traffic system for reversing and while reversing into a road from a drive way but knowing I had plenty of room to complete the manoeuvre the brakes came on full because a car, which was travelling on the opposite side of the road, was close by and it's proximitry must have triggered the brake sensors. I was under the impression the rear cross traffic system was an audible warning etc. Nice to found out something really does it's job. Big red warning light came on too as the car stopped.
  2. SH20

    ES Owners Meet?

    Thanks Dave, yes Newby Hall is a good shout, been there a few times. Is May a month that has a scheduled meet for another make of car??
  3. Whilst the number of ES owners would be considered small compared to some of the long standing Lexus model owners at least 3 forum members have discussed a possible meet if not this year then maybe early next year. It may be more practical for a Spring Time meet just to allow the winter to pass and for the weather to break. Only three I hear you say but from little acorns......... As with all enthusiastic owners of cars the venue is normally based on geographical access and facilities. Myself and two other Forum Members are based in Yorkshire, a truly huge county and although not advocating Yorkshire necessarily, the travelling issue for members has to be a consideration for everyone, hence suggesting somewhere that has the necessary amenities, refreshments, toilets, parking and anything else that makes a trip worthwhile. The most obvious type of location would be a country house, open to the public, where parking is usually available. The best locations often have access to large areas of grounds where vehicles congregate rather than parked up in car park areas. Harewood House near Harrogate would be a good example of this whereby you park on the grassed areas in front of the main house. It's hard to gauge if a meeting for like minded ES owners, or any Lexus owner for that matter, will be received as a good idea, hence throwing this open to members of the forum. For sure myself and the two other ES owners will meet going forward but maybe members reading this might have some ideas. Having owned other makes of cars over the years I was never disappointed at the turn out of long established clubs in terms of support and the general level of interest, indeed most attendees made a day of it splitting their time between the cars and the actual venue's amenities. Anyway this is just a toe in the water. Steve
  4. How much difference is there between a Gen 3 and Gen 4? I have a free genuine Gen 4 boot liner 2012 GS450h. I'm in Leeds
  5. Lovely shape those Tesla cars. From what I've seen on YouTube the acceleration is eye watering. Could anyone else other than a dealer service your car?. The technology would suggest it would be wise to stick with a dealer regardless of the cost and for the warranty to be honoured..
  6. My Richbrook Car Cover (£99) was originally bought for a 2.0 litre Jaguar XE AWD R saloon. Had that 6 weeks before I got rid of it and bought a GS450h. The cover is the largest size Richbrook do and was easily able to cover both the Jag and the GS. The ES at just under 5 metres is a little too long but the cover is made from a high quality elasticated cotton for indoor use and I can cover all the car apart from the lower lip of the front bumper. Black cars show everything even after a thorough wash and if the sun shines too the tiniest particles shimmer on the paintwork. My garage is clean and dry but air born micro dust settles on the car no matter what colour it is so I'm using the cover for extended garage time. If I know I won't be using the car for more than 48 hours I'll slip the cover on as long as the car is clean. I've had made to measure covers in the past but at a price, upwards of £250 so the Richbrook cover was only bought after a mate showed me his on his own car. Comes in a quality zip bag for storage. Highly recommended for indoor use.
  7. Wondered if your are using Lexus Newcastle for your new ES. A member called Habu I think used them and got a bundle of goodies off them, hamper, cleaning kit etc. Might be worth asking if they do this for all customers.
  8. If the child lock is in the off position what happens when you press the master electric switch on your arm rest to open all doors electrically before the internal rear door handle is pulled or are the locks not engaged when you drive the car?. My GS450h I owned before I got my ES could not be programmed to auto lock when I moved off so when I locked the doors electrically people in the back couldn't get out unless I unlocked the doors from my master switch.
  9. SH20


    What is the performance really like on your GSF F.A?, I can only imagine it's something of the charts and with a proper 8 speed auto box using the paddles would be hoot, yes?
  10. SH20


    I used Eco Pro Degreaser. This is a solution that is used immediately after machine polishing paintwork and will strip all the residues of the polish so that the panels are ultra clean before wax is applied. Go to Clean Your Car Huddersfield's website who are an internet company that sell everything for car detailing. I guess you could try an alcohol based product on a soft cloth such as methylated spirit (the purple stuff) which would do the same job. It would be cheaper too.
  11. While at the Lexus dealer today I discovered that Lexus can now supply the matching rear rubber floor mats for the ES. Anyone who had the Protection Pack as part of their deal knows that there were no rear rubber mats to supplement the front moulded mats. Buying the front mats without having a Protection Pack would cost £334 just for the front mats so no surprise then that the rear pair cost £216 incl vat. What a rip off !! I'll continue with my LS460 rear rubber mats for now which fit the ES quite well. PART NUMBER: 08210-33800-C0
  12. Yes , fully concur on your product choices, I've used most of your choices. It took me a few months to get to a position through trial and error to reach as set of products that I am comfortable with, like yourself. Not sure I would want to use anything but Collinite 845 for that final protection coat. It is outstanding. Glad to hear someone else has experienced Clean Your Car of Huddersfield, a five star operation. I did watch a lot of YouTube stuff on Fusso 99 wax and from what I saw it was the "holy grail" according to some bloggers but I was disappointed as it left a haze or shadow effect after buffing. It did have unbelievable water sheeting performance though.
  13. Although I installed a space saver spare wheel in the boot of my ES and carried a mini trolley jack to use with my semi fixed jacking plates I was never happy with the space the trolley jack took up in the boot, plus the weight issue was another factor. I also had to abandon the original polystyrene tool holder and use another space stealing bag to hold them in. My jacking plates are to ensure no ham fisted technician raises my car with a two post lift with swing arms and damages my sill flanges, something I've spent hours repairing previously with other cars I have owned. I'm now going to abandon the trolley jack and now use the car's original scissor jack duly modified to take a machined cup that slips over my jacking plates as per the photos. I have never liked scissor jacks really given the weight they need to raise on such a tiny area of sill flange. I wanted a more robust beefed up scissor jack arrangement which gives me more confidence when and if I need to use my space saver spare which now sits in the boot. It is a large item to carry in the boot I admit but as the ES boot is bigger than my previous GS I'm never going to struggle for boot space. I've put back the polystyrene tool holder and created some cut outs for the machined cup and a couple of other items to aid wheel changing, a solid blue plastic wedge for uneven ground and a multi tool for general use. What next I wonder?
  14. I have a free, no charge, rubber genuine Lexus boot liner for the GS 300/450h Mark 4 2012 onwards. Anyone who is prepared to collect it from West Yorks can have it. First to send me a PM who wants it can have it. Surplus to requirements since I took delivery of my ES. Steve
  15. Top Gear falls in to the 85% of all TV, fatuous and like the producers of 85% of tv, catering for uneducated easily pleased majority who suffer from FOMO, fear of missing out. A lot of tv is just disgusting, based around s*x, showing people's private parts, soap operas with scripts based around adultery, lies, hidden agendas, murder, theft, casual s*x , robbery, drug taking and weak story lines. Cheap game shows with fatuous contestants, all chasing money. Even the news think the recent hurricane in Japan might have peaked but the rugby might be saved. Pity the two people dead in that hurricane or the poor souls in Northern Syria which the BBC saw fit to show someone placing one foot in front of the other and managed a marathon in under two hours straight after Syrian children were shown in tears and frightened out of their wits after being shelled and running round looking for shelter in their town. Maybe when the middle east explodes once and for all TV Networks will actually ask if Strictly Come Dancing actually matters. Top gear of course lost the plot years ago, Star in a reasonably priced car, for goodness sake !!! Far better to watch Youtube if you want to see reasonable reviews of cars that stick to the subject matter rather than watch 3 stupid men play games.