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  1. Stompe


    Hi David I was recovered by Lexus Roadside Assistance, it happened in The Exchange in Ilford and the driver that recovered me said that he had done several of these recoveries that week. The Catloc was fitted by my Lexus Dealer and they informed me that on the Prius there was a three month backlog for new catalytic exhausts. RX had no date for deliver of these so I was lucky to get mine done within a few days. It has made me more aware of where I park the vehicle now even with the Catloc and stickers on the windows but it is still in the back of my mind. I just hope the scum that do it can read English! After all said and done I would not get rid of the car because of this. My insurance company was not interested when I told them I had the Dealer Catloc fitted with the database registration. I was thinking of a dashcam but I was told they will just smash the window and grab the dashcam. Good luck in you decision, personally it is not just Lexus/Toyotas it is other makes too. Steve
  2. Bit difficult if you are on the motorway! In my view it is better than not having the system and then people looking at their mobile.
  3. I had the same Dealer fixed under warranty. Good luck.
  4. I have dealt with about 5 people from Lexus UK Technical and I must say I am not impressed with their answers. I was told that they could not tell me what phone would work with my CT200h. This has been dragging on for nearly a year with no resolution. The funny thing is when I have got into Toyota Loan cars the text service has always worked with no problem. You would have thought that it would have been the other way round that Lexus would have had the better system than Toyota. Perhaps now that is why they are going over and using Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Unfortunately I cannot see them resolving the problems with our CTs because they will soon be deleted. It may be a small issue for some but if you are driving for business and receive a lot of texts you will expect this system to work. As I have stated before it is Toyota's premium brand and with my premier 2013 Lexus CT200h I never had any issues with a variety of phones used!! Steve
  5. I agree with this entirely! I would be interested to know what Android phone you have got please? Just to give you a bit more background my car was taken in to Lexus Southend where a new head unit at a cost of £5000 was tried and still it did not work (we are talking about text messaging side of system, I can make and receive calls fine with my Android phone). With the new head unit a number of Android phones were tried by the Technician to no avail and yet an iphone 8 which was the customer service advisor's own phone pinged the texts instantly.
  6. Hi Ricky If I am really honest I am not a mileage man, I think it is subjective to the way people drive. My air con is always on and I never use Eco (well perhaps I tried it a couple of times). I am more of a build quality, reliability, customer service man. With the UX because I have only had premiers, to get the equivalent in the UX would be £40,000. What I can tell you is my 2013 premier came with Yokahamas tyres which I did not like. I first changed to Michelin primacy 4 which were very quiet. Then I changed to my current vehicle 2018 which had Bridgestones so quickly changed them to Michelin Cross Climates which I find them quiet with excellent grip. Fortunately not had snow yet to give them a really good test but pleased so far. Steve
  7. Hi Ricky I done exactly what you professed to do. I had a 2013 premier which I was really happy with but like you I thought I would upgrade to get further warranty and more "bells and whistles" like you mentioned. The adaptive cruise control is really good but not prefect. All the other things you mention are good too, however with the premium navigation it is not pointed out that the text messaging system is flawed because it only works with an iphone as I have previously mentioned on other posts which soured the upgrade for me. Now I will have a dilemma when I look to change next, now that the CT200h and the IS will not be available. I did have a UX for a very short time as a lone car. It was a basic version and it did not impress me and I was not sold on it like I was the CT200h. I have also fitted Michelin Cross Climate tyres to my vehicle which made a marked improvement to the ride. Finally I would say to you, it is a marked improvement going from 2018 onwards but remains to be seen whether the second hand value will climb now that the CT200h will be no longer available. Cheers, Steve
  8. Not just the CT 200H Disappearing from Europe, The IS going the same way, Not sure if it's the best decision, but hey ho what does that leave..... UX 🤔 not sure in this overcrowded market, everyone wants a crossover, but will follow this with interest! 😷
  9. Never understood why 5 year warranty with Toyota, 3 years Lexus, there premium brand, answers on a Postcard, 😷😂
  10. Just wanted to alert you that after a year of talking to Lexus UK, it has now been said that my two Android mobile phones (Samsung S9 and Huawei P20 pro) will not display the text messaging service on the premium navigation on my CT200h from 2017 to the present day. Unlike my CT200h 2013 premier vehicle where my different mobile phones have worked with no problem. Both my phones were also tested on an RX 400h year 2019 and did not work, whereas an Iphone 8 worked perfectly. Just wanted to alert people so they don't waste a year of their life sending 20+ emails to Lexus UK trying to get answers.
  11. I have for sale a Micro SD Card ver 1 2018-2019. It is an original Lexus card not a Ebay copy. I am looking for £70 with free fast delivery if anyone is interested. Steve
  12. Hi Roy, It amazes me on this site, there are a handful of very good posters, im including you in this, look at the number of people that look at any given topic, 500 in some cases, we must help loads of people.... Not even a kiss my posterior or any thanks. That crashes my gears!
  13. You could have said where you live... You choose to mislead us, with your benal questions
  14. Just scroll down 👍