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  1. Could be me but i think it looks horrible, badly executed but i am sure they had lots of fun in the process!
  2. you mean this one?
  3. They are called "sleepers". Most people including myself dont change insurances, electricity or gas suppliers, subscriptions etc and exactly that is where companies are making the profit.
  4. Bertha was quite a common name in Germany, there was even one called Fat Bertha but that is a different topic all together..
  5. Germany looked like a happy place in those days..... Astonishing quality of this clip by the way. Everything fits even the casting of the actors, Drama heavy atmosphere. Only not so sure of the message , celebrating the combustion engine when EV s are beeing introduced. Is this maybe an old clip?
  6. Whereabouts you are in Spain John and what you take back? My favorites are Albarino, Verdejo as whites and Rioja and duero. I move about just south of Barcelona.
  7. I doubt that very much Phil, these people seem to have decided Covid is just a bad flu. Good friends of mine behaved like that completely ignoring all rules organising dinnerparties at home and simply not following or taking up general info about covid they were just not interested it seems. As i have become a hermit since March we did not attend and guess what all 6 people attending got the bug and still, when i hear them speak whilst beeing ill it just doesnt add up. they dont seem to realize the seriousness of the situation at all telling me they will leave for spain next friday as it will
  8. Since the beginning of this mysery i have been following Dr John Campbell on Youtube. He has been posting daily updates about all developments ref Covid and i find this most helpfull. Very recommendable. Little did we know back in March.. Currently in the Netherlands all closed except supermarkets, chemists, bakers and butchers. Work from home if possible, no schools, unis kindergardens etc. This Tuesday it is expected government will extend and tighten the current situation. Vaccination underway. Most people now have close experience with Covid as it entered the family or circulat
  9. Vasileios, might be an idea to get legal advice and ask a lawyer to send a very strong letter to VW. They did not stick to their part of the agreement in supplying you a car that is fully in accordance to what you purchased and that could be reason to cancel the purchase? Good luck and keep us posted!
  10. One thing that has always worried me is that non Germans ( including many Dutch) think they HAVE to drive 200kmh on the Autobahn... Besides some parts of the Autobahn if traffic and weatherconditions permit it is pretty complicated nowadays to go 200 or more. Heavy policing, radarzones, and even in France private companies that are allowed to catch speeders make it almost impossible or very expensive. In France you have to pay NOW or the car will be confiscated until you arrive with the money. Anyway, coming back to the first post, maybe once i would try topspeed with an NX but its n
  11. That is not my observation of Autobahn use Linas. More and more areas are beeing restricted in speed mainly caused by ever increasing number of cars on the road. This also causes traffic jams mainly in the Ruhr area and around big cities. On top of that roadworks are a big nuisance. Not effective and it is quite common to have 1 lane blocked for miles without works going on at all. Also restrictrions caused by noise are common as well. If you want to have a top speed run you will have to look for a free stretch, Sunday morning or late at night will do best. I see an average speed of 120/150km
  12. Seems one only needs; 1 passenger - 1 jacket - 1 pair of white gloves - 1 whistle. Now, who is the first one giving it a try? No film is no proof! ( only joking of course!)
  13. Just found this thread and still a little puzzled about the first post. Doing 200kmh and beeing surprised about fuel consumption? A bit like... I was doing 200kmh on the autobahn with my Merc G-Wagen G63 AMG with 100 bottles of Malbec in the booth ( in case i need it) and 8 wintertyres and wheels and the car was doing 6 mpg. Can this be correc
  14. Cycles of 50 years seem too long or too short in todays economy John. On one side Tesla reminds me of Tulip Mania and the old economy companies ,mostly family owned, seem to stear through the crisis reasonably well. Different companies different values. Shareholder value against medium term growth. Tesla worth more than Toyota, really?? Iphones selling like hot cakes for 1200 Pounds, really?? Billionaires had a great year, really?? Its a mentality thing. Trying to earn as much as possible regardless of the consequences against creating value for the company and passing it on to the next gene
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