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  1. I think the UX is way too expensive and the battery is too small with 54 kwh. I dont expect it to sell well at all.
  2. Until now Teslas are selling because of fiscal stimulation of governments. In Norway and The Netherlands the model 3 was the best selling vehicle last year and guess why? Companycar drivers not having to pay tax or just a symbolic price. Cars were ordered from the website without testdrive. The Saloon car segment is truly dead as everybody wants a crossover or SUV. And the model 3 is the best seller... One only has to look to countries where Governments dont stimulate EV ownership like France, Spain to see that Tesla is nowhere to be seen. However, the EV market is heating up by the week with new models beeing pumped out to the market. The German 3 are coming on steam and that is a big threat to Tesla that until now beats them with their charging network and range. But for how long? I live in the Rotterdam area and to my surprise the council was replacing a lamppost in front of my house with a new one containig two EV charging points. a sticker was explaning all. The only thing lacking now is a Lexus EV ... ( or plug in but then the battery needs to be strong enough maybe the RAV4 Prime drivetrain?)
  3. I am not familiar with todays Mercedes automobiles but maybe the dealer ( i take it a 19 car will be inspected by an official mercedes benz dealer) is correct. It could well be that all mercedes convertible models have doors that rattle a lot. Could well be within tolerance, why not. Last time i visited a merc dealership it was full with taxidrivers or criminals so nothing surprises me really..
  4. Every one to its own.. I found the IS a wonderfully relaxed cruiser on the motorway but i guess it depends what you want from a car. When compared to a big diesel engine yes you will have instant torque without even downshifting when overtaking. Floor the throttle in the IS and we know what happens. The art is to NOT floor the throttle but adapt your drivingstyle, you cant hoon this car around. And on the roundabout? well i had a BMW 3 series with the 2 ltr 4 turbo and 8 speed autobox. Slowly creeping on the roundabout then flooring it as there is a hole was just not possible. From almost idle the turbo has to spool up then the automatic starts to look for the right gear and only then there is power. The lag can be so big the opportunity is gone so next time you look for more room to enter the roundabout. But hey, if you dont like an IS why buy it?
  5. This sounds like the legal department overruled the marketing department and bypassed the salesdepartment whilst side lining the after sales department. Lawyers talk. IF the unthinkable happens in the states toyota will have to fork out 100 million or so.....
  6. Finally! i must have been looking for it for over 20 times last months gave up in the end. gold again! Potholeman 3000 haha
  7. Didnt know it was that bad. The more powerful versions are pretty complicated machines i would never buy privately or drive without warranty. 4 cylinder petrol with turbocharger and supercharger connected to plug in EV. and some 400hp. nice when new but after 6 years?
  8. AWD will eliminate the pulling sensation on the front wheels and torque steer. It is a more relaxed feeling and if no RWD available it can feel better than FWD. It adds weight however and the limited power of the car does not need it. ( and im not sure if it is full AWD or and assist system that adds power to the rear wheels in case of slip). anyway, its a personal choice ( except when living in Switzerland !)
  9. I am currently driving a Volvo V60 T5 and before that drove an XC40 for a couple of months until i parked it on its roof on the highway.... All cliches are true, Volvos are very safe cars indeed! Good cars and full of kit but it aint a Lexus. Volvos are a bit rough, agricultural. heavy feeling cars and especially the new Geely cars are not without faults. For me Lexus is smoother, better finished and put together, higher quality materials and somehow has a more emotional appeal. I never sit in my Volvo admiring the interior or the way the glovebox opens and closes ( a bit nerdy but no joke!). I never look back when walking away and although the Volvo is a safe practical car i just dont feel attached to it. So, in that aspect Vince i do understand you!.
  10. I have owned some 20 cars so far and i would have no clue whatsoever of the number of reverse or fog lights. I do remember the power ( or lack of), The way the brakes worked, or not. The steeringfeel ,or lack of. The color, leather or not and sometimes even the music i played or the person that was in the car with me at that time of my life. But the number of reverse lights?
  11. Not really surprising John as these thing will never die. Buy one and you can pass it on to your kids! Before lockdowns my work took me all over Europe and when in a taxi the first thing i do is try to see how many km the car did. A prius with 525000 km and a Merc E 200D with 700.000 km come to mind. I thought cars would be finished at 150km in the old days!
  12. I expect them to go for what the market is asking for only, crossovers and SUV s. This seems already in progress, so LBX ( below ux small crossover maybe replacement of CT,) UX, NX ( new one coming soon) RX, RZ ( new crossover coupe ) LX and the LF1 the new large SUV which seems to be the flagship.
  13. i saw a brandnew RC300 F sport hybrid today white with black carbon roof and bonnet and oh wow did it look special. I know i should have taken a picture but sorry i forgot. it was parked in an ocean of grey and silver tin boxes and looked more exotic than a ferrari. it looks three times the price and i just hope they keep it going for some time