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  1. Lets not be too harsh on the dealers here. Lexus UK sold six (6) GS non hybrid cars this year.... The model is dead and there is no demand at all. Try to shift a brandnew example for 62k whilst excellent preowned ones are sinking to 30K with warranty. Thats like selling airconditioning on the northpole ( or heating in the desert). I guess the car has been on a UK tour to various dealers to see if someone would snap it up?
  2. Oh how cars have changed in as little as 10 years. Then you had a speedo and a revcounter next to each other. A boxy airco and some fancy buttons if you were lucky some form of satnav. It seems the whole interior design got next level some 2 years ago with mercedes and VAG as driving force just look at the big screens in the new c or E class. Now every new Kia is equipped with everything, every small French hatchback has apple carplay and the screens seem to get bigger and bigger. The new Honda EV city runabout has a screen as wide as the car itself! It is al about achieving the WOW factor in the showroom, impress potential customers and close the sale the moment the ignition is switched on. Most cars are not bought by car enthusiasts remember, most people dont care about chassisperformance, integral stiffness, brake performance etc. They enter the showroom, get in a car the salesman starts up the infotainment and WOW. With that in mind it is baffling Lexus uses systems that look 2 or 3 generations old and literally seem designed to irritate the user. Another thing is that we are not allowed to use our phonesit but those touchscreens are common place nowadays, not good for safety! Another thing is that even when i have over 20 ways i can adjust the carsettings with submenus etc i NEVER use them! ( once when new and then forget it)
  3. So, if you live on the top of lets say mount fuji and drive down every day and up again you could do thesame?
  4. mist = moist. aircon takes moist out of the cabin, just leave it on at all times
  5. The limit in the Netherlands is 0.5. When over the insurance is void but of course will settle third party damage. This will be claimed back, always. Second step is blacklist, you will be thrown out of the insurance and can only get cover at a special insurancecompanies in which all insurance companies participate. This of course at elevated prices and conditions. Legally it goes like this. For example you are measured at 1.3. This is a criminal offence and will be settled at court. Likely to have a fine of around 1000 euro plus a alcohol and driving education costing another 1000 plus a driving ban of 4 to 6 months. This for first timers, if second or more time brace yourself. All in all not strict enough for me. Could be simpler. 0.0 and loose licence for 12 months if over plus draconic fine will be ok for me. No excuse.
  6. sorry i was not complete. third party is always insured as obliged by law. so in case of accident the insurance company will pay out damage to third pary but then will send you a bill afterwards.
  7. not sure about the UK but overhere in Holland it is quite simple. a valid MOT is part of the insurance rules so no MOT no insurance. same with alcohol, over the limit no insurance.
  8. i fully appreciate why one would transform any car to ones liking as long as it is done with respect to the car and the engineering behind it. This looks like a can of old armypaint was used in the scrapyard where coincidentally some old turbos, wheels, and other parts were lying around. Just wreck the car and lets have some fun on the way. Below is what i mean.. ( but then again, taste is personal).
  9. I once owned a 3 series BMW touring and yes it was black as well.. I do fly a lot professionally and on several occasions when coming back to the airport i found myself trying to open a black 3 series that wasnt mine! Airport parkinglots are literally swamped with them. The car never felt like it was mine. Sold it after 2 years and the shiny white IS300H Fsport was always the only one in the parking. Such a difference.
  10. US prices Corvette USD 59k - Cayman 718 4 cyl. 59k - 911 carrera S 113K - Lotus Evora 400 95k - Merc AMG GT coupe 113k - Nissan GTR Pure 100K.
  11. You sound like a broken record Linas, i guess everybody on this forum does know your point of view by now..
  12. And neither does an IS250 ....