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  1. dutchie01

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    Ian, Volvo has a wider range of engines. from 190 up to almost 400 i think. Does that play a role in your choice?
  2. dutchie01

    1st European spec press reviews in

    the S90 is an old school sedan and the slow seller of the current Volvo range. The 4 door sedan market is shrinking rapidly as almost nobody wants them anymore. The laws of supply and demand will give low low prices in that case. At a Volvo dealer you can now get a S90 cheaper than an XC40. Seems the world has gone crazy...
  3. dutchie01

    1st European spec press reviews in

    I could not agree more! I recently changed from my IS300H to a Volvo V60T5. That car is just brilliant. It feels like it is designed for every day drivers. It is an unassuming car that does not look like it can go warp speed, has no ultra low profile tyres does not have paddle shifters ( but has a heated steeringwheel, get the idea?). Some years ago on TopGear there was a topic on how the nurburgring is killing driveability of most cars. What i found in the Volvo is comfort, safety and compared to the IS300 an infotainmentsystem from 2019. Try a SPA car and compare it to your current V70. I have driven both and with respect, the V70 will feel like a previous generation.
  4. dutchie01

    Lexus UX prices

    That is a lot of money for a small car but unfortunately in line with the competition from jaguar, audi, merc, volvo etc. Seems those little baby buggies are extremely overpriced as the manufacturers can simply get away with it. Demand is incredible everybody seems to want one. I recently was in a volvo showroom looking at a XC40 T5. great little car and yes expensive but hey it looks nice and is sold out for 7 months ! In the other side of the showroom was a brandnew S90, old school saloon full options biggest car they make leather etc etc for THESAME price !!!! And nobody wants one almost insellable... Shows hey, if you want value for money go for a saloon. 520i - e200 - a6 2.0 - ES etc etc.
  5. dutchie01

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    Great car Rich, by now you will have discovered the extreme flex in the chassis, dont worry they all have that. The steeringwheel/column can literally move from left to right, just keep cruising! Can you do the Flextest? Park the car with 1 wheel on the curb, open a door and try to close it? Its s stylish slowboat and there are still many of them around especially in Sweden. Parts will be no problem on the internet or saab specialists
  6. dutchie01

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    Great Choice!. i have been driving Saabs prior to Lexus. Just like Steve i would still be driving Saabs but alas... Had a 9-3 gen 2 and gen 3. drove them for 6 years end absolutely rock solid, nothing, absolutely nothing went wrong. Regular service at the dealer thats all. Make sure the fluids are new and let the turbo cool down before switching off. Offically not needed but better safe than sorry. My last 93 was hirsch tuned to 220hp by the dealer remaining full works warranty. They are very well engineered cars indeed. If you want more power ( responsible power that is) just surf to www.hirsch-performance.ch The convertible is a very civilized motorcar that ages gracefully.. Just never sell it!
  7. Maybe the new ES should not be compared to the old GS but judged as a new proposition from Lexus. It is a new car that will be part of the new Lexus line up that will mainly be crossovers/suvs like it or not. ES - LS - LC - UX - NX - RX. I have not seen the ES in the flesh, have not been inside nor driven it. I will therefore postpone my judgment until i have.
  8. Spot on doog! An old friend of mine once told me he bought a Rolex watch and nothing else as everybody would recognize it as an expensive thing. there you go. now here's a thought.. hypothetical but.. What if the F cars would be sold under a different name, like for instance, TOYOTA RCF that will then operate under a well marketed Toyota Racing Division or something. Tom what's your take on this?
  9. for me not really. what im interested in is a head to head comparison of the ES and the new Camry. What will be the price difference and if considerable, will the Camry eat the ES for breakfast?
  10. Bizarre if that is what really happened. Only other alternative is they did not fill up to the max. In both cases i would be on the phone tomorrowmorning! When i bring my car in for service i always top up fluids before and last time the BMW dealer invoiced me 2 ltr of windowfluid. When i asked they apologized and when i continued asking how this could happen they said sorry sir but we always put that on the invoice??? Anyway in your case maybe not deliberate but not sure what is worse, thinking you are working on a hybrid while it clearly isnt or trying to squeeze the last penny out of you?
  11. always good to have a healthy dose of doubt towards all dealers i thin. Can you ask how much oil they put in the car, if it is an oil change it will be the to the max level after which you can confront them. Not sure if the bottom of your dipstick is a bit dirty as the oilcolor gets darker but if it isnt this does not look like brandnew oil to me. Maybe there was no oilchange and they just looked at the oil, looks ok level ok so all well? was ther any form of oilchange on your invoice?
  12. Agree Glyn, most insurers nowadays only have 2 big departments, the Salesdept and the Claim Rejection Dept..
  13. im afraid not. It was his decision to expose the car to that level of water taking the risk the car would be severely damaged. I would be surprised if they pay..
  14. 2 feet oh dear.. Something tells me your insurance company will tell you they will not settle the bill as you brought the car in an unsuitable environment or something.....
  15. Zubair i am still trying to get my head around this. You said you drove through a puddle resulting in a write off engine and hybrid system. If this puddle is 1 mtr deep i can understand can you please give some more update on that? how deep was the water was it flowing over the hood when driving?