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  1. Hi Peter Yes I have an account set up on the Lexus Portal. I can send journeys to the car via the portal no problem, it just will not letting me access the weather or fuel prices and I cannot receive or send SMS messages. There have been lots of emails forward and backwards to Lexus UK, one person turned round and said they had server problems and will rectified on Monday but speaking to someone else at Lexus they said my account was fine. Thank you for your help Steve
  2. Thanks Peter for this link. I did find this but it does not have my software version listed. I have two android phones which does not give me the functions in the car that I previously had in my older Lexus so wondering now if it is more compatible to iphones. Steve
  3. Can anyone tell me what phones are compatible with the CT200h Premium navigation? I have a Huawei P20 pro and my partner has a Samsung S7 and they both connect for Bluetooth to make and receive calls and play audio but the message facilities and the connected services of weather and fuel price do not work. I have tried looking online but cannot find a list. Thank you Steve
  4. Hi Charlie It is pretty damn poor the Lexus Portal, I am in conversation with Lexus UK to try and sort this matter out. If you look at this app, especially the reviews, this is what we get in the UK. In America they have the Lexus Enform Infotainment and if you google it you will see the difference against what we have here in the UK but hey ho we are always the poor relation in the UK. Just a suggestion, have you had a word with Lexus UK Technical?
  5. Hi Guys. Has anyone had trouble connecting there mobile to the premium navigation connectivity section, its being a nightmare! 😥
  6. Lol, thanks Colin. Don't know why they did not leave the old system always worked well for me.
  7. I have just changed my car from a 2013 Premier to a 2018 Premier. I have been through the manual (I find Lexus and Toyota manuals not very good and even less now you do not seem to get the Nav manual and the comprehensive manual it is all online) and under text messaging I cannot receive text messages on the sat nav screen anymore. Has anyone else noticed this on the 2018 model please? Also it seems Hillside assist is now deleted off! I used to press the brake and a light came on the dash and a bleep to let you know when the brake was releasing but now this does not happen on the 2018 model! Bewildered of Essex!
  8. You was right Colin it was 21mm. Thank you.
  9. Can anyone please tell me what size socket do I need for the wheel nuts on our CT? Thanking you in anticipation
  10. Thats fantastic, cheers lexmy.
  11. Thanks NemesisUK,
  12. Hi Guys, Does anyone know what the small rectangle is in the picture below between the tune-in and volume button for the radio? Stompe
  13. Seems that way, weird though doesn't make sense to me.
  14. I have a 2013 Premier, its not on that, Unfortunately.