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  1. Good evening guys, I hope you might be able to shed some light on this one. At low speeds (15mph ish) I have some what only can be described as rocking of the car... might be a tyre out of round ,, maybe and a whob whob noise when I corner on a round about I have checked the hubs, ball joints, anti roll bar, wheel bearings and the tyre wear is good oh and the suspension is new. Thanks in advance any help or general banter warmly excepted
  2. Hi Rob, Welcome to the club, I do believe that the only station you can get on a celsior radio is radio 2 well thats what I have been able to get out of mine. My celsior came with a sony minidisc player which for me is the only time I have ever owned one (I am told they have great sound Quality) but who the ...... has sony minidiscs just laying around the house. There was a recent thread about a stereo upgrade which you can find here I opted for the bluetooth unit so I can run my spotify though the cars speakers (secretly impressed that the cars skip track buttons work), I
  3. sounds more like an abs issue
  4. I did my bushings and my rear shocks today. After watching the videos on youtube I had to laugh on the bit where they take off all the ball joints to get the strut out....obviously I just stood on the hub and the strut practically fell out, although one of the bolts holding the strut to the hub was a little tight (nothing a man and some fire can't get out though).
  5. I fitted in the blue music mod using the Y cabling, I think it might have been the easiest job I have ever done on my car. Happy it fitted my sony mini disc player. Works a treat, crazy I didnt do it years ago.
  6. ummmm maybe i was wrong... I knew that I had read it somewhere but ..... its for the 460 But I did find this
  7. I am not sure where I read it but I heard that sometimes they would not seal behind the mirror mounting properly, the fix as I remember was to take it off and squidge some silicone behind it then put it back.
  8. Hi... I hope you have had it sorted already this might be a tad late... by a month or so but its the 1st time I saw your post,1993,ls400,4.0l+v8,1187489,suspension,strut+/+coil+spring+/+mount+assembly,15174
  9. I have a factory fitted sony minidisc player in mine.,,,,, I guess I better check the back of it 1st... thanks
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