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  1. HI guys thanks for you help today My wife spotted the hole as I squeezed away furiously on the coolant hoses, It was in a pipe that runs to and from the LPG kit box thingy, I didn't know It would need cooling but hey ho. So after a mad dash to a car spares place that was mercifully open till 1pm a few hours later and it was sorted. Merry Christmas guys hope you have no car problems this holiday
  2. Merry Christmas guys. I don't know if anyone will read this before santa sleep so im told. I have small problem I am hoping someone might have had (not that im wishing bad things on you) I have a coolant leak It seems to be emptying the expansion tank and the water & steam is coming from I think under the power steering pump tbh its been a tough year with this car and im on the verge of going out today if i can find a place open and just buying a toyota yaris lol thanks for reading this guys have a good one
  3. Thanks guys you saved the day
  4. Good evening guys, I wonder if someone might be able to shed some light (no pun intended) on a problem i'm having with my ls430. My drivers side headlamp turns itself off I thought it was a loose wire as it came back on next time I drove it however I soon discovered that when it goes off while driving if I turn the lights off and on again both come on so it wont be a loose connection. Any ideas welcome crackpot or otherwise. even happy to cover the car in tin foil if that will apease the god of light. many thanks
  5. Well guys We fitted a second hand Diff and it now the bangings gone what a relief I can use cruise control again. Now I will book it in for a new exhaust from Tony banks and I will order a set of coilovers in.
  6. Not sure I have not opened it up and I'm not going to the. Just replace and keep driving. I would like to get the second hand unit I'm getting rebuilt. Has anyone an idea of cost of that?
  7. Just an update guys It turned out to be the rear diff, I have ordered on and hope to fit it next week
  8. thanks Phil that helps loads. I have so far ordered the rear drop links 48830/40 and two of theses as I cant even see any rubber left my goodness theses things are hard to find online gonna have to ring around tomorrow. I found these bushes for the well front and rear might just have to replace all the rubber on the whole car its all looking cracked. do you remember the company you used in the states for the parts? (sorry big ask if it was a long time ago)
  9. The trailing arms are hard to come by on ebay.....I am hoping I dont have to go to the dealershipoff. All I could find is these and Thanks for your help guys.
  10. What do you think? Movement in all the rubber Suspension is off it's rubber mount
  11. oooooooo damn Phil I do hope you are right IM gonna jack the car up now and have a look see
  12. Hi yeah it's struck down well. I'm gonna get under it today and check the prop shaft I'm hoping there is some play and I need a new diff I think that's easier to fix than a gear box
  13. it looked good today.... but i do have a spare I will change it out thanks worth a try at the mo
  14. ok so update time..... I hope you guys are having a good weekend. I (with help) have changed the engine and gear box mounts... no easy feat with an lpg kit stuck on the engine we had to drop the subframe as loads of pipes were in the way top side which stopped us raising the engine also we had to take off the steering rack and a load of other bits. Anyways after 2 days of maximum effort it was complete. I drove it away only to hear a clunk and feel a kick in the bum (also felt a little rage I think I may have driven it into a tree to teach it a lesson But i think it may have hurt a bit) So back to the drawing board, now thinking rear diff/ mount or gearbox. anyone got any ideas which dont involve fire... im having those already :)