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  1. Agree with you, looking to change mine! looking at Michelin Primacy 4s.
  2. I will start with Dislike... Track pad. Like....... Quality of Interior.
  3. Will complete my Takumi 👍🏻
  4. Straight from the Horses mouth! Lexus Customer Relations Thank you for your email. This is an interesting topic that you have raised, and one that I am certain does cause much confusion. Please note that changing tyres would not void your warranty. There is nothing mentioned in any of our documentation that supports the claim that a warranty would be voided. Unless there is clear reason to believe that the tyres have led to cause an issue with you suspension, which is it unlikely to, there would be no issues. If there were issues related to the changing of tyres, we would refer a customer to speak with the tyre manufacturer. Our warranty team confirm that issues related to the warranty change of tyres is all but non-existent.
  5. So, are we expected to just swallow these high prices......Great, if Money is no object,But i will always search for the best deal.
  6. Sorry if I'm all over the place... Having problems with Tapatalk!! 🤬
  7. Yes, all in Steve. 👍🏻
  8. Doesn't bode well, now we are out of the EU, Steve. Still believe we are being ripped off. 👍🏻
  9. I asked my local parts Dealer for a price of a part, He said? £190 Inc Vat...... on search on Interweb, same genuine part £40 cheaper from Japan, including priority shipping, Surely no justification for such a large difference. 🥵
  10. So, your run flats are coming up for replacement, What do you do.... For,If you have a puncture you can probably get Home, Against, Ride quality, So if you stick with the Run flats which ones, Grip, Economy, or ride comfort, So how do you choose? It's a Minefield, LOL, Recommendations Accepted!! 👍🏻😀
  11. Hi Paul After contacting Lexus UK Customer Service I am now up and running, albeit just waiting for them to change my registration to my private plate. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. This is what I am saying about the Lexus Link being a poor relation to America . More features than we have, why I don't know!! Also we are the poor relation in our accessories for the UX for door guards which I think are important it you want to look after your vehicle but according to Lexus not available in Europe but here they are in America so I ordered them and fitted them and I am very happy. It does irk me that we are the poor relations but Hey-Ho we carry on. Thanks again, Steve
  12. Hi Paul At the moment I cannot connect my multimedia from my car to the Lexus Link. I was having problems with the connected service and Lexus Link told me to uninstall and reinstall and now the multimedia will not connect (was connected before). It also says some of the terms of conditions are missing. I now wonder if Lexus Link are having problems with the connection part. Steve
  13. Lexus link..... it certainly isn't the quality of Lexus Vehicles, and a very poor substitute for the American Enform App, it very rarely works, frustrating at least, Rant over, LOL.
  14. Nah, just 250h Takumi, 👍🏻
  15. Pick up my UX Takumi Monday, can't wait...... Was fed up with the CT, wondering if my Cat would still be there when I returned, even with the Dealer Cat Loc fitted. Shame its a nice Car! but onwards and upwards 😃
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