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  1. Can anyone, with a 2018/19 Premier, with Premium Navigation, Confirm that they can receive Text messages and Emails Via the system, Preferably with an Android Mobil. And can anyone tell me where the head unit is located in the Ct200h? Thanking you in anticipation. Steve.
  2. Stompe


    Not the best place for it, but well down.
  3. Stompe


    £113 on Black circles. Not listed on Costco.
  4. Stompe


    Thinking about Michelin Cross climates, at the moment, Not keen on the stock Yokohamas.
  5. Stompe


    No they were definitely 4, it was following a recommendation from the guy who worked at Costco at Lakeside.
  6. Stompe


    I had them tryes on my previous Lexus ct200h, you wont be disappointed they are good tryes.
  7. Stompe


    Hi Quincemeister, you really have to get your head as close to the pedals as you can to find it. I would be interested to know what tyres you got from Costco?
  8. Shame, one way out of this mess, Personally i would persevere with Lexus uk customer service, ask for Amer.
  9. Lots of questions on this. Seems a minefield.
  10. Hi, yes its a known issue, Dealer has always changed them, free of charge, Drivers door and rear offside. Good luck.
  11. Stompe


    Thanks Colin, very helpful.
  12. Stompe


    Thanks Herbie, Seems a bit of a gray area.
  13. Stompe


    Hi Guys, Do you have to change the Sensors in the Wheels if you change the Tyres? Thank you.
  14. Hi Peter Yes I have an account set up on the Lexus Portal. I can send journeys to the car via the portal no problem, it just will not letting me access the weather or fuel prices and I cannot receive or send SMS messages. There have been lots of emails forward and backwards to Lexus UK, one person turned round and said they had server problems and will rectified on Monday but speaking to someone else at Lexus they said my account was fine. Thank you for your help Steve