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  1. no i dont think so. some nice artificial sheepskin covers with elastics will look nice. ebay will have thesame cover for the steeringwheel..
  2. a bit like replacing the frontwindow with a television screen?
  3. A 4 cylinder turbo engine will only be good on fuel when you dont use the turbo.... When that wheel starts spinning fuel efficiency goes down the drain it has always been like that. In spirited driving i guess you will push the car when possible and there it could be a big difference with the 500bhp LC. On thesame road with thesame speed it could well be you are using 80% of the power of the 4 and 35% of the 8 pot. Tests in real world driving have shown that a BMW 320 petrol turbo is considerably less efficient than the BMW 3ltr 6 cylinder it replaced. It is all about Co2 as we all know, the dreaded 95 grams....... By the way an LC is a totally different world than an RC in my opinion i am not surprised you prefer it!
  4. Well, it seems to make perfect logic to some to simply buy one for the looks alone?
  5. Interesting write up nevertheless. In a nutshell it is about the development of the petrol engine over the past decade. 8 to 6 to 4 to even 3 and 2 cylinders with turbos added on all to reduce emissions. Gearboxes that shift up at 2000rpm etc. All well if you slowboat around town but sometimes in realworld driving it doesnt add up. My 250 was great and the only gripe i had was that it was a bit weak below 4000rpm ( and too small and brakes not strong enough ), my 300H in real world driving was wonderful especially the combination of instant torque from the battery and the CVT gearbox in town driving, always the right gear, a very destressing experience. i never drove a 200t but my BMW 320 was a 4 pot turbo automatic that drove me nuts. Try to enter a roundabout, floor the throttle, wait 2 seconds before the turbo spools up then the gearbox shifts down 3 or 4 gears and the moment is gone, And yes petrolconsumption was horrible. I somehow think a 300h would have been e better motor for you Linas, great gearbox instant pull from standstill and good fuelconsumption. I do agree with you on the looks i find it drop dead georgeos. The IS starts to show its age but the RC still looks exotic in its own right. In the right color Red or Blue it just melts all other cars around it, the only car you see is the RC, it is just beautiful. And Linas you have won the politician of the year award! After years of bashing the 200t trashy car that makes you feel sick when driving it you bought one!
  6. Im not sure if the current EV market is demand driven. It seems more pushed by legislation. The European WLTP norm that was laid down by the European Commision seems to be the big force behind all this. 95 grams in 2021 is the goal for automotive companies and with draconic fines if the average output of all cars together is above that. This is where Toyota finds itself in a different position than the European competition. Toyota is a truly global brand with focus not especially on europe so the european sales are part of but not dominating their figures. The Wltp is about european sales only. Other contributing factor is that all models in Europe are also availably with hybrid for some time now thus pusing the overall Co2 figure down. Toyota expects a fine of some 15 million end year, now compare that with VAG group that is looking at 1.5 billion... So the financial need for toyota is not really there to go EV full speed. VAG group on the other hand will introduce 23 EV models alone this year, now you know why..
  7. Interesting article in Carbuzz.com today with the header - Teslas biggest threat could be Toyota -. last year sales of toyotas hybrid vehicles increased by 28.7% in the US while lexus hybrid sales rose by 43.1%. Toyota sold a grand total of 274,550 hybrids in the US in 2019. To compare, Tesla sold about 200,000 vehicles in the US last year. Toyota offers non hybrid versions of its most powerful cars but customers are opting for the hybrids in droves. makes you think... Another bombshell in the EV world made public today. In Holland the Ionity company ( high speed chargers in highway petrolstations) announced an increase in price valid as from today. The average price to charge your batteries to full was about 8 euro to full. This is going to forty seven ( 47 ) euro .....
  8. Announced this week. Lexus warranty on new cars in the Netherlands now from 3 to 5 years and from 60k to 200k km. Quite a step up. Could be European wide? will UK follow?
  9. May i suggest two different horns, one for normal road use and another one for dreaming pedestrians or children not aware of the silent and approaching car? This second horn should of course be more silent as it should only be heard from a short distance. In order to save our feathered friends maybe it would be best if the sound of a duck in despair would appear after pushing the button?
  10. Things have spiralled into a true Christmas bonanza for Tesla in The Netherlands.. Fiscal stimulation will change as from jan 01 and taxing wil go from 4 to 8% on EVs ( ICE 22%). this has created a sales explosion never seen before and everybody of course needs to have their car registered and delivered before 31/12. So far Tesla delivered 18000 cars this year and until years end 12000 model 3s need to follow. This is done in a military style operation. Per ship 3750 cars. Boat arrives from the states on monday is unloaded and cars stay on quay where they are cleaned and polished. All this on the monday. Next day owners turn up report in portacabin are handed papers, keys and licence plate and drive off. Cars are not even fully charged. This takes 2 days. Thursday next boat arrives and it repeats itself. No dealers nor showroom, no middle man, no service and still everybody happy....... of course all this is caused by fiscal stimulation, if cars are very cheap people will come in droves. However if EVs were not liked due to allsorts of reasons the situation would be different i guess. I personally liked humming along on batterypower in my IS and i can only hope the next IS will also be offered in full EV. Toyota seems late to the party but especially Lexus seems suited for electrification. NVH, image it all seems to fit. Here is hoping...
  11. check it out its great and seems to catch the true sole and spirit of the car ( and the brand?)
  12. i blame the US legal system really.. What!! that car overtaking me was way bigger than in my mirror and you Lexus did not warn me about that so you are the fault of my accident. Iĺl sue you for 20 million!
  13. Something does not add up, does it. If you drive a Pagani you know servicing needs to be done in the works in Italy. But that is a handbuild supercar. The LC is unique in its own way but built by the Toyota Motor Corporation with a network of dealers in any country. And they cant repair the paint?? Maybe you need to send the car to Japan? Why not contact Lexus headoffice and talk their m/d about this bizarre situation?