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  1. Hi

    They still are and always will be.[emoji3]
  2. Hi

  3. Hi

    The mk1 was fully refurbed in 2010 and lives in the garage until the sun shines.[emoji3]
  4. Hi

    Hi,new member and Lexus owner here from Welling,Kent,just recently purchased a Lexus CT200h and I am absolutely loving it,pure pleasure to drive. Here are my other two cars,these two are my toys where as the Lexus will be our family car for everyday use.
  5. How To Get The Best Mpg?

    Thanks for the prompt replies,I have been browsing the forum for a while now and have had a read of the rules,I have to admit that I had never considered a hybrid but as soon as I had a test drive I was hooked. As stated I have been a Toyota enthusiast for many years now and this is my first Lexus,simply cannot believe the build quality difference from a normal Toyota to the Lexus,I am hooked,I will certainly relax,sit back and enjoy the ride.
  6. How To Get The Best Mpg?

    Hi guys,another newbie here had my Ct200 for a week now and enjoying every minute of it,great build quality and so lovely to drive. I own a couple of other Toyota cars,a 1987 mr2 mk1 and a 2001 mr2 mk3. I was wondering if members could let me know the most economical way to use the car,is it simply to leave it in Eco mode? Thanks in advance Andy.