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  1. Parking tickets

    I respect everybody that works and parking warden is a job just like every other. By insulting them by saying they are most disgusting and do useless work you are way out of line Linas P. shame on you. On top of that i find they do excellent work as without any form of control city centres and even villages could become unliveable as cars would simply be parked all over the place. And as you apparently hate them to bits it would be good news for you to hear they will most likely all be without jobs in the foreseeable future. They are already gone in The Netherlands as they are replaced by camera cars, toyota prius with 360 degree camareas that simply scans license plates on 2 sides of the road simultanously.
  2. Deposit

    I am a big fan of any Suv, Crossover, Urban warrior or whatever manufacturers nowadays call the higher cars they produce. I like the high driving position, the practicality of it, easy getting in and out, easy lifting objects ( children!) into, the safe feeling they give. The view out of them and even the looks. But most of all they are just so practical compared to a normal sedan or coupe. As the entire segment is rapidly expanding i don't think i am the only one. The UX looks great imo and especially the interior seems to set a new standard for its class i am convinced Lexus has a winner on their hands. And the marketing? well thats indeed selling you a dream, good looking intelligent thirty somehings that never work and live in villas and smile 24/24. The reality is that over 60% of cars are bought by 50+ like me. Then 4wd. Absolutely needed in the range and everyone is free to opt for 2 or 4wd. Maybe not such an issue in southern europe but try selling a 2wd car in mountain areas or snowy countries. ( snow again this weekend nooo)
  3. IS 300h poor headlights.

    My 300h f sport has LED headlights and it is very bright daytime like light. Problem is that the beam does not shine far enough in front. Fine if you do 40kmh but driving 90 on s country road is already a challenge. Same on a dark highway, you just cannot see far enough. Full beam solves that problem but one is not alone out there... I find the light design a weak point, maybe with the facelift this was adressed?
  4. Top gear lc500

    Of course it should have happened as it said so in the script! the format is that it needs good television it is not a documentary or journalistic programme. So chris harris needs to drift around corners and there needs to be a RACE. ( whats new, i sometimes like the old chris harris on cars better stop those powerslides in each and every corner have seen it by now). I think the majority if viewers just belueves whatever is presented as they have no clue anyway. as long as it makes good television!!
  5. The businessplan of Lexus Global is to grow global production by 10% each year. Year on year for the next 5 years and this is succeeding. The brand is currently undergoing a transformation from the previous relentless pursuit of perfection and champion in NVH to design, architecture, lyfestyle. In the process they will alienate older loyal customers but pick up younger ones in the process. The new M/D wants to be a niche brand alike porsche where people go for styling, image, lyfestyle. most important market like before will be the states. The UK market is not that important and the Dutch market is, well, neglectable. Dealerships are under the financial umbrella of the Toyota Brand. New models will have bold styling and the older models like the GS will phased out. The ES replacing it will be a brandnew model and not the current one. The volume will come from SUVś in different sizes, already over 50%, but all premium and competing with the german 3, jag, infiniti. The UX is expected to sell in big numbers.
  6. Try to make a press release and post it to all serious motoring magazines and websites? ( careful though if japfest youth hears this there will not be enough coffee and cake for the thousands of visitors..)
  7. Top gear lc500

    I find both TG and The Grand Tour difficult to watch. Both are so predictable and scripted that it is like an episode of the kardashians. And then some topics are soo painfully slow it's like chewing on a badly cooked steak, and why oh why do they keep on going with that element of "competition; ( oh soo exciting who will win who will win!) The holy spirit is long gone and throwing an obscene amount of money at it only seems to make it worse. Better to kill both programmes and start all over from scratch, I am convinced there will be room for a quality motoring programme on the BBC, but please if you are listening, no special effects and employ Motoring Journalists instead of B grade actors reading the script!
  8. looks even better than the F-Sport?
  9. Top gear lc500

    I wont be watching just cannot stand Matt Leblanc in that role. His slowmo speech and acting manners. It does fit the scripted format of the programme however. Oh those old days in the early years of top gear where it was like watching pubtalk about cars with 3 of your friends.. And yes, the LC is not a track car, everybody knows that
  10. I find that remarkable. Whatever i try i just cannot spin the rears not even in the wet. The millisecond they loose traction the tractioncontrol kicks in! is you TC working properly?
  11. Could be called the Ray Ban edition! ( still like it though..).
  12. Cant judge about yours as mine is an F-sport 2015 model. That clock is as plastic as plastic can be. It sounds like plastic when i tick it with my fingernail, it feels like plastic looks like plastic and just like the housing surrounding it ( all around the vents ) it is plastic. Looks good, but it is not metal in my car. Maybe the premier has a different clock.
  13. It would if it was not made out of plastic....