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  1. Its brilliant i could watch this all day. The comments are pure understated poetry, about the scooterboys "the shadow, coming to a morgue near you". Quite an achievement as he makes an ordinary drive around town look like a hollywood movie.
  2. www.whichcar.com.au/news/bigger-engines-coming-for-911
  3. Now heres one i did not see coming... We all know the 95 gram EU regulation that forced manufacturers to downsize big time. From 12 to 8 to 6 to4 to 3 to even 2. The most horrible example of this beeing the fiat 500 twinpower, a horrible 2 pot sipping as much fuel as a 4 pot. Problem is the testing method that is a lab test is totally alien to real world driving. Enter eco settings on the gearbox. That change shiftpatterns and make sure it upshift before the turbo spools up. then remove mirrors, tape all gaps between panels, lower the car, use smaller tyres and ready to go through the lab cycle. Miracle figures wow. To everybodys frustration there is a massive gap between the real world fuel consumption and the figure quoted by the manufacturer. And apparantly this is going to change with the EU7 regulation coming to force in 2026. Main idea is to bring the fuel consumption and co2 figures in line with real world driving. The EU7 will replace current testing. In Which Car australia, whichcar.com.au there is an interview with Frank Steffen Walliser a guy working with Porsche. He expects 20% more displacement and more cylinders to meet the test. In other words, bigger engines. He expects manufacturesr to go from4 to 6 from 6 to 8 etc. Turbos will stay and all manufacturesr will have to design new engines. Maybe there is life after death... Does anyone know more??
  4. I beter rephrase that as it is not correct. Too much for me is shouty bragging pick ups dont care etc. He does not really fit that bill, it is more the constant stream of words without breathing all on thesame tone. Difficult to listen to, at least for me. MotomanTV is American as well as SavageGeese and these are my absolute favorites!
  5. To American for my taste. He does review a huge number of cars though, sometimes interesting like the toyota century .
  6. Great idea and seems to work. There is also a bearlock system jamming the gearbox mechanically. Same idea, yellow bar clearly visible on the gearlever cant get the car in drive. Too complicated to steal. I always have all windows engraved with the licence plate number. Also this makes it complicated to sell a stolen car on as they have to replace all windows. It wont stop them from breaking in and ripping everything out of the car however. This now happens more than driving off with a stolen car. Airbags, satnavs, wheels etc etc mostly stolen on order!
  7. Oh what a terrible development of this thread which started only in March19 on a relatively light note. The question was How Bad Will It Be, Well, we now know beeing in the middle of it. Messi my sincere condolences and Pete get well soon. I never met you dont even know how you look but hey we seem to have thesame interest and share the love for Lexus. Regarding Covid 19 i can tell you it is an agressive beast not anyway near the flu. My wife had it for 3 weeks and she is now slowly getting out of it but boy it was a rough ride. The most frightening thing was it seems to travel through the body looking for a weak spot. Terrible headache one day next day backpain then heart then etc. I just wish i could only worry about the health of my Lexus again.
  8. it is with most Lexus products, if you recognize it you will see it.
  9. We seem to keep our Mieles for decades until they die. Why dont we do thesame with Cars??
  10. Sometimes i long back to the days where cars had no clock, without 8 buttons on the steeringwheel, without suspension or throttle settings without sport eco + or ++ without enfuriating satnavs, heated seats that dont really work, auto wipers that always are too fast or slow, 10 speed autoboxes that keep gearhunting , wheels that are so big comfort is not included. And So On. Just give me a good car without all of this with a setting designed by the engineers and without a 300 page manual. Maybe i am getting too old and should just get a modern classic from the nineties?
  11. latest from Dutch healhservices; around 70% of people in artificial coma on the intensive care units are male and suffering from adipositas ( overweight). half of them below 50 years old. Doctors telling that "they all look thesame " 70% of deaths are over 70 years of age.. children can be infected as well with teens and tweens ending on ICU but this is very exceptional. Note that a lot of elderly people do not get to the ICU as they die before they get there in nursery homes or simply at home.
  12. Yes unfortunately. Remember Holland is some week and a half before the UK in this nightmare. My sister, her husband and oldest daughter now have it for over a week. My neighbour in my office center has a 23 y o nephew that is in hospital with corona. One of my Dutch customers 18yo son is locked in his room coughing and sweating, one of his warehouse workers is in quarantaine at home. My wife works in a nursing home and today a resident died of corona after quarantained for just over a week. That is the status of today could be different tomorrow..