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  1. Totally agree Madjam, Still say they should fit indicators to BMWs 😀
  3. Michelin Primacy 4,would be my recommendation, or Cross climates if you experience a lot of Snow.
  4. Dislike.... Premium Satnav £160 to update, And don't even get speed cameras added. And wildly out of date. Back of car dirt magnet.
  5. Are you using the correct oil?
  6. Stompe

    Sat nav.

    Thanks very much for your comment, very informative. I did have a suspicion it might not have speed cameras on because I had an update on a Prius and like you say new roads was not shown. I just thought it might have been different being a Lexus with premium navigation. Cheers Steve
  7. Has anyone had a Sat nav upgrade.... If so does it now include Speed cameras? Thanks, Steve.
  8. Hi, if you scroll down your see a related topic, Loud engine start-up, probably what you are experiencing.
  9. Hi, Have fitted this device, Not as bad as originally expected, really pleased with it, set it to flash 4 times for lane change.
  10. Disgusting behaviour from the dealer, Would make sure it went too another dealer, Lexus comes top in many Customer surveys, And in my experience they go the extra mile to achieve this, Something is seriously wrong here...... Demand to see the Dealer Principal/Area Manager. Good Luck.
  11. I agree with 200h, Are we talking a Main Dealer here...if so which one? Opps just seen. I find this unbelievable.
  12. Wonder if the person didn't jump start properly.
  13. In Japanese culture Leather smell is offensive... Hence why you don't smell leather in Japanese cars (Not a lotta people know that) 😃
  14. Not really answering your concerns...But found this.
  15. Hi Richard, its a well known problem on Prius /Lexus Should be a fix for it.... I had it done on a Prius by the dealer FOC.