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  1. Hi Moleman, Thanks for confirming that, can I ask what phone you have please?
  2. Hi Thackeray We checked the page and it had the above instructions on there but no voice tag option. Very long story short we have a case with Lexus UK at the moment because we cannot get up text messaging. Dealer has tried a variety of phones to no avail. Being as it is premium navigation we expect it to work. My history I have been with Toyota/Lexus for 40 odd years and in my experience the owners manuals are not the best. They at best to be generic and not specific for the vehicle you have purchased. Also it was well documented that the infotainment system is probably one of the worst and perhaps now is the reason why they are going over to Android and car play but watch this space. I can confirm that all of my contacts copy over from phone every time I connect to the car. If I find a solution I will let you know. In the meantime, I would be very grateful if someone could tell me if their mobile phone works for text messages on a CT200h with the 2017/2018 premium navigation.
  3. When I follow these steps I do not have the "voice tags" option when I go into contact/call history setting? I have a 2018 Lexus CT200H with premium navigation. I do have the speech command system button on the steering wheel but not voice tags option on setup. Can anyone help please?
  4. Stompe


    Lol, if your Bill Gates its easy, can't ask Steve Jobs unfortunately, I was bought up with Slide rule and pen and paper. 😀
  5. Stompe


    I have a 2018 Takumi with premium navigation. My query is there a limit to the number of songs you can play through the USB? Stompe
  6. Depends on your relationship with your Dealer.
  7. Morning, Yes a known problem, had mine changed on a 2013 premier Free of charge. Talk to your Dealer. Good Luck!
  8. Hi , I have had the Lexus Cat Lock fitted now, looks good, Stickers for front windows to tell them its Vin registered Etc, My belief is they are being nicked by certain Demographic of Migrants and being shipped by container out of the Country, I'm hoping that Lexus/Toyota will come to some resolution with Insurance Companies about Cat lock theft, After all, Car manufacturers are having a tough time now,and can't afford to lose our business.
  9. Hi Beduffshirl I had a 2013 Premier, the sat nav was ok and Connectivity was good. I upgraded to a 2018 Premier (premium navigation) mapping at least 18 months/2 years out of date. Connectivity of phone disappointing as it does not work on texts side. Have taken it up with Lexus UK and so far not very helpful. Disgruntled of Essex
  10. Im told by Lexus, that a Cat lock is now available for the CT-200h.
  11. Scandalous! Should be £160, I would talk to Lexus Uk.
  12. Hi 007M I had mine stolen from my Ct200h Lexus just before Christmas. See my post on this issue here
  13. Take your point, Para999, Still cheaper than shortening your shins.......Plus recovery time, time off work, if your self employed.