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  1. When my engine management light came on, my Lexus dealer diagnosed a faulty lambda sensor and as the car was still running well (only 90k from new), it was agreed that the work would be done at annual service/MOT, due in only a few weeks. In the meantime, as the dealer price was rather steep, I asked my local garage for a price, and as it was much less, I got them to do the work. The light went out, but only for a few miles, and when I took it back their analysis readout showed another of the four lambda sensors not switching (a sign of failure). This seems too much of a coincidence. But if they had replaced the wrong one I would not have expected the engine management light to go out at all. Could there be some other fault that is blowing these things up?
  2. The key has now arrived and works perfectly. Recommend the supplier suggested by Sorcerer: good communications, quick service, sensible price, and it works. Many thanks to everyone who responded.
  3. Sorcerer has kindly suggested a source of keys, see this thread. I have now ordered one, I will post again when it arrives.
  4. The plastic part of my ignition key has broken, unfortunately the part carrying the metal stem. I bought a complete new key blank from Timpsons but they are unable to machine the stem and I can't swap the new and old stems because they are cast into the plastic. Does anyone know of someone who can machine the stem? I know from an earlier enquiry that Lexus dealers will only sell you a complete lockset for the whole car at a silly price.
  5. I've owned a 2005 IS300 Sportcross for six months after five years with an IS200 Sportcross and I definitely prefer the bigger engine. Much more torque, more relaxed cruising, and a few more toys to boot, such as cruise control, auto headlight adjustment, full leather seats and parking sensors. Also self-dimming heated mirrors, but mine don't self-dim any more and new ones are £600 a pair inc VAT! Agree with the comment about sticking calipers, I've had one, the telltale sign is a squeak at low speeds that goes away when you brake. Otherwise it is showing every sign of being just as reliable as its predecessor. Check that the washers and rear wiper motor are all working OK, I had some trouble with these on the other car and good secondhand items are like hen's teeth. The Navigator version had built-in sat nav but mine doesn't, apparently late models don't because Lexus ran out! Downsides? Fuel consumption is higher, but not dramatically so, about 3mpg less than the IS200. Also the lower profile tyres are noisier and give a stiffer ride, but they sharpen up the steering considerably so I reckon that is a fair trade-off. A truly excellent tool, fulfills so many roles so well.
  6. The mirrors on my 2005 IS300 Sportcross no longer dim in response to following headlamps. Also, the silvering is suffering on the lower edge, though the heating elements still work. My Lexus dealer just quoted me £250 + VAT per side for replacement, excluding labour! Is there a cheaper route to remedying this? Does anyone have some secondhand ones to sell?