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  1. You sound like a broken record Linas, i guess everybody on this forum does know your point of view by now..
  2. And neither does an IS250 ....
  3. Just dont compare the car and drive it as it is, a fine vehicle for people that get it.
  4. never encountered it myself but i know Ford has this with the fiesta and focus. There it is caused by a blocked parafan. This is the plastic box on the bottom of the frontscreen below the hood. This catches water from the windscreen and guides this away from the car to the ground. On both sides of this box left and right is an opening where the water rusn through. This can easily be blocked by leaves or dirt. If blocked the water cannot get out and eventually will drip over the side and finds its way over the firewall to the bottom of the car where it can enter the carfloor. There it will find the lowest point. Could be something alike this?
  5. Volvo announced they will limit all cars at 180kph from next year on. This could be "announce it and see what flack we get"type of thing but for a manufacturer it makes sense. Of course the Volvo safety will make it easier to bring the message across. But it could mean lighter cars, smaller engines, brakes etc etc. good thing and will more manufacturers follow this step?
  6. No, absolutely nothing. I find the build quality on par with Lexus. I currently drive a Volvo V60T5 estate ( after 3 months with the XC40 i wrote it off in a big accident rolling it on the highway so i could test the safetykit first hand which got full marks very impressive indeed car landed on its roof slid 200mtrs until standstill all windows intact roof not even pushed in 1 mm) and the V60 as well has thesame rocksolid feeling. Nice materials soft touch. Nothing went wrong in the 10k kms i have it, nothing went wrong with the XC as well. Mind you the NX is a bit long in the teeth now and is likely to be replaced soon by a new version based on the brandnew Toyota RAV4 so it will also grow in size which it must as the UX is pretty close now. take one for a testdrive you wont regret it.
  7. I tried an NX about a year ago to replace my IS300H. Took it for a lengthy drive which left me very disappointed. I felt the car to be underpowered and did not have enough torque. This causes the engine to revv up and keep it there too frequently. It just didnt do it for me. The infotainment was not a breaker coming from an IS so i was used to it. Next i tested a Volvo XC40T5 and was just blown away. It drives circles around the NX. The engine has 250hp and lots of low down torque making it effortless to drive. The cabin is just as well built as the NX, design is refreshingly new interior and exterior. Chassis and handling more comfortable and better in corners. The infotainment makes you feel you step into 2019 coming from the outdates Lexus systems. In short The XC beats the NX on all fronts except fuel, the NX feels old compared to the latest competition. I bought one.
  8. Fully agree Dave, such a shame Lexus is so conservative. ( and for that Toyota as well). Its China leading EV development at the moment and my guess is they will win in the end. Companies like Byton and Neo are a massive danger to Lexus as a whole. Backed by financial conglomerates they develop spectacularly styled vehicles that could well be direct competition to Lexus, but, with high tech interiors and fully EV. If they get the build quality and safety kit right ( and they will) why wouldnt you go for them? Automotive markets will no longer be thesame and the companies sleeping will be left behind ( hi range rover) by new start ups. And then we did not even talk about self driving cars ......
  9. My dear Linas why do you like to insult people? Why cant you respect fellow clubmembers that have a different opinion than yours?
  10. https://youtu.be/ohDB5gbtaEQ
  11. I removed the front and rear window thus drastically reducing drag. Acceleration improved considerably and top speed by the sound of it as well. I will now remove the drivers seat, sit on the floor so my head will not be in the wind when driving i will look into a special periscope to see the road i calculated this will increase Vmax by at least 10%. If this works i will then drive the car from the trunk so weight distribution will be more biased towards the rear. Please note i will eat at mcdonalds for 1 month to maximize the result. will keep you posted
  12. Im afraid there is no longer the luxury of what engine in what car choice as there used to be in the past. Skunkworks delivered beautifully crazy machines, salesdepartments asked for specific engines that were developed and built, marketing asked for halo machines and got them without any problem. All gone. 2021 and WLTP is now driving product development with 95 grams as the benchmark. Electrification is the holy grail and very soon the UX will arrive as full EV. In case of the ES it simply was the ES300H engine or nothing. The only reason why Toyota used the BMW engine in the Supra is cost as developing an inline 6 would cost them over 1 billion, money that would not come back to them. Btw the ES is now the ONLY lexus saloon with a healthy salesrecord( +19%). The IS is well past its sell by date and hoping on a replacement ( 25% down), the LS is turning into a flop with sales half of last year, the LC is wel down... It is the SUV sales that keep the brand going, the UX, NX, RX, RXL and soon a model above that. I think the future competition for Lexus ( so not toyota) will come from China. Chinese manufacturers are already leading in EV development and on the last Chinese motorshow some truly beautiful cars were on display. One day these will hit our markets. opinions?
  13. Check the manual?? Been some time since i last saw it but i can remember there was a separate book for the satnav only. Was this some 300 pages? Could be 400 not sure.. If you have to study a manual the size of a phonebook to operate a satnav there must be something seriously wrong here. I always found the infotainment system of Lexus THE weakest link of the entire car and that was in 2015 when i got mine ( the IS250 2nd gen was ok as the touchscreen was more or less on par with the competition of 10 years ago). However the IS300H system drove me crazy. Counterintuitive, labyrinthal submenus, impossible to operate while driving, graphics from first gen pacman and utterly unreliable in what it needs to do bring you from A to B. It frequently told me to leave the highway only to enter it immediately again. To me it is a total mystery that such a system is found in a Lexus, any Lexus. Any cheap runabout nowadays is better has apple carplay let alone the luxury competition with digital dashboards. Maybe it is better for the nerve to just accept and ignore the state of things and use your phone or buy the cheapest tomtom. Works fine and one can operate it without a 5 year study of Japanese IT.