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  1. If only the GS got as much attention in the showroom as in this threat ey?
  2. Interesting read i really wonder how the statistics will look if we include South America ( except Argentina) and southern part of China. Please note only salooncars over 1800 kg and male drivers over 90 kg can be included( provided they have their licence for 29 years or more. Can you please recalculate?
  3. Given the electrification of cars that will come upon us with an ever increasing speed over the next 5 years i sometimes wonder what will be the future of motoring. When i was young my parents did not have a car and my first car was freedom, growth, future for me as it was for my friends. Youngsters nowadays seem to have a different opinion, most of them i know just dont care and are not interested at all. I was cleaning polishing changing oil looking for more powerful engines and so on. Now? they only look at maths in the sense that owning a car is too expensive, so better rent, private lease or use Uber. The average age of a new car buyer is now 55 years and increasing... ( i am 57). So, if i would be a car manufacturer what in heavens earth would i do to save my company?? How will the car market look in 10 - 15 years time? Wille we be collected from home in electric pods looking similar? Will traffic jams disappear as people will just not own a personal car anymore? Wil the neigbours talk about that strange fellow owning an RCF 8 cylinder further down the street? (black!). Will all cars be 100% electric by law so diesel and petrol will be banned? Will it be impossible to enter a city without a zero emission vehicle? Where do we go chaps? Will be interesting to hear your opinion!
  4. Well, Lexus follows their own strategy which is completely different than the big Germans. The irony of course is that customers like Linas will fall overboard as vehicles they are looking for will not be developed or built by Lexus. As special part of the Toyota Group Lexus is not looking for volume, their aim is to grow 10% on global sales year on year. They furher want to become a connoiseurs brand chosen by customers that really want it for its styling, imge. TOver thenext couple of years the Lexus brand will be developed into an "international Urban Lifestyle"by adding airport lounges hotels restaurants. The productportfolio is in the middle of an overhaul and my personal guess is that in 2 yrs time it will be UX-NX-RX-LM( the big SUV no official name yet), the ES - LS and the LC. So it will turn into a SUV manufacturer with some other Halo like cars.( LCF or LS Hydro). main market states and China, europe not so relevant. and that is were it gets tough for existing loyal european customers looking for another lexus as like Linas the very limited range overhere makes it almost impossible to choose. The only option left is to buy another brand and leave lexusfor maybe in some years time when there are attractive models again. For info i am also in that position having owned an IS300 for 3 yesr and not wanting to leave Lexus drove an NX for a day did not really like it and then took spin in a Volvo XC40T5. I personally found the difference between these cars truly shockingly big. I could not believe how good the Volvo was after the Lexus. Forr me the NX just feels 2 generations old. I went for the Volvo..... anyway, just my opinion..
  5. Could the new ES be the perfect taxi? not being sarcastic here but reliability plus 4 cyl hybrid plus massive room in the back plus comfort... depends a bit on the purchaseprice but it will transport its cutomers in style!
  6. How about an 130i manual. 320 horses straight six and they are up for grabs. If youre driving it you dont see the outside so dies this tick your box?
  7. dutchie01

    Is Future uncertain

    You guys are forgetting the most important topic in push or pull namely Headwind or Tailwind. with a hurricane force tailwind blowing at the trunk one does not need to apply the gaspedal as the push effect can be enormous on topic the salesfigures are not really impressive in europe are they.. the more i think about it the more it starts to make sense replace the gs and is by the es and develop more 🚙 in all sizes. If that is what the market asks that is what it gets!
  8. Saying neither as i dont know dont work with lexus product development so i dont know their plan But i would not be surprised if the IS will be phased out as well. if the ES will be priced just above hmmm... By the way i dont think the ES will sell in numbers outside of the states
  9. Productplanning in automotive is at least 6 years ahead so if the saloonmarket keeps disappearing i sould not be surprised if they let it run out and thats it
  10. Google MotomanTV - Lexus and you will find an interesting tech review of the new car. i still have to get used to it, dont know... long overhangs theres a bit of citroen DS in the front from an angle all very slippery. to me it looks long and narrow maybe i need to see it in the flesh.
  11. the laws of supply and demand im afraid. no demand means low price.... such a shame, seems the GS was never understood, a very underrated car in my opinion.
  12. dutchie01

    High speed cornering

    my previous car was a bmw 3 series and in my opinion the is300h chassis is right up there. neutral balance and it can handle many more horses. in 3 years driving i never managed to slide or even drift through a corner as the grip is too much or the power too little. anyway, as it is anew car my suggestion would be to go back to where you bought it and let them sort it out, something sounds wrong here.
  13. dutchie01

    Amazed with the 300H

    It has been thesame pattern in multiple threads over time. Linass writes down a polarized opinion, other readers react to this and The Linas Conflict is born, he seems to thrive on conflict and hijacks the thread with a constant agressive and sometimes offending diarrhea of opinions. As long as others bite he will continue. i have been reading this blog less and less over time and that is the reason why. On topic i drove a 250 for 4 years and a 300 for 3. Both great cars in my opinion. 250 more refined and 300 more modern. 250 - buttersmooth engine but a little too weak for a six, not enough torque below 4000rpm, chassis a bit choppy and when really pushing the car it starts to fall through, steering too slow and brakes too weak, but a great cruiser with bankvault like buildquality. The 300 is newer and has a better overall package, roomier. Chassis lightyears better can handle many more horses. accelleration from standstill to some 40mph is way faster than the 250, above that it starts to slip. Both enjoyable but heavy drives . you cant go wrong with either of them really.